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You Were BORN PERFECT…But Do You REALize You Are Worth It????


My Mom always said that “if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land on a star”…well I am going to take it a step further and state that “you should shoot PAST the moon because you already ARE THE STAR, so SHINE LIKE THE BIGGEST STAR..which is the SUN!!”

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									You Were BORN PERFECT…But Do You REALize You Are Worth
by Jaudon Robinson | on January 31, 2013


My Mom always said that “if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land on a star”…well I am going to take it a
step further and state that “you should shoot PAST the moon because you already ARE THE STAR, so
SHINE LIKE THE BIGGEST STAR..which is the SUN!!”…If you are ready to become the star I know you
are CLICK HERE and check out some more SUPERSTARS and watch them explain to you that…that
YOU TOO…like I will continue to tell you, can become as well…then when you get your motivation up
from that CLICK HERE so we begin to let the World know how a NEW STAR IS BORN!!!
Dear Human: You’ve got it all wrong. You didn’t come here to master unconditional love. That is where you
came from and where you’ll return. You came here to learn personal love. Universal love. Messy love. Sweaty
love. Crazy love. Broken love. Whole love. Infused with divinity. Lived through the grace of stumbling.
Demonstrated through the beauty of…messing up. Often. You didn’t come here to be… PERFECT. YOU
ALREADY ARE. You came here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous. And then rise again into
We focus so much on having the “perfect life” ..from careers, love, appearance, thoughts, ect…and that’s far
from the TRUTH…to be perfect means to LIVE LIFE…and experience as many aspects of life as we can
because there are so many incredible views and perspectives once we OVERstand this concept of life. It truly
is a be-you-to-the-FULLiest Struggle but most of us have on “blinders”…or wont take the “shades” off which
only allows so much of this light of life to shine through…Once you REALize you can’t CHANGE
SOMETING THAT IS PERFECT…(you) then you can fully start to experience and take advantage of every
opportunity that comes across your path….we are HEAVENLY SENT…so why would you want to change
that…GROW..more HEAVENLY into your S.O.U.L….and allow that thang to GLOW & SHINE!!

Life is not about LIMITS…to truly live and love life we must live life being limitless!!! That is where
Empower Network comes in. Empower Network is the vehicle for you to experience the type of LOVE
mentioned above. The type of love, which allows you to become FREE from FreeDUMB &
FreeDOOM…they type of love where you can spend more time with your family & loved ones, where you
MONEY won’t become an issue anymore, where you can fulfill YOUR DREAMS, YOUR DESIRES…where
you can unlock the potential to ENJOY THE LIFE YOU ALWAYS WANTED…and YOU CAN & WILL
HELP OTHERS REACH THEIR HIIIGHER POWER!!!! This vehicle is one where a man (who you will meet
later) was HOMELESS living out OF HIS VAN….now makes a 500,000 a month (and rising) helping people
like you & I make money and become free to travel and live life THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSE TO BE
LIVED…and there is many, many, many more success stories (even mine which I will share at a later time).
To hear more about what Empower Network can do for you…watch the video below

See…its NOTHING TO IT BUT TO DO IT!!! Again, like Dave Sharpe said (co-founder of Empower
Network…who also was BROKE, HOMELESS & had his fair share of battles with substances…also makes
500,000 a month doing WHAT WE ARE DOING…AS AFFILATES)…its not guaranteed that you will make
this, but lets ELIMINATE that thought process…and I WILL HELP MAKE SURE to help you achieve the
goals you DESIRE TO ACHIEVE…through the simplicity of this system that is guaranteed to WORK!…So
lets get READY TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN…To get started
1.   Click the link below
2.   Fill out the information
3.   Fill out the credit card information and pay the 25 dollars so we can get you started ASAP
I am EXCITED FOR YOU…and EXCITED TO HELP you unlock your full potential and start living the life
YOU WANT…and meeting us on the beaches of the World because YOU MY BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME,

I want to personally welcome to the MOVEMENT…and the Team..the A.(ll) L.(ove) I.(n) E.(arth) N.(ever)
S.(uffers)…otherwise known as the A.L.I.E.N.S. N’Vasion!!!!!!

Peep this video HERE and lets MAKE IT HAPPEN…see you on the INSIDE MY FRIENDS!!!

To Your Success,

Jaudon Robinson
“The A.L.I.E.N.S. N’Vator Mediocrity Murderer”

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About The Author: Jaudon Robinson
I am an A.L.I.E.N...well NOT in the literal sense (I dont think so at least, although I am pretty weird in a DOPE & COOL but in the sense that I am a Freedom fighter of those who need to be relieved from being freeDUMB! I am here to save
the World & alienate the HATE through love, positivity, self-awareness & unity...while making it look JAZZY (yes I am a
hybrid-hippy with an eclectic vocabulary of the English Language). I don't think passion is the proper word for what I stand for,
but I SOAR for fam(ily), GOD, & Honor!..(HiiiPower). I have an addiction to all things GREAT, a connoisseur of the finer
things in life beyond the materialism, & thrive off of EMPOWERING & INSPIRING others to not just LIVE but be ALIVE!
2pac said "he guaranteed to spark the mind that would change the the World,"...that CHANGE IS HERE...& that change IS US!
We were born to be well as, be KINGS & QUEENS!! You can do ANYTHING when you see past the (F)rightening
(E)vidence (A)ppearing (R)eal & remember (A)ll (L)ove (I)n (E)arth (N)ever (S)uffers!!!...Anything you want to know...ask a
Brotha!!..Oh I also think tarantulas are pretty neat too!...God Bless & Love You All!!!...2%er's

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