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Innovation Fund Evaluation Committee presentation guidelines: by Ku7Ven4j


									Innovation Fund Screening Committee presentation guidelines:

The purpose of this presentation is to give you an opportunity to provide to the
Screening Committee additional information about your business. In addition, this
presentation will provide the committee the opportunity to ask you questions and to
bring further clarification on your application.

Each applicant is allocated a maximum of 30 minutes as follows:

             Committee introduction ................ …. <1 minutes
             Applicant’s Presentation .............. …5-10 minutes (MAX!!)
             Questions and Answers ............... …10 -15 minutes

Your presentation should be structured as follows:

         Business description
              a. Type of product or service/ market served
              b. Distinguishing characteristics of the business or service that makes it
              c. Stage of Product development
              d. Technological or product/service advantage
              e. Is there IP - IP status?
         Entrepreneur(s) and/or partner(s) qualifications
              a. Current business structure, ownership, management
         Market characteristics and dynamics
              a. Market plan – how do you go to market/ market size?
              b. Competitive landscape/ how is need being filled today?
         Brief three (A Grant) or five (B Grant) year financial view of business
              a. Sales growth
              b. Cash flow
              c. Capital/time needed to enter market
              d. Number of jobs being created for NE Ohio
         Describe in detail how you will use the Innovation Award
              a. How has the product/ service been funded to date?

Please bring your presentation on a jump drive or memory stick. A laptop will be
provided in the presentation room. If you have any questions please contact Julie
Thompson at 440-366-4313 or

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