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									Shotcrete Waterproofing – a Global Solution
 PENETRON technology, in conjunction with the use of “designer mixes” and customized
 installation by specialists, is opening a new frontier for key waterproofing applications.

Online PR News – 07-February-2013 Concrete impermeability and durability – for sprayed concrete, gunite
or shotcrete – have been important performance enhancements for special materials manufacturers and
applicator companies who are always on the lookout for waterproof and durable structural linings for many
types of containment in underground or hydraulic environments.

Because it is able to penetrate the entire thickness of a concrete structure, PENETRON ADMIX
Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) is a key ingredient to waterproof the shotcrete matrix. It reacts with water and
the various mineral compounds present in the mixes to form an insoluble, thread-like calcium silicate
hydrate (CSH) crystalline structure that seals pores, capillaries and cracks. The “self-repair” behavior of
PAES remains active over time, responding to any moisture and/or water present in underground structures
and in hydraulic constructions to ensure a watertight matrix.

Thanks to this exclusive – and highly effective – formula of reactive hydrophilic components,
ADMIX Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) drastically reduces shotcrete permeability and cracking due to
thermal stress and the effects of freeze/thaw cycles. This increases the performance characteristics of the
matrix right from the start during concrete spraying. It remains active over time and speeds up the
installation operations by ensuring durability of the containment construction.

There are many important application types: structural shotcrete or shotcrete for renewal of tunnels,
underground passages, hydraulic conduits, dams and open canals. This also includes shotcrete used in
underground support constructions, such as diaphragms, piling and micro-piles.

Tunnels & parking garages in Italy
Based on the results of projects in the USA, Scandinavia, South America and the Middle East, several trials
were carried out in Italy, which led to further, significant projects. Enrico-Maria Gastaldo Brac, Managing
Director of PENETRON Italia , explains, “The PENETRON System is a revolutionary technology for
internal-capillary waterproofing and enhancing the durability of concrete. It has gained an engineering
following in Italy, thanks to its successful use in key projects such as the Mittewald Tunnel in Bressanone in
Northern Italy.”

The Mittewald Tunnel was restored through hydro-sandblasting to remove a 10-15cm layer of deteriorated
concrete, followed by the installation of a new drainage system for the construction joints to protect the
tunnel cap from hydrostatic pressure. The sandblasted layer was restored with PENETRON ADMIX
Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES), which completely stopped water penetration and facilitated the water flow into
the new drainage system.

PENETRON Italia also completed several important construction projects in Rome by perfecting the mixes
and application methods:
• Piazza Cavour
• Via di Donna Olimpia (effects of crystallization over time)
• Cassia-Monte Mario tunnel
• Underground car parks Viale Oceano Pacifico & Via Delle Medaglie D’Oro

More tunnels in Sweden
Rail transportation is a high priority in Sweden and enabling high-speed railway traffic has necessitated
upgrades for various tunnels in the Bothnia Line and the historic Ådals Railway, both located north of
Stockholm along the Baltic Sea coast. Project specifications for the 45km (28 miles) of tunnels were
extremely stringent, with zero pollution and ground water contamination allowed. For many locations, a PVC
membrane to line the tunnel walls was not feasible due to a lack of space. A special PENETRON ADMIX
Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) was developed and the results were carefully evaluated. The application was a
comprehensive success; even previously severely leaking construction joints remained completely dry.

Both the Frösvi and Ullbro highway tunnels on Route 18 (E18) outside of Stockholm were also successfully
waterproofed. The PENETRON ADMIX Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) was applied in a one spray wet
shotcrete lining process, with a layer thickness of 150mm.

Fighting back the ocean in Australia
Severe water leaks in the existing shotcrete and concrete of the Miami One Shopping Centre required a
high-performance waterproofing product to ensure that the two-level basement would remain dry. Because
a less effective admixture was used, PENETRON ADMIX Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) was applied to
waterproof over 2000m3 of concrete and 600m3 of shotcrete; these structures were located only 150m from
the beach. After treatment, all leaks stopped and the elevator pits, base slabs and shotcreted retaining walls
remained dry.

Tanks, tunnels & highways
Numerous projects across the USA also confirmed the effectiveness of PENETRON ADMIX Enhanced
Shotcrete (PAES) to enhance the durability of a shotcrete matrix for above-ground and below-ground
structures. For example, the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia, decided to treat the new Grandview water tanks
(a main eight million gallon tank, another five million gallon tank and a smaller 600,000 gallon tank) with the
PAES system in a shotcrete process. This provided the concrete with very low permeability characteristics
and the corrosion protection needed for the pre-stressed cables and rebar used in the pre-stressed tank

Originally designed for rail transportation, the 110-year old National Bikeway pedestrian and bikeway tunnel
was plagued by poor drainage and a damaged lining. This impeded traffic with dangerous water leakage
and ice accumulation. A PENETRON ADMIX Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) mix was applied to the existing
structure and to the new reinforced tunnel lining to eliminate all leakage.

Acid mine drainage was a problem with the construction of the Gateway highway connector in Fairmont,
West Virginia. The West Virginia Division of Highways designed a PAES mix and pneumatically applied it to
all underground drainage structures to protect from chemical attack and corrosion.

Christopher Chen, Director of The PENETRON Group, summarizes: “For a multitude of shotcrete
applications, the PENETRON ADMIX Enhanced Shotcrete (PAES) system provides design teams with a
reliable and successful solution. PAES not only enables a thinner application and, often, elimination of
traditional waterproofing channels and liners, it also helps save money on material costs and accelerates
the project schedule. One of the biggest benefits of the PAES system is the support we offer to tailor the
system to each individual project, ensuring the highest level of success.”

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