September 25_ 2003 - Welcome to Queen Annes by chenboying


									Health & Safety Information
1) Disinfect Well Water. Any wells that are flooded need to let their water run until it runs clear. Safe drinking water can be provided by mixing a tablespoon of bleach with one gallon of water, or by boiling water for 15-20 minutes. Wells that have flooded will need to be disinfected with one gallon of household bleach followed by running water down the well with a garden hose for 10-15 minutes to generate thorough mixing. Water should then be run thru all the spigots of the house or building until a bleach smell is obtained. Allow the water to sit in the pipes for a minimum of 12-24 hours. Then run the water off until no more bleach smell is detected. Your water will still need to be sampled to verify it is free of contamination. The QAC Health Dept can be reached at 410-758-2281 to arrange for sampling.

Storm Cleanup Information
The Queen Anne's County Department of Public Works has announced the following measures to accommodate help citizens with cleanup of debris and trash through Saturday, Sept. 27, 2003. 1) Transfer Stations open late for Storm cleanup: Batt’s Neck, Grasonville and Church Hill Transfer Stations will extend hours Monday – Saturday to 7:00 p.m. **Trips limited to storm cleanup only. Regional MES Landfill, 7341 Barkers Landing Road, Easton, will be open until 7:00 p.m. Mon – Friday. Baker’s Rubble Landfill, Queenstown, will be open until 5:00 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday. 2) Requests for other special assistance or questions related to disposal can be directed to Queen Anne's County Solid Waste Division at 410-758-2697

Contacts for Debris Removal
For debris obstructing Federal Channels contact the US Army Corps of Engineers. 410.962.4223. For debris in all other waterways contact DNR, Randy Harrill, 410.260.8899. In the event a tank or drum has been washed up (fuel, propane or suspicious drum) contact MDE, Ed Dexter, 410.537.3424. For debris that that washes up on private property, unless it poses a definite life or limb threat, it is the responsibility of the property owner to get the debris to the State or County Right-of-Way. SHA forces are responsible for removing debris from State Highway Right-of-Way. contact SHA, Russ Yurek, 410.582.5505. County forces are responsible for removing debris from County Roads Right-of-Way. contact QAC DPW, 410.758.0920.

QAC Facts and Figures
1) Over 156 residential homes suffered flood damage from Hurricane Floyd in Queen Anne's County. 2) 21 businesses flooded in Queen Anne's County, plus numerous other small businesses in the Dominion area. 3) Electric-At the height of the storm, over 10,200 customers were without power in Queen Anne's County. 10,188 of those customers have now had power restored. As of 9-25-03, only 12 customers are without power in Queen Anne's County. 4) Roads-over 200 downed trees in County roads. Over 25 county roads flooded due to tidal surge. 5) Parks-Romancoke Pier 200’X100’ foot pier was destroyed due to tidal surge. 6) Water & Sewer-two discharge pumps burned out in Bay City and service lost for 850 homes for approximately 36 hours. A 12-inch force main ruptured in Chester due to increased flooding. 12 of 14 sewer collection/pumping stations were flooded creating sporadic sewer service to over 5,000 homes during the storm. Service has been fully restored. Two water systems were out of service due to failed generators in Grasonville and Oyster Cove. Both fully restored. 7) County Buildings-ALS South Station over two feet of floodwaters at Kent Narrows. Chesapeake Exploration Center at Kent Narrows flooded.

State Legislator Support
Queen Anne's County has received outstanding response and support from our local and state legislators. -During the storm and its aftermath, the County received personal visits from Governor Robert L.Ehrlich, Jr. and the President’s Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, who toured the Kent Narrows to survey damage to businesses. -Congressman Wayne Gilchrist donated food, toured the County, and visited the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Centreville. -MD Director of Homeland Security Dennis Schrader visited QAC, and briefed Department Heads at the County EOC. Also visiting the County to view storm damage were Governor Ehrlich’s Chief of Staff Steven Kreseski, Deputy Chief of Staff Edward McDonald, as well as Policy Director Joe Getty. -Also visiting the Kent Island area and touring the Kent Narrows with the Governor were U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, State Senator E.J. Pipkin, as well as MD State Delegate Dick Sossi, MD State Delegate Michael Smiegel, and MD State Delegate Mary Roe Walkup.

For more info, visit or Compiled by QAC Public Information Office, Greg Nizza, Public Information Officer (410) 758-4098

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