Degree Plan _Criminal Justice Corrections Emphasis_2011_2013 by liuhongmeiyes


									                                     Criminal Justice Corrections Emphasis
                                               Associate of Arts
Student Name:                                                          ID #:
        Program Requirements                 CR.                Requisite                             Semester         Fulfilled
             YEAR ONE                                    Pre-                  Co-               F/S/SU        Year      Grade
            Fall Semester
CJ101 Introduction to Corrections*            3
CJ112 Client Relations in Corrections*        3
CS112 Introduction to Computers               4    Appropriate Test
ES101 Fitness & Wellness                      2
                                                     EN109, or
EN111 College Composition                     4    Appropriate Test         CS112
NA113 Native American Awareness              1
                                     Total   17
             Spring Semester
CJ212 Institutional Corrections*              3         CJ101
CJ215 Corrections Client Growth*              3         CJ212
CJ221 Correctional Law*                       3      CJ101,CJ112
EN112 Content Area Comp. & Research           4     EN111, CS112
NA125 History & Organization of
Michigan Indian Tribes
                                   Total     17
             YEAR TWO
             Fall Semester
CJ201 Introduction to Criminal Justice        3                         EN111, CJ101
EN107 Public Speaking                         3                           EN111
PY101 Introductio to Psychology               4                           EN111
SO106 Introduction to Sociology               4         EN111
MA*** Designated Math Elective                4
                                                   Min. Test Scores,
              MA114 Intermediate Algebra
                   MA116 College Algebra               MA114
                                     Total   18
           Spring Semester
***** Natural Science Elective                4
EN219 Technical & Report Writing              4    EN112, CS112
NA*** NA Elective                            3-4
PY205 Abnormal Psychology                     3         PY101               EN112
                                     Total 14-15
TOTAL DEGREE CREDITS=                      66-67
***MACRAO: Students seeking the
MACRAO Seal for transferability for credit
should select MA116 for a Math Elective.

*Correction Officer Certificate Courses
                                                                               Writing Skills:       Reading:         Math:

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