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      Orientation to

       Shireen Abdelrahman
    What is Architecture?

 It is all our surroundings buildings,
  houses and project which was built
  by experts.
 It is the art of building.
 It is the result for planned work.
 It contains buildings and built
  environment that we live, study,
  worship, get sick and die in.
 It is the art of expression about
  functional spaces, to transfer what
  architecture must be associated
  with individual and collective taste
  for humans and linked to their
  nature and cultures.
      What is Architecture?

   An architectural product or work.

   The discipline dealing with the
    principles of design and
    construction and ornamentation
    of fine buildings; "architecture
    and eloquence are mixed arts
    whose end is sometimes beauty
    and sometimes use ".
   What is Architecture?
Architecture (Latin „architectura“, from the Greek
„arkitekton ,“ὰρχιτεκτονική – arkhitektonike, from ὰρχι chief
or leader and Τεκτονική builder or carpenter) is the art and
science of designing buildings and other physical structures

                                     The profession of
                                     designing buildings and
                                     environments with
                                     consideration for their
                                     esthetic effect.
     What is Architecture?
The word architecture can have many meanings. Depending on the

Architecture can refer to:
1. Any man-made building or structure.
2. A man-made building or structure that is important, large, or highly
3. A carefully designed object, such as a chair, a spoon, or a tea kettle.
4. A design for a city, town, park, or landscape.
5. the art or science of designing and building buildings, structures,
objects, and outdoor spaces.
6. A building style or method.
7. A plan for organizing space.
8. The flow of information on a Web page.
9. The planned design of any kind of system.
10. A systematic arrangement of information or ideas.
     Who is the Architect?
 Someone who creates plans to be used in making something (such
  as buildings(
 An architect is trained and licensed in the planning and designing of
  buildings, and participates in supervising the construction of a
 The person who is qualified with scientific and technical and
  engineering and has the skills and experience required to work in
  the field of building and construction and architectural design

  Architectural department
Mission, Vision and Goals
• The primary mission of the department is to prepare students
for successful careers in professional practice and to conduct
research in the design, engineering, and construction of
buildings with special emphasis on high performance green
• High performance green buildings are energy efficient,
healthy, productive, and safe facilities that reduce the
environmental impact of the built environment through the use
of integrated systems and appropriate materials.
 Mission, Vision and Goals
To accomplish this mission, the scope of the department’s
teaching, research and service efforts includes:
- Designing all building systems on principles of safety and
- Creating high quality, healthy, safe, energy efficient, and
productive indoor environments;
- Designing lighting and electrical systems that are highly
functional and make appropriate use of daylight;
- Integrating building systems within a design to optimize overall
building performance;
-Constructing these facilities using the most functional project
delivery methods, building information modeling practices, and
ef ficient construction systems;
- Promoting leadership and positive influence on the education,
design and practice of architectural engineering.
Mission, Vision and Goals

Our vision is to educate world-
class architectural engineers
capable of excelling in the
creation of high performance
buildings, addressing both new
and existing building stock and
to continue to be recognized as
the premier academic program
in the integration of teaching,
research,    and    service   in
architectural engineering.
Mission, Vision and Goals
World-class architectural engineers are:
(1) Solidly grounded with high professional ethics to handle
    real life problems elegantly;
(2) Competent with breadth and depth in engineering
    fundamentals and building systems;
(3) Aware of the world and sensitive to the environment and
    international cultures;
(4) Versatile and flexible in providing professional services and
    understanding entrepreneurship;
(5) Effective in team operation and cooperation skills;
(6) Effective in communication skills and leadership roles.
(7) Crucial to our vision is the promotion of continued
    leadership of architectural engineers in creating positive
    influences on the education, design, and practice of
    architecture besides the engineering of building systems.
To accomplish our mission and approach our vision, the
Architectural Engineering Department has identified
the following goals:
  Provide students with the best cross-disciplinary education
available for successful careers in the building professions of
high performance building design and construction;

  Promote effective and efficient graduate programs by
developing the resources and programs to attract an
outstanding and diverse body of graduate students. Grow
external and internal student interest in the Department’s
graduate program;
To accomplish our mission and approach our vision, the
Architectural Engineering Department has identified the
following goals:
   Enhance the AE Department’s leading position in high
performance green building research through existing and new
initiatives to advance the state-of-the-art in the Architectural
Engineering field, particularly related in sustainability and
energy efficiency;

  Enhance academic excellence through the effective support of
faculty, students, and staff including acquiring the necessary
human and physical resources to assure expanded success in
the Department’s teaching and research goals; and,

  Develop and implement a department governance structure
that promotes collaboration and cooperation among the
Department Head, faculty, and staff.
   Architectural Department Activities

  Holding Public Lectures and
workshops in different disciplines
related to architecture.

  Organizing scientific trips to
archaeological and urban areas
to provide students with various
theoretical and practical
knowledge together.

  Holding exhibition at the end of
each design course to highlight
the level of students and their
creativity in different disciplines.
  Possibilities and Equipment
  of Architectural Department

  Academic staff with excellent
skills and high capacity in the area
of architecture and planning.

  Architectural drawing rooms and
Computer labs.

  Normal classroom equipped with
various display equipments.

  Halls, workshops and conference
rooms to practice various activities
of the department.
   Areas of work and future
  opportunities for graduates
As a result of the growing need for professionals in the
field of architecture in the local market and
international, there are many opportunities for
different work
  Pursue graduate studies and work in the academic field in
  Work in the institutions and governmental ministries.
  Work in private institutions (offices Advisory - construction
  Work in the management of engineering projects.
  Work as a researcher in research centers.
  Supervising the work sites.
  Work in interior design and decoration companies.
  Work in the various municipalities in the departments of
projects and planning and the division of land.
  Work in foreign institutions.
  Study Courses
Arch. Design Studios
Design Principles, Environmental design, Design 1,2,3,4,5
Arch. Theories and planning
Introduction to planning, Design theories, Urban design, landscape.
Arch. History
History I, II, Islamic history, Palestinian history, Conservation.
Building Construction
Building Construction I,II
Arch. Computer programs
CAAD, computer applications
Elective courses
Graduation Project
Graduation Project I,II
Different Courses
Interior design, quantity estimation, GIS, Project management
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