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November 2008 Articles  Policy and Security Implications of the Financial Crisis: A Plan for America, James K. Galbraith  Dirty is the new clean, Janet Redman  Noblesse Oblige? Determinants of Survival in a Life and Death Situation, Frey, Savage and Torgler  Price efficiency and short selling, Pedro Saffi and Kari Sigurdson  The Political Economy of WTO with Special Reference to NAMA Negotiations, Mehdi Shafaeddin  Islamic Economics: A Survey of the Literature, Asad Zaman  Macroeconomics without the LM: A Post-Keynesian Perspective, Thomas I. Palley  Hunger and its Underlying Causes: A Broad Indian View, Arindam Banerjee Economics in the News  A New Dismal Science -- “Happiness Economics”, OnTheCommons  This Economy Does Not Compute, NYT  Financial turmoil could shake up Nobel Economics Prize, The Economic Tiimes The Economics Profession  Trade and Geography, Sveriges Riksbank Prize 2008  Imperialism, Colonialism and Collaboration in the Social Sciences, Vernon W. Ruttan  The Feudal Society in Today's University, James P. Houck  Halloween Economics, NYT  When Free Market Fantasies Collapse, David Bollier  New Day for U.S. Economic Policy, EPI The Economy  Their Great Depression and Ours, Part I, James Livingston  Their Great Depression and Ours, Part II, James Livingston  Amid the rubble of global finance, a blueprint for Bretton Woods II, Jeffrey Sachs  Bretton Woods II, with caveats, Ha-Joon Chang  Bretton Woods is dead, Kevin Gallagher  Economies of scale: a new Bretton Woods, Ann Pettifor  Amid the financial storm: redirecting climate change, Mike Hulme Viewpoints  Super-Sizing the IMF is Wrong, Kenneth Rogoff  Analysis: U.S. bends the rules of free markets, USA Today  New Europe Catches Old Europe’s Cold, Marek Belka and Erik Berglof  Stocks and the Long Run, J. Bradford DeLong Economists' Blogs  Dean Baker  Brad DeLong  Paul Krugman

 Greg Mankiw  Marginal Revolution  Mark Thoma  Dani Rodrik  Naked Capitalism  Vox  2UBH  International Political Economy Zone  Harry Clarke  80 more blogs To subscribe for free to this review go here .
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