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					                                                                                                                           PRODUCT SOLUTIONS
Complete Residential PV Solution
Do you know your Company’s true costs for residential PV system design and implementation?
Costs such as: the bill-of-material creation, sourcing/purchasing, warehousing, ensuring quality components and
on-time material transportation to your jobsite

How much time & money is lost if your install crew cannot start at a jobsite due to broken, incorrect or
missing parts?
Incorrect components + costly install crew + back office + excess warehousing + late delivery = high install costs

Don’t manage lost opportunities, do what you do best: sell, install & move onto your next opportunity!

                                    With the CentroPack® complete PV system solution, you receive:

                                       1 part number, 1 price, standard bill-of-material customized to job specific drawings
                                       100% quality control: everything is shipped in perfect condition with world
                                        class quality standards
                                       Over 1,000 component choices including: high performance modules, state of
                                        the art string & micro-inverters, racking solutions and balance of system
                                       Meets your install needs and local code requirements
                                       Standardized components & configurations (2.4-19.7 kW)
                                       10 year complete system warranty on product workmanship
                                       Online design portal: quick & complete system design, optimization tools
                                        and simplified quoting
    Build a custom                     Pre-engineered basic design drawing plans, site specific tailoring available
    CentroPack at:                     Simplified job costing and planning – reducing procurement time & labor                      Shipping within 72 hours after order placement

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                                                                                                                      PRODUCT SOLUTIONS

   B, C & E-Series 60 cell polycrystalline; high efficiency modules
   Silver or black frame
   Product workmanship warranty 10 years
   Linear Power warranty: 25 yr (B & E Series), 26 yr (C-Series)
   Passed rigorous manufacturing process, product quality audits and testing
   Conforms to UL1703, CE Compliant, ULC/ORD C1703-1


                                                                                                                                          All trademarks are the property of their respestive owners.
                                                                                                                                          Copyright 2012, Rev (2) 12/03/2012. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
   SMA Sunny Boy          Fronius IG Plus       Enphase M215 Micro-inverters & accessories

   CentroRack®
      Engineered for Centrosolar’s C&E series modules
      Anodized Aluminum shared rail system
      No tools required to fit panels into the racking
   Unirac® SolarMount®
      Flush-mount system providing a low profile installation

Balance of System                                                    SMA            Fronius         Enphase
   ACE PV wire pull box
   Panel and PV string wiring
   Grounding
   DC-AC disconnect
   AC kWh meter
   Equipment labels
   Installation & Owner’s manual                                     CentroRack®             Unirac® SolarMount®
   Optional Items:
       CentroData® revenue grade monitoring & data collection
       Permit ready site engineered plan sets
       Roof attachments such as stand offs, flashing, tilt legs


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