The Livestock Industry Camp has something to offer all livestock enthusiasts by wp1J1Lcb


									                                                                                                  We hope you can attend the 1st annual
                                                                                                  Livestock Industry Camp. The purpose of
                                          1.   All livestock industry camp events and
                                                                                                  this event is to enhance the education,                1st Annual
                                                                                                  experience and development of skills for
                                               programs are open to youth and adults.
                                               Participating youth must be a current 4-H or       4-H and FFA youth involved in a beef,                 4-H and FFA
                                               FFA member and be between the ages of 8            sheep, swine, goat or horse project.
                                               and 18.                                            Livestock showing and fitting camps help
                                          3.   It is not required to bring your animal with       teach young people how to fit and show

                                          4.   There is a maximum number of participants
                                                                                                  their animals starting from the very basics.
                                               set at 175. Therefore, it is very important to     They provide personal growth opportunities
                                               get your registrations sent in ASAP.               and help to develop character in the young
                                          5.   The livestock camp committee reserves the
                                               right to turn participants away if the
                                               registration deadline is not met and the
                                                                                                  members through working with their
                                                                                                  livestock projects. These camps also help to         Industry
                                               maximum capacity has been exceeded.
                                                                                                  develop a strong work ethic, responsibility,
                                          6.   Registration deadline is May 20, 2008. Late        determination, integrity and money
                                               entries will be accepted with a late fee if and    management among all youth involved.
                                               only if the maximum capacity of 175 has not        This learning experience will provide
                                               been met.                                          members with the practical skills needed to
                                          7.   Logan County Extension and Northeastern
                                               Junior College is not responsible for any
                                                                                                  be competitive in today’s livestock shows.

                                               losses or accidents.
                                               All release forms and paper work will be sent      Special thanks to the Camp planning
                                                                                                                                                   Tuesday & Wednesday
                                               to participants upon receipt of the registration
                                               forms. All paper work will need to be filled
                                                                                                  committee who helped organize this event!         June 17 & 18, 2008
                                                                                                         David Colburn, Logan County
                                               out in its entirety and turned in at the time of
                                                                                                         Ben Cooley, NJC                          Logan County Fairgrounds &
                                               registration on the first day of the camp.
                                          9.   Participants must follow and obey the 4-H                 Eldon Fisher, Yuma County                    Northeastern Junior
                                               code of conduct rules. Any misbehavior will
                                               result in being asked to leave the camp.
                                                                                                         Dennis Kaan, Washington County
                                                                                                         Mick Livingston, Kit Carson County
                                                                                                                                                        College Campus
                                                 LODGING INFORMATION                              The Livestock Industry Camp has
                                                                                                  something to offer all livestock enthusiasts.
                                          1.   All participants will be staying overnight at
                                               the Northeastern Junior College dormitories.       We welcome your comments and
                                          2.   Participants must bring bedding and                suggestions. Our goal is to make this event
                                               showering supplies with them (blanket,             the premier Livestock Industry Camp in
                                               pillow, soap, wash cloth, bath towel) as these     Colorado. We hope to see you there!
                                               items will not be provided in the rooms.
                                          3.   The camp committee will make official room
                                                                                                  Heather Forster
                                               assignments. If you have certain individuals
                                               you would prefer rooming with please indicate      Youth Livestock Coordinator
                                               that on your registration form.                    508 South 10th Avenue
Extension programs are available to all                                                           Sterling, CO 80751
        without discrimination.           4.   Participants ages 8-10 will have a chaperone
                                                                                                  (970) 522-3200 x 280
                                               in each room. Participants ages 11-13 will
                                               have a chaperone only on an as needed basis.
                                               Participants ages 14-18 will be expected to
                                               stay responsibly with no chaperone.
                 REGISTRATION                                           REGISTRATION – CONT.                              SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – CONT.                          EVENT INFORMATION – CONT.

Name ________________________________                              COST                                                 Wednesday, June 18                                   Round Robin Contest
                                                                                                                        6:30 – 7:45 am Breakfast
Address ______________________________                             The cost of the two-day camp is $75.00               7:50 – 8:15    Bus kids from NJC to Fairgrounds
                                                                                                                                                                               Youth participants are encouraged to
                                                                   per camper. This includes 4 meals, 1                 8:30 – 10:30   “Hands On” showing and fitting          test their showmanship skills in a
City, State, Zip ________________________                          overnight stay at the NJC Dormitories, a             10:30 – 10:45  Break/Snack time                        Round Robin contest at the end of the
                                                                   camp t-shirt and all camp material.                  11:00 – 12:00  Round Robin Showmanship Contest         camp. Beef, sheep, swine, goat and
Telephone ____________________________                                                                                  12:00 – 12:20  Bus kids to NJC Cafeteria for lunch     horse divisions will be offered with
                                                                                                                        12:30 – 1:15   Lunch & pack up to go home
AGE                                                                Parent’s and guardians are more than
                                                                                                                        1:30 – 2:15    Awards Ceremony
                                                                                                                                                                               classes based on the member’s age.
Please list age as of January 1st, 2008 for all participants       welcome to attend the camp as well. The              2:30 – 3:00    Departure                               Junior (8-10); Intermediate (11-13);
NAME _________________ AGE _______                                 cost for adults is $30.00. This includes 4                                                                  Senior (14-18). Overall prizes will be
                                                                   meals and the overnight stay at the dorms.                                                                  awarded.
NAME _________________ AGE _______                                                                                              EVENT INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                                                                This contest is intended to give
NAME _________________ AGE _______                                                                                                                                              members an opportunity to gain
                                                                       Registrations must be                                                                                    experience in the show ring.
Livestock Project to be shown at the Fair:                                                                              Showmanship & Fitting Workshops
                                                                   postmarked NO LATER than                               These workshops will provide instruction
                                                                                                                          on showing and fitting for beef, sheep,            Quiz Bowl
T-SHIRT SIZE                                                      May 20, 2008 to avoid late fees.                                                                             Campers will test their livestock
                                                                                                                          swine, goat and horse project members.
(Each participant receives a camp t-shirt so please circle                                                                There will be live animals for the                   knowledge by participating in a quiz
the correct size for each participant)
                                                                                                                          demonstrations and members will get                  bowl which will be held on Tuesday
                                                                         SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                                                                                    evening. Teams will be organized
Medium Youth             Large Youth                                                                                      hands on practice showing and fitting the
                                                                                                                          animals.                                             based on age. Prizes will be awarded to
Small Adult           Medium Adult             Large Adult                                                                                                                     the top team in each age division.
                                                                  Tuesday, June 17                                                                                             Winners will be announced during the
                                                                  7:15 – 8:30 am Arrival and registration at NJC        Educational Classroom Sessions
# of campers ______ x $75 ($85 after May 20) $_____                               Beede Hamil Hall                        There will be numerous educational                   awards ceremony on Wednesday.
                                                                  8:40 – 9:00     Bus kids from NJC to Logan              sessions presented on Tuesday afternoon
# of adults _______ x $30 ($35 after May 20)             $_____                   County Fairgrounds                                                                         Awards Ceremony
                                                                                                                          and evening. The sessions will include
                                                                  9:00 – 10:00    Session 1 – Showing and Fitting                                                              We will end the camp with an awards
TOTAL                                                    $_____   10:00 – 10:20   Break/Snack Time                        Nutrition, Meat Quality Assurance,
                                                                                                                          Selection and Evaluation, Career                     ceremony at the NJC Corsberg Theater,
                                                                  10:30 – 12:00   Session 2 – Showing and Fitting
  Individual (s) that you would prefer                            12:00 – 12:20   Bus kids to NJC Cafeteria for lunch     Opportunities, Record Keeping, etc.                  Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. Youth will
  rooming with?                                                   12:30 – 1:45    Lunch & “Organized” Free Time                                                                receive overall awards for the round
  ___________________________                                     2:00 – 3:45     Classroom Session 1                                                                          robin contest and quiz bowl. There will
                                                                  3:45 – 4:10     Break/Snack Time                                                                             also be an overall award for each age
  Send registrations by May 20, 2008                              4:15 – 6:00     Classroom Session 2                                                                          division for that “ONE” camper that
  to Logan County Extension, Attn: Heather                        6:15 – 7:30     Dinner & “Organized” Free Time
                                                                  7:45 – 9:00     Livestock Quiz Bowl
                                                                                                                                                                               excelled in all areas of the camp.
  Forster, 508 S 10th Avenue, Sterling, CO                        9:45 – 10:30    Kids to their rooms                                                                          Parents are invited and encouraged to
  80751. (checks payable to: Logan County                                                                                                                                      attend the awards ceremony.

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