MINUTES OF THE BOARD MEETING HELD ON 23rd October 2008 by Ku7Ven4j


           ON 15th July 2009 AT HOTEL SINGGAHSANA

   Company                                Name
 1 Alliance Cosmetics Sdn Bhd             E.L.Keh, Joanna Yong
 2 Amway (M) Sdn Bhd                      How Kam Chiong, Norsiah Ahmad
 3 Avon Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd             Zarrah Banu, Khairul Izlan
 4 Beauty Specialist Distributors Sdn Bhd Lim You Goang, Rosni
 5 Blue Oasis (M) Sdn Bhd                 Chua Lee Yen
 6 Cambert (M) Sdn Bhd                    Sam Kok Hong
 7 Celmonze Sdn Bhd                       Florence Lim
 8 Clarins Sdn Bhd                        Beyen Ow, Evelyn Koh
 9 CNI Venture Sdn Bhd                    Rosita Hassan
10 Cofran Sdn Bhd                         Susan Wong, Carin Ong
11 Colgate Palmolive (M) Sdn Bhd          PC Ng
12 Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd                     Soo Hoong Kun
13 DCM Personal Care                      Jane Ng Bee Hong
14 Delfi Marketing Sdn Bhd                Tan Sue Shien
15 Dermal Esthetica Sdn Bhd               June Fu
16 Elken Sdn Bhd                          Maggie Wang
17 Envico Enterprise                      Kartina Yaali
18 Esplanade Avenue Sdn Bhd               Rachael Tan
19 Ginvera Marketing Enterprise Sdn.Bhd   Chin Siew Fui
20 Henkel (M) Sdn Bhd.                    Abdul Aziz Arshad
21 Hoe Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd            Arleena Kasmuri, Ernie Nor Hanna Idris
22 Hong Kong Sa Sa (M) Sdn Bhd            Suhaini Soid
23 Kose (M) Sdn Bhd                       YC Teh
24 L’oreal Malaysia Sdn Bhd               Lilywati Arshad
25 Luxasia (M) Sdn Bhd                    Loo Suet Yee
26 LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd Lai Swee Kian
27 Maestro Laboratories Sdn Bhd           Tey Ay Sha, Siao Ying
28 Mandom (M) Sdn Bhd                     Carmen Tan, Jaymee Choi
29 Pacific Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd          Magdaline Raj, Stanley Roy
30 Procter& Gamble (M) Sdn Bhd          Revathi Gunasekaran
31 Shiseido Malaysia Sdn Bhd            Averilla Cassandra Oswald
32 Suria Meriang Sdn Bhd                Lim Chia Ying
33 Taiway Marketing Co Ltd              Ben Lim
34 Thalgo Cosmetic (Sea) Sdn Bhd        Tan Ai Vee, Cheah Sei Ling
35 Unique Conversion Sdn Bhd            Frankie Tan
36 Unza (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd              Noor Aizah

 1 Luxor Beauty World Sdn Bhd
 2 Mode Circle Sdn Bhd
 3 Nutri-Metics Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd
 4 Rampai Niaga Sdn Bhd
 5 Starlight Cosmetics Sdn Bhd

 1 10B International (M) Sdn Bhd                         20 Martina Berto (M) Sdn Bhd
 2 Apex Pharmacy Marketing Sdn Bhd                       21 Maxiform Sdn Bhd
 3 A.P.Cosmetics (M) Sdn.Bhd.                            22 Melilea (M) Sdn Bhd
 4 Best World Lifestyle Sdn Bhd                          23 Naturalife Solution Sdn Bhd
 5 Cheerful Trading Sdn Bhd                              24 Nu Skin (M) Sdn Bhd
 6 Cosbel Le Specialiste Marketing                       25 Obagi (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
 7 Cosmetic Resources Sdn Bhd                            26 Pro Beau Sdn Bhd
 8 Connell Bros Co.Ltd                                   27 Pure Care Health & Beauty Sdn Bhd
 9 Cosmopolitan Cosmetics Pte Ltd                        28 P.T.Mustika Ratu
10 Crabtree & Evelyn (M) Sdn Bhd                         29 Rina Skincare (M) Sdn Bhd
11 Dart Far East Sdn.Bhd                                 30 Shaklee Products Malaysia S/B
12 DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd                                 31 Sky Resources Sdn Bhd
13 Fruitful Marketing Sdn Bhd                            32 Strata Pro Sdn Bhd
14 Glamour Prestige Sdn Bhd.                             33 Unilever (M) Holdings SdnBhd.
15 Johnson & Johnson                                     34 Watson’s Personal Care Store S/B
16 Kao (M) Sdn Bhd                                       35 Wayco Manufacturing
17 Laponie Marketing Sdn Bhd                             36 Yakin Invest Corporation Sdn Bhd
18 Luprim Sdn Bhd                                        37 Yves Rocher (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
19 Mary Kay (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd
Meeting convenes at 10.45am

Vice President
1. Notify Members with apologies of the absence of our President
2. Thank all Members for their presence.
3. Review of last Minutes with few typo and spelling errors
4. The adoption of the last Members Minutes of 20th May 2009 was proposed by Mr
   Lim of Beauty Specialist Distributors Sdn Bhd and seconded by Ms Beyen Ow of
   Clarins Sdn Bhd

Resignation & Appointment of Acting Treasurer
1. Members were informed of the resignation of our Treasurer, Encik Ahmad Shaiful
   with effect 10th July 2009.
2. The constitution states that the President and the Board Members can casually appoint
   and this person shall hold office until the next AGM for a new election.
3. The Board Members has proposed to appoint How Kam Chiong as Acting Treasurer
   to fill in this vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting which is in March 2010
   where there be a re-election.

Sub-Committee Updates

1. The National Seminar date is now change to October 2009. A fixed date is yet to

2.    PIF for Beginners
     a. There will be targeted small group training on PIF for beginners only. It will be
         on basic foundations of PIF.
     b. It is open to member companies who do not have a Regulatory person or persons
         who do not know what is PIF.
     c. It will be conducted in a close environment at CTFA office, no charges and
         strictly for Beginners.
     d. Zarrah will conduct a One day training in the 1st week of Sept 2009

1. There was an update on the 12th ACC/ACSB meeting reports, all updates will also be
   uploaded into the CTFA website or email to members.
Market Intelligence
Malaysia’s economic development is expected to remain soft in the second half of this
year. After a plunge of 6.2% in 1Q2009, the Malaysian GDP figures is expected to
further contract by 5.9% y-o-y in 2Q2009 before registering a growth of 1.5% in 4Q2009
but not enough to prevent a contraction of 3.8% this year. The consumer price index
(CPI) rose 2.4% y-o-y for May, which is lower than the growth of 3% in April.

The Tourism Ministry expects the current Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (MMSC) 2009 to
do better than last year’s. For the first 4 months of this year, tourist arrivals stood at
7.34million, an increase of 3.4% compared with 7.1million in 2008. This year, Tourism
Ministry is looking at least 20million visitors to keep the tourism till ringing.

In the cosmetics growth for June 2009, brands that registered >10% growth include
Chanel (19%) and Shiseido (15%) while those that registered 1-10% growth include
Lancome (10% ), Dior (10%), Estee Lauder (8%), Shu Uemura (6%) and Clinique (3%).

Retail Group Malaysia (RGM) expects retail industry this year to grow a mere 3%. The
key to improving spending is by boosting consumer confidence and this is related to job
and political stability, living costs and employment opportunities. Currently, Klang
Valley contributes 36% to the total retail sales in the country, while Johor and Penang
contribute 11% and 7% respectively.

Brand Protection
No updates

Business Operations

Quest 3
The Quest 3 will be a totally new system and the Biro’s tentative target time to be ready
by the 3rd quarter of this year or early 2010. The current Digi Smart Card will continue
to be of used for this Quest 3 system.

Smart Card
A proposal was raised to members on the renewal of Digi smart cards for CTFA
members. Aziz will negotiate with Digicert for a reduced rate on renewal fees and with
one expiry date for all members. This is also a value added services for our members.
All applications forms and collection of smart cards will be at CTFA secretariat office.

ACD Ingredient Database System
1. We like to thank PC Ng of Colgate and Khairul of Avon for their participation in the
   testing of the ACD system. It is in its final stage and will soon be uploaded to the
   CTFA website.

2. Please note that this ACD system is designed for layman use. The system
   corresponds to the Annexes of the ACD Book and in this system you are able to do an
   easy and convenient search. It is designed to tell you whether your product
   ingredient is banned, or in the restrict list, the limit of percentage allowed.

   It is not like the Cosing System where you are able to a scientific search on the details
   of the ingredients.

3. The Secretariat Office will inform members once this ACD is open for members use.
   It is encouraged for members to make full use of the system and to give their feedback
   as we have a 6months warranty period to enhance the system.

4. We can only upload new updates of the Annexes once BPFK has uploaded into their
   website. The management of the ACD system will be from the secretariat office.

Pending Dialogue with BPFK
1. There will be a Dialogue with BPFK in August 2009. TRC Chairman would like to
   thank all members for their feedback. The following 6 issues and proposals will be
   brought up for discussion at the Dialog.
   a. Importation of cosmetics by unauthorized importers
   b. Process of renewal of Notified product be made simplified
   c. Removal irrelevant ingredients to allow more efficient ingredient search
   d. Addition of new manufacturer – be made simplified
   e. CFS multiple manufacturers
   f. The Notified Product list is currently not user friendly. Industry is having
       problems managing the information.

2. Other issues raised by members
   a. ‘Invoices do not match notified product name’
       - it is the sole responsibility of members to inform and explain the information to
       the Customs. It is good to advise your freight forwarder and explain to them that
       the product name in the invoice may differ from the notification note.

   b. ‘Changes in product formula’
      - It is a new Notification, members are advised to refer to the ACD guidelines.

   c. ‘To combine and notify in a range to simplify notification process’
       – it is not likely to follow system of Singapore or Brunei.

   d. ‘Data missing’
       – there could be a clean up of the system by BPFK resulting in data missing for
       about a week. We will bring up this matter in the next TWG meeting that is to
       remind them to give notice of any cleanup of their system.
There were 2 new applications for membership approval for (i) Bodibasixs
Manufacturing Sdn Bhd and (ii) Reckitt Benckiser (M) Sdn Bhd. The Board members
have reviewed and presented to the members for approval. There were no objections
and both the companies were being approved for membership.

Membership Certificate
There was a proposal for Members to collect their membership certificates in the next
Members Meeting. Members agreed to the proposal.

For the rest of the members who were not present in the meeting, we would appreciate
you to collect from the CTFA Secretariat Office.

Members Get 2 Know Members Presentation
Ms Chua Lee Yen of Blue Oasis (M) Sdn Bhd gave an overview of their organization
setup and the brands they carry.

Charity Drive Campaign
Proposal was made to have a special Deepa/Hari Raya event with an orphanage home
tentatively in October 2009. Suggestions for members support and participation were:-
    1. contributing duit raya,
    2. contribute gifts purposed for orphanage home needs
    3. most important that all member companies be involved personally at the
        orphanage home
    4. get News coverage

There was a training held at 12.15pm by Mr Peter J Berinus Agang of Legal Metrology
Unit of the MDTCA (KPDN) on ASEAN Common Requirements of Pre-Packaged
Products. The slide presentation will be emailed to all members.

If you need further information, you can login to this website address:
http://www.aseansec.org/22007.pdf or you can do a google search on Asean Common

Meeting ends at 1.00 pm.

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