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1. Teams
(a) The Management Committee (MC) supports the development of soccer in all age groups with special focus on the ages under 6 through to and including under 10 as we recognize that these age groups will develop as the club grows into an established entity (b) The MC will encourage players to play in their proper age groups but will make exceptions on application by the player or parents/guardians in the case of junior members. (c) The MC will support any player wishing to play in a higher age group or division to develop that players skill, (d) The M.C. will nominate the division of any team wishing to play with the Club. (e) The M.C. will determine the number of players per team, maximum of 16 players per team. (f) The Club will determine who plays in which team (g) Any fine imposed by the Association on a team must be paid by that team. Failure to do so will result in the members of that team being declared un-financial and they will not be allowed to participate in any club activities including playing, until such time as the fine is paid. (h) All playing members’ registration fees must be paid in full before the first round of the competition apart from: (1) Where the member has requested a payment scheme, due to hardship and (2) The M.C. has approved a payment plan and (3) The member is making scheduled payments. (i) Teams / players may be responsible to cover the cost of damaged or lost Club property (j) Players may only be upgraded or within a two year age group. (k) All players must play their first competition game in their allocated team. If the team has a bye in the first round, players may not play with any other team and may not be upgraded until they have played their first game with their nominated team. (l) If a team wishes to borrow a player from another team within our club they must seek the permission of the borrowed player’s coach and manager, then organize the borrowing of said player with the player’s team manager and must comply with the regulations set out by the affiliated association and the MC of Western Storm Soccer Club. (m) A borrowed player must play with their team first before playing in any other team on the game day (n) Ungraded players will play in a lower division although the MC retains the right to upgrade any player. (o) Although grading is not compulsory, any player wishing to play in the highest division of their age group will be required to attend grading sessions as determined by the MC. (p) The setting up of the field shall be the responsibility of every team scheduled for the first game of the day at the Club's home grounds. (q) The dismantling of the field shall be the responsibility of every team scheduled for the last game of the day at the Club's home grounds. The last teams must also assist the Ground Duty Officer to collect any litter on the ground and put into the rubbish bins

(r) The MC may at its discretion remove a team from competition that it feels is bringing the clubs name into disrepute or is prejudice towards the club or for misconduct. Teams may also be removed from competition if they fail to comply with MC directives or forfeit 2 games in a row. Any costs that are incurred by the teams deregistration will be passed onto the players in that side. Failure to pay will result in the members of that team being declared un-financial, until such time as all fine are paid. A team will be warned in writing that they may be removed from competition, and may be asked to appear before the MC. (s) All teams are responsible for their litter at training and games.

2. Players and Non Playing Members
(a) All players will be insured through the Association with which the club is affiliated. (b) Any player sent from the field of play by the referee official or otherwise, may be required to appear before the Disciplinary Committee of the Association. (c) Any fine imposed by the Association on a member must be paid by that member. Failure to do so will result in the member being declared un-financial and they will not be allowed to participate in any club activities including playing, until such time as the fine is paid. (d) All members, playing or non-playing are required to abide by Western Storm Soccer Club's codes of conduct. (e) As well as the “Codes of Behaviour” as developed and published by the Australian Sports Commission. Copies of which will be available upon request. (f) The MC retains the right to call before them any player or non-playing member, who has breeched the clubs code of conduct. (g) All players must provide acceptable proof of age on request. Unless proof of age is presented the player will not be permitted to participate in any competition or non-competition games until such proof of age is sighted. (h) Fair and equal game time is expected to be provided for all players unless they are affected by illness, injury or for disciplinary reasons, (including any monies, fines or fees, owning to the club.) (i) All players are required to wear the official uniform of Western Storm Soccer Club for all games, whether competition or social. (j) Club Jerseys shall not be worn to or from a game or training, there are no exceptions. (k) Upon acceptance as a member and registered player or a non playing member with Western Storm Soccer Club, it is agreed and understood that Western Storm Soccer Club cannot be held responsible or liable in any way for medical, ambulance or hospital expenses incurred by a member as a result of participating in soccer or any other activities associated with Western Storm Soccer Club. It is the responsibility of all members, playing or non-playing to pursue any medical claim. (m) A member may be placed on a bond at anytime as the MC see fit. The bond will be a dollar figure set by the MC that must be paid before the member can participate in any further club activities. This includes the playing of games. The secretary will notify the member in writing. The member has 14 days to appeal this bond. The bond will be returned minus any fines; non payment, etc to the player 12 months from the time the bond was paid or at a time set down by the MC. (n) Any member asked to appear before the committee must do so before they are able to take any further part in club functions. This includes playing. All players will be requested to appear via a written letter

giving them 7 days notice. Failure to appear after a second request will see that member expelled as a non member or deregistered as a player with no refund, given. (o) Any player de-registered from the club for misconduct will be unable to rejoin the club for a period of no less than 3 years. (p) Any player wishing to leave the club must contact the registrar and sign a release form as provided by the MC of WSSC. A $20.00 administration charge will apply. (q) The MC retains the right to reject any application to become a member, playing or non-playing. (r) The MC retains the right to deregister any player. Notice of this deregistration will be in writing giving the player 7 days notice to appeal the verdict as set down in the Constitution. (s) No member playing or non-playing is to contact the NDSFA directly.

3. Players Records
(a) The registrar will keep and maintain a record of every player's history while they are playing with Western Storm Soccer Club. These records will be kept in accordance with the Privacy Act. (b) All players who join Western Storm Soccer Club in its inaugural year 2005 will have their continuous service with other clubs in the NDSFA recognized by the MC as a "Service to Soccer" award. (c) These awards will recognize 5, 10 and 15 years continuous service in the NDSFA. The MC will only recognize the years of service of players who join Western Storm Soccer Club in 2005. (d) All player records and any other documentation remain the property of Western Storm Soccer Club unless said record is the property of the NDSFA. (e) Long term membership to the club by a person will be recognized by awards as follows: (i) Five year service (ii) Ten year service (iii) fifteen year service (f) The continuity of service will be deemed uninterrupted where a member returns to the club after: (i) Returning from representative duties, (ii) Is unable to play due to injury, health or other medical reasons, (iii) The club could not provide a team, position, for the member. (iv) Or other Special circumstances approved by Management committee (g) The members service will continue from the count of years service as deemed at the end of the last season that, said person was a member.

4. Coaches and Managers
(a) All prospective coaches, managers or other persons dealing with children will be required to complete the relevant forms of the Child Protection Prohibited Employment Act. (b) Applications for the position of coach or manager are required to complete the appropriate forms supplied by Western Storm Soccer Club and the Association.

(c) The MC will endeavor to supply all teams with a coach or manager before the start of the season. Priority will be on supplying coaches and managers to the junior teams first. (d) Where there is more than one person applying for the same position as coach or manager of a team, the MC will appoint the coach or manager from the applicants based on the following criteria; 1. Experience. 2. Credentials. 3. If they are the incumbent coach or manager. 4. Years of service with Western Storm Soccer Club. (e) The MC shall advise coaches and managers of their responsibilities and duties, and will retain the right to reject any applications for coach or manager. (f) It is the responsibility of all managers to advise the registrar of any changes regarding team make up, such as: (a) Players leaving club, (b) Change of contact details (g) The coach or manager must notify the secretary of any player being sent from the field of play by the match official by 7 PM on the day of the send off. (h) Any player suffering an injury that requires medical attention must be reported to a member of the management committee (the secretary) by the coach or manager for the appropriate forms to be supplied. (i) All coaches and managers appointed by the MC will become honorary members of the club for the ensuing season, and will be entitled to the same rights and privileges as a senior member and accept the same responsibilities. (j) The coach and manager will be responsible for all club property assigned to them. Any damage and lose must be reported to the M.C. within 24 hours. (k) It will be the coach and mangers responsibility to collect the replacement cost of lost or damaged Club property from the team / player. The M.C. will determine if payment is to be waived: (1) If the items in question are affected by standard wear and tear or theft, (2) Accidental damage during game play or training. (l) The M.C. will endeavor to supply any support to insure that manages are competent with all paperwork but, it is the responsibility of the manager to correctly complete all paperwork. (m) The MC reserves the right to terminate the appointment of any coach or manager. If a coach or manager is relieved of his or her duly they then have a right of appeal as outlined in the clubs constitution. (n) It is the responsibility of the manager to collect all match fees as set by the MC. Match fees must be placed in the provided envelope with details of date and name of team on the slip. Upon payment a receipt will be issued. Match fees must be paid within 7 days to the duty officer or treasurer. Failure to submit match fees may see the manager requested to appear before the MC. However managers are to contact the treasurer or a committee member should they have difficulty collecting match fees (o) The manager must inform the Competition Secretary of the score no later than 6pm on game day.

(p) All Coaches and Managers must wear the vest provided and their ID cards must be displayed at all times whilst on duty. (q) If no person over 18 is available to be Marshal it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to fill these duties. (p) No coach or manager will contact the Association directly; all correspondence must be forwarded via the MC.

5. Ground Duty Officer
(a) The MC shall nominate a Ground Duty Officer to be in charge of the Club’s home grounds whenever games are scheduled there. This person is separate to any person on canteen, BBQ or any other duty. (b) The Ground Duty Officers role is essentially to help facilitate the smooth running of games and to help resolve any problems or issues which may arise. (c) The ground duty officer will be responsible for keeping the back of the nets clear, and assisting the marshalls.

6. Marshals
(a) Each team shall provide a Marshall at every game, both home and away. Marshalls must write and sign their name on the team sheet, must wear the Marshalls vest provided. (b) All Marshals shall be responsible persons who are 18 years of age or over. (c) The Marshals role is to see that spectators, coaches and managers do not encroach on the field, and to help ensure that good order is maintained off the field of play. (d) Should any incident arise out of a match, Marshals will be asked to provide written reports and may be required to appear as neutral witnesses before any enquiry.

7. Patrons
(a) The club may elect such Patrons as the Club may from time to time desire and for which Patron shall hold office for as long as the MC may determine. (b) Patrons shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the club, but shall not be entitled to vote.

8. Grounds
(a) Western Storm Soccer Club enforces a strict NO ALCOHOL POLICY at their home ground on Saturdays or any junior gala days. Sunday alcohol is permitted in the designated area. (b) Western Storm Soccer Club enforces a strict NO PET POLICY at their home ground. (c) Western Storm Soccer Club enforces a strict NON SMOKING POLICY

9. Working with children Requirement
(a) It is required by law that all persons taking positions of responsibility within the club (This includes all coaches and mangers regardless of the age of the team they are with) are required to complete a Prohibited Employment Declaration (PED) at the commencement of there membership with Western Storm Soccer Club. (b) It is the responsibility of the registrar to see these forms are completed correctly and store these

records. (c) PED’s are valid for 5 years and must be kept for 2 years after membership with the club ceases. (d) It is the Member Protection Officers duty to deal with any related issues which may arise during the season.

10. AGM Voting Rights
(a) Any member wishing to vote at the A.G.M must attend more than one General Meetings throughout the year.

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