Double Entry Journal Rubric by wc06YEej


									Double Entry Journal Rubric

Note: Scores are given for both 5- and 10-point double entry journals, respectively.

                 5 / 10              -- / 9               4 / 8              -- / 7            3 / 6
                                                     Both the                              The quotation
            Both the
                                Both the quotation   quotation chosen   The quotation      chosen and
            quotation chosen
                                chosen and the       and the            chosen and/or      the student’s
            and the student’s
                                student’s response   student’s          the student’s      response do
Quotation                       demonstrate          response           response           not
and                             thought and some     demonstrate        demonstrate some   demonstrate
            thought and
response                        understanding of     thought and some   consideration of   consideration
            insight into the
                                the work. The        consideration of   the work.          of the work.
            work. The
                                response is          the work. Some     Development is     The response
            response is
                                developed.           development is     lacking.           is
            highly developed.
                                                     present.                              undeveloped.
                                                                        The response
            The response is     The response is      The response is                       The response
                                                                        lacks focus on
            tightly focused     focused on the       focused on the                        fails to
                                                                        the text or
            on the text and     text and consists    text and/or                           focus on the
Focus of                                                                consists mostly
            consists of         primarily of         consists of                           text or
response                                                                of summary,
            thoughtful          thoughtful           equal parts                           consists
                                                                        though some
            insights rather     insights rather      insight and                           entirely of
                                                                        thought is
            than summary.       than summary.        summary.                              summary.
            In the response,    In the response,                        In the response,   Connections
                                                     In the response,
            connections are     connections are                         some connections   to the
                                                     some connections
            always made to      always made to the                      are made to the    literature
                                                     are made to the
            the literature.     literature.                             literature.        are missing
Connectio   Ample evidence      Sufficient                              Evidence from      or
                                                     Evidence from
n to        from the work is    evidence from the                       the work is        inaccurate.
                                                     the work is
literatur   provided—through    work is provided—                       occasionally       Little
e           specific            through specific                        provided—through   evidence from
            references/quotat   references/quotati                      references/quota   the work is
                                                     tions—to support
            ions—to support     ons—to support the                      tions—to support   provided to
                                                     the focus of the
            the focus of the    focus of the                            the focus of the   support the
            response.           response.                               response.          focus of the

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