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Initial Licensure Program in Elementary Education by Q31FXw


									ADMISSION SEMESTER:______________                                            Name:________________________________
APPROVED: YES/NO ___________________

                                 Initial Licensure Program in Secondary Education
                                                 Professional Development Program
                                                         ADVISING SHEET

PPST                     Date Passed                                    or       Waiver
 Reading __________ 174 __________                                               _______________ ________
 Writing __________ 172 __________                                                                 Date
 Math     __________ 172 __________

Test Out or Course Options:
2 ___/____ NV School Law (EDU 210) ________________________________
1-3___/____ NV Constitution        ________________________________
3 ___/____ U.S. Constitution       ________________________________

Undergraduate GPA ________                        Post-Baccalaureate GPA ________

Teaching Major

Teaching Minor                                              ______

Semester I (15 credits)
3___/____    Choose one with advisor approval:
               ICS 308 General Methods
               ICG 458 Content Area Literacy
             ICS 4_ _ Teaching Secondary Methods: Minor Teaching Field
3___/____    ICS 330 Classroom Management
3___/____      ICS 428 Pre-Student Teaching
3___/____    ICS 4_ _ Teaching Secondary Methods (three-fourths of major teaching field credits must be
             completed before student teaching)
3___/____      ESP 444 Special Education Techniques General Setting

*Semester II (14 credits) Requires test out or course options and Semester I coursework completed.
12___/____ 1 ICS 450 Student Teaching in the Secondary School Major Field ($250 lab fee)
2___/____     ICS 460 Student Teaching Seminar
6___/____       ICS 450 Student Teaching in the Secondary School Major Field ($250 lab fee)
6___/____     ICS 451 Student Teaching in the Secondary School - Minor Field
2___/____     ICS 460 Student Teaching Seminar
*Apply for graduation, with Student Enrollment Services in Frazier Hall, to have a PDD degree posted
on transcripts.

Semester III (Credit hours vary according to content area.)
Complete major or minor teaching field content courses, if necessary.
 Requires "Office of Field Experience" application. Students are required to complete and submit field experience application which can be found
at: The option to complete applications online is only available to students who have submitted passing PPST
scores. Otherwise, students are required to fill out the paper based application at the Office of Field Experience (CEB 109).
    May be completed the semester ILP application is being processed.

**Please note, you will not be eligible for a teaching license in the State of Nevada until you complete all prerequisite and course requirements.
Praxis II must be completed for licensure. Contact the Nevada Department of Education <> for Praxis II requirements.

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