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									  SK Y2 Unit 1 pg. 5
    Focus:                          Reading/ Listening
    Topic:                          Birthday Presents

    Standard:                       2.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to
                                    demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and non-linear texts in
                                    the form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to
                                    construct meaning

                                    2.2.4 Able to read and understand a paragraph of 5-8 simple sentences.

                                    By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to
                                    1. Answer 3 questions correctly based on the text read. (AB 5)
                                    2. Produce a pop up birthday card.
    Time:                           60 min
    Teaching Aids:                  Laptop, LCD, manila card, picture of cake and present, scissors and

    Lesson Link:                    http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/craft-downloads/birthdays

    Prepare By:                     Connie Henry Anchangan

    Activity                                                                                                       Notes
    1. Teacher brings into class a gift-wrapped box filled with
    10 or 15 small items like toy cars, dolls, coloured pencils,

    2. Teacher asks the pupils to guess what is in the box.
    Once the pupils have guessed take each item out and teach
    any words the pupils don’t know.

    3. Play Kim’s game: Teacher puts everything back in the
    box and asks pupils to write down (or draw if they can’t
    remember the spelling) as many of the items as they can.

    4. Teacher asks the pupils when they give presents and to

    5. Teacher asks the pupils to read the text on page 5

    6. Teacher asks questions based on the text.
    Who does Agus want to buy present for?
    Where is he going to buy the present?
    Why does Agus want to give Pat as a present?
    What present do you think Agus choose for Pat?

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7. Teacher plays a video from website

8. Teacher and pupils talk about the instructions for making
the pop up birthday card.

9. Pupils make the pop up birthday card with teacher’s

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