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Have you heard about risk management and what is your
interest on this topic?
Do you think that a risk assessment is useful for your
Do you have capacity to perform a risk assessment in your
Does your company use a recognized training method to
facilitate the improvement of general knowledge on risk?
Are you looking for a training course in the field of risk
Are you familiar with ISO 31000 and ISO 31010 standards
on risk management?
Do you want to implement in your company a management
system based on the above mentioned standards?
Is it understood in your company that risk is an integrant
part of your business, is this fact accepted and does your
company operate in this reality?
Do the employees have a common perception on what risk
means for the company / business?
Does the company management encourage the reporting of
events in order to identify the risks?
Does the company effectively communicate the risk to the
employees or stakeholders (internal and external)?
Is it understood that the risk management effectiveness
critically depends on data collection, analysis and
dissemination of relevant data?

*Information provided by you through this survey will be used only in the MRI project: Cross - border cooperation for
specialists training in the field of Industrial Risk Management (project site: www.mrisk.ro/irm).
**Optional. The data are useful in the design process of implementation activities of standards and in service risk assessment
procedures, related to industrial facilities and equipments. They allow the assessment of information and relevant training
needs and support dissemination activities related to industrial risk management.

Important: completed and saved survey should be sent by e-mail: risk@isim.ro                                             1/2
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Organizational support. Do you have a clearly defined
organizational structure at organization level in order to
sustain the risk management process?
Risk assessment. Do you have any system and/or
operational procedures that manage the processes of risk
identification, measurement, ranking, treatment, monitoring
and recording the risks which can affect the achievement of
your organization’s objectives?
Risk utilization in the decision making process.
Records. Do you evaluate and record the risk when you
make important decisions (launch of projects or new
products, development of strategic plans, investment plans,
works etc.)?
Professional training. Is there any training method used to
facilitate the knowledge improvement on risk?
Information. Do you have enough data on events history,
thus the organization could learn from its own mistakes?
Inspections. Do you have implemented any inspection
plans to reduce the inherent risks, which are periodically
The inspections cost. Do you report the inspections cost
to its effectiveness? Do you control too much without having
any proof of risk?
Warning systems. Do you have monitoring systems in the
potential high risk areas that identify the changing of risk
level? Can these systems be identified in situ in a suitable
Preparing for unlikely events. Do you have plans for
emergency situations related to unlikely events but with
major consequences, which can stop the company’s
Risk transfer. Does your company use instruments for risk
transfer or sharing with other organizations (e.g. insurance
Risk review. Do you have a risk review process, after
implementation of the mitigation measures / controls for
identified risk?
Limitations. What are the limitations that impede you to
implement the risk mitigation plans?
Risk. Which do you think could be the main risk for your

Important: completed and saved survey should be sent by e-mail: risk@isim.ro                        2/2

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