Member List Dec 2012 by VVg6yepF


									Ref Code   Age   Height      Status        Hijaab

  102      27     5' 7      US Citizen      NO

  103      28     5' 1      US Citizen      NO

  105      36     5' 5    Can Citz/US GC    NO

  110      28     5' 2      US Citizen      YES

  111      28     5' 3      US Citizen      NO

  114      27     5' 7      US Citizen      NO

  116      32     5' 2      US Citizen
120   27   5' 7      US Citizen      NO

121   27   5' 6      US Citizen      NO

122   27   5' 1      F1 (Visa)       NO

123   39   5' 3      US Citizen      NO

125   27   5' 4      US Citizen      YES

126   25   5' 5      US Citizen      YES

129   26   5' 4   Canadian Citizen   YES
134   31   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

136   29   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

137   28   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

139   29   5' 7   US Citizen   NO

141   28   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

145   28   5' 3   US Citizen   NO
146   25   5' 4      US Citizen      NO

148   29   5' 3   Canadian Citizen   YES

149   28   5' 3      US Citizen      NO

150   28   5' 6      US Citizen      NO

151   29   5' 0      US Citizen      NO

156   25   5' 4      US Citizen      NO
158   29   5' 5      US Citizen      YES

160   26   5' 2      US Citizen

161   25   5' 2      US Citizen      YES

164   24   5' 1   Canadian Citizen   YES

166   26   5' 4   Canadian Citizen   NO
169   26   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

170   23   5' 5   US Citizen   YES

175   27   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

187   30   5' 0   US Citizen   NO
188   32   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

190   24   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

193   29   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

194   27   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

196   32   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

198   28   5' 6   US Citizen   YES
301   28   5' 2      F1        YES

303   26   5' 4   UK Citizen   NO

305   23   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

306   32   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

307   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

308   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

309   28   5' 6   US Citizen   NO
310   33   5' 4      US Citizen       YES

                                      YES &
311   22   5' 2   Canadian Citizen   Abayya

313   28   5' 4      US Citizen       NO

316   26   5' 1      US Citizen       NO

317   24   5' 3      US Citizen       YES

318   29   5' 2      US Citizen       NO
319   26   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

320   32   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

323   35   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

324   28   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

325   26   5' 3     H1B        NO
326   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

327   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

329   23   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

330   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO
                                      YES &
331   22   5' 6      US Citizen      Abayya

332   29   5' 7   Canadian Citizen    YES

333   24   5' 7      US Citizen       NO

334   29   5' 7      US Citizen       YES
336   27   5' 5     H1B        YES

338   24   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

340   25   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

341   24   5' 6   US Citizen   YES
342   22   5' 7     US Citizen     YES

343   28   5' 6     US Citizen     NO

344   29   5' 4   US Greeen Card   NO

345   28   5' 6     US Citizen     NO

347   37   5' 4     US Citizen     NO
349   29   5' 1    US Citizen   NO

350   26   5' 2    US Citizen   NO

352   26   5' 2    US Citizen   YES

353   28   5'6.5   US Citizen   YES

354   32   5' 4    US Citizen   NO
356   25   5' 5     US Citizen    NO

357   25   5' 1   US Green Card   YES

358   31   5' 6     US Citizen    NO

360   22   5' 4     US Citizen    YES

361   26   5' 8     US Citizen    NO

363   24   5' 5     US Citizen    NO
364   35   5' 2   US Green Card   NO

365   32   5' 3     US Citizen    NO

366   24   5' 1     US Citizen    NO

367   27   5' 1     US Citizen    NO

370   24   5' 6     US Citizen    NO
371   35   5' 3   US Green Card        NO

375   27   5' 3      US Citizen        NO

379   25   5' 2    US Green Card       NO

382   23   5' 5   Canadian Citizen

385   28   5' 6      US Citizen       YES

388   24   5' 7      US Citizen      Niqaab
389   24   5' 3       US Citizen      YES

390   23   5' 4    Canadian Citizen   YES

391   23   5' 5       US Citizen      YES

392   29   5' 3       US Citizen      YES

393   28   5' 6       US Citizen      YES

395   28   4' 10      US Citizen      YES
396   27    5' 5    US Citizen   NO

397   25    5' 3    US Citizen   NO

398   32   5' 3.5   US Citizen   NO

399   30   5' 3.5   US Citizen   NO

501   33    5' 5      H1B        NO

502   31    5' 2    US Citizen   NO
503   28   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

504   30   5' 2    F1 Visa     NO

509   31   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

510   28   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

511   32   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

514   27   5' 4   US Citizen   NO
515   30   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

516   24   5' 5    H1 Visa     YES

517   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

519   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

521   25    5     US Citizen   NO

522   23   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

523   25   5' 3   US Citizen   NO
524   27   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

525   29   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

526   23   5' 5   US Citizen   YES

527   25   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

528   23   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

529   29   5' 7   US Citizen   NO
530   27   5' 2.5   Canadian     NO

531   21    5' 3    US Citizen   YES

532   43    5' 5    US Citizen   YES

533   24    5' 5    US Citizen   NO

534   25    5' 7    US Citizen   NO

535   23    5' 3    US Citizen   NO
536   26   5' 1     US Citizen    NO

538   21   5' 5     US Citizen    YES

539   34   5' 7     US Citizen    NO

541   26   5' 3     US Citizen    NO

542   23   5' 0   US Green Card   NO
543   22   5' 7      US Citizen      NO

544   26   5' 4      US Citizen      NO

545   25   5' 3   Canadian Citizen   NO

546   25   5' 3      US Citizen      NO

547   23   5' 2      US Citizen      NO

548   32   5' 2   Canadian Citizen   NO

550   21   5' 6      US Citizen      NO
551   33   5' 5      US Citizen      YES

552   24   5' 2   Canadian Citizen   YES

553   31   5' 5      US Citizen      YES

554   26   5' 8      US Citizen      NO

555   20   5' 1      US Citizen      YES
557   26   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

558   20   5' 7   US Citizen   NO

561   27   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

562   25   5' 2   US Citizen   YES
563   26   5' 4.5   US Citizen   NO

564   33    5' 3                 YES

565   29    5' 3                 NO

566   22    5' 7    US Citizen   YES
568   24   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

569   26   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

570   26   5' 1   US Citizen   YES

571   28   5' 7     J1/H1      NO
572   21   5' 3      US Citizen      NO

573   29   5' 4      US Citizen      NO

574   32   5' 6   Canadian Citizen   NO

                  US & Canadian
576   21   5' 3      Citizen         NO

577   27   5' 2      US Citizen      NO
578   30   5' 2    US Citizen     NO

579   25   5' 3    US Citizen     NO

580   25   5' 2   Saudi Citizen   NO

581   29   5' 2    US Citizen     NO

582   29   5' 4    US Citizen     YES

583   24   5' 2    US Citizen     YES
584   35   5' 6   US Citizen   YES

585   24   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

586   31   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

587   24   5' 7   US Citizen   YES

588   27   5' 5   US Citizen   NO
590   24   5' 5   Australian Citizen   YES

591   29   5' 2   US Green Card        NO

592   24   5' 0    Indian Citizen      NO

593   28   5' 5    Indian Citizen      NO

594   24   5' 3      US Citizen        YES

595   28   5' 1      US Citizen        NO
597   24   5' 3   Canadian Citizen   YES

599   27   5' 6     US Citizen       YES

701   29   5' 0      US Citizen      NO

702   25   5' 5      US Citizen      NO

703   23   5' 3      US Citizen      YES
704   28   4' 11   US Green Card      NO

706   26   5' 3    US Green Card      NO

708   24   5' 4    US Green Card      NO

709   29   5' 3    Canadian Citizen   NO

710   27   5' 3    Canadian Citizen   NO

711   25   5' 3       US Citizen      YES

712   26   5' 6       US Citizen      NO
713   23   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

714   24   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

715   26   5' 0   US Citizen   NO

719   30   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

720   24   5' 4   US Citizen

721   23   5' 0   US Citizen   YES

722   27   5' 2   US Citizen

723   26   5' 3   US Citizen   YES
724   30   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

725   25   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

726   24   5' 1   US Citizen   NO

727   22   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

728   20   5' 4      F1        YES
729   25   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

730   36   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

731   39   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

732   29   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

733   28   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

734   29   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

735   38   5' 4   US Citizen   NO
737   24   5' 2.5   US Citizen   NO

738   32    5' 3    US Citizen   NO

739   24    5' 3    US Citizen   NO
740   33   5' 7   US Citizen   NO

741   27   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

742   33   5' 2   US Citizen   YES

744   33   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

745   29   5' 8   US Citizen   NO
746   23   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

749   23   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

750   23   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

751   29   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

752   27   5' 2   US Citizen   YES

754   39   5' 4   UK Citizen   NO
755   36   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

756   28   5' 7   US Citizen   NO

757   28   5' 1   US Citizen   NO

760   30   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

762   29   5' 4     H1B        NO
764   35   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

765   29   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

769   27   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

770   27   5' 3   US Citizen   YES
771   26   5' 1    US Citizen    NO

772   31   5' 4   Canadian Ctz   NO

773   30   5' 3    US Citizen    YES

774   28   5' 3                  NO

775   28   5' 6   Canadian Ctz   NO

776   27   5' 7   Canadian Ctz   NO

777   24   5' 2    US Citizen    NO
778   19   5' 2     US Citizen    NO

779   22   5' 3     US Citizen    YES

781   20   5' 6     US Citizen    YES

783   27   5' 4     US Citizen    YES

784   31   5' 6     US Citizen    NO

785   26   5' 6     US Citizen    NO

787   23   5' 5   US Green Card   NO
788   33   5' 3    US Citizen    NO

789   29   5' 4    US Citizen    NO

790   36   5' 4    US Citizen    NO

791   25   5' 1    US Citizen    NO

792   27   5' 6    US Citizen    NO

793   31   5' 6   Canadian Ctz   NO
794   25    5' 4      US Citizen    YES

795   20   5' 4.5     US Citizen    YES

796   25    5' 4      US Citizen    YES

797   22    5' 5         F1         YES

799   23    5' 4    US Green Card   YES

800   26    5' 5         J1         YES
901   23   5' 3     US Citizen     NO

902   33   5' 4     US Citizen     NO

903   32   5' 4     US Citizen     YES

904   23   5' 3     US Citizen     YES

                  Pak & Canadian
905   27   5' 1       Citizen      YES

906   30   5' 4    Canadian Ctz    YES
907   26   5' 3     US Citizen       NO

908   26   5' 7     US Citizen       NO

909   23   5' 5     US Citizen       NO

910   29   5' 4      PAK Ctz         NO

911   28   5' 3     US Citizen       NO

                  Citizen of India
                  U.S.A Multiple
                  K.S.A Resident
912   22   5' 7         Visa         NO

913   20   5' 6     US Citizen       YES
914   20    5' 1   Singapore Ctz   NO

915   40+   5' 1    US Citizen     NO

916   22    5' 1    US Citizen     NO
917   22   5' 3   Canadian Ctz   YES

918   22   5' 3    US Citizen    NO

919   25   5' 1    US Citizen    NO

920   34   5' 4    US Citizen    NO

921   26   5' 3    UK Citizen    NO
922   28   5' 4   Canadian CTZ   NO

923   25   5' 4    US Citizen    YES

924   26   5' 3    US Citizen    NO
926   27   5' 0   US Citizen   YES

927   25   5' 3   US Citizen   YES
928   24   5' 2    US Citizen    NO

931   24   5' 4   Canadian Ctz   NO

932   26   5' 2    US Citizen    YES

933   22   5' 5    US Citizen    NO

934   23   5' 3      B1/B2       YES

935   22   5' 0    US Citizen    NO
936   22   5' 0   Canadian Ctz   YES

937   24   5' 5    US Citizen    YES

938   24   5' 4    US Citizen    NO

939   24   5' 3    US Citizen    NO

940   24   5' 5    US Citizen    YES
941   26   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

943   25   5' 0   US Citizen   YES

944   27   5' 5   US Citizen   YES

945   26   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

946   29   5' 5   US Citizen   YES

947   23   5' 3   US Citizen   NO
948   22    5' 3    US Citizen   NO

949   23    5' 3    US Citizen   NO

950   25   5' 3.5   US Citizen   NO

951   30    5' 3    US Citizen   NO
952   26   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

953   20   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

954   21   5' 3   US Citizen   NO

955   26   5' 3   US Citizen   YES

956   32   5' 3   US Citizen   NO
957   35   5' 2     US Citizen    NO

958   23   5' 2   US Green Card   YES

959   23   5' 8     US Citizen    YES
960   26   5' 2   No Status    YES

961   34   5' 6   US Citizen   YES

962   26   5' 8   US Citizen   YES
963   25   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

964   24   5' 5   US Citizen   YES

965   31   5' 1   US Citizen   YES
966   27   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

967   27   5' 8   US Citizen   NO

968   25   5' 4   US Citizen   YES

969   24   5' 4   Indian Ctz   YES
970   24   5' 4    US Citizen   NO

971   25   5' 3      B1-B2      YES

972   28   5' 10   US Citizen   YES

973   23   5' 4    US Citizen   YES
974   21   5' 5    US Citizen    NO

975   34   5' 2   Canadian Ctz   YES

976   27   5' 3   Canadian Ctz   NO

978   25   5' 4    Indian Ctz    YES
979   33   5' 5    US Citizen    NO

980   27   5' 6    US Citizen    NO

981   25   5' 7    US Citizen    NO

982   28   5' 0   Canadian Ctz   NO

983   20   5' 4    US Citizen    NO
985   25   5' 2        F1         NO

986   25   5' 4     US Citizen    NO

987   25   5' 2     US Citizen    YES

988   23   5' 4   US Green Card   YES
989   23   5' 5      F1        YES

991   23   5' 1   US Citizen   NO

992   25   5' 7   US Citizen   YES
                  Canadian Ctz / US
993   29   5' 7         GC            NO

994   26   5' 6      US Citizen       YES

995   22   5' 6      US Citizen       YES

996   19   5' 3      US Citizen       NO

997   24   5' 8      Indian Ctz       NO

998   28   5' 6      US Citizen       NO
999    22   5' 4    Canadian Ctz      NO

1000   21   5' 6   Canadian Citizen   YES

1001   23   5'2       US Citizen      YES

1002   26   5' 6      US Citizen      NO
1003   28   5' 6      US Citizen         NO

1004   23   5' 4      US Citizen         NO

1005   33   5' 5   Multiple Visit Visa   YES
1006   30   5' 2   US Citizen   NO

1007   20   5' 0   US Citizen   NO

1008   21   5' 7   US Citizen   YES

1009   31   5' 3   US Citizen   YES
1010   24   5' 0      US Citizen      NO

1011   28   5' 2    Indian Citizen    NO

1012   26   5' 4   Canadian Citizen   NO

1013   24   5' 5    Indian Citizen    YES

1014   32   5' 4      US Citizen      NO
1015   24   5' 6   US Citizen   YES

1016   26   5' 3    F1 Visa     NO

1017   22   5' 2   US Citizen   YES

1018   21   5' 5   US Citizen   NO
1019   21   5' 4    US Citizen    NO

1120   23   5' 7   Canadian Ctz   YES

1121   28   5' 2    US Citizen    YES

1122   29   5' 6    US Citizen    NO
1123   20   5' 5   US Citizen   NO

1124   22   5' 4   US Citizen   NO

1125   22   5' 1   US Citizen   NO

1126               US Citizen

1127   28   5' 6   US Citizen   NO

1128   23   5' 4   US Citizen   YES
1129   22   5' 4   Business Visa   NO

1130   21   5' 4   Business Visa   NO

1131   22   5' 7    US Citizen     YES

1132   25   5' 7    US Citizen     NO
1133   25   5' 4   US Green Card    NO

1134   27   5' 4     US Citizen     NO

1135   19   5' 4     US Citizen     YES

1136   26   5' 3   Indian Citizen   NO

1137   25   5' 2     US Citizen     NO
          Education Background                     Pursuing Profession Criteria of the spouse

                                                                              28-32yrs, 5' 9 - 6' 0,
                                                                              MD,Lawyer, Masters,
Currently, pursuing MPH from Columbia                                         Strong/Good family
University in NY, Pre Med and minor in political      Medicine or Health      background, good personality,
science.                                                  Sciences            US Raised

                                                                            28 - 32 yrs, 5' 5 - 5' 9,
                                                                            religious,good family
BS in Health Information Management. Currently                              background, well rounded,
     final year in MHA - Master in Healthcare                               proffessional, compatabile, US
      Administration - Graduating May 2012         Healthcare Administrator born and Raised

                                                                              36-40yrs, 5'8 - 6'0, MSc-Proff,
                                                                              raised in US n CAND or
                                                                              residing in US past 15yrs,
                                                                              Good personality, moderate in
                Chemical Engineer                      Working in Chgo        religion

                                                                              Looking for a good and educated
                                                                              muslim family to begin a wonderful
                                                                              relationship. The boy must be
                                                                              educated (Engineer, Computer
                                                                              science professional, CPA, Dentist,
                                                                              Physician), moderately religious,
                                                                              Short/trimmed beard or no beard, less
                                                                              than 30 years old, 5' 7" to 5' 11" tall,
                                                                              fair complexion and reasonably good
                                                                              looking, preferably born and raised in
                                                                              USA (no H-1B visa holder, please),
Bachelor's degree in Graphic                                                  parents from Pakistan/ India.
Design from University of Alabama                      Graphic Designer

                                                   Woking for ACP(Pharmacy 28-33yrs,Proff: Lawyer, MD,
                                                   Curriculum) as manager - MBA, deen n duniya-moderate,
   MS in Public Health - BU, Pre-Med - Loyola          Chgo Downtown        caring

                                                                              Prefers a guy that is educated
                                                                              and has either a Bachelors or a
                                                                              masters degree, from a good
                                                                              fajmily background and the height
 MBA, BS in business Administration from Urbana     Devry University Career   atleast 6'0 and who is born and
                  Champaign,                               advisor            raised in U.S, prefer pakistani

                                                                              33-37yrs, at least a master's
JD, BA                                                      Lawyer            degree
                                                                                 Age 28 - 32ys, above 5' 7,
St. John’s University (Queens, NY), Pharmacy                                     Doctor, Good Family
Doctorate (6 year program) complete in 2008               Pharmacist             Background

                                                                                 Age 27 -30yrs,5' 9and above,
  B.S in Biology from DePaul University, MBA in    Working at Northwestern       Proff: MBA, Engineer, MSc,
          Health Mgmt from Benedictine                    Hospital               open

                                                                                 We would like to meet someone
                                                                                 who is practicing Sunni Muslim,
BA in Psychology, pursuing her Masters in                                        educated, caring, respectful,
Communication Arts, Specializing in Advertising                                  loving, and outgoing and who
and Public Relations.                                                            comes from a decent family.

                                                                               Upto 45 years, MD/Lawyer/
                                                                               Professional MS, No beard,
                                                                               God fearing caring and
                                                   Attending cardiologist in a practicing Muslim, preferably
MD, FACC, EP ( Electro Physiology)                 hospital in New York city Indian/Pakitani origin

                                                                                 Age 28 -31, open to HT,
                                                                                 Profession: Any but with good
                                                                                 earning prospects, Religeous
                                                                                 and preferably Indo-Pak
Medical Student from Carribean, Currently                                        background. Preferably raised
studying for her USMLE                                     Medicine              in U.S

                                                                                 Age 25 -29, open to HT,
                                                                                 Profession: Any but with good
                                                     Currently working as        earning prospects, Religeous
                                                     Asst.Project Manager        and open minded, preferably
                                                        in a non Profit          Indo-Pak background. Also
BA in Business                                           Organization.           preferably raised in U.S

                                                   City Planner - Center City
BS in Urban Planning from University of Calgary,                                   Age 26-30, post secondary
                                                   Planning & Design - City of
Alberta                                                                           education, practicing Muslim,
                                                                                Age 32 - 37yrs, 5'7 n above,
                                                                                        Doctor, lawyer,
                                                                            financial/investment professional,
                                                                              engineer, Preferably raised and
                                                                            educated in US and is permanent
                                                                               resident or citizen , Modrately
                                                                                religious (prays, fasts, family
                                                                             oriented, no drinking), Ambitious
                                                                              and has good sense of humor;
                Practicing eye doctor                     Opthalmaologist       values family and education.

                                                                                   Preferably same
                                                                              proffession(For detail Info
                   MD - Pediatric                           Pediatrician     please contact the parents)

                                                                                   Preferably same
MD - Applied for Residency, Currently doing MS in                             proffession(For detail Info
                      MHA.                                    Doctor         please contact the parents)

Completed B.S. from Loyola, Podiatry School from
Rosalind University, podiatry residency from Loyola                           Someone compatabile and
 University. Is currently at Georgetown University                            well rounded, US Citizen's
              for fellowship for 1 year.                    Podiatrician                only

                                                                            Age 28-32, Height 5' 7 over,
                                                                            Parents are looking for a good
                                                                            looking, practicing, Muslim
CPA, BS in Finance and Accounting-University of                             boy, well educated, US
Houston                                                       Auditor       Citizens only

                                                                            Age: 28-33 years old, Ht: 5' 8" to
                                                                            6', Bachelors a must, Masters
                                                                            Preferred, Engineer,
                                                                            Manager/Executive, Doctor,
                                                                            Dentist, Lawyer or established
Currently, enrolled in MS in journalisim, MS                                Professional, Moderate,
(English Literature) - UIC, Chicago, BA (Major:                             Practicing Sunni Muslim, Born,
English Literature) - Benedictine University, Lisle, IL                     Raised & Living in US, Good
, Dean’s List in College; National Merit Scholar,                           looking, Confident, Cultured
High School                                                   Student       Family background
                                                                                   Age range: 25 – 30 years. Height
                                                                                   Range: 5’7 – 6’2, Professional
                                                                                   with intellectual curiosity and from
                                                                                   a respectable, educated family
                                                                                   with a good Islamic foundation.
                                                                                   Would prefer someone who is
                                                                                   either born or raised in the US.
                                                                                   Must possess ease and be
                                                                                   comfortable with culturally diverse
PhD in Engineering                                            Engineer             interactions.

                                                                                 Age 29-33 who practices
                                                                                 Islam, holds a university
                                                                                 degree and is currently
                                                                                 working. We would prefer if he
                                                                                 resides in Toronto or the
                                                                                 surrounding area, but would be
                                                                                 open to other cities such as
                                                      MDP Secretariat Officer Chicago. He should be a
Hon. Bachelor of Science from University of          /Regulatory Officer, Health Canadian citizen or a
Toronto                                                  Canada, Ottawa          permanent resident

 Graduated from Midwestern University (School of
 Osteopathic Medicine) Downers Grove, Illinois in
 May 2012 and she is a Resident Doctor (1st year)
  in Chicago Suburb.                     M A in
    Medical Sciences (2007), Loyola University                                      Age 28-32yrs, Doctor, Eng,
  Chicago. BA in Psychology (2005), University of                                    MS, US Born and Raised,
                 Illinois, Chicago.                            Doctor               good and family background

4th year residency in ob/gyn from Baylor Houstan
                      Texas.                                                         Preferable medical doctor,
Completed her medical from Rush Medical school                                       Masters, Lawyer,Engineer
Chicago                          B.S from Arbana                                     raised in US moderate and
                Champain Illinois.                              MD                           compatible.

     BS in Economics from Rutgers University         Analyst at Barclays Capital            Suitable Match

Final year Law Student, Civil Engineer Married for                                  Suitable age. Well educated.
                 1yr, Divorced)                               Student                Sunni from a good family.
                                                                                  Looking for a boy age between
                                                                                  29 to 35. Ht 5ft 6in and above.
                                                                                   Profession Medical Doctor or
                                                                                   other professional. Personal
   2nd yr Resident in Radiology, M.D. Loyola
                                                                                     preferences US citizen or
University Chicago (‘08), B.S. Biology from Loyola                                 Green Card holder preferably
University Chicago (‘04), B.S. Biology from Loyola                                   Indian or pakistani origin.
            University Chicago (‘04),                                                Practicing Sunni Muslim.

                                                                                  looking for a professional from a
                                                                                  good family with a great
                                                                                  personality, intelligent, sensible,
                                                                                  outgoing, down to earth, good
                                                                                  hearted, open-minded, loves to
                                                                                  enjoy life, has good values and
                                                                                  morals, and is well balanced
                                                                                  between religion and lifestyle,
   Bachelor of Business Administration from                                       preferable from a Hyderabad,
       University of Michigan Dearborn                                            India

                                                                                  We are looking for a US Citizen
                                                                                  boy between the age of 25 to 29
                                                                                  years with a blend of both eastern
                                                                                  and western traditions, good
                                                     Currently, working in lens
                                                                                  Muslim family.His qualification
   B.S. In English Major and B.S. In Business,        crafters ( eye care) as a   should be at least be a bachelor
   Currently preparing for GMAT for Masters                sales manager          or even better a master's degree

                                                                                  Age - 24 - 27yrs, prefer a boy
                                                                                       who has done any
                                                                                  professional degree, doctor is
 Honors Bachelor of Science from University of                                      preferred settled in US or
 Toronto, Mississauga, Pursuing MD from Aruba              MD Student                Canada, sunni muslim

   Cureently pursuing MASTERS (M.Engg) IN                                         Age - 27-32yrs, Height At least
 ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT (UNIVERSITY OF                                            5'8", Educated(MS), Divorcee
OTTAWA), CANADA, B.TECH (COMPUTER SCIENCE)                  Engineering           is ok.
                                                                          Age between 26 --30 years.
                                                                         Height 5-8'--6.0', A employed
                                                                         professional with a masters or
                                                                             doctorate.boy from a
                                                                          educated decent family with
                                                                            good looks, deen dunya
University of Illinois at Chicago – College of                             background. Based in USA
Business Administration - BS (Economics) - 2009   Working towards Master preferably in CHI or around.

                                                                           23 - 26yrs., 5'10" or taller,
                                                                           should be in Med school in
                                                                           U.S. preferably 2nd, 3rd or 4th
                                                                           year student. Should be
                                                                           religious(have God
                                                                           consciousness), well rounded,
                                                                           good family values,is sincere
                                                                           and honest in all walks of life,
Currently pursuing MBA, Completed 7 yrs of                                 excellent in communication,
comprehensive Alima course in U.K. BS degree in                            intelligent, good looking and
Finance, minor in Theology.                                                compassionate

                                                                            Ages between 28-33, BORN
                                                                           and RAISED in the US, At least
                                                                             completed or pursuing a
                                                                           Bachelors degree in any field,
                                                                               Looking for moderate,
                                                                             progressive person who is
                                                                           very open minded and has an
   B.S in Chemistry from Oklahoma University       Working in Tulsa, OK          honest character.

                                                                            Age - 29-33 yrs,professional
                                                                             preferably docter, lawyer,
                                                                           engineer, accountant,college
   MS from Northwestern university in speech                                    education personal
                  therapy                            Speech Therapist      preference,moderate muslim
                                                                                    Age- 32-36,someone with a strong
                                                                                    sense of faith and culture, and can
                                                                                  also be outgoing with a good sense of
                                                                                   humor. Profession does not matter,
                                                                                  but someone who is well-educated. No
                                                                                  preference to where he lives or where
                                                    Accountant for a healthcare      the family is originally from, but a
BBA from University of Houston                        company in Austin, TX          Sunni Muslim would be preferred

                                                                                     Age range: 25– 30 years. Height
                                                                                    Range: 5’6 – 6’2, Professional with
                                                                                     intellectual curiosity and from a
                                                                                   respectable, educated family with a
                                                                                     good Islamic foundation. Would
                                                                                  prefer someone who is either born or
                                                                                  raised in the US. Must possess ease
                                                                                    and be comfortable with culturally
               3rd yr MD Student                              Doctor                        diverse interactions.

                                                                                     Raised in US, Educated,
                                                                                    decent, maximum of 4yrs
   MBA from USC, BA in Business Administration                                         difference, open to
  (Finance) & BA in Economics – California State                                    profession, atleast BS, well
           University, Fullerton (2002)                  Financial Analyst                   settled.

   Currently in her 4th year of medical school in                                  Ages 28 to 33, in the medical
  California. Got her B.S. degree in Biochemistry                                     field (doctors, medical
 from UC Davis. Currently applying for residency                                     students, or residents in
     for 2011, and will graduate in June 2011.                Doctor                         hospitals).

                                                                                     •Age between 33 – 36 •Sunni
                                                                                       Muslim •Educated in US
                                                                                    •Professional & career minded
  Doctorate in Pharmacy from Univ of Texas at
                                                                                   •Family oriented •Islamic values
  Austin in 2005, Bachelor of Arts from Univ of      Pharmacist at a major           •Sense of humor and socially
             Texas at Austin in 2001                 Hospital in Houston, TX                  compatible

                                                                                  28-32 years, 5' 6" to 6" 4" height,
 Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D.) University of the      Presently working at a
                                                                                   uter, Must be practicing muslim
Sciences in Philadelphia. May 2006. She has made       nearby hospital as a       who prays 5 times daily with good
        the Dean’s List during all six years               Pharmacist                     conduct and family
                                                                                    we are looking for an
   Masters in Human Resources, University of                                     Educated,Practising Muslim
  Wilmington-Delaware. Masters in Computer                                      with a Fine Deportment from
 Applicatons, Deccan College of Engineering and                                     a Respectable family
         Technology - Hyderabad,India.                                                   background

                                                                                  looking for a professional,
                                                                                  religious easygoing with a
 BS in Travel and Tourisim from Delhi University                                        sense of humor

                                                                                  The boy should be born and
                                                                                raised here or have an H1 visa
                                                                                   (should have one for 2 or 3
  Oakton Community College – studying to be                                      years). The age range we are
 Administrative Assistant, Niles West High school            Student              looking for is 25 through 28.

  MBA: University of Toledo 2006-Operations          Danaher: Hach, Marketing
  Management , BSBA: University of Pittsburgh          Specialist/Operations
              2003-Marketing                                   Liasion              Born and raised in USA

She graduated on may 7, 2009 with her Doctor of                                Seek suitable match from a
Pharmacy Degree from the University Of Illinois at She is currently working as Muslim Medical Professional
         Chicago College of Pharmacy.                 a Target Pharmacist               or Lawyer

                                                                                          Age: 27-32
                                                                                        Height: 5'6-6'1
                                                                                Education: Professional in his
                                                                                      field (Pharmacist,
                                                                                  Doctor,Dentist, Engineer,
                                                                                Lawyer, MPH/MBA, CPA, IT)
Currently in Residency at Cook County Hospital in                                 Ethnicity: Pakistani/Indian
   Chicago, IL, M.D. Degree from St. George                                        Nationality: U.S. Citizen
University in 2011, B.S. Degree from University of                               Religious Values: Moderate
               Michigan, Ann Arbor                             MD               Family Requirements: Strong

                                                                                 Age- 28-33, Height-5-10' to 6'5,
                                                                                preferably an MD doing residency
                                                                                  or starting soon, good family,
                                                                                moderate religious values, raised
BS in Molecular and Cell biology and MD, currently                                 in US, US citizen or at least
                  in Residency                                 MD                      permanent resident
                                                                                          Someone who wants to increase his
                                                                                         knowledge in Islam, get closer to Allah
                                                                                           (swt) and become a better Muslim;
                                                                                          someone who will motivate me to do
                                                                                           the same; someone who has good
                                                               Currently work as         character and is family oriented, God-
  Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the      Occupational Therapist for the    fearing, loyal, humble, respectful,
         University of Illinois at Chicago, 2000           Niles Township District for   honest, educated, etc.; someone who
Bachelor of Science in Cell & Structural Biology from the Special Education (NTDSE),        has a good balance of Deen and
   University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1998             Morton Grove, IL                          Duniya.

                                                                                              Education:College or university
                                                                                            graduate, Religious beliefs:Sunni
                                                                                             (Deobandi), looking for a person
                                                                                              and a family who practice their
  Second year bachelor of Science (University of                                            beliefs.Would prefer person living
                   Toronto)                                            Student                    in Canada,USA or U.K.

                                                                                            Age: 29 - 33
                                                                                            Height: 5'8"
                                                                                            Education: Educated professional
                                                                                            Ethnicity: any
                                                                                            Nationality: any
                                                                                            Religious Values: Sunni muslim
  Doctor of Pharmacy - University of Houston,                                               Family Requirements: US residing
Texas, BS in Micro Biology - University Of Austin                    Pharmacist             family, practicing sunni muslim

                                                                                              Age - 27-31, Ht - 5'5" - 6'0,
                                                                                             Any professional work, Must
                                                                                             have some education in the
                                                                                               US, Must have at least a
                                                                                            Bachelors Degree, Must reside
         Bachelor of Arts in Communication                             Teacher                        in the US.

                                                                                            boys who are MS degree
                                                                                            holders, doctors, dentists.
   Bachelor of Science from Temple University,                                              lawyers etc. and from good
                 Philadelphia, PA                                                           families

       University of California, Irvine Fellowship,
Gastroenterology, Oregon Health & Science University,                                       InshAllah we are seeking a life
Portland, OR Internal Medicine Residency, University of                                      partner for her from a similar
 California, San Diego, School of Medicine M.D. June
                                                                                                educational and family
        2006, University of Southern California
    B.S. Biological Sciences, with Honors Minors in                                         background, so they can learn
                Business and Sociology                                Physician                   and grow together.
                                                                                InshAllah we are seeking a life
                                                                                 partner for her from a similar
Cornell Law School - Law Student, University of                                     educational and family
  California Los Angeles (UCLA) B.A. Political                                  background, so they can learn
               Science & History                           Lawyer                     and grow together.

                                                                                   Sunni muslim unmarried
                                                                                 approprate age proffesional
                                                                                    with strong family back
MS in I T management, B.S in Computer Science         Software Engineer          ground ,moderately religious

                                                                                Age: 35-40
                                                                                Height: 5'4"-6'
                                                                                Education: College graduate,
                                                                                holding at least a bachelor's
                                                                                Ethnicity: Pakistani or Indian
                                                                                Nationality: Open
                                                                                Religious Values: Moderate
   Undergraduate Degree: BS in Biology and BA in                                Family Requirements: Educated,
 Communications from George Washington Univ, MD                                 Sunni Family with a good mixture
    from University of Tennessee, Memphis, May     Surgeon at University of     of religious values, as well as
       2004,Surgery Resident at UT Knoxville.       Michigan, Ann Arbor         western values.

                                                                                Age - 28 - 31, A Sunni Muslim,
                                                                                who is religiously oriented.
                                                                                Seeking a well-educated and
                                                                                family oriented person,
 BS in Geology from George Washington Univ.,                                    preferably from
   2003 MS in Architectural Design from UT                                      Hyderabad/Indian or Pakistani
        Knoxville Graduated in May 2007                                         background.

                                                                                We are looking for a prospective
                                                                                groom who is God fearing,
                                                                                presentable looking, is academically
                                                  Currently working as an IT    and intellectually well qualified
                                                                                (Master’s degree holder strongly
                                                   executive in a healthcare    favored), preferably located in the
                                                    information technology      United States. Personality-wise
                                                                                expectations include a sense of
                                                  firm in Chicago.Worked in
                                                                                humor, intelligence, kindness,
Master of Science in Computer Science [MS (CS)], Dubai, U.A.E for a year at a   decisiveness, respect for women,
    Chicago, U.S.A. (Dec 2009), Bachelors of     Reprographics firm, as an IT   children & elders, ambitious, a very
                                                                                positive attitude while dealing with life
  Engineering in Computer Science [B.E. (CS)],   specialist in the Document     and the hurdles that come with it and
                Hyderabad, India                     Management division.       a family-oriented man.
                                                                       She would like to meet an intellectual
                                                                        from a well-educated family. She is
                                                                      looking for an intelligent, enthusiastic,
                                                                            ambitious, and sophisticated
                                                                      professional with a mixture of modern
                                                                      and traditional values, who is an active
                                                                         Muslim. A strong moral and ethical
                                                                       character and an interest in family is
                                                                       key. She is looking for someone who
 Graduated from a prestigious Ivy league medical                       would make a good husband and an
    school. She has matched to Residency in                            even better father. She would prefer
                                                                         someone who is age 27-33, 5'6" or
Radiology at very prestigious program in NYC, and                       taller, never married, Muslim, and a
     is currently in her first year of residency         MD               very well-educated professional.

                                                                         We prefer a medical doctor 27-30
                                                                         years old, and in residency as first
                                                                        preference. Second preference is a
                                                                           qualified IT professional or an
                                                                      engineer with a Masters degree. Boy's
                                                                         family should be Allah fearing and
                                                                       should have raised the boy with right
                                                                        family values and a right balance of
                                                                      deen and duniya. Boy should have US
Currently doing residency,               MD -                              Citizenship (born in the US or
           graduated with honors in 2009                                  naturalized citizen) or permanent
   Passed USMLE Step 1and 2 with good score              MD                            resident.

                                                                      Age: 25-30 years
                                                                      Height: 5'9" or more
                                                                      Profession: Any professional
                                                                      field, such as Medicine,
                                                                      Engineering, Law, etc.
                                                                      Personal Preference: Healthy,
                                                                      energetic, socially responsible
 BA in History, currently enrolled in Grad School   Teacher/Student   practicing muslim

                                                                      The groom should be between
                                                                      the age of 27-32 professional
                                                                      i.e. doctor, Lawyer, Dentist,
                                                                      Pharmacist etc. We are
   Ffinal year of Law, will complete in May '10,                      looking for a doctor
Undergraduate from U C Berkeley and Law from U                        preferebly, educated and
                      C Davis                           Lawyer        raised in USA
                                                                           We are looking for a religious
                                                                           person who is between 5’ 9” –
                                                                             6’ feet tall. Should be doing
                                                                            his Masters or at least have a
                                                                                 bachelor’s degree in
Currently Pursuing Bachelors in Neuroscience (3rd                          engineering and should have a
     year)from UIC, Attended Harper College                                            stable job.

                                                                               Moderate practicing Sunni
                                                                             Muslim. Easy-going, having a
                                                                              good sense of humor. Holds
                                                                            Indian/Pakistani cultural values.
                                                                            US/Canadian born citizen. Must
                                                                                   have completed a
                                                                               Bachelors/Masters degree.
   B.A. (Major: Sociology; Minor: Education)
                                                                             Someone within the 29-34 age
Concordia University College, Edmonton, Alberta,                           bracket, having a height from 5'10-
                     Canada                                                               6'2

                                                                           Age -25-29years, Ht - 5'9' plus,
                                                                                 Professional and
                                                                           Educated(atleast a B.S), No H-
   Pursuing CPA, University of Illnois@Urbana                               1Bs or student visa status
Champaign, B.S Accounting and B.S Finance Minor Technology Consultant at     candidates. Sunni, Family
                in Engineering.                        Delloite.                     Oriented

  M.A. in Education - May 2006 - Benedictine
University – Lisle, IL, B.S. in Education – Magna                            Someone who is stable. Is
  Cum Laude - May 2002 - Elmhurst College –                                  good with communicating.
                     Elmhurst, IL                       Teacher                 Height - 5'7 n above
                                                                                             # Age: 27 and above
                                                                                          # Height: 5ft 8 and above
                                                                                # Education: Minimum BS and can be
                                                                                              # Ethnicity: indian
                                                                                              # Nationality: USA
                                                                                         # Religious Values: Islamic
                                                                                 # Family Requirements: My daughter
                                                                                       is looking for 27-32 years old
                                                                                 Practicing Muslim who is handsome,
                                                                                  fair, 5' 8 +" ht, well-qualified, family-
                                                                                oriented, honest and humble boy. We
                                                                                 are basically looking for a boy who is
                                                                                     like-minded. We are looking for
                                                                                 someone who can balance deen and
                                                                                   duniya and has good family values
                                                                                and who loves to learn Deen and also
                                                                                    encourages others to learn about
                                                                                 Deen, someone who may be able to
                                                                                guide his wife to take right decisions in
                                                                                      the light of Deen yet also take
                                                                                 suggestions from her. Someone who
                                                                                   is kind, caring and humble towards
  Masters in Computer Science from UIC, B.E in                                          fellow human beings, and is
  Computer Science Engineering,Oracle Certified                Software          responsible towards his Creator and
                 professional                             Architect/developer                   also his family.

                                                                                Age - 25 years - 29 years, Height
                                                                                    - 5.8 n above, Professional,
                                                                                    Religiously inclined towards
                                                                                 Islam, looking for someone from
                                                                                 nice decent family background (
                                                                                   Sunni Muslim), Good looking
  BS in Psychology Major - University of Illinois at                                unmarried boy from India or
            Chicago,Chicago, Illinois                      IT Administrator       Pakistan, Immigrant or Citizen.

                                                                                Age 25-30, 5’7 or taller,
                                                                                physician/medical student
                                                                                preferred. Practicing Muslim
                                                                                with an understanding and
                                                                                appreciation of religion,
3rd year medical student in US medical school                 Physician         culture, and tradition

 University of Houston, C.T. Bauer College of Business,
                    Houston, Texas                                              Age 24-30, 5’7 or taller,
Professional Program in Accounting - C P A graduated :
                                                                                Educated and Professional.
                       Dec 2009
Master of Science in Accountancy            graduated :
                                                                                Practicing Muslim with an
                        May 2009                                                understanding and
   Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting                            appreciation of religion,
                 Graduated : May 2008                                           culture, and tradition, Raised in
                                                                              Age 23-28, 5’7 or taller,
                                                                              Educated and Professional.
                                                                              Practicing Muslim with an
                                                                              understanding and
                                                                              appreciation of religion,
       Bachelor of Economics & Psychology                                     culture, and tradition, Raised in
         Expected graduation: May 2010                                        USA

                                                                              1. He needs to be decent height, at
                                                                              least 5'10
                                                                              2. Have a masters or higher degree
                                                                              with a good, stable job in the US. We
                                                                              are open to all fields of work (does not
                                                                              have to only be limited to MD) but we
                                                                              prefer someone with a background in
                                                                              engineering or law.
Completed MD, Currently she is pursuing a Master
                                                                              3. Some one who comes from a good,
in Public Health. She will be applying for residency                          educated, moderately religious (must
next year. Accepted a position as Clinical Research                           follow the basic 5 pillars of Islam),
                      Fellow                                                  traditional muslim (Sunni) household.

                                                                              Age- 29 to 35 yrs.
                                                                              Ht- 5'6 to 6'0 inches.
                                                                              Qualification-- Qualified
                                                                              professional in any faculty.
    Certified Public Accountant (USA) - 2006
                                                                              Personal preferences--
      Chartered Accountant (India) - 2004                                     Moderately religious, simple,
                                                   Accounting Manager in
Bachelors of Commerce (Nagpur University-India) -   Affirmative Insurance     funloving, down-to-earth,
                      2003                        Holdings, Addison, Texas.   respectful of elders.

                                                                                        Age: 28 - 32
                                                                                         Height: 5"8
                                                                                 Education: DOCTOR,OR
                                                                               Ethnicity: ASIAN AMERICAN.
                                                                                 Nationality: HYDRABADI.
 Step 2, MD from Windsor Medical School that is                                  Religious Values: SOMA
 based in the Caribbean's. I also am working on a                                  SALAT KA PABAND
 degree in MBA ( Healthcare Administration) from                                  .Family Requirements:
 Davenport UniversIty. I have a BS in Pre-med as                               DECENT MODERATE WELL
                well as Genetics.                             MD                         MANARED

 B.A. psychology and certified to teach secondary      High School Science
                education science                            Teacher                    Suitable Match
                                                                         looking for an intelligent,
                                                                         ambitious, sophisticated
                                                                         professional from a well settled
                                                                         family. US born and raised, never
  Boston University: BS Accounting(2003),BA                              married, with a progressive,
                                                                         moderate outlook and strong
English( 2003) Licensed CPA, Certified Fraud
                                                                         moral and family values. Between
 Examiner MA Development Studies, London       Forensic accountant, US   29 - 33 years, height at least 5'8.
       School of Economics, Sept. 2008           Government, Boston      Practicing Sunni Muslim.

                                                                               looking for an outgoing
                                                                             personality, intelligent and
                                                                          progressive thinking professional
                                                                            with strong moral and family
                                                                         values, moderate practicing Sunni
MBA Babson College (Expected 2011), Forte
                                                                            Muslim. US born and raised,
Foundation Fellow BA English and Studio Art,                               never married, between 26-30
       Wellesley College, MA(2006)                                              years, at least 5'8' tall.

                                                                         Actively Practicing Sunni Muslim
                                                                         Age 26-30
                                                                         Education: College/ University
                                                                         from USA, Masters Preferred
                                                                         Permanent Residence in USA,
     BA Economics Rutgers University NJ         Pharmacy Manager         US Citizen Preferred

                                                                         Looking for an educated practicing
                                                                         Muslim who is moderate in his views
                                                                         and maintains a good balance of deen
                                                                         and dunya. Someone who is a US
                                                                         citizen and/or understands US culture.
                                                                         Someone who is open to his spouse
                                                                         being involved in activities outside the
                                                  Working in refugee     home, whether for education, work or
                                               resettlement since 2007   community. Looking for someone who
                                                                         has never been married before, of any
   BS Journalism (2003); MA International       with Lutheran Refugee    ethnicity, and between the ages of 29-
            Development (2006)                         Services          35

                                                                            Age: 32-38, Education:
                                                                          Graduate Degree (Masters
        MD at University of Alabama                   Physician          and higher), Prefer U.S.Raised
                                                                                  Age: 26-31
                                                                            Height: 5ft 8inch to 6 ft
                                                                          Education: medical, IT and
                                                                             Ethnicity: hyderabadi
                                                                        Nationality: us citizen or green
                                                                        Religious Values: sunni hannafi
                                                                         Family Requirements: Good
  Bachelors in Computer science Information                            moral values, educated, moderate
                 Technology                        Business Analyst          and respected family

                                                                       would prefer the match to be
   MBBS from Deccan Medical College Dec                                a doctor in U.S. C.A (CPA) will
  2008.(2002 Batch). Pursuing USMLE Part 1               MD                 also be considered.

                                                                       Well educated (engineer/MD/
                                                                       rapist/but not restricted to)
                                                                       from a decent family, with no
                                                                       bad habits. Practicing muslim,
diploma in pharmacy(hyd) and PTCB certified in                         tall handsome, caring and
            California in pharm tech             Pharmacy Technician   understanding.

                                                                          Age 23-29yrs, Professionals:
                                                                        Doctors, Pharmacists.Dentists,
                                                                        PhD's, Engineers. Good Indian
                                                                        Family, Open to Citizens, Green
                                                                         Card Holders, H1's & F1's who
        BS in Chemistry, On Dean’s list                                   have had education in USA

  Law Student, Loyola University, Chicago, IL
  Graduating May 2010, BBA, University of
          Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI                      Lawyer                    Suitable Match

                                                                       We are looking for a practicing Sunni
                                                                       Muslim who is 25-30 yrs of age and at
                                                                       least 5’8 and has a good family
                                                                       background and an understanding of
                                                                       deen and duniya. Preferably a MD,
                                                                       Engineer, or other highly educated
 Currently in Law School pursing Law Degree,                           professional. Someone who has good
                                                                       character and clean habits. Preferably
Double Degree Honors Graduate, University of                           a non-smoker and of Hyderabadi
             Illinois Chicago, 2009                    Lawyer          descent.
                                                                              Age - 35-39yr, Sunni muslim from
                                                                              a good educated
                                                                              family.Professional: Doctor,
                                                                              Engineer or MBA, we are
                                                                              moderate followers of islam so I
                                                                              dont want a guy from islamic
Currently preparing for USMLE, MD From Deccan                                 jamath if the guy is from india hyd
      college of medical science; Hyd India                 Physician         it would be better.

                                                                              Age between 33 to 36,
                                                                              looking for Doctor, Engineer
                                                                              or MBA from an educated
                                                     Currently Working in a   family, sunni muslim
                  Pursuing BS                                 Bank            moderate follower.

                                                                              1. First preference: Boys born and
                                                                              raised in the US of Hyderabadi
                                                                              2. Second preference is for boys born
                                                                              and raised of Indian parents from
                                                                              almost any place in India
                                                                              3. Third preference is for boys born
                                                                              and raised in US of Pakistani parents.
                                                                              4. In all cases the boys must be
                                                                              professionals, doctors, engineers,
                                                                              CPAs, attorneys, other professionals.
   2nd yr Law School from Suffolk University                 Lawyer           5. No visa seekers(HB, F1).

                                                                               Age 27-32 Ht – 5’5” or above
                                                                                Profession-pursuing higher
                                                                                    degree or professional
                                                                                    Personal Preferences-
                                                                               religious, educated and open-
Currently in Ph.D. program in Sociology at Boston                              minded US citizen who is also
College M.A., University of Chicago; B.A., Aurora                                looking for a religious and
                    University                                                     career-oriented Muslim

                                                                             looking for a boy between the
                                                       Works for Dept.of      age of 26 to 30 years, is well
Currently in graduate school pursuing for Master    Environmental Protecion- educated, raised in U.S. and
 in Public Health from UMD&J and Rutgers, NJ               State of NJ       has moderate religious values
                                                                                         Well educated with good family
                                                                                         background, genuine, honest,
                                                                                         moderately religious,
                                                              Currently, V.P. Business   considerate, compassionate,
                                                             Development at a biotech
                                                                                         respecting and appreciative of
                                                                  company, N.Y.
                                                              Also started a non-profit
                                                                                         the significant other. Born and
                                                           organization Koshish, helping raised in the US or should
MBA from Wharton School of Business (Univ. of
                                                           women from underprivileged have lived in the US for a
Penn.) 2002, B.S. in Biology, Harvard University,           backgrounds in Indore, M.P. while.
                      1997                                            India

                                                                                                  Age: 27-33
                                                                                                 Height: 5'6+
                                                                                           Education: Bachelors of
                                                                                                Ethnicity: N/A
                                                                                                Nationality: US
                                                                                           Religious Values: Sunni-
                                                                                            Family Requirements:
                                                                                        Moderately religious, modest,
  Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from a private                                         educated, financially stable,
               university in Chicago                        Administrative Assistant      and strong family values.

                                                                                         Age And Height appropriate,
  Bachelors in Business Management. - Rutgers                                             educated atleast BS, both
              University, New Jersey                                                    deen and duniya awareness,
                                                                                        Hyderabadi background, open
                                                                                               to US Status.

                                                                                        Looking for US citizen ,
                                                                                        professional, belong to a good
                                                                                        family. age ranging from 26 yrs
                     BS 3rd year                                                        to 28 yrs

                                                                                        Looking for: 5'10 or above,
                                                                                        fair or wheatish, bachelors
   Illinois State University Student (In progress)                                      degree or higher education,
       College of DuPage Associate in Arts ‘06                                          preferable from good family
  Downers Grove South High School Diploma ‘01                                           background, moderately
                                                                                        religious, and USA citizen.

                                                                                        We are seeking a person who has a
                                                                courses located in      stable career, a strong family
majoring in elementary education with a concentration in         Lincolnwood, IL.       background, and well grounded in his
                        English.                                                        deen. Also he should be age and
                                                               classes from home        height appropriate and residing within
                                                                                        the Chicago land area
   BS - UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA                                               Looking for qualified boy
              (CHAPEL HILL)                                                        from a good family background
              MAJOR- BIOLOGY                                                       .We prefer the boy from usa if

                                                                                   1.I am looking for a good family where
                                                                                   it is not just he candidate but the
                                                                                   parents are also educated.
                                                                                   2.Any one over 5 ft and 8 inches is
                                                                                   3.Looking for familiese with only
 Science Graduate from, McMaster University,                                       Indian background
                                                                                   4.Professionally educated like
                                                                                   engineers, CPA, doctors etc. should
          Current:- Student - MBA                                                  have a job
 McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario Canada                                      5.Marital status - Never married
                                                                                   6.Age: between 26 to 28 years

                                                                                             Looking for
                                                                                       doctors, Good family
                                                                                      background, appropriate
                                                                                      Height and Age, with both
  4 th year BS student at University of Missouri         Currently doing an          Deen n Duniya, US Citizens
Major: Political Science with a minor in Psychology   internship at a law office                only

                                                                                   Age: 30-36
                                                                                   Ht: 5'10 and up
                                                                                   Profession: Any respectable
                                                                                   Education: Bachelors and
Bachelors of Business Administration, Accounting                                   higher
           with a minor in Economics                         Accountant

                                                                                looking for a practicing Sunni
                                                                                Muslim with good character,
                                                                                age 26-32, 5'7"+, with atleast
                                                                                a BS degree and is US or
                                                      She currently works as an Canada Citizen or Permanent
                                                       engineer at an Oil & Gas Resident.
            BS Electrical Engineering                         company

                                                                                   Practicing Muslim, who fears
                                                                                   Allah much. Also, who has the
                                                                                    eagerness to gain more true
                                                                                         Islamic knowledge.
Completing Early Childhood Education and Taleem-                                   Professional and is financially
                ul-Quran course                                                                 stable
                                                                                       The qualities that my daughter
                                                                                       seek are: sincerity,
                                                                                       intelligence, great sense of
                                                                                       humor, and respect for elders.
   Currently an Internal Medicine resident at a                                        27-30 yrs 5'5+ Professional
  university program in Chicago, MD from a US                                          degree (MD, engineer, lawyer,
 Medical School , BS from Benedictine University                Physician              masters, phd etc)

                                                                                         Looking for 25+ years, 5'5+
                                                                                        Professional degree (Doctor,
                                                                                        lawyer, masters degree, etc)
                                                         Currently, Working at a          Intelligent, religious, great
     Pre Pharmacy at Benedictine University             hospital as a Staff/Clinical    sense of humor, and respect
        Graduated Pharmacy School 2010                   Pharmacist in Chicago, Il                 for others.

  Lead Research Scientist - Emory University M.S. in
    Neuro-Anatomy from Case Western University
        with Research and Publication privileges
  M.A. in Medical Ethics from Case Western University
    B.A. in Biology and Theology with a Biochemistry                                     Looking for some one well
                      Minor from                           Scientist – Center of          qualified from educated
               Augustana College (2000)                    Disease Control and           background ,also born and
                                                               Prevention                    brought up in U.S.

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Washington University
                        in St. Louis
   B.S. in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering,
         University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                                        Looking for some one well
 B.A. in Mathematics and Physics, Augustana College,                                      qualified from educated
                     Rock Island, IL                    Engineer at Boeing in Los        background ,also born and
                                                              Angeles, CA                    brought up in U.S.

              Masters, New York Bar                                                         36 - 38 yrs, Minimum
                                                                  Lawyer                     Batchelors Degree

                                                                                        looking for good family oriented boys
                                                                                       who have family values, they must be
                                                                                           educated and have a job in that
                                                                                          profession, they must have there
                                                                                        green card or citizenship for the US,
                                                                                       they should be social, understanding,
                                                                                        outgoing and have both western and
                   BSTM in                                                               eastern values. They should be 5'8
Health service Management, Degree in Associate            DuPage County Court          and up in height. I am looking for boys
                  of Science                                    House                        between the ages of 31-35
                                                                                 looking for good family oriented boys
                                                                                who have family values, they must be
                                                                                    educated and have a job in that
                                                                                   profession, they must have there
                                                                                 green card or citizenship for the US,
                                                                                they should be social, understanding,
                                                                                 outgoing and have both western and
                                                                                  eastern values. They should be 5'8
                                                                                and up in height. I am looking for boys
           Degree in Associate of Arts                Central Dupage Hospital         between the ages of 28-32

              M.C.A with Distinction                                            We are looking for hyderabadi
                                                                                family or preferably INDIAN.
Completed Masters of International Business and                                 The groom must in U.S.A and
    Human Resources (Orlando, Florida)                                          a citizen.
        Pursuing for another Masters

                                                                                  A practicing Muslim who is
    She obtained her undergraduate degree in                                    open-minded, balanced, and a
      Michigan and medical degree in Ohio                   Pediatrician                 professional

                                                                                looking for a practicing moderate
                                                                                Sunni Muslim match who is 29 to
                                                                                  33 years old from an educated
                                                                                  family and with a professional
                                                                                   master’s degree and a job in
                                                                                medicine, engineering, pharmacy,
                                                                                  law or business. He should be
                                                                                born and raised in USA preferably
                                                      Pharmacist for Wal-Mart        with Indian or Pakistani
  PharmD, Northeastern University, Boston, MA.                corp                         background.

                                                                                Looking for someone good for
                                                                                 her, preferably an educated
                                                                                (Masters and above) boy who
Currently enrolled in Physician Assistant, Finished                              is moderately religious and
with Masters in Cancer Biology from MD Anderson                                     appreciates the hijab

                                                                                 Should be of very good
                                                                                character, with sound values,
                                                                                similar or well educated and
                                                                                should be from well educated
   Undergrad: BS, Washington Univ.,St. Louis,                                   family.
    Med School: American Univ Carribean, St.                                    Age and Height: suitable
                    Maarten                                                     Profession: MD, MBA, Law, or
       (Last clinical rotation in Chicago)                                      similar professional with
                                                                MD              advanced degree
   MBA in Marketing and Stratergy from top-tier
     business school, Certification program in
    Healthcare Administrationand Policy, MS in
         Organizational from a prestigious              Working as Brand Mgmt at      Age - Upto 35yrs, Equally
 programCommunication and Information Science                world's largest          qualified, Open to location,
                 from a prestige                          Pharmaceutical firm          Born and Raised in US

                                                                                    Looking for age group 26-30,
                                                                                    Sunni Muslim, Indian
                                                          Currently, working in     Education/Profession-Doctors,
   MS from USA, - B.TECH (E.C.E) from India                     Indiana             MS, MBA

                                                               Revenue                  Moderate Muslim, US
                                                         Management/Analyst,           Born/Raised, Age 28-31,
                                                         American Airlines, Fort      Education: Masters Degree
M.S. Marketing from UT Dallas, BS from UT Austin            Worth, Texas                      preferred

                                                                                    • Moderate, practicing sunni muslim
                                                                                    with good moral & family values
                                                                                    • Well Educated
                                                    Currently working for Merrill   • Unmarried, age upto 32 years, may
                                                    Lynch Investment Banking:       even consider 33 yrs depending upon
                                                    Associate, Equity Research      the individual
  B. S. Major: Math and Economics from Rice                                         • Preferable born and raised in the US
                                                     with Merrill Lynch, Energy
                                                                                    but may consider permanent residents
             University Houston, TX,                 Sector (Utilities & Power),    • Prefer South Asian origin (roots) but
 Securities & Exchange Commission Licenses                 Houston, TX.             may consider others as well.
obtained: Series 7, Series 63, Series 86, Series 87

                                                                                    Age - 25 - 29
                                                                                    Height - 5 ft 5 in - 5 ft 8 in
                                                                                    Profession - Lawyer/law student,
                                                                                    Doctor/Med Student, MBA
                                                                                    Personal preference --> Needs
                                                                                    to be caring, genuine and
  2nd year law student to graduate in May 2012                                      humorous. It is important that god
 University of Illinois College of Law, Champaign,                                  conscious, and lives for the sake
   Illinois, Bachelor of Science in Journalism                                      of Allah.
         University of Illinois - Champaign, Illinois         Law Student

                                                                                    Looking for a 23-27 year old
                                                                                    male should be
Currently : Third Year Medical Student University of                                MD/pharmacist/optometry/dent
  Windsor School of Medicine                One                                     ist/computer engineer we are
Year Pre-Med From Benedictine University Lisle, IL            MD Student            open

                                                                                     Born or raised in the U.S. and
                                                                                     has at least Bachelor. Doesn't
                                                                                      practice things forebidden in
  BS in Accounting, She plans on working in an                                      Islam (drinking, clubbing). Nice
      accounting firm and getting her CPA.                                                family background.
                                                                                  Looking for someone in early
                                                                                  30's, educated and gainfully
BS in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at                                employed. We are very
                       Dallas                            Working at Tax &          particular about the family
                                                         Accounting firm                  background

                                                                                 Looking for Age - 29 - 35yrs,
                                                                                 Ht - 5'9 and above, at least
                                                                                 bachelor's degree, raised in
                                                                                 the US/Canada,

                  MBA in Finance                         Works in Finance

                                                                                 Age 24 – 29 years old

                                                                                 Medical student, Pharmacist,
                                                                                 Dentist, Ph.D.
                                                                                 Visa status - OPEN. Foreign
                                                                                 student should have cleared
                                                                                 required exams
                                                                                 and willing to settle in US after the
         B.S. Major in Speech Pathology                  Speech Pathologist      wedding

   Medical Student at St. Mathews University,
                   Cayman Island                                                  US citizen raised, Height 5ft.9
 entering third year to start clinical rotations in US                           inch or more, Professional,
   Bachelors Degree Florida Atlantic University                                  Medical or other, Practising
                                                                MD               muslim with moderate values

                                                                                 Age - 24 -29yrs,Ht - 5'10 and
                                                                                 above, Good Hyderabadi Family,
Pursuing MD from Jan-2011, Bachelor of Science                                   Medical Professional(MD, Dentist,
               in Biochemistry                                  MD               Pharmacist)

                                                                                 HE SHOULD EITHER BORN IN USA
                                                                                 OR SHOULD COME TO USA AT A
                                                                                 YOUNG AGE. BUT RAISED IN USA.
                                                                                 HE SHOULD BE ATLEAST 5'-10"
                                                                                 TALL. AGE SHOULD BE BETWEEN
                                                                                 27-35. ANY COLLEGE DEGREEE
  Currently pursuing Masters Degree In Public                                    AND PROFESSION IS O.K.
                                                                                 MODERATELY RELIGIOUS. HE
Health, Post Baccalaureate Certificate, Circulation Regulatory Affairs Project
                                                                                 SHOULD BE WELL-MANNERED
 Technology & Master of Science, Allied Health           Manager Global          AND NICE PERSON FROM NICE
Management. Bachelor of Science, Biology; Arabic Pharmaceutical Research         FAMILY. OUT GOING AND ACTIVE.
          Minor, Ohio State University              and Development, Chicago     SMART AND GOOD-LOOKING
                                                                                  WELL EDUCATED BOY.DOESN'T
                                                                                  MATTER WHETHER THE FAMILY IS
                                                                                  ORIGINALLY FROM PAKISTAN OR
                                                                                  INDIA. PREFER BOYS BORN &
  BIOLOGY & MINOR IN FRENCH & RELIGION. AT                                        RAISED IN CANADA OR USA.
PRESENT SHE IS PURSUING MASTERS DEGREE IN                                         HEIGHT FROM 5 FT 6 INCHES
 EDUCATION & SCIENCES. SHE WILL INSHALLAH                                         ONWARDS. DO NOT MIND IF BOYS
            COMPLETE June 2011                                                    HAVE LIVED IN CANADA OR USA
                                                                                  SINCE LAST 10 YRS & ABOVE

      Windsor University of Medicine Saint Kitts
                                                                                  Age - 21-26yrs, Ht - 5'5 n above,
       Completed MD 6 Semester, Carbondale,                                       US Born, Sunni Muslim,
Illinois completed MD two Semester Attended Pass                                  Hyderabad, India, MD (either
            Program in Champaign, Illinois                                        Residency of 1st or 2nd year or
 Preparing for Step I exam Inshallah in (December                                 still completing Medical
                       2010)                                     MD               education)

                                                                                  Age - 44 and 50 years old from a
                                                                                  respectable family, practicing
                                                                                  Muslim, Urdu speaking, college
                                                                                  educated professional, US citizen
                                                                                  or resident, have family oriented
                 BS in Chemistry                               Chemist            values.

                                                                                  We are looking for a Doctor boy
                                                                                  who is between age 27 to 32
                                                                                  years old. He should be from a
                                                                                  well-educated family and he
                                                                                  should have good morals and
    B.S. in Biology from North Park University                                    values.

                                                                                  Age: 26-30
                                                                                  Height: 5'9 and above
                                                                                  Education: Masters and beyond
                                                                                  Ethnicity: open
                                                                                  Nationality: open
                                                                                  Religious Values: Hanafi Sunni,
                                                                                  strong imaan
                                                      Nutrition Partner at Kaiser Family Requirements: a good
B.S. Dietetics and Minor in Biology from California   Permanente Hospital and Muslim, open-minded, and down
          State University, Sacramento                    Substitute teacher      to earth family

                                                                                  Age: 26-27
2nd year student at Midwestern University School                                  Religious: Namaz, Fasting, Reads
                  of Pharmacy                                                     quran, Prefer for him to be in the
                                                                                  medical profession or finance.
                                                                                    Age - 27-30
                                                                                    Ht - 5'4" and above
                                                                                    Profession - Medical, Engineering or
                                                                                    any Proffesional /With M.S or B.S
                                                                                    Personal Preferences - Must be born
                                                                                    and raised in America, Prefer IL
                                                                                    residence, Modest Sunni Muslim and
   Pursuing C.P.A, B. S in Accounting from UIC,                                     Healthy
                   Chicago, IL ;                           Senior Accountant

                                                                                              Age: 22-29
                                                                                            Height: 5'6" - 6'
                                                                                      Education: Medical Related
                                                                                             Ethnicity: Any
                                                                                            Nationality: Any
High School- Islamic Foundation School, Villa Park,                                   Religious Values: Moderate
 IL -College- Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL (BS in                                  Family Requirements: -Sunni
Biology) -Starting MS in Healthcare Administration                                              Muslim

                                                                                    Looking for someone who preferably
                                                                                    has grown up here. Professionally,
                                                                                    someone who is hard-working and
                                                                                    ambitious, fun and adventurous,
                                                                                    criteria for physical appearance is
                                                                                    minimal, but someone at least 5’7”
                                                                                    and not overweight. Most importantly,
                                                                                    someone who is thoughtful, respectful,
                                                                                    and is willing to make an effort in this
                        MD                                     Physician            whole process.

                                                                                    Nationality USA citizen green card
                                                                                    or working visa, Age 27-32,
                                                                                    Height 5/10 to 6 feet, Born raise
                                                                                    Pakistan USA India etc, Living
                                                                                    preference USA New York, job
                                                                                    Education master or bachelor
                                                        Working as at respiratory   Cast memon or Urdu speaking
     4years bachelor in biology and 2 years in          therapist in Long Island    Sunni Muslim Believes moderate
            respiratory therapist major                   Jewish Hospital NY        liberal

                                                                                    24yrs-30yrs, Educated
                                                                                    background, preferably masters
                                                                                    or doctorate. Preferably raised in
                                                                                    USA, Canada, or Gulf. Has a
Junior in College at UIC, BS in biology/pre-dentistry      Pursuing Dentistry       good balance of deen and duniya.
                                                                                   Age Range: 24 to 26
                                                                                   Ht: 5’8” and above
                                                                                   Profession: Doctor, Engineer, or
                                                                                   Masters in Computer Field
                                                                                   Personal Preferences: U.S.
                                                                                   citizen, must live in Chicago or
                                                                                   near Suburbs, want Hyderabad,
                                                                                   India family, looking for Hanafi
             B.A. Psychology 4th Year                                              Muslim

                                                         Pharmacist at MD          o Professional degree in medical,
  PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) – University of            Anderson Hospital         engineering, pharmacy,
           Texas at Austin, 2010                           (Houston, TX)           computers, or PhD o Indian origin

                                                     Presently working as Public
   BSc. Microbiology, University of Alberta,           health Inspector/      Looking for somebody from a
BEH. Environmental Health, Concordia University Executive Officer Government decent family and education and
      of Alberta, completed in May 2010.         of Alberta, Calgary, Alberta hopefully born in Canada or US .

  Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from
        University of Illinois at Chicago.                                                  Suitable Match

Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. Pursuing Masters                                  looking for a medical field person
      of Sciences in Occupational Therapy                                          with islaamic values

                                                     Currently a Project Analyst   US or Canadian citizen , Height
     BS of Science (Honors) in Psychology              with TD CanadaTrust         5ft.7 inch or more Professional,
 Masters of Science in Administration (specialized     (financial institution in   Medical or other Practising
     in Management Information Systems)                  downtown Toronto)         muslim with moderate values

                                                                                   we are looking for a
                                                                                   religious,sunni muslim educated
                                                                                   with good family
                                                                                   living in usa, should be post
                                                                                   graduate and above
    B.S Final year student with Math major from                                    my daughter is 5'6. should be
   Benedictine University, plan to go for Acturial                                 taller than her.
                      Science                                                      family values are very important.
                                                                                           Age: 33-45
                                                                                           Highly educated -atleast BS or
   Education consists of a B.S. degree in Biology from                                     higher, Religious minded but not a
    Pennsylvania State University, 1 year of graduate                                      fundamentalist, Confident and
 studies at the University of Pennsylvania in the College                                  strong willed, prefer someone that
  of General Studies with a focus on Biochemistry and                                      has not been married before,
 finally a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of the                                   Aside from honesty, compassion,
                 Sciences in Philadelphia.                                                 a family-oriented individual and all
  Pharmacist License-State of Pennsylvania is currently      Part-Time Pharmacist at       the obvious requirements, the
                           active                             Target and Part-Time         most important aspect in a life
Immunization License-State of Pennsylvania is currently      Adjunct Professor at PA       partner is one that is willing to
                           active                                   Universtiy             compromise

                                                                                           1) Beautiful akhlaq
                                                                                           2) Solid understanding of the
                                                                                           deen and desire to continue
                                                                                           building on this knowledge
                                                                                           3) Passion, ambition to use the
                                                                                           skills and gifts Allah swt has
                                                                                           blessed one with to make a
                                                                                           positive impact, either through
  Bachelor in Mathematics, Master in Accounting                                            pursuing a career that enables
from the University of Waterloo. Completed exams                                           one to give back to their
 en route to the Chartered Accountant designation,                                         community or participating in
 a few months away from completing the practical             Enterprise Risk, Deloitte,    other initiatives outside of work
                training requirements                           Toronto, Canada            that make a difference

                                                              Director of Marketing /
                                                            Online Advertising at Turner
  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from                Broadcasting, Atlanta,
   Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA                      Georgia                        Suitable Match

  Masters in International Affairs from American
          University, Washington,DC in
Dec 2009 (Aug 2008 to Dec 2009—Also worked for                Working as a Political
              2 years, for a nonprofit                         Analyst at National         Interested in an educatedand
                   organization.)                             Democracy Institute in       moderate boy, born and raised
 Graduated from George Washington University in                  Washington                in USA from a respected
             Political Science (2006).                                D.C.                 family.

   Completed 2nd Year, Bachelor of Business
                                                                                           We are looking for a good & God
    Administration (BBA) in Management and
                                                                                           fearing family. If you find any
 Organizational Behavior, Benedictine University,                                          suitable boy, please let me know,
                   Lisle, Illinois                                                         he can be 5 years older to my
 Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois. (Expected                                        daughter, and an MS. If the boy is
            graduation in May 2012)                                                        on H1 visa too not a problem, and
    - CPSA high school graduate, 2008-2009                            Student              we are looking for Indian family
                                                                                   1. Preferred Medical Doctor
                                                                                   2. Preferred to be born in USA.
                                                                                   Otherwise, the boy should be H-1
                                                                                   Visa holder in a residency
                                                                                   3. The boy's age should be no
                                                                                   more than 31 years.
                                                                                   4. The boy should be religious
Graduated from Loyola University in Bachelors of
                                                                                   and should know the difference
                    Science                                                        between Zabiha and Non-Zabiha
   Right now in 3rd year of medicine in Kirksville                                 Food.
   College of Osteopathic Medicine (ATSU).                                         5. The boy should be praying his
Rotating in Grand Rapids, Michigan as a 3rd year                                   5 daily prayers, and observing his
                medical student.                                 MD                obligatory fasts.

                                                                                   We would prefer a Hyderabadi
                                                                                   boy born and raised here
                                                                                   preferably. Or at least has been in
                                                                                   the States 7+ years. Our daughter
                                                                                   is 5-7 and she would like
University of Houston-3nd year, Education Major                Student             somebody at least 5-11 or taller.

                                                                                  We are looking for a groom who
                                                                                  is between the ages of 30-35
                                                                                  punjabi, shariff, well educated,
                                                                                  should be tall, and have legal
            M.S. in Health Sciences                  Currently, working part time status to live in USA.

                                                                                   A guy who is patient,
                                                                                   understanding and caring,
                                                                                   preferably of Pakistani or Indian
                                                                                   background between the age of
                                                                                   25-29, with strong family values
                                                                                   Inshallah. He should be
                                                                                   knowledgeable in Islam and pray
                                                                                   5 times daily and read Qur'an
                                                                                   daily and understand the duties a
                                                                                   husband and wife have towards
                                                                                   each other. He should also have a
                                                                                   good sense of humor and also
     Pharmacy from Long Island University                    Pharmacist            knows how to have a good time
                                                                                   Age: 26 - 31 years old Height: 5'8
                                                                                   and above
                                                                                   Education: At least Masters
                                                                                   Finance professional/IT
                                                                                   Religion: Sunni, moderate and a
                                                                                   practicing Muslim who can
                                                                                   maintian a good balance of both
                                                                                   deen and duniya.
                                                                                   Status: Greencard/US citizen and
                                                                                   never married
                                                                                   Others: Must be from an
                                                                                   educated and respected Indo/Pak
                                                                                   origin, well settled in the US, urdu
                                                                                   speaking, should be patient,
                                                                                   understanding, supportive,
  BS in Business Marketing-IU, Pursuing MBA in           Senior personal Banker at compassionate, charming and
          Human Resources in fall 2012                          Wells Fargo        have good family values

                                                                                      seeking educated boys at least
                                                 Currently, working with the
                                                                                      bachelor degree holders , came
                                                        renowned and                  from good background and been
                                                  Internationally acclaimed           raised with all good religious ,
Completed 95% of the course work for her Masters    network of schools in             moral and ethical values.For my
in fashion design and merchandising degree from    Lahore as a Pre Junior             elder daughter age group would
            Hajvery university in Lahore                   Teacher                    be 35 to 40.

                                                                                      seeking educated boys at least
                                                                                      bachelor degree holders , came
                                                                                      from good background and been
                                                                                      raised with all good religious ,
  Education from Jeddah,n from Lahore she did                                         moral and ethical values.For my
  Masters in Mass Communications from Punjab                                          elder daughter age group would
    University,her majors is PR n Advertising.                                        be 31 to 35

                                                                                      looking for a practicing young
                                                                                      Sunni Muslim who has strong
                                                                                      family values, prefers someone
                                                                                      with a good sense of humor, and
                                                                                      also has a humble and friendly
                                                                                      personality. It is preferable that
                                                                                      he have either a Bachelors or
                                                                                      Masters Degree. He Must be a
4th year Teaching of English at University Of Illinois                                non-smoker and preferably of
                    at Chicago                                                        compatible height
 Worked at Rush University Medical Center for 2
  years while completing her Master’s degree,          Currently working at        looking for an age group of up to
 Graduated with Master’s in Health Administration     Resurrection Medical        27. we are also looking for
 Rush University in Chicago in 2012. , Graduated    Center as an Analyst in the   someone who is highly educated
    with Bachelor’s in Community Health from         department of Business       preferably a physician or engineer
           University of Illinois in 2010.                Development             etc.

                                                                                  Age : 27- 31
                                                                                        Height: 5'7- 5'11
                                                                                        Religion: muslim (sunni)
                                                                                        Mother tongue: urdu
                                                                                        Marital status: single
                                                                                        Live in usa and has to be
                                                                                  legal status..
                                                                                        Educational Qulification
                                                                                  :Atleast B.s or doctor or
                  B.S in biology                                                  engineer..e.t.c

                                                                                Age: 27 - 30 years old Height:
                                                                                5'8 - 5'11
                                                                                Education: At least Masters
                                                                                Finance professional/IT
                                                                                Religion: Sunni, moderate and a
                                                                                practicing Muslim who can
                                                                                maintian a good balance of both
                                                                                deen and duniya.
                                                                                Status: Greencard/US citizen and
                                                                                never married
                                                                                Others: Must be from an
                                                                                educated and respected
                                                                                hyderabadi family settled in the
                                                                                US, urdu speaking, should be
                                                  Sr. Research Associate at a patient, understanding,
Future Plans: to pursue M.S, B.S. (Bio-chemistry), leading research facility in supportive, compassionate and
       University of Massachusetts, Boston                   Boston             have good family values

                                                                                  Age: upto 38, preferably never
                                                                                  married, height 5'9'' or above.
                                                                                  Would give preference to
            Currently doing residency                                             doctor. Open to other
 M.B;.B.S : King Edward Medical College, Lahore                                   professions if other criteria
         F.Sc: Kinnaird College, Lahore                                           match. Should have moderate
              O'Levels: Beaconhouse                                               religious values. Caste is no
                                                               Doctor             bar
                                                                                 age should be between 22-27
                                                                                 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches to
                                                                                 5 feet eight inches, prefer any
                                                                                      professional field, the
                                                                                 perspective spouse should be
                                                                                  well balanced between deen
                                                                                      and duniya, should be
                                                                                  religious, should be from the
  Currently doing BA in English at Roosevelt                                        chicago or suburb area of
 University: will go for M.A. in English in future                                            Illinois

Graduated from Northern Illinois University, with a    Working as Elementary
   Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary            Teacher at a Montessori   Looking for educated and good
                   Education                                   School              family background families

                                                                                 LOOKING FOR A GUY WHO IS
                                                                                 DECENT,GOOD LOOKING (STANDS
                                                                                 NEXT TO EACHOTHER MAKES A
                                                                                 GOOD MATCH).
                                                                                 GUY WHO IS AWARE OF
                                                                                 ISLAM,OFFER 5 TIME NAMAAZ.
                                                                                 CANADIAN CITIZEN OR
                                                                                 WELL SETTLE IN TORONTO OR
                                                                                 AROUND ONTARIO..
                                                                                 GUY WITH GOOD EDUCATION AND
                                                                                 HOLDING A GOOD POSITION IN A
                                                                                 GOOD FIRM OR A BUSSINESS
                                                                                 GUY LIVING WITH HIS PARENTS
                                                                                 OR LIVING WITH BROTHER OR
                                                                                 GUY SHOULD BE FINACIALLY
                                                      WORKING IN BED N BATH      SOUNDS GOOD..(MEANS HEALTHY
                                                      BOUTIQUE STORE AS A        LIVING STANDARD).
        TEACHER AIDE DIPLOMA 2004                          MANAGER               GUY'S AGE BETWEEN 30-34YRS

                                                                                  looking for a boy who is
                                                                                 between the ages of 24 and
                                                                                 27, has a bachelor's or higher
                                                                                 degree, is sunni, is moderately
                                                                                 religious, (my daughter does
                                                                                 not wear hijab), is 5'9'' or more
                                                                                 in height, has a job, is liberal
 Currently in 2nd year, Bachelor of Social Work                                  minded and does not drink or
     program at the University of Windsor                                        smoke

                                                                                  Looking for a doctor who is 28
                                                                                 to 32 year of age from a good,
          Final Medical Student - 2011                         Doctor                 well educated family
                                                                                   moderate Muslim, Sunni,
                                                                                   Physician of the same
    Fellowship in Cornea/Refractive surgery and                                    education level preferably,
     Oculoplastics, 6-year BS/MD program at                                        Good family values, same age
   NEOUCOM, residency at UTMB in Galveston                 Ophthalmologist         or over 30, Prefer Pakistani

                                                                                    moderate Muslim Sunni,
                                                                                   same level of education or
     3rd year medical student, interested in                                       more (a physician), some
               humanitarian work                                                   interest in humanitarian work,
undergrad at University of Dayton, Wright State for                                same age or
                       MPH                                                         older, good family values

                                                                                    looking for a professional boy
                                                                                        with a decent family
 MSc in Medical Biotechnology from New Bombay                                       background setteled in US or
                    University                                                                 Mideast

                                                                                   Age 29 - 34
          BS from Loyola Univ-Chicago,                                             Ht    5' 5" to 6' 2"
MD - Spartan Medical School, St. Lucia, Caribbean.                                 Profession MD, Dentist,
Studied 2 years at St Lucia and 2 years of Medical                                 Pharmacist, IT professional
    Rotations were done in Chicago Hospital.                                       (MS), JD, Business
  Completed Rotations at Chicago Hospital and                                      professional
          passed USMLE Step 1 and 2.                                               Personal Preferences He
         Applying for Residency program                         Doctor             should be a US citizen

                                                                                  # Age: 30-37
                                                                                  # Height: Over 5' 4"
                                                                                  # Education: Must have at least
                                                                                  Bachelors degree
                                                                                  # Ethnicity: India or Pakistani
                                                                                  # Nationality: US, Indian or
                                                                                  # Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                                  # Family Requirements: It is
                                                                                  important that he is a practicing
                                                                                  Muslim and has a good character
                                                      Working at Niswa, a non- and personality. Someone who is
 B.S (Psychology) at Western Michigan University,       profit organization that  able to balance between both
           Kalamazoo, Michigan (2006)                 provides social services to deen and duniya. Also, who
 Masters degree in Social Work (part-time) at the       Muslim families in Los    doesn't take themselves too
       University of Southern California, CA                  Angeles, CA         seriously.

    MS: Public Health & science and behavior                                       looking Nice family back
  organization in Benedictine University Lisle, IL.         Life Study             ground Doctor or MS or any
                      USA.                              Manager(PARAXEL)           other decent Professional
 Bachelors in Mathematics from Oberlin College
                  Oberlin, OH
            Masters in Mathematics                                              An educated, gentle man with
        University of Illinois at Chicago                                       a good job (with benefits) and
                   Chicago, IL.                                                 has at least a masters.

                                                                                AGE: 26-31
                                                                                EDUCATION- GRADUATE SCHOOL (
                                                                                ENGINEERING, LAW, MEDICINE,
                                                                                OR BUSINESS)
                                                                                HONEST, HUMBLE, FAMILY
                                                                                ORIENTED, INTELLIGENT, WELL
                                                                                ROUNDED, MODERATE IN
                                                                                DOES NOT SMOKE OR DRINK
                                                                                US CITIZEN OR H1B VISA/STUDENT
          Graduated MD School 2011                            Physician         VISA

          J.D., Intellectual Property, 2004,
           George Mason University School of Law,                               Age upto 37yrs, Raised in US,
                  Arlington, Virginia
                                                                                  educated, Proffesional,
  B.S. Chemical Engineering with High Honors 1999,    Working at Royal Oak as a Moderately religious, open to
  Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan        Patent attorney              nationality

                                                                                Age: 25-31
                                                                                Education: at least completed
                                                                                Profession: doesn’t matter
Undergraduate: Denison University – BS Biology                                  Personality: open-minded,
 Study Abroad: American University in Cairo –                                   hardworking, non-judgmental,
                Cairo, Egypt                                                    helpful at home, not cheap but
Graduate: Mercy College – BS Health Sciences,                                   not extravagant!
        MS Physician Assistant Studies                   Physician Assistant    Must be moderate in religion

                                                                                Age between 27-32
                                                                                Height: minimum 5'8
                                                                                Education: minimum bachelors;
                                                                                with a stable career
                                                                                Birth: preferable USA, if not, spent
Currently in her 4th year of medical school (Ross                               most of his life in the US.
 University) doing her clinical rotations in NY;                                Religious Values: Sunni muslim
             graduating in June 2011                           Doctor           Ethnicity: Pakistani
                                                                                    looking for a groom with a
                                                                                    simple and religious family
                                                                                    background. He should be
She is currently in her final year of B.Sc. in Flinders                             professionally qualified and
University in Australia. She finished her high school                               well settled in Australia or
     at Adelaide High School in Australia. She                                      U.S.A. We would prefer the
  memorized 15 paras at the Institute of Islamic        working part time at a bank groom to be between the age
                   Education USA                               in Adelaide          of 26-30

                                                                                  Age Preference: 29 to 34
                                                                                  Height Preference: 5’5’’- 6’0’’
                                                                                  Marital Status: Never married
                                                                                  Looking for a suitable match
                                                                                  who is God fearing, well-
                                                                                  mannered, educated,
                                                                                  intelligent, caring, respectful,
                                                                                  religiously motivated, good
                     MBA in Accounting                                            family values, carrier-oriented,
BS in Health Information Management – University                                  humble and good mix of Deen
               of Illinois at Chicago                                             and Dunya.

                                                                                     Between the ages of 26-29
                                                                                   years, Professional graduate,
                                                                                  Height: 5'6 and up. Must have
                                                                                  a background from Hyderabad,
                                                                                   India. Prefer someone who is
    B. Pharmacy, Shadan Women's College of                                          religious, moderate, and has
                   Pharmacy                                  Pharmacist              balance in deen and duniya

                                                                                  looking for a well-educated
                                                                                  man from a decent family who
                                                                                  is settled in USA (
 BCA, MCA completed her Masters of Computer                                       Citizen/Green card holder/ H1
       Applications and is working now                                            B).

 Currently a 3rd year student at Illinois College of
Optometry, B.A in Psychology UIC, graduated with
                      honors                                                              Suitable Match

                                                                                  Looking for a decent man, who
                                                                                  was born in India (Hyderabad).
                                                                                    Our basic concerns are the
          B.Sc (Microbiology, Chemistry,                                            guy should be honest, easy
       Computer application) Sree Vani Degree
                                                                                     going, and caring. Besides
         College Malakpet, Hyderabad-A.P
                                                                                   personality the guy should be
        (Discontinued due to relocation to US)          Currently Working as         well educated and have a
         Bachelor of Science in Health Information      Pharmacy Technician         decent job, but at the end of
            Management (still in 3rd Year)                                         the day we believe nobody is
              Texas Southern University                      Sams Club                        perfect
      Bachelor of Science – Honours
 Double Major in Biology & Psychology with
                 Distinction                       Clinical Study Coordinator
           University of Toronto                        Clinical Research
 Currently enrolled: Advanced Diploma in              Organization (Cetero       Looking for a good family and
        Biotechnology Technologist                          Research)              educated boy in USA or
  (Research) Program at Seneca College                Mississauga, Ontario                 Canada

                                                                                We are looking for a practicing
                                                                                sunni muslim, good character,
                                                                                   mild nature, 27-33 yr old,
                                                                                  professional or BS degree,
                                                                                working or starting to work, US
     BS degree in electrical Engineering              Currently Working          permanant resident or citizen

                                                                                Age between 29-34. Height at least
                                                                                taller than 5'5". Must be educated
                                                                                with at least a college degree and
                                                                                should be working professional.
Currently working on MBA through Davenport                                      Looking for a moderate muslim who
                                                                                prays, fasts, and goes to the mosque
University, B.S. In Applied Biology from Ferris
                                                                                for prayers. Would prefer Hyderabadi,
               State University                                                 but not a must. Want someone who is
            Certification of completion of Basic   Remarketing Manager at       looking for a best friend, life partner
  Sciences from SHSU School of Medicine            General Motors (Onstar)      who thinks family is very important.

                                                                                Seeking a Hyderabadi Muslim boy
                                                                                in between the ages of 26-32 that
                                                                                is a blend of both cultures with
                                                                                good morals.
                                                                                Preferably someone that has
   Undergraduate degree: Psychology, BA                                         been residing in the United States
         Michigan State University                                              at least the past 10 years.
     Graduate student: Sociology, MA                                            Someone who has earned at least
            DePaul University                         Adjunct Proffessor        a bachelors.

                                                                                looking for a virgin, sunni
                                                                                muslim family oriented boy
                                                                                from a descent & respectable
                                                                                family. The qualifications we
                      BA                                                        are looking for are Engineer,
             University of Houston                                              Doctor, Dental Doctor
                                                                                 My partner would have to be
                                                                                 respectful, kind and understanding.
                                                                                 We should try to understand and
                                                                                 accept each other, and always be able
                                                                                 to trust each other completely. I would
                                                                                 love to be with someone with a good
                                                      Financial Aid Officer,     sense of humor, who enjoys going out,
  Bachelors degree in Information Technology,        Esthetician and Makeup      seeing different places, and spending
       Esthetician.(Skin Care Specialist)                      Artist            time doing lots of different things.

Third Year Medical. Doing Rotations at Mt. Sainai
              Hospital, Chicago,
 B. Tech. Honors Trinity Christian College New
                     Delhi                                                                 Suitable Match

    Pursuing a Master of Science degree in
Communication - North Carolina State University
(Expected graduation: August 2012). Graduate
 Certificate in Non-profit Management - North
    Carolina State University (Raleigh, USA).
 Bachelor of Business Administration - Modern
College of Business & Science (Muscat, Oman).                                              Suitable Match

                                                                                 Age - 30-32
                                                                                 Complexion - Fair
                                                                                 Height - 5'7 - 6'0
                                                                                 Education: University Graduate
                                                                                 Looking for a moderately
   :- Graduate from Ryerson University (Bsc),                                    Sunni muslim family either
       currently studying Radiation Therapy                                      from Canada

                                                                              Age - 28-31
                                                                              Complexion - Fair
                                                                              Height - 5'7 - 6'0
 :- Graduate from Seneca @ York (Digital Media                                Education: University Graduate
              Technical Production).                                          Looking for a moderately
       Currently enrolled in Human Resources          Manager of Customer     Sunni muslim family either
    Management from George Brown College             Service, TD Canada Trust from Canada or States.

High school: College Prepatory School of America
       Under gaduate: Benidectine University
  Medical school: Midwestern University, finishing                               Looking for Doctor, Deendaar,
                    3rd year                                   MD                       family oriented

  The University of Tennessee College of Law
 Knoxville, Tennessee J.D. Received May 2008         working as an attorney at
      Emory University Atlanta, Georgia                 Legal Aid of East
             B.A. English May 2005                         Tennessee                       Suitable Match
                                                                                 someone whole lives in
                                                                                 Houston,TX or Texas, with
                                                                                 educated background and
                                                                                 muslim frm Pakistan with legal
                                                                                 resident status.
                                                                                 Age:25 - 30
                                                                                 Ht: 5'5 above
                                                                                 Profession: BS or MS
                                                                                 Personal Preferences: Born
                                                                                 or raised in Karachi, Pakistan
                                                                                 with a nice and educated
                  Undergraduate                        Student & Part time job   family background

 Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public
Health - MPH, Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health
        Studies Johns Hopkins University
                  Baltimore, MD                                                          Suitable Match

                                                                                 someone to be born here or at
                                                                                  least raised here, educated,
                                                                                  and job title can be anything.
Currently pursuing MS in Social Work from                                         No specific height is required
Northeastern University, BS in Social Work from         Part time Pre-school     as long as the person is taller
Northeastern Illinois University                               Teacher                       than me.

                                                                                 Age: 31-36, Ht-5'5" n above
Currently doing masters in health administrations,                               Sunni Muslim, Bachelors
bachlors in finance and worked for the citi bank for   Working at the medical    Degree, if not higher.Family
                  couple of years                             center             Oriented.

               Studying psychology                     Working at the law firm           Suitable Match

                                                                                 Age: 24-28
                                                                                 Status: Citizen, Green Card
                                                                                 and H-1
                                                                                 Education: M.S., Doctor,
Bachelors in Business Administration – Accounting                                Height: Doesn’t Matter

   MBA in Public Health at Davenport University
    (online program); expected graduation in
    December 2013, Bachelor of Science at
      Benedictine University, Honors 2006                                        1. Practicing Sunni Muslim
      3rd year medical school student; expected                                  2. Medical Doctorate
             graduation in May, 2012                                             3. Good family background

                                                                                 Practicing Muslim, Highly
                                                                                 educated (Physician, PhD,
   Beginning residency in July 2011 in Chicago,                                  Dentist,
            Fourth yr medical student                                            etc), good family background
                                                                                 Looking for someone in his
                                                                                30's, well-educated, relgious,
                                                                                professional, and tall, Sunni-
  B.S. from Indiana University at Bloomington.                                   Muslim of Indo-Pak origin.
  Majors: Political Science, Islamic Studies, and                                       Specifically, a
   History. Masters in International Relations                                  Phd,MD,JD,MBA, etc. A well
  Pursuing a Ph.D in Public Affairs and Political    Works with the Indiana        cultured, traveled, and
Communication. Interested in and has worked with      Governor's office and    balanced individual. Preferably
        NGOs dealing with human rights              teaches at area colleges           American raised

         University of Illinois at Chicago
               Doctor of Medicine
            To be awarded May 2013
         University of Illinois at Chicago
      Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering
           Minor in Biological Sciences                                          looking for a boy who has a
                   May 9, 2009                                                    masters degree, doctor or
    Graduated Summa Cum Laude with Honors                                      engineer. Must be from a good
                   (GPA: 4.0)                                                               family

                                                                                Looking for 25-30 year old Sunni
                                                                                    Muslim, US citizen whose
                                                                               parental background from India or
                                                                               Pakistan. Senior medical students
                                                                               in US medical schools, residents,
                                                                               or fellows with good moral values,
                                                                                 are preferred. He should be a
                                                                                  practicing Muslim with family
                                                                                   values. No drinking and no
            3rd year MD student, US                                                          smoking

                                                                                  looking for a groom with
                                                                                Hyderabadi background age
                                                                                 25-28 . Never married. He
                                                                               must be at least 5'7" or above
                                                                                   in height. In respects to
                                                                                     education, we prefer
                                                                                completion of bachelors or
                                                                                 masters in any field. Along
  • Bachelors in Political Science at Benedictine                                 with that, a stable job is
         University, Lisle, IL: May 2011                                                recommended

                                                                               looking for a boy between the
                                                                               age of 24-26 years of age, 5'9"-
                                                                                    6'0" Height, Masters in
                                                                                Information technology, with
                                                                                  religious and moral values
                                                                                 coming from a respectable
Undergraduate in Accounting (2nd Year completed)                                             family
    BS from Hunter College, Sociology Major.
   Further Education: Aspiring to do Masters in                                    Professionals between ages
              Integrated Marketing                                                 27-31, similar background

                                                                                   Educated professional who at
                                                                                   the minimum prays and fasts,
                                                                                   and preferably born and
                       MD                                    Physician             raised in U.S. or Canada.

                                                                             looking for a person who is
                                                                             professional with a good
                                                                             education and family
                                                     Own Pratice on Michigan background who is in his late
                 Internal Medicine                             Ave           thirties or forties

currently doing her Phd in Comparitive Religion at                                 We are looking for an
 Rice University in Houston, expected completion                                   intellectual minded partner for
                   2011 summer                                                     her so they can be compatible

                                                                                   looking for a religious minded
                                                                                   partner for her,she will prefer
                                                                                     someone who is a devout
                                                                                   muslim who has incorporated
   MS in public health 2yrs ago from USC [ LA]                                        Deen in his everyday life

Final tear Residency in Internal Medicine at Rush in Undergrad: University of
chicago, Undergrad: University of Illinois at Urbana-     Illinois at Urbana-
                    Champagn                          Champagn Medical School:       Professional: Doctor, good
      Medical School: Michigan State University        Michigan State University    family, Born n Raised in US

                                                                                   Good looking fair,
                                                                                   Height: 5'-10 plus
                Psychology - BA                       Working at Art Institute     Well educated, Perferably
       Business Administration in Marketing           As Assistant Director of     Doctor, Settled
        From Fullerton University in 1996                  Adminssion              Age: 38 - 43
                                                                              Age: 25 to 28
                                                                              Religion: Sunni Muslim
                                                                              Marital Status: Never Married
                                                                              Height: 5' 7"(167cm) to 6' 0"(182cm)
                                                                              Complexion: Doesn't Matter
                                                                              Residence: USA
                                                                              Education: Bachelors and above
                                                                              Ethnicity: Indian
                                                                              Moderately religious (prays 5 times a
                                                                              day and fasts during ramadan),
                                                                              adventurous, likes the
                                                                              outdoors/traveling, easy going,
                                                                              understanding, cooperative, good
                                                                              sense of humor, fun loving, nature
Pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Pacific                               loving, respect for older people,
   University, Oregon, USA       (Anticipated                                 optimistic, drive to progress in career,
        graduation year 2011; InshAllah)                 Pharmacist           assertive.

                                                                             Age: 35
                                                                             Height: 5'9"
                                                                             Education: Bachelors
                                                                             Ethnicity: Pakistani
                                                                             Nationality: USA
                                                                             Religious Values: Liberal
                                                  Working in Citi Group as a Family Requirements:
                                                   VP- Operational Risk      Eduacated family, not too
Graduated from Rutgers University in Economics.    Reporting & Analytics     conservative, not too liberal.

                                                                              born or raised in US sunni muslim
                                                                              preferably or atleast been in US
                                                                              for over few years or so. With age
                                                                              group from 25 - 29 and height any
                                                                              where from 5'6 to 6'3
                                                                              Education: A Bachelors or
                                                                              Masters in any field of
                                                                              engineering like IT, software, Elec
                                                                              Eng, Software, Mechanical, Civil,
                                                                              Chemical engineer, or masters in
                                                                              Finance(finance professional),
                                                                              Bachelors in law, PA,
                                                                              Pharmacyst, Doctor.
                                                                              Color: fair, wheatish, slim to
 Pursuing Bachelors in Civil Engineering at UTA                               atheletic built.
                                                                                looking a match for my
                                                                                daughter, who is either a
                                                                                practicing doctor, Pharmacist,
                                                                                PhD, attorney, or MBA/Masters
                                                                                from America. Owing to the
                                                                                nature of her contract, it is
                                                                                difficult for her to move to any
                                                                                other place in the short term.
                                                    She is an otolaryngologist So we are looking for
   Finished her medical degree from Aga Khan       (Ear, nose & throat doctor). somebody who lives in
University in Karachi. She completed her residency She is working in Houston Houston area or is willing to
            in otolaryngology in Arkansas.                    area.             relocate.

                                                                                  Practicing Muslim with good
                                                                                 character, eager to learn about
                                                                                   Islam, importance of family,
                                                                                    atleast a Master's degree,
                                                                                  stable profession, motivated,
       • Masters degree in education                                                raised in the USA, with an
       • Bachelor’s degree in political science               Teacher                 easy-going personality

                                                                                   Age between 33 to 38, Ht
                                                                                  above 5ft 6ins, Professional
       Masters in Arts                                        Teacher               preferably with Masters

      Mayo Clinic - Breast Oncology fellowship
                     Rochester, MN
      University of Illinois – Surgery Residency
                       Chicago, IL
Rush Medical College, earned M.D.          Chicago, IL
 Illinois Institute of Technology - B.S. in Chemical
                Engineering Chicago, IL                      Physician                   Suitable Match

                                                                                 Looking for strong family and
                                                                                    Islamic values, sense of
   Doing medical internship in Long Island, NY,
    Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. B.A                                      humor, is very intelligent,
       Economics and Political Institutions                                        adventurous and loves to
    Medical School: GA-PCOM, Atlanta, GA                        MD                     travel, Professional
                                                                          The prospective can either be
                                                                            born in the United States or
                                                                           come to the United States as
                                                                          a child. The boy should be 28
                                                                           years old or younger. Height
                                                                          must be at least 5'8 and over.
                                                                          The guy can be an engineer or
 Accounting major, will be graduating may 2012                                have a masters degree

                                                                          Age: 24-28
                                                                          Height: 5'8" and upbove
                                                                          Education: atleast bachelors
                                                                          Ethnicity: Doesn't matter
                                                                          Nationality: US Citizen
                                                                          Religious Values: Practicing
                                                                          Muslim wanting to further his
                                                                          knowledge and deen
BS in Radiologic Sciences with a concentration in     Nuclear Medicine    Family Requirements:
               Nuclear Medicine.                        Technologist      Practicing Islam

Biomedical engineer from GA Tech. Starting 1st yr                           ages of 24-28yrs of age, in
           medical school in aug 2011                                       medical school or resident

                                                                            looking for someone in the
                                                                             age group of 30-36 years,
                                                                          based in the U.S. A doctor or
                                                                          someone who is has a strong
 • B.S.B.A (Finance) from American University in
                  Washington D.C,                                         professional background and
 • Currently finishing her M.B.A from University of                       is doing well financially is our
         Strathclyde, U.K (Oman Center)                                            requirement

                                                                          Age: 27-32
                                                                          Height: >5' 2"
                                                                          Education: MD
   Undergraduate –BS in Health Science from                               Ethnicity: Indian
         Benedictine University in Lisle Il                               Nationality: US Citizen
  Post graduate – Medical college of Wisconsin                            Religious Values: Practicing
                  (2007-2011)                                             Suni Muslim
   Residency – Southern Illinois University in                            Family Requirements: Indian-
                   Radiology                              Physician       Pakistani Suni Muslim

                                                                            The guy should be over the
                                                                           age of 39, practicing muslim,
                                                                             someone who respects
                                                                           women and can be a muslim
       Graduate in business administration            Currently Working            of any race.
General Practice Dental Residency –Northwestern                               Looking for somebody born n
               University Hospital.                                           raised here n preferably
  Doctor of Dental Surgery – Indiana University.    Doctor of Dental Surgery. professional better if already
 Master of Science, Biology – Purdue University.     Currently working as an religious but atleast should
  Bachelor of Science, Human Communication           associate dentist in the have potential for being
      Sciences – Northwestern University.                 Chicago area        namazi if not other things

                                                                                          Age: 28 - 32
                                                                                     Height: 5 7 or above
                                                                                Education: Master / medical /
                                                                                  IT or any other profession
                                                                                 working and ready to settle
                                                                                   Ethnicity: India pakistan
                                                                                Nationality: US citizen / green
                                                                                card holder with USA college
                                                                                  education with open mind
                                                                               Religious Values: Mod prayers/
                                                                                 fast does not drink socially
                                                                                Family Requirements: India /
                                                                               pakistan/ or family of any origin
                                                                               settled in USA Who is willing to
  Parm D + 1 yr residency Anticougulant clinical                                   keep our kids lead their
         pharmacist in Illinois Hospital                  Pharmacist             married life together in USA

                                                                               Sunni Muslim
                                                                               Age: 29-38
                                                                               Ht:5'6" - 6'0"
                                                                               Profession any atleast a
                                                                               bachelors degree.
                                                                               Personal Preferences:
                                                                               educated professional,
                                                                               preferrably from Pakistan living
       B.S. Computer Information Systems                                       in US, Canada or Pakistan.

Cornell graduated. upstate medical school and now                              Looking for M.D. from USA of
        started fellowship in neuro.radiology                                        any background

                                                                               Boy's Age should be 30 to 35,
                                                                               5.10" to 6", Preferably
                                                                               Doctor, CPA, Lawyer,
                                                                               Presentable, following religious
                                                                               and family values, open
                                                                               minded. never married nor
 completed residency from Chicago. MBBS from                                   divorced, No smoking , No
    Lahore King Edward University Pakistan                   Doctor            drinking.
                                                                                  We are searching for a good,
                                                                                 decent and educated guy with
                                                                                   a professional degree (like
                                                                                 engineering, law, medicine or
                                                                                 masters degree), good family
                                                                                 background of not more than
                                                                                         40 years of age

                                                                                 Age 30 - 32.
                                                                                 Ht: above 5 Ft 8 in,
                                                                                 Profession: Preferably Medical
   BS from SMU College, Dallas, TX, with double                                  Doctor --- MD Personal
  Major --- Honor student.                   DO                                  Preferences: Practicing
from Touro University, Nevada,       completed first                             Muslim, should be born &
 year of "Residency in OB Gyn" at Oklahoma State                                 educated at USA, USA Citizen,
              University at Tulsa, OH                           Doctor           Handsome, charming & active

                                                                                 Looking for someone who is practical,
                                                                                     family-oriented and a practicing
                                                                                      Muslim. Someone that is well
                                                                                  educated from a reputable university
                                                                                  with a graduate degree or higher. We
                                                                                   prefer someone that was born and
                                                                                 raised in the US . We are interested in
                                                                                 a mature outgoing person that is ready
                                                                                  to start a new phase of life. Religion
                                                                                     and community service play an
                                                                                   important role in our family values.
    Marquette University MBA (Milwaukee WI)
  Marquette University B.B.S.– 2007 Finance, Int.       Working for M&I Wealth    Respect for elders, work life balance,
                                                                                     high moral standards, equitable
              Business and Spanish                      Management as an IMC       husband and wife relationship and
    University School of Milwaukee HS– 2003                     analyst                   honesty all are a must.

University of Illinois at Chicago, Biology B.S degree
                          2004.                                                    Preferable age 27-32 Years
 - University of Illinois at Chicago, Medical degree                                and 5’ 8” to 6’ feet and a
                          2009.                                                      professional Physician,
- Studied Arabic for 6 months: American University                                   Dentist, or Lawyer and
                         in Cairo                             Physician                     Religious
                                                                                      A practicing Muslim (25-29
                                                                                      y/o), with good character
                                                                                      (sincerity and
                                                                                      Compassion). Someone who
 Undergrad: Loyola University, Major: International                                   has the desire to expand upon
                     Studies                                                          their knowledge, so that
     Minors: Literatures in Translation; Asian                                        together they may become
           Languages and Literatures                                                  better people. Someone who
            B.A degree awarded 2006                                                   values family, is a joy to be
   Medical School: Windsor University, medical                                        around and is educated with a
        degree to be awarded 2011-2012                               MD               professional degree inshAllah

 She has a B.A degree in fine arts from Pakistan.          working at a law firm at
  She has a Diploma in Acounting, from Canada                Edminton Canada                  Suitable Match

                                                                                       30-35 years old, masters or
                                                                                        above in education, doctor
                                                                                        preferred but not required.
                                                                                       Height 5'10" or taller. Clean
                                                                                        shaven, moderate religious
                                                                                         values- prays and fasts.
                                                                                             Keeps halal, no
                                                                                       smoking/drinking. Preferably
             Third year surgical resident                         Physician             born and raised in the U.S

  St. Francis Hospital Medical Resident (Internal
   Medicine - final year-finished in July 2011) in                                      Looking for educated and
                 Evanston, Illinois                               Physician                broadmind person

                                                              Customer Service
                                                               Representative,        we are looking for a match with
                                                                 Scotia Bank          Deen, family and character as
     Post diploma in Marketing Administration              Toronto, Ontario Canada            the core values

                                                                                      we are looking for a match with
            Registered Dental Hygienist                                               Deen, family and character as
                 (Canadian Forces)                                                            the core values

Currently enrolled in 3rd year of Medical School at Nova
    Southeastern University College of Osteopathic
     Medicine (D.O.) Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  (Expected graduation date – May 2012 Insha Allah)
   Completed B.S. in Biology with Honors with double
                                                                                          Looking for a partner in
      minors in Chemistry and Psychology at Nova                                          medical, dental, either
 Southeastern University Farquhar College of Arts and                                 student or professional, 23-29
  Sciences, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA (May 2008)
                                                                                           years of age, Indian or
Lake Highland Preparatory School, Orlando FL – Honors
Student, Merit Studies Program, National Honor Society                                  Pakistani. Preferably family
                  Graduate (May 2004)                                                  oriented with islamic values
                                                                               Looking for a suitable alliance
                                                                               with an educated young man
     B.S. 2nd year at Benedictine University                                   and good family background.

                                                                               Looking for a sunni boy who
                                                                               supports Hijab and practices
                                                                               Islamic Values
                                                                               Age range: 23-29
                                                                               Height range: 5’-8” and above
                                                                               Education: Professional
                                                    Medical Lab Scientist,     Occupation: Any
B.S Medical Technology from TWU Denton, Texas      Texas Children Hospital,    Country: Urdu background
                    (2011)                                Houston              Nationality: USA

                                                                               23 to 26 Yrs, 5'10" and above,
                                                                                  Religious and Educated
 Third Year College – Doctor of Pharmacy (6 Yr                                 Family. Professional Education
          Program) MCPHS - Boston                                                      & raised in US.

                                                                                 Looking for Proffessionals,
                                                                               Pakistani Punjabi background,
                                                                               raised in US, religious, family
                   Physician                                                              oriented

                                                                               Prefer those born and raised in
                                                                                US Age up to 36yrs, should
 Graduate student at University of Pennsylvania            Student                 have Master's Degree

                                                                               Prefer those born and raised in
                                                   Working as Journalist for    US Age up to 30yrs, should
  Graduate student at Johns Hopkins University             the UN                  have Master's Degree

                                                                               MY PREFERENCE IS OF
                                                                               DOCTORS, M.S(ENGINEERS
                                                                               WITH MASTERS DEGREE)
                                                                               VISA PREFERENCE IS FOR
                                                                               THOSE WITH H1,PERMANENT
                                                                               RESIDENCY ,OR CITIZENSHIP.
                                                                               WE ARE MAINLY LOOKING FOR
Completing her Internship in Oct 2012, MBBS from                               PEOPLE FROM
            Deccan Medical College                                             HYDERABAD,INDIA.
                                                                                Well educated professional
                                                                               who is family oriented and fun,
                                                                                moderately religious, with a
                                                                                 good sense of deen and
     Bachelor of Science in MIS (Management           Finance working for       duniya. Prefer those born or
    Information Systems) - University of Texas        Telecom company                 raised in the US.

 University of Wisconsin - Madison Double Major:      Financial Counselor -
        B.A. in Political Science & History            Aurora Health Care              Suitable Match

                                                                              Age: 35-39 years old
                                                                              Height: 5'9 to 6'1
                                                                              Profession: Educated
                                                                              (Masters, MBA, PhD,
University of Phoenix (MBA/PA/HCM/HR) - Masters                               Pharmacist,Engineer, etc..)
in Business Administration with emphasis on Public                            Personal Preference: Looking
    Administration & HealthCare Management &                                  for someone who is educated,
   Human Resources. Currently working at Prime                                moderatley religious, open
    Health Group with Healthcare Management.       Currently working at Prime minded,family oriented, and
        University of Phoenix (B.S. Business           Health Group with      feels communication is
                   Administration)                  Healthcare Management important in the marriage.

                                                                                  Looking for a professional
                                                                                    young man with good
                                                    Suntrust Bank– Assistant     education, Indian /Pakistani
                                                    Bank Manager, Baltimore,    ethnicity raised and educated
BS in Anthropology & Business; Towson University           Maryland              in USA, between 25-30 yrs.

                                                                               Looking for someone age 28-
                                                                               33 in the tristate area (NJ, NY,
                                                                               CT, PA). Height 5'9 and up.
                                                                               Professional career. Someone
                                                                               who has both deen and
                                                                               duniya, respectful and nice
                                                                               personality. Born or raised
                B.A in Psychology                      Teacher Assistant       here in US

Fellow in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at                                 Age: 31 to 35 yrs / Never
       the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI                                        Married Before / Highly
  Completed three years Residency in Internal                                  Educated; Resides in the U.S.;
Medicine from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit,                                    Muslim (Moderate);
 MI on June 30, 2011, Completed Post Doctoral                                  Passionate about his career as
  Programs in Cardiovascular Disease, Internal                                     well as eventual family;
Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the Harvard                                   Values: ambition, culture,
 Medical SchoolMayo Clinic and the Dartmouth-                                  family, honesty, extremely high
            Hitchcock Medical Center                       Physician           moral values, and good humor
                                                                                      Looking for somebody with
Pursuing MS in international affairs/middle eastern       Currently working for a    similar values (Islam, family,
studies at University of Wisconsin, graduated from        refugee resettlement      etc.), settled (or on the path to
    Marquette University in political science and          agency as a student      being settled), and compatible
 international affairs, and studied 2 years in Egypt.          coordinator                 with her personality

                                                                                    Age – upto 26yrs,
            of B.S., Graduating 2013                                                Height – 5’8” n above
     Oakland University, Rochester Hills, MI                                        Personal Preferences –
     Major: Health Sciences Minor: Business                                         religious and social

                                                                                    Looking for someone who is
                                                                                    currently residing in US,
                                                                                    preferably a US citizen or a
   BS Business Administration in Supply Chain                                       Green-card holder or applied
                 Management,                              Currently working for     for it/in-process
  Penn State University, University Park, PA, Dec          NAVAIR -Logistics        25-30 years, Minimum
                      2009                               Management Specialist; Bachelors degree, Currently
 High School, American Intl. School-Riyadh, Saudi       Naval Air Station, Patuxent working or studying for an
                  Arabia, 2005                                  River, MD           advanced degree in US.

                                                                                    1) Religious and Respectful
                                                                                    2) BE MS or higher
                                                                                    3) US Citizen or Immigrant
                                                                                    4) Height - 5'8" to 6'2"
B.E Computer Science, D.C.E.T., Hyderabad, India                                    5) Age - 25 to 29 years

                                                                                    Ht-5'6 and higher
                                                                                    Profession-Well Educated and
                                                                                    nice family background
                                                                                    Should be in America or ready
             MBA(HR), BsC Nutrition                                                 to settle here.

                                                                                             Age: 27-33
                                                                                           Height: 5'8-6'1
                                                                                         Education: Doctor
                                                                                           Ethnicity: Indian
 Currently applying for Residency in US,PASSED                                      Nationality: Indian/US citizen
 ALL 3 USMLE STEPS WITH GOOD SCORES,                                                  Religious Values: Strong
  M.B.B.S-DECCAN COLLEGE OF MEDICAL                                                 Family Requirements: Decent
                    SCIENCES                                    Physician               Hyderabadi Family.
                                                                                     Medical student or in
                                                                                residency, preferably who was
                                                                                  raised in USA and educated
                                                                                  here in USA or in Caribbean
       3rd yr Medical student, NYCOM, NY                       MD                between the age of 24 & 27.

                                                                                Age: 33-39,
                                                                                Physician, non-drinking,
Completing Residency (physician), MD completed                                  moderate muslim, raised in
                   in USA                                   Physician           USA

                                                                                Age –around 35yrs
                                                                                Ht- average
                                                                                Profession – Bachelors Degree
                                                                                Personal Preferences –should
                                                                                be good practicing and
                                                                                implementing muslim
       Bachelors in Biology/Bio-chemistry               Research Assistant      And honest.

                                                                                Looking for who is moderately
                                                                                religious, has a down to earth
                                                                                personality, knows his cultural
                                                                                values, and has a sense of
                                                                                humor. We also prefer
                                                      Currently working as an   someone who is urdu speaking
                                                         ABA Therapist at a     and is from Pakistan. We are
                                                      reputable company near    looking for someone around
                BA in Psychology                           Naperville, IL.      the ages of 24-27.

B.S.C from Karachi University (Geological Sciences)
  •Third year student of B.S program (Biological                                  Looking for Educated with
 Science) at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI,                                  good family background,
        USA------ (plan to go medical school).                                          proffessional

                                                                                Looking for Sunni Muslim from
                                                                                India or Pakistan. Between the
                                                                                age of 30 and 35.
                                                                                Professional, minimum
                                                        Economist, Canada       bachelors degree.
                                                         Revenue Agency         Height 5'8 or taller. Canadian
          Honors Degree in Economics                    (Government Job)        or American Citizen.
     Double Major: Bachelors in Biology and
      Sociology,Minor in Women's Studies                 Dillions Pharmacy
              Pharmacy tech. Certified                  SAM'S Club Pharmacy              Suitable Match

1st Year resident at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chicago
  Graduated from University of Illinois School of
               Medicine, Peoria, IL.                         Physician                   Suitable Match

Freshman at Tulane University School of Law, New
 Undergraduate degree from Marquette University,
                  Milwaukee, WI
  Majors: International Affairs & Political Science
  (Honors Program, Pre-Law Scholars Program)                  Lawyer                     Suitable Match

                                                                                 Looking for well educated and
                                                       Currently working in a    should have a good family
          MBA (Marketing) from Szabist                 Multinational agency      background/moral values.

                                                                                  Looking for 30 to 35 that has
                                                                                   been raised in US or been
                                                       Currently working as an   here for a sometime. At least
                                                         Business Analyst at     Masters degree from a decent
                                                      Speedway SuperAmerica         family and should have a
Graduated from Miami University, Oxford Ohio with      LLC Corporate Office in   sense of humor, outgoing and
    Economics and Classical Studies major.                      Enon                     family oriented.

   B-Pharmacy - Diploma in Clinical Research                                             Suitable Match

                                                                                 Looking for a Sunni, religious,
                                                                                 professional(or studying in
                                                                                 field) , who is fun, family
                                                                                 oriented, who has a balance of
                                                                                 deen and duniya. Preferable
               1st year Law Student                         pursuing J.D         age between 22-27
                                                    2-6 year elder than girl who is born in
                                                     1992. US or Canadian citizen/work
                                                        pass who has visited or lived in
                                                         Pakistan at some point. Urdu
                                                       speaking Sunni. Preferably done
                                                         Masters but Bachelors is fine.
                                                       Moderately Religious. Strictly no
                                                   drinking. Must have a good education,
                                                     Charming, intelligent, able to speak
                                                         Urdu. Must be close to ethnic
                                                     Pakistani roots despite being raised
                                                   abroad. No past serious relationships.
                                                      The girl is able to read, write and
                                                    speak Urdu well, attractive, has been
                                                         raised well and is close to her
                                                   Pakistani and Muslim culture and thus
                                                   her partner must be similar. Visits US
                                                   and Canada yearly as extended family
                                                    including grandparents reside there.
                                                   May plan to do Masters in USA in the
                                                   near future. A partner who is balanced
O levels, A levels and now pursuing Bachelors in      in deen and duniya is a must and
 Communications and Arts from local university      should also be decent and ambitious

                                                   We just want someone who is
                                                   moderately educated, simple
        School teacher, now house wife                   and God-fearing.

                                                   Age: 22-27
                                                   Height: 5'7-5'10
                                                   Education: bachelor or
                                                   Ethnicity: Indian
                                                   Nationality: Indian
                                                   Religious Values:
Pursuing Bachelors Degree in Consumer family       good/moderate
 finance and specializing in Human Resources       Family Requirements: sunni
    Management from Ohio State University          muslim, Moderately religious
                                                                                          Age 25 to 28 years
                                                                                            - Height suitable
                                                                                    - Practicing Sunni Muslim (with
                                                                                               true Aqaaid)
                                                                                     - Qualified professional in any
                                                                                  - Canadian working in Canada or
                                                                                 Middle East with good family back
                                                                                    ground from Hyderabad, India.
                                                                                 - Or Hyderabadi working in Middle
                                                                                       East & U.S.A interested in
        B.Sc Hons. University of Toronto                                                 migrating to Canada.

   Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Political                                 We are looking for Age: 26-28
        Science from DePaul University                                           Education: Masters

                                                                                 Age – 25-31 years
                                                                                   Height - 5 '5 inches or taller
                                                                                   Religion - Sunni Muslim
                                                                                   Education - M.S. or B.S.
                                                                                   Citizenship - U.S. citizen.
     M.S. in Biotechnology, B.S. in Biomedical                                     Preferably someone who
                    Engineering                       Biomedical Engineer        grew up in the U.S.

                                                                                  Professionals from nice
                                                                                 background, age
 Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (Graduated in 2002)         Clinical Pharmacist       maybe same or a few years
                        DrakeUniversity(6-year                                   older and preferably born and
      Pharm-D Program after high school )                   Chicago,IL           raised in this country

Bachelor of Art in Economics – Barnard College –
Columbia University, New York, New York, USA

Masters of Arts in Economics – London School of    Analyst in a financial firm
Economics (LSE), London,                           Morgan Stanley at the
England                                            London Office.                             Suitable
                                                                                   Looking for a professional
                                                                                 career orientated guy,finanace
                                                                                    or health related jobs are
                                                                                   preferred but will consider
                                                                                  others professionals as well.
                                                                                    Looking a confident and
                                                                                 outgoing person. Respects our
BS in bussiness with the honours in Finance from      Currently working in the    culture and muslims beliefs
University of Ottawa in 2006, MS in international      Ottawa Hospital as a       but not very strict, on modest
 /global management from Queens University in         bussiness analyst for a        side. Educated in North
              Kingston ONT in 2010                          senior VP                 America is prefferred

                                                                                 age: 25-30
                                                                                 Height: 5'7" and above
                                                                                 Profession: professional:
                                                                                 doctor, lawyer, pharmacist
                                                                                 Would like him to have a good
                                                                                 balance of Deen and Duniya.
 graduating with optometry degree in May. Eye                                    Good akhlaq/adab. religious,
                  doctor, MD                                                     outgoing, with a sense of
Optometry school; last year, currently in rotations         Optometrist          humor, respectful.

                                                                                 Age: 27-30
                                                                                 Height: 5' 8+
                                                                                 Education: Medical,
                                                                                 Pharmacist, Engineer, MS,
                                                                                 Dentist, Surgeon
                                                                                 Ethnicity: Indian
                                                                                 Nationality: United States
                                                                                 Religious Values: Islamic
                                                                                 Family Requirements: Indian
                                                                                 Background No Smoking /
                                                                                 Drinking Respecting of elders
                                                                                 and younger Follows Islamic
            B.S., Biological Sciences                                            rules Residence of Chicago, IL
    (Acquired basic Islamic knowledge at MCC                                     U.S. Citizen or H1/ student
         Sunday School, Chicago, IL)                                             visa 8+ years in US
                                                                                    In terms of foundational things
                                                                                   that are important to me is that I
                                                                                     would want a man that has a
                                                                                     good sense for his deen and
                                                                                    someone that I can really grow
                                                                                     with mentally and spiritually.
                                                                                 When I think of a spouse I think of
                                                                                 someone that could get along with
                                                                                 my family. In terms of age range,
                                                                                 I am 27 right now, so anyone from
                                                                                      27 to 32 with a masters and
                                                                                  currently residing in the US. I am
                                                                                     hyderabadi, but I am open to
                                                                                    other cultures. I want someone
                                                                                    that will bring happiness to my
                                                                                   heart and be the coolness to my
                                                                                        eyes. Everything else is
   • Currently pursuing master in Educational                                    secondary, the happiness felt in a
Management with a certification in Principalship.                                   heart are the things that we as
• Graduated from University of Houston in 2008         Currently working at a       Muslims are told to look for in a
(History with teacher’s certification and minor in   public high school teaching spouse such as his deen, and his
            Business Administration)                         10th grade.                          family.

                                                                                   We are looking for a suitable
                                                                                   candidate who is currently in
                                                                                   grad school, has finished grad
                                                                                   (preferably medical or
                                                                                   engineering) or is working. He
                                                                                   must be a sunni muslim
                                                                                   preferably with a
                                                                                   hyderabadi family background.
                                                                                   We are looking for a match
   Pharmacy Student PharmD Class of 2013                                           between 25 and 29 years old.
                                                                                   He must be a family oriented
Bachelors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology                                    person who balances his life in
                 Class of 2009                                 PharmD              both deen and duniya.
                                                                age requirement will be 2-5 years
                                                                difference, i.e. 26-29 years. Ht is
                                                                 preferable to be atleast 5'5" and
                                                                   above. Profession would be
                                                                   anything professional, with a
                                                                    Master's Degree would be
                                                                 preferable. Personal Preference
                                                                  would be an American born, or
                                                                unless he moved here at a young
                                                                age, for instance, when he was in
                                                                   Elementary school would be
                                                                 acceptable. He should be good
                                                                 natured and come from a Sunni
                                                                  family like myself, and have a
           Bachelor's in Human Nutrition                               medium viewpoints

                                                                our preferences
                                                                are that the boy should be in
                                                                Canada or US and should be
           Diploma in Graphic Designing                         sunni muslim

   • Currently, 3rd year MD student at the University of
           Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.
• Graduated from the University of Houston in May 2008
  with a Bachelors of Science in Biology & Economics.
• Worked as a tutor for the UH Challenger program and
  then as an MCAT instructor for the Princeton Review.
    • Took a year off after graduating from college and
      worked in a lab performing evolutionary biology
                          research.                        MD

 BA in Political Science/Criminal Justice ( Arcadia
              University, United States)

                                                                Age -24-29 Height: 5'9" - 6'
  B.S. in Biological Sciences from UIC - Chicago                Status: Citizen

                                                                Pakistani/Sunni - Muslim
                                                                -Professional Education - from
                                                                U.S. (preferably)
                                                                -Strong values for religion
                                                                -Family oriented
    BS in sociology from university of Maryland                 -Age: between (24-28)
                                                                            Must be religious minded and
                                                                            have a balance between the
                                                                            Deen and Duniya.
                                                                            23 – 27 years of age.
                                                                            Must have university
                                                                            Pakistani background
                                                                            Someone who looks good,
                                                                            respectful to elders, strong
 5th year English and Religious Studies Major,                              family values, hardworking
             Minor in Psychology                                            and humble.

Undergrad: Benedictine University (Lisle, IL), B.S.
              in Biology (2009)
 Graduate Education: Midwestern University            Osteopathic Medical      Pious, honest, educated,
     (Downers Grove, IL) (2009-present)                Student (3rd year)          family-oriented

                                                                            looking for a educated boy
  Undergraduate: Loyola University Chicago ,                                from a educated and moderate
Accounting and Human Resource management                                    practicing muslim family
                double major                                                not limited to professionals

                                                                             Age - 25 to 29yrs, Ht - 5'10,
                                                                            Hyderabadi,looking for similar
                                                                             values in her spouse: God
                                                                               family orientated, hard
  Completed medical school in India, currently                               working, w/ good morals &
          completing her internship                                                    values.

                                                                              We are searching for someone
                                                                              who is well-educated and well-
                                                                              mannered. The most important
                                                                             thing is he should have a caring
                                                                            nature and a good sense of Islam.
                                                                              We prefer someone from India
                                                                            more specifically from Hyderabad
                                                                              who is currently living in United
                                                                                States. We are looking for a
  Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) from Texas                                     practicing Medical professional
                                                                             (Pharmacist, Nurse Practitioner,
  Southern University College of Pharmacy,
                                                                             or Physician Assistant, etc) or an
Houston, TX, USA - anticipated graduation April                              engineer who has completed his
                     2014                                  Pharm D                Master’s degree in USA
Pharm.D. University of Florida College of Pharmacy
                  Class of 2010                             Pharm D             Looking for Doctors

                                                                            Someone who is constantly
                                                                             applying his deen to every
                                                                           aspect of his life and is willing
                                                                          to improve himself regularly by
                                                                            striving to become a better
                                                                              Muslim by following the
                                                                          Prophet Muhammad (S) as his
                                                                           role model. Prefer someone
   Doctor of Pharmacy at University of Illinois at                         who values education, family,
          Chicago College of Pharmacy                       Pharm D                   and deen

 Applying for PhD in IVY league Universities. She
studied classics at Wellesley College and Islamic
   Studies at Cambridge University. She briefly
   studied arabic in Cairo, Egypt. To further her
arabic studies, She attended the Qasid Institute in
 Jordan where she learned Arabic grammar and
  obtained her ijaza in Tajweed. She is currently                                Age - 27-32yrs,
  working under Imam Yahya Hendi, chaplain of                                Professional(physicians,
Georgetown University, as an editor of his soon to                         Lawyers, Phd's) good family
                be published works                                                 background

She is currently working on her MS at Georgetown                                 Age - 26-30yrs,
  University. She is planning on applying to Law                             Professional(physicians,
 School. BS from Columbia University. She also                             Lawyers, Phd's) good family
          studied abroad in Cairo, Egypt.                                          background

                                                                                     Age: 29-36
                                                                                 Height: over 5' 5"
                                                                              Education: atleast BS
                                                                          Ethnicity: Hyderabadi preferred
                                                                                  Nationality: any
                                                                             Religious Values: follows
3rd year of residency in Ophthalmology, MD from                                 sunnah and quran
Mayo Medical School Rochester, Minnesota, BS in                            Family Requirements: family
   Biology from University of Texas Austin, TX           Opthalmologist               oriented

                                                                          Doctor or M.S.
                                                                          Family from Hyderabad, India
B.S. in Biology from Benedictine University (Illinois)                    Sunni Muslim
                                                                           # Age: 24-27
                                                                           # Height: 5'8-6'2
                                                                           # Education: Doctor
                                                                           # Ethnicity: Indian/Pakistani
                                                                           # Nationality: Indian/Pakistani
Currently doing Medicine at Midwestern University,                         # Religious Values:
              B.S in Health Science                                        Moderate/Religious

                                                                           Seeking: Sunni, Muslim, Male,
                                                                           Ages 24-28, Highly Educated,
    BS degree in Business Management from                                  Never Married, Born and
            University of California                                       Raised in U.S.

                                                                           # Age: 26-32
                                                                           # Height: 5'8"-6'6"
                                                                           # Education: Masters or above in
                                                                           a professional field.
                                                                           # Ethnicity: Pakistani or Indian
                                                                           # Nationality: US Citizen
                                                                           # Religious Values: Sunni Muslim;
                                                                           Moderate in practicing Islam.
                                                                           # Family Requirements:
                                                                           Professional family background,
                                                                           values education, community
 Masters degree from Northwestern University in                            involvement, open-mindedness,
                  Chicago, IL                                              and outgoing nature.

                                                                           # Age: 30
                                                                           # Height: 5'8
                                                                           # Education: Least have
                                                                           Bachelors , Masters is good too
                                                                           # Ethnicity: Open to pakistani or
                                                                           indian, dont matter as long as the
                                                                           personality matches.
                                                                           # Nationality: pakistani or indian
                                                                           # Religious Values: who does
                                                                           follows basic values, fast and
                                                                           praying, or least try to do his best,
                                                                           if not pray 5 times..
                                                                           # Family Requirements: nice
Bachelors in Business Management from DePaul         Working as a Dental   family who is open minded, and
                   University                            Assistant         moderate
                                                                                   # Age: 27-34
                                                                                   # Height: 5'6 - 6'4
                                                                                   # Education: At least
                                                                                   Bachelor's Degree
                                                                                   # Ethnicity: Indian/Pakistani
                                                                                   # Nationality: Indian/Pakistani
                                                                                   # Religious Values:
 Graduated with B.S. in Accounting from Rutgers                                    Moderate/Traditional
  University Business School in January 2008,         Currently working as Senior # Family Requirements: From
    Passed the CPA Exam (Certified Public             Accountant at Bristol-Myers- an educated and religious
                  Accountant).                                  Squibb             family.

                                                                                   # Age: 22-26
                                                                                   # Height: 5\10 and above
                                                                                   # Education: any proffesional
                                                                                   degree or student
                                                                                   # Ethnicity: pakistani
                                                                                   # Nationality: us\canada
                                                                                   # Religious Values: sunni
    Currently in 3rd year of Undergraduate at                                      # Family Requirements:
      University of Alabama in Huntsville.                                         educated muslim family

                                                                                      Sunni Muslim, educated,
  Graduating from DePaul University June 2012                                      between the ages of 23-28 and
   (Major in Finance and Minor in Accounting)                                             practices Islam

                                                                                   She is looking for preferably a
                                                                                      U.S. raised fellow medical
                                                                                     with a strong level of Iman,
                                                                                     similar interests, a sense of
                                                                                     humor, as well as an open-
                                                                                    minded willingness to accept
                                                                                   her for who she is. Also, she is
   MD student at the Brody School of Medicine in
                                                                                    seeking a man who wants to
      Greenville, NC finishing her third year. She
attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel                                continuously learn and better
Hill for her undergraduate education obtaining a BS                                 himself Islamically along with
          in Biology and a BA in Psychology.                                          her in their lives together

                                                1st grade teacher at MCC            Interested in finding her a boy
MS in Education and BA in Sociology from DePaul Full Time School in Morton            that is 34-37, US born and
                   University                            Grove, IL                  educated, and a good muslim
                                                                              # Age: 34-39
                                                                              # Height: 5'8" - 6'
                                                                              # Education: Bachelors and Beyond
                                                                              # Ethnicity: Indian, Pakistani, Arab
                                                                              # Nationality: US Citizen, Green Card
                                                                              Holder, H-1,
                                                                              # Religious Values: Moderately
                                                                              # Family Requirements: Looking for
                                                                              an educated, sincere, and open
                                                                              minded man who has no issues
                                                                              accepting me with my children from
                                                                              my previous marriage. He must be
                                                                              ambitious, have goals and aspirations,
                                                                              and must have a job and be settled in
                                                                              his life. Be a social family man who
                                                                              likes to spend time with family and
                                                                              friends. I would prefer someone whose
                                                                              family lives close by. Must be stable in
Associate of Arts Degree. Working on a Bachelor   Working in the Healthcare   all aspects of life and be willing to get
              in Accounting Degree                          field             married. Be sincere and genuine.

   Pharm’D (2nd yr student ) Chicago State                                    looking for Doctor boys in USA
          University, Illinois U.S.A.                                         or India.

                                                                              Between the ages of 25 – 28
                                                                              5'10" or taller
                                                                              Financially stable
                                                                              Bachelor's Degree or higher
                                                                              Hyderabadi, A man of taqwa
                                                                              We are looking for someone who
                                                                              is enthusiastic and eager to seek
                                                                              Islamic knowledge. Strong morals
                                                                              and values are very important, as
                                                                              well as respect/adab & manners.
                                                                              Patient, loving, caring, and a good
Bachelor's Degree in Finance from University of                               sense of humor are also just a
            Illinois at Chicago (UIC)                 Staff Accountant        few of the personality traits.
                                                                                  # Age: 28-31
                                                                                  # Height: 5'7 or up
                                                                                  # Education: at least bachelor
                                                                                  # Ethnicity: Asian
                                                                                  # Nationality: Indians or Pakistans
                                                                                  # Religious Values: first priority is
                                                                                  # Family Requirements: Good
                                                                                  character is critically important
                                                                                  and I’m looking for somebody that
                                                                                  is honest and straightforward,
                                                                                  good-hearted, not arrogant, has
                                                                                  good akhlaq among other things. I
 Graduated in Bachelor in Business Management                                     am looking for good practicing
2011 National-Louis University College of DuPage                                  muslim who fear Allah (SWT) and
 Associate in Arts '07 Glenbard East High School       Ace Dental Center - Dental follows the sunnah of the prophet
       Diploma '04 (reverted muslimah)                        Assistant           (SWS).

                                                                          # Age: 34-40
                                                                          # Height: Over 5'6"
                                                                          # Education: Professionally
                                                                          educated, settled.
                                                                          # Ethnicity: Any
 SUNY Upstate Medical University MD, May 2011                             # Nationality: Preferably USA
Johns Hopkins University Master of Public Health -                        # Religious Values: Practicing
  2004 University of Delaware B.S. in Business     Currently transitional Sunni Muslim
    Administration/Marketing - 1999 Minors in      residency. Radiation   # Family Requirements:
  Management Information Systems and Biology Oncology residency starts in Educated family, good family
        Graduated Summa Cum Laude                       July 2012         values

                                                                                     # Age: 27-32
                                                                                     # Height: 5'10" and above
                                                                                     # Education: MD/DO, Master's
                                                                                     # Ethnicity: Urdu speaking
                                                                                     # Nationality: US
                                                                                     # Religious Values: Traditional
BS in Biology. Currently studying for Step 1 Medical                                 religious values
school boards. Also currently pursuing MBA in                                        # Family Requirements: Good
Health Care management.                                            MD                sincere and loving family.
                                                                           # Age: 25-31
                                                                           # Height: at least 5'9"
                                                                           # Education: at least bachelor's
                                                                           # Ethnicity: Sunni Muslim
                                                                           # Nationality: Prefer U.S. Citizen
                                                                           # Religious Values: Islamic, God
                                                                           # Family Requirements: We are
                                                                           looking for an Islamic, God-
                                                                           fearing, and well-educated young
                                                                           man. We prefer that he is raised
   Pursuing Masters in Mathematics Education,
                                                                           in the United States and currently
         Depaul University (Winter 2013)                                   has or is pursuing a stable career.
B.S. Mathematics, Loyola University Chicago (May                           We also prefer that he is family
                      2008)                                                and community oriented, and
 B.S.Ed. Secondary Education, Loyola University Math teacher in Niles West engages in or values Islamic
              Chicago (May 2008)                       High School         activities/education.

                                                                               # Age: 26
                                                                               # Height: 6'
                                                                               # Education: At least a
                                                                               # Ethnicity: Desi
                                                                               # Nationality: USA
                                                                               # Religious Values: Muslim
Currently to graduate out of law and MBA degrees.            Lawyer            # Family Requirements: None

                                                                               # Age: 31
                                                                               # Height: 5'5
                                                                               # Education: Bachelors or higher -
                                                                               preferably higher
                                                                               # Ethnicity: Preferably Pakistani
                                                                               # Nationality: Does not matter
                                                                               # Religious Values: Religious yet
                                                                               # Family Requirements: Good,
                                                                               educated people. Does not matter
                                                                               who or how many as long as they
                                                                               are respectful of an individual. For
                                                                               some of the above questions
                                                                               about prospective spouse: Should
                                                                               be 31 or older, physical traits are
                                                                               not that important as long as the
                      MBA                           Search Engine Marketer     person is good.
                                                                                 # ge: 28-32
                                                                                 # Height: 5'8" or taller
                                                                                 # Education: Physician, lawyer
                                                                                 # Ethnicity: Indo-Pak
                                                                                 # Nationality: US
                                                                                 # Religious Values: Practicing
                                                                                 Sunni Muslims
                                                                                 # Family Requirements:
                                                                                 Educated, born and raised in
                                                                                 the US, or had most of his
                                                                                 schooling in the US. Have a
2nd yr resident of pediatrics at Children's Hospital                             good balance in Deen and
   in New Orleans, MD LSU shreveport 2010                                        duniya.

                                                                               # Age: 28-30
                                                                               # Height: 5'9 or taller
                                                                               # Education: Bachelors
                                                                               Degree or Higher
                                                                               # Ethnicity: Pakistani
                                                                               # Nationality: American
                                                                               # Religious Values: Islam-
                                                 Works as a Clinical Billing # Family Requirements: strong
Completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Manager at Northwestern family values,open minded,
  Northeastern University. Planning to pursue a  University's Family Institute close-knit, moderately
  Master's degree in Psychology later this year.    Psyhotherapy Clinic        religious, and financially stable.

                                                                                 # Age: 26 to 29
                                                                                 # Height: 5'8 and above
                                                                                 # Education:-medical or
                                                                                 engineering profession
                                                                                 # Ethnicity: Indian, Hyderabadi
                                                                                 # Nationality: U.S
                                                                                 # Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                                 # Family Requirements: -
   B.S (Pre-Med University of Illinois Chicago)                                  practicing muslim

                                                                                # Age: 27-30
                                                                                # Height: 5'10-6'
                                                                                # Education: Doctor, Engineer,
                                                                                MBA or IT proffessional
                                                                                # Ethnicity: Indian
                                                                                # Nationality: US Citizen, UK
                                                                                Citizen, Indian
                                                                                # Religious Values: Moderate
Graduated in Commerce (B.Com) from Villa Marie          Currently working as a  # Family Requirements: Sunni
   College & MBA in HR & Marketing from MJ               Marketing Director in  Muslim, Belonging to a
           College, Hyderabad, India.                  Karishma Homes Pvt, Ltd. respectable family
                                                                                # Age: 24-30
                                                                                # Height: 5'8+
                                                                                # Education: Bachelor's
                                                                                degree or higher
                                                                                # Ethnicity: Any - must be
                                                                                # Nationality: US Citizen
                                                                                # Religious Values: Moderately
                                                                                religious, good muslim with
                                                                                good values
  Bachelor's of Science in Finance from DePaul      Analyst, Institutional Fund # Family Requirements: Good
          University in Chicago, Illinois             Accounting/Valuation      family with good values

                                                                               # Age: 26-29
                                                                               # Height: 5'9"-6'0"
                                                                               # Education: Doctor or Masters
   Externship - Dr.Hirsch/Rush Medical Center                                  in IT, Engineering, Finance,
 (Neurology),Chicago-USA MBBS - Gulf Medical                                   Law
University,Ajman-UAE High School, Middle School -                              # Ethnicity: South Asian
 Al Nahda National Girls School, Abu Dhabi-UAE                                 # Nationality: Indian
Elementary - The Modern High School, Dubai-UAE               Doctor            # Religious Values: Moderate

                                                                               # Age: 27-34
                                                                               # Height: 5'11" and above
                                                                               # Education: at least a Bachelors,
                                                                               working as a professional
                                                                               # Ethnicity: not applicable
                                                                               # Nationality:
                                                                               # Religious Values: Sunni,
                                                                               practicing, wants to gain more
                                                                               knowledge of the deen and
                                                                               improve his character
                                                                               # Family Requirements: strong
                                                                               family values, prefer someone
                                                                               born and raised in the West,
                                                                               someone who prioritizes deen but
         Pharm.D. Doctor of Pharmacy                       Pharmacist          also balances dunya

                                                                               # Age: 28
                                                                               # Height: 5.10
                                                                               # Education: MS
                                                                               # Ethnicity: ASIAN
                                                                               # Nationality: american
                                                                               # Religious Values: MODERATE
                                                                               # Family Requirements: HONEST
                  Engineering                               Engineer           TRUTH FULL
                                                                    # Age: 23-28
                                                                    # Height: 5.4/5
                                                                    # Education: Professional
                                                                    # Ethnicity: India or Pakistani
                                                                    # Nationality: US born
                                                                    # Religious Values: Good balance
                                                                    with Deen and Duniya,
                                                                    # Family Requirements: Looking
                                                                    for someone Professional with
                                                                    good balance with deen and
Bio medical Engineering will complete May 2012                      duniya.Note- please be open to
    and Medical schoo1 will start July 2012                         her completing the education.

                                                                    # Age: 27-40
                                                                    # Height: 5'9-6'5
                                                                    # Education: Undergraduate
                                                                    Degree at Asad
                                                                    # Ethnicity: Pakistani, Indian
                                                                    # Nationality: Canadian,
                                                                    American, British
                                                                    # Religious Values: Conservative,
Honors English Literature Post Graduate: T.E.S.L.                   # Family Requirements: Honest,
                   Certification                    Self-Employed   Practicing Muslim Man.

       Currently pursuing PhD. in Biology
           Masters in Biology (2010)
      City University of New York, NY, USA
    Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences (2005)
      University of South Florida, FL, USA                                  Suitable Match

                                                                    # Age: 25 - 30
                                                                    # Height: 5'8' to 6'
                                                                    # Education: MD (Doctor)
                                                                    # Ethnicity: Indian
                                                                    # Nationality: American/Indian
                                                                    # Religious Values: Islamic
                                                                    understanding who is regular
                                                                    with salah and have a drive to
                                                                    be a better muslim
                                                                    # Family Requirements:
 ompleted Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of                      Decent family, originally from
 Surgery (M.B.B.S) in Hyderabad,India. Pursuing                     India (preferably from
                     USMLE                             Doctor       Hyderabad)
                                                               looking for a Sunni Muslim
Bachelor’s of Science—Major in Psychology, Minor                professional male who is
                     in Biology                                    ambitious, resilient,
             Graduation-2004 from Elmhurst                      adventurous, with a good
               College—Elmhurst, IL                           sense of humor, & a healthy
                                                            outlook on life. Someone who
        Completion of Basic Sciences—Medical                 is moderately religious & can
                     School                                     blend effortlessly into my
         Graduation-2008 from Spartan Health                family as I would like to do the
   Sciences University—St. Lucia, West Indies       MD                same into his

                                                            # Age: 27+
                                                            # Height: 5'6'' +
                                                            # Education: Masters or MD
                                                            # Ethnicity: any
                                                            # Nationality: any
                                                            # Religious Values: Practicing
                                                            # Family Requirements: We
                                                            would love to find a good,
          Resident in Internal Medicine            Doctor   educated and loving muslim.

                                                            # Age: 26 - 30
                                                            # Height: 5.11 - 6.0
                                                            # Education: high lavel
                                                            # Ethnicity: white
                                                            # Nationality: usa
                                                            # Religious Values: moderate
                                                            # Family Requirements: good
                First Year MPH                              family

                                                            # Age: 32-34
                                                            # Height: 5'7-5'9
                                                            # Education: engineer,law,IT
                                                            # Ethnicity: Indian
                                                            # Nationality: Candian or
                                                            American citizen
                                                            # Religious Values: Moderate
                                                            # Family Requirements: Someone
                                                            who is educated, decent,caring
                                                            and is ready to marry me with my
 HIGH SCHOOL -Toronto Middle school- Jeddah                 son.

                                                            Age: 22-30
                                                            Height: 5'7"-6'2"
                                                            Education: professional
                                                            Ethnicity: any
                                                            Nationality: any
                                                            Religious Values: religious
              BS 2nd yr (PreMed)                            Family Requirements: any
                                                                             Age: 36-45
                                                                             Height: 5.8-6.2
                                                                             Education: Master Degree/
                                                                             Bachelor degree
                                                                             Ethnicity: N/A
                                                                             Nationality: United States
                                                                             Religious Values: Moderate
                                                                             Family Requirements: Loving
                Master in Fine Arts                    Free lance Designer   & well educated.

                                                                              looking for a good match for
                                                                             her and from a good educated
                                                                                family. She is looking for
                                                                              someone who is easy-going,
                                                                               moderately religious, good
 Final year at Harvard Medical School. She did her                             sense of humor, but at the
college at Harvard College. She is planning to apply                         same time career-focused and
            for ophthalmology residency                       MD                     family-oriented

                                                                             Age: 27-30
                                                                             Height: 5'-7"+
                                                                             Education: Professional
                                                                             (Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer)
                                                                             Ethnicity: Pakistani, Urdu
                                                                             Nationality: US
                                                                             Religious Values: Practicing
   Medical Student, D.O. (completing 2nd year)                               Family Requirements:
       Undergrad degree in Biology, UVA                       MD             Educated, family values

                                                                             Age: 23-27
                                                                             Height: 5'4- Taller
                                                                             Education: Atleast done
                                                                             Ethnicity: Pakistani
                                                                             Nationality: Doesn't Matter
                                                                             Religious Values: Moderate
                                                                             Family Requirements: Muslim
                                                                             Sunni Should be settled in the
                                                                             US. Visa Status doesn't matter.
                                                                             Should have moderate religious
                                                                             views. should belong to a good
       Working towards degree in Radiology                                   and educated family.
                                                                                Age: 25/30
                                                                                Height: 5.8/6
                                                                                Education: Well educated
                                                                                Ethnicity: Well family back
                                                                                Nationality: Citizen/ gc also ok
     Business Associates, at Riverside/Norco                                    Religious Values: Religious
               Community College                                                values highly apriciated
                                                                                Family Requirements:
• Pursuing Bachelor’s in California State University, Accounts Assistant at Van Praticing and god fearing
                   Long Beach                           Buren Dialysis Center   honest family requiredl

                                                                                 Age: 23-29
                                                                                 Height: 5'7-6'
                                                                                 Education: University- Post Grad-
                                                                                 Professional School (MD, DDS,
                                                                                 DO, OD, RPH, Engineer)
                                                                                 Ethnicity: doesn't matter
                                                                                 (hydrabadi would be good)
                                                                                 Nationality: USA
                                                                                 Religious Values: Liberal- but puts
                                                                                 a lot of importance on his deen-
                                                                                 always trying to make it better
                                                                                 Family Requirements: Similar to
                                                                                 our family- religion and education
 BS from Benedictine University - working toward                                 should be important with values
                      RD                                     Nutritionist        similar to ours

                                                                                 Age: 28-33
                                                                                 Height: 5'8+
                                                                                 Education: at least a Bachelors
                                                                                 degree, Masters preferred
                                                                                 Ethnicity: Pakistani/Indian
                                                                                 Nationality: US
                                                                                 Religious Values: Sunni Muslim,
                                                                                 Someone who prays 5x times a
                                                                                 day or tries to and someone who
                                                                                 fasts, a good practicing Muslim,
                                                                                 someone who follows the Sunnah
                                                                                 of the Prophet SWS would be a
                                                                                 plus i.e. a beard
                                                                                 Family Requirements: We prefer
                                                                                 a family from Karachi, Pakistan,
                                                                                 but are open to looking at other
               Bachelors in Biology                          Technician          good religious families as well.
                                                                                Age: 30-34
                                                                                Height: 5' 10 and above
                                                                                Education: Well educated
                                                                                professional, accountant,
                                                                                lawer, doctor or similar
                                                                                Ethnicity: Sunni Muslim
                                                               Manager          Nationality: Canadian/ USA
                                                        PricewaterhouseCoopers Religious Values: Moderate
   Chartered Accountant (CA) B.Com.Honors,              LLP Mississauga/Toronto Family Requirements: Well
    McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.                     Canada          educated sunni muslim family

                                                                                    Age: 26-32
                                                                                    Height: 5'7 or above
                                                                                    Education: Bachelor's (USA) or
                                                                                    Ethnicity: open
                                                                                    Nationality: open
                                                                                    Religious Values: practicing
                                                                                    Family Requirements: -prefer
                                                                                    someone raised in USA -prefer
B.S. Neuroscience - Univ. of Illinois at Chicago -      Office Manager - Illinois   someone from Chicago area
     interested in pursuing Masters degree              Physical Medicine Group     first but open to non-local too

              B.S. Biology from UIC                                                        Suitable Match

                                                                                    Age 25-26yrs, Practicing Sunni
                                                                                    Muslim, Indian National, Well
          2nd year Bachelors in Science                                             Settled USA.

          B. Tech. Chemical Engineering
           St. Josephs College, Chennai
     M. S. Environmental Engg. (June 2012)
 Virginia Polytechnic and State University – USA
              (Near Washington D.C.)

                                                                                    Age: 29+
                                                                                    Height: 5'8+
                                                                                    Education: Masters Degree
                                                                                    Ethnicity: Any
                                                                                    Nationality: Any
                                                                                    Religious Values: Moderate
                                                                                    Family Requirements: A
                                                                                    caring, understanding family
Masters in Biology - Illinois Institute of Technology                               which will accept Nadia's
Bachelors in Biology - Loyola University Chicago               Healthcare           daughter wholeheartedly.
                                                                                Age: 24+
                                                                                Height: 5.8
                                                                                Ethnicity: Hyderabadi, India
                                                                                Nationality: Any
                                                                                Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                                Family Requirements: Boy
Completed B.Sc from University of Toronto (June                                 should be from a decent
 2011) -Pursuing Post Graduation in Autism and                                  Hyderabadi family and willing
             Behavioural Sciences                                               to settle in Canada/US.

         BS expected graduation 2012                                            Suitable

                                                                                  Age: 25-28
                                                                                  Height: Average
                                                                                  Education: Pursuing or having
                                                                                  completed higher degree
                                                                                  Ethnicity: Any
                                                                                  Nationality: Born and Raised in
                                                                                  Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                                  Family Requirements:
                                                  Politically inclined journalist Religiously inclined and
                                                   pursuing environmental actively engaged in community
       BA Political Science & Journalism                       policy             affairs - secular and religious.

                                                                                Age: 27-30
                                                                                Height: 5' 10"
                                                                                Education: M.S. Engineer,
                                                                                Ethnicity: Asian
                                                                                Nationality: United States
                                                                                Religious Values: Islamic-
   B.S.IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (                                             hanafi
ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE) M.S. in HUMAN                                           Family Requirements: Sunni
        RESOURCE MANAGEMENT                            Business Analyst         family from India
                                                                                 Age: 28 - 32
                                                                                 Height: 5'10 and above
                                                                                 Education: MD, Lawyer,
                                                                                 Engineer,Masters or any well
                                                                                 educated background
                                                                                 Ethnicity: US raised with good
                                                                                 personality, well rounded
                                                                                 Nationality: originally from
                                                                                 India or Pakistan preferred
                                                                                 Religious Values: Good
                                                                                 Islamic values, practicing
                                                      Working in Chicago as a    Family Requirements: Well
                                                        Business Analyst /       Educated Sunni Muslim family
                Bachelors Degree                            Strategist           background

                                                                                 Age: 25-30
                                                                                 Height: 5ft 8'' plus
                                                                                 Education: Preferably masters
                                                                                 Ethnicity: Preferably Indian
                                                                                 Nationality: Preferably U.S.
                                                                                 national or alien resident.
                                                                                 Religious Values: Moderate
                                                                                 Family Requirements: Well
                                                      Working as a consultant in placed respectable family,
Double major in Political Science and International     a major multinational    having sound religious and
       development studies from UCLA.                        company             cultural values

                                                                                 Age: 33-38
                                                                                 Height: 5'11" +
                                                                                 Education: professional
                                                                                 Ethnicity: Sunni Muslims
                                                                                 Nationality: US Citizen
                                                                                 Religious Values: someone
                                                                                 who balances deen and duniya
                                                                                 Family Requirements: we are
                                                                                 looking for a professional, with
                                                                                 a good sense of humor, loves
                                                                                 to travel. We would prefer
    Incomplete BS in Business Administration.                                    someone without kids.
                                                                               Age: 30-34
                                                                               Height: 5'7-6
                                                                               Education: Bachelor's, Masters
                                                                               or above
                                                                               Ethnicity: India/Hyderabad
                                                                               Nationality: U.S. citizen or
                                                                               permanent resident, student
                                                                               Religious Values: Moderate
                                                                               Family Requirements: Decent
                                                                               family preferably from
                                                                               Hyderabad, India. Looking for
                                                                               a caring, understanding
                                                                               partner and the family. A self-
                                                                               made man, educated and
                                                                               hardworking. Who wants to
                                                     Working for a Real Estate better himself and help is
 Bachelor's in Accounting and Management from        firm in downtown Chicago partner to be successful in this
         the University of IL at Chicago.                as an Accountant.     life and hereafter.

                                                                                   21-26 years, appropriate
                                                                                height, practicing Muslim, good
                3rd Year College                                                 Akhlaq, professional, family
              University of Houston,                                                 oriented, good family
Major – Anthropology & Political Science (Pre Law)                                        background

                                                                               Age: 25-29
                                                                               Height: 6.0"
                                                                               Education: professional
                                                                               Ethnicity: Indian Hyderbadi
                                                                               Nationality: Indian American
                                                                               Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                               Family Requirements:
 Final Year Student of dental Surgery at (Sri Sai                              educated and moderate sunni
           Dental College)HYD, India                                           muslim well settled

                                                                               Age: open
                                                                               Height: any
                                                                               Education: open to all
                                                                               Ethnicity: preferably south
                                                                               asian, but open
                                                                               Nationality: US citizen
                                                                               Religious Values: moderate
                                                                               Family Requirements: Looking
                                                                               for a cheerful, kind and modest
University of Chicago Midwestern University Mayo                               Sunni muslim. Intellectually
           Clinic (currently in residency)              Resident Physician     curious and well educated.
                                                                               Age: 25-30
                                                                               Height: 5'7-5'10
                                                                               Education: preferably Masters,
                                                                               Bachelors acceptable as long
                                                                               well settled
                                                                               Ethnicity: Asian
                                                                               Nationality: Indian/Pakistani
                                                                               Religious Values: Moderately
                                                                               religious sunni muslim
                                                                               Family Requirements:
                                                     working as a Manager in   educated,decent,cultured
     Currently pursuing Bachelors in Finance                TCF Bank           family background

                                                                               Age : 28 - 34
                                                                               Height : 5 ' 7" and above
                                                                               Profession : Well qualified
Bachelors in Computer Applications ( hyd. India ),                             Personal Preferences :
      Pursuing MBA from ICFAI (through                                         Educated, Religious, Good
               Correspondence)                                                 family background.

     Business Administration Diploma from
Humber College; Financial services Diploma from
 Humber College; Bachelor of Arts (Humanities)
  from Brock University; M.A. Economics from                                   interested only in Citizen boys
        Roosevelt University (Chicago)                                              in States or Canada

                                                                                Seeking a practicing Muslim
                                                                                  (Sunni), cultured, family
                                                                               oriented, and understanding.
                                                                                   Preferred age: 24-28.
                                                                               Profession: preferably holding
                  BS and MBA                            Working part time          a professional degree

                                                                             Age: 34-38
                                                                             Height: 5'6-6'
                                                                             Education: Bachelors,
                                                                             Masters, MBA, PhD,
                                                                             Ethnicity: Pakistani
                                                         Working as a        Nationality: Pakistani
                                                  counselor/assessor for two Religious Values: Moderate,
                                                     counseling agencies.    pray daily, fast.
                                                          Providing          Family Requirements:
 BA in Psychology from Georgia State University.  counseling/therapy to kids Preferably from Pakistan,
    MA in Community Counseling from Argosy         and teens with behavioral educated, moderately
University-Atlanta campus. Associate professional     and mental health      religious, urdu speaking,
      license holder in the state of Georgia.             problems.          Sunni.
                                                                  Age: 25 - 30
                                                                  Height: Above 5' 7''
                                                                  Education: MD, Dentist,
                                                                  PhamD, JD, CPA
                                                                  Ethnicity: Pakistan, Indian,
                                                                  Nationality: Sub-continent
                                                                  Religious Values: moderately
                                                                  sunni muslim
                                                                  Family Requirements:
                                                                  respectable, highly educated
                        MD                                        and moderately muslim family

                                                                  Age: 30
                                                                  Height: 5'11''
                                                                  Education: Masters or
                                                                  specialized (educated)
                                                                  Ethnicity: Asian
                                                                  Nationality: canadian ,
                                                                  Religious Values: Modurate
F.A from Kinnaird College lahore Graphic Designer                 Family Requirements: should
from NCA (national college of arts) currently doing               be an educated and easy
 MBA from BROOK UNI . St.cetherines ON,,canada          Student   going soft spoken family

                                                                  Age: 22-28
                                                                  Height: above 5'6"
                                                                  Education: Medical field
                                                                  Ethnicity: Indian, Pakistani,
                                                                  Nationality: US citizen
                                                                  Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                  Muslim, religious, practicing
                                                                  Family Requirements:
               BS in Life Sciences.                               practicing Muslim family,
 Pursuing further study/career in the medical field.              moderate Muslims, educated

                                                                            Looking for
                                                                  (Indian/Pakistan)an educated,
                                                                  well mannered and respectful
                                                                     man focused on deen and
Undergraduate degree in Information Technology                            duniya. Height
College enrolled in: Florida International University                minimum/taller than 5'8 .
                                                                          Looking for (Indian/Pakistan)
                                                                          an educated, well mannered
         Undergraduate degree in Biology                                   and respectful man focused
 College currently enrolled in: Nova Southeastern                          on deen and duniya. Height
                    University                                               taller than 5'8 and fair.

                                                                          Age: 25-29
                                                                          Height: + 5'7"
                                                                          Education: Compatible
                                                                          Ethnicity: preferably Indian
                                                                          Nationality: US / Canada
                                                                          Religious Values: A Good
                                                                          Family Requirements: A
                                                                          bachelor compatible in religion,
                                                                          education and culture.
                                                                          Marriage may have to be either
  M.D from a Canadian University, Residency in                            delayed for a couple of years
Pediatrics First year (2012-13)in Canada (She was                         due to Medical Residency
 able to get into Medicine without completing her                         program or find an alternative
                     bachelors)                       MD - Pediatrics     to suit mutual interest.

                                                                          Age: 28-35
                                                                          Height: Any
                                                                          Education: College Educated
                                                                          Ethnicity: Pakistani / Indian
                                                                          Nationality: American
                                                                          Religious Values: Sunni -
                                                                          Family Requirements: We
                                                                          would like to meet someone
                                                                          who is practicing Sunni
                                                                          Muslim, educated, caring,
                                                                          respectful, loving, and
   Bachelors in Accounting. Currently taking the                          outgoing and who comes from
               C.P.A. examination.                  Accountant/Teacher.   a decent family.

                                                                          Age: 29 - 35
                                                                          Height: 5-8 inches or more
                                                                          Education: Well educated
                                                                          Ethnicity: South Asia
                                                                          Nationality: South Asia
                                                                          Religious Values: Observant
                                                                          Family Requirements: Well
                       MD                                 Doctor          educated family
                                                                                    Age: 25-27
                                                                                    Height: 5'9-6'1
                                                                                    Education: Masters, Doctorate,
                                                                                    Engineer, or Dentist
                                                                                    Ethnicity: Indian
                                                                                    Nationality: American
                                                                                    Religious Values: Muslim - Sunni
                                                                                    Family Requirements: We are
                                                                                    looking for a family with a
                                                                                    professional and well educated
                                                                                    prospective spouse born and
                                                                                    raised in US. He must also have
                                                                                    high moral values as well as a
                 BS Psychology                                                      strong religious background.

Currently a first year graduate student at Illinois
College of Optometry, BS in biology from Illinois
             Institute of Technology                                                            Suitable

     Pharmacy PhD Candidate (May 2014)
           Illinois State University                                                            Suitable

                                                      Currently work at a leading
                  MS in English                         book publishing firm.                   Suitable

         PhD student in Cancer Biology                                              Looking for a professional or
                                                                                    equally qualified.
   at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston,                                           Height = 5’ 10” or taller

                                                                                    Age: 23-28
                                                                                    Height: 5' 8" and above
                                                                                    Education: Higher than a B.S.
                                                                                    Ethnicity: Indian/Pakistani
                                                                                    Nationality: U.S. Citizen
                                                                                    Religious Values: Sunni
                                                                                    Muslim, Religious
Currently a 3rd year med student (St. George's                                      Family Requirements: Son
      University) doing rotations in NY.                         MD                 raised in the U.S.A.
                                                                            Age: 25-29
                                                                            Height: 5.8 and up
                                                                            Education: professional
                                                                            degree, minimum bachelors
                                                                            Ethnicity: south Asian
                                                                            Nationality: Pakistani
                                                                            Religious Values: practicing
final year, bachelors in biochemistry at city college                       Family Requirements: should
                        of NY                                Student        belong to a respectable family

                                                                            Age: 25-29
                                                                            Height: 5'9'' & up
                                                                            Education: professional
                                                                            minimum bachelors degree
                                                                            Ethnicity: South Asian
                                                                            Nationality: Pakistani
                                                                            Religious Values: practicing
                                                                            Family Requirements:
Studying chemical engineering at city college of NY          Student        respectable family

                                                                               looking for a spouse who
                                                                               prioritizes his religion and
                                                                               family. She is looking for
                                                                             someone who is driven in his
                                                                            career while still being social.
                                                                              She prefers her spouse to
 Bachelors in Finance and Accountancy from the                              have an easygoing personality
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign            Ernst & Young LLP         and sense of humor.

                                                                            Age: 25-35
                                                                            Height: 5'7"-6'5"
                                                                            Education: professional
                                                                            Ethnicity: open
                                                                            Nationality: open
                                                                            Religious Values: moderate to
                                                                            Family Requirements:
           BS in Health Administeration                  Business Analyst   moderate
                                                                               Age: 25+
                                                                               Height: 5'10 or more
                                                                               Education: professional
                                                                               education preferred.... at least
                                                                               Ethnicity: asian..preferably
                                                                               Nationality: usa or green card
                                                                               hold or job visa..
                                                                               Religious Values: moderate
                                                                               sunni muslim
                                                                               Family Requirements:
   BS in psychology from pakistan. inoakland         Currently Working for a   moderate sunni muslim
community college she is studying graphic designer    telephone company        educated family

Bachelors in Movement Science from University of
   Illiois at Chicago Masters in Healthcare and
 Business Administration from Rosalind Franklin
   University of Medicine and Science Current:
  currently pursuing MBA from Devry University   Working as an Advisor for Looking for someone educated
                     Occupation                      Devry University         from a hyderabadi family

     3rd year bachelors in computer science                                     looking for a good qualified
                 –engineering.                                                          young man.

 Master of Business Administration, (St. Ann's PG                                appropriate alliance of US
                    College),                                                   based proposals, preferably
 Bachelors of Science, (St. Ann’s Degree College)                                        citizens,

                                                                               Age: 26+
                                                                               Height: 5 ft 6 inches +
                                                                               Education: Professional
                                                                               Ethnicity: Pakistani/Indian
                                                                               Nationality: Open
                                                                               Religious Values: moderate
 Bachelors in Finance from Benedictine University                              Family Requirements: Sunni
           Bachelors in Fashion Design                  Financial Anaylst      Muslim
Ref Code   Age   Height       Status            Education Background

                                           Msc. Information Systems, DePaul
  204      34     5' 8       US Citizen    University

                                             BA Econ, MBA Finance & Accounting
                                             Univ of Chicago, Certified Fraud
  219      36     5' 5       US Citizen      Examiner, Chartered Financial Analyst

                                           Currently in first year of Master of
                                           Business Administration program at
                                           Indiana University. BS from Donald
                                           Bren School of Computer Science,
  220      27     5' 9       US Citizen    University of California, Irvine (2006)

                          US Green Card In MS Industrial Engineering - Northern
  222      28      6          Process      Illinois University

                                           Masters of Science (Industrial
                                           Engineering) - Northern Illinois
                                           University, B.Tech. (ECE) Shadaan
  223      27     5' 11         H1B        College of Engg.

                                               Masters in Electrical Engineering,
                                             Louisiana Tech Univ, Ruston LA, BE in
                                            Electronics & Instrumentation from MJ
  224      28     5' 8      Student Visa           College, Hyderabad India

  229      31     5' 10      US Citizen             Bcs from FAST Pakistan
                                     Masters in Finance/IT, Bachelors in
231   28   5' 10     US Citizen      Finance

                                      He was selected in a B.S/M.D program
                                      after high school and is now doing his
                                      medicine in Chicago Medical school in
235   26   6 '0      US Citizen                north Chicago, illinois

                                       • Bachelor’s degree in International
                                     Business & Economics from Benedictine
                                        University, Lisle, IL, • Associates in
                                        Computer Science from College of
236   30   5' 11        H1B                           DuPage

                                        Masters in Electrical Engineering,
                                      Louisiana Tech University, Ruston LA ,
                                       BE in Electronics & Instrumentation
241   28   5' 10        H1B             from MJ College, Hyderabad India

                   H1B - In US for     B.Com from Osmania University, BS -
243   36   5' 11     over 15yrs        Northeastern University(Incomplete)

                                     Currently doing MBA at Depaul
                                     University, Bachelors in Finance from
246   31   5' 7      US Citizen      Loyola University

                                          Texas A&M University, B.S. in Biomedical
                                      Science, 2003, Texas A&M College of Medicine,
                                     M.D., 2007, First Residency: Pediatrics, Children's
                                     Hospital of Orange County, California. He decided
                                        to switch residencies to orthopaedic surgery.
                                      While he applies to orthopaedic programs, he is
                                     earning a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree
                                      at Harvard School of Public Health, M.P.H., May
                                      2010, Second Residency: Orthopaedic Surgery,
251   30   6' 2      US Citizen          currently interviewing to begin in July 2010
                                Bachlors of information
                                technology(Queensland University
254   30   5' 6      H1B        Melbourne, Australia)

                                    Currently in 1st yr residency in
                                 anesthesiology, MD from Chicago, BS
257   27   5' 9    US Citizen                   from IIT

                                    Keller Graduate, Expected 2012
                                         MBA, Chicago, IL USA
                                   Project Management Professional
                                    University of Illinois at Chicago
262   31   5' 11   US Citizen      Bachelors in Computer Engineerin

                                 Masters in Computer Sciences from
                                Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia,
                                   PA, USA, Bachelors of Computer
267   27   5' 10     H1B               Sciences from JNTU, India

                                Currently doing fellowship in GI,
                                Completed residency in Internal
                                Medicine at Boston University Medical
                                Center M.D., Tufts University School of
                                Medicine, Boston , MA - B.S., Carnegie
271   31   5' 7    US Citizen   Mellon University , Pittsburgh , PA

                                 M.B.A from Keller Graduate School of
                                     Management 2010 - B.S. in
                                   Finance,2007, Northern Illinois
273   28   5' 8    US Citizen                University

                                Attended Harper College for two years,
                                   Currently pursuing Bachelors in
                                Biomedical Engineering at UIC (Senior
274   23   5' 7    US Citizen                   year)
                                     B.E. (CIVIL) Engineering, M.S in
                                    Environmental Engineering from
276   28   5' 8       H1B                        Denmark

                                Master’s in Software Engg – Stratford
                                University VA. USA
                                B.Tech ECE - Hi Point College Of Engg &
278   26   5' 8       F1        Tech. Hyderabad

                                  CPA certification - In progress, B.S.,
                                 Business Administration, Finance from
                                  San Jose State University (December
281   29   5' 5    US Citizen                     2002)

                                Currently pursuing MBA, B.S. System
                                Engineering from George Mason
289   30   5' 8       H1B       University, Fairfax, Virginia in 2002

                                   Currently pursuing MS in Business
                                  Administration, Bachelors of Science
                                  Degree in Electric Engineering from
                                   George Mason University, Fairfax,
290   27   5' 8       H1B                   Virginia in 2006.

                                Masters and PhD: Stanford University,
                                CA (Electrical Engineer), Undergrad:
291   29   5' 11      H1B       McGill University, Montreal

                                • Basic schooling and education in
                                Middle-East (Kuwait)
                                • Bachelors of Engineering in
                                Computers Science from London School
                                of Business
                                • Management in Information Systems
                                from London Business School (LSB -UK)
299   30   5' 8    US Citizen

                                University of Illinois College of Law Juris
                                Doctor (2005-2008)
                                University of Illinois at Urbana-
                                Champaign Bachelor of Arts in English
                                Literature and Economics, (2000-2004)
300   29   5' 10   US Citizen
                                     Nuclear Engineer, University of Ontario,
403   26   6' 0   Canadian Citizen                 Canada

405   30   6' 0      US Citizen      MS in Computer Science

                                      BS and MD from UT-Southwestern and
                                        Baylor University, TX Completed
409   36   5' 8      US Citizen                    Fellowship

410   26   5' 9      US Citizen                    Final yr MD

                                          Currently, studying Agricultural
                                     Engineering and Business, will graduate
                                     in winter 2010 from Texas A&M College,
411   25   6' 2         F1                     Did high school in US.

                                     B.Com from Karachi, Pakistan. Planning
412   28   5' 6      US Citizen          to go to NIU for further studies

                                     BS – Information Technology from
                                     American Public University (Online) -
                                     Est. date of graduation – Aug 2012
414   29   5' 7      US Citizen
                                    Currently, in 2nd Residency in Dallas in
                                      psyhciatry, MD from St. Georges
416   33   5' 6      US Citizen                     Unversity

419   29   5' 7      US Citizen    BS Finance/Economics, JD Law Degree

                                   Masters in Management Information
                                   Robert Morris University, Chicago, IL

                                   Bachelors in Information Technology

420   28   5' 8      US Citizen

                                 B.S. IN CIS FROM Loyola UNIVERSITY,
                   Canadian & US CHICAGO Pursuing MBA Program at
421   32   5' 11      Citizen    NIU

                   Citizen/US H1B,
                      Applied for  Bachelors of Science in Computer
                       American    Information System Masters in Business
422   30   5' 11      Residency    Administration

                                       Completed MBA, Graduate from
                                       University of Chicago at Illinois;
424   35    5' 8     US Citizen      Bachelors in Business Administration

                                       Bachelor in science pursuing for
425   26   5' 11     US Citizen               Physical therapy

                                       Bachelor of Arts: Economics &
                                    Mathematics, June 2000, Lake Forest
426   31   5' 11     US Citizen          University – Lake Forest
                                      He went to Ga. Tech for two years, then
                                     transferred to
                                     > UGA pharmacy. He graduated from there
                                     a year ago, worked/traveled for a
                                     > year (Middle East, Africa, Latin America,
                                     Hajj -- really, all over the
                                     > place). He just started MED school in
429   25   5' 10      US Citizen     Augusta at Medical College of Georgia

                                     M.S (Industrial & systems Engineering) -
                                     Northern Illinois University – Chicago
                                     B.E (Mechanical Engineering)
                                     College of Science & Technology –
                                     JNTU , : IBM Certified AIX system
430   28   5' 10   H1(GC in process) Administrator

                                     Ph.D in computer Science(Computer Science
                                      / Math), University of Utah, expected 2010,
                                     B.Sc.(Math / Computer Science), University
431   30   5' 8       US Citizen                    of Chicago, IL

                                     MASTERS IN COMPUTER
                                     APPLICATIONS (M.C.A) OSMANIA
                                     UNIVERSITY, INDIA
                                     BACHELORS IN SCIENCE MAJOR IN
436   27   6' 0       F1 - Student   ELECTRONICS, INDIA

                                       Bachelor of Finance at Texas A&M
                                     University. Full-time MBA from SMU Cox
437   27   5' 8       US Citizen               (1.5 years remaining).
                                6/11- 6/14 Second year Resident,
                                Internal Medicine, UT Southwestern,
                                Breckenridge Hospital, Austin, Texas
                                6/07-5/11 Completed Medical School at
                                TCOM, Fort Worth, TX
                                7/05-6/07 Assisted Family and
                                Occupational Medicine physicians,
                                Houston, TX
                                9/01-6/05 B.S. in Biology-Economics,
                                Union College; Schenectady, NY
                                Honors: Presidential Scholar, Union
438   29   5' 10   US Citizen   College, NY

                                BS. University of Vermont, MD from
                                UTESA, Santa Domingo, Dominican
                                Republic, 5Year Residency @ Augusta,
440   41   5' 8    US Citizen   GA

                                Completed MCSE and CCNA from
                                Microsoft TEC.
                                Bachelor Degree in Business (Finance
                                and Marketing) from Northeastern Illinois
                                Currently doing MBA (Finance) from
443   30   5' 9    US Citizen   Devry University Loop campus

                                O levels from City School Karachi,
                                Pakistan. (Cambridge University)
                                Intermediate from Foundation Public
                                Completed A++ from Microsoft TEC.
                                Bachelor in Communication Design
444   26   5' 8    US Citizen   (Graphics) from Karachi School of Art

445   23   5' 10   US Citizen   Electrical engineering from USC

                                BS Northeastern Illinois University
                                Computer Science
447   36   5' 6    US Citizen   Chicago, IL

448   30   5' 11      H1                  Graduate from India
                                B.S. (Industrial Engineering with
                                Economics Major) June, 2004
                                from Northwestern University,
                                Evanston, Illinois
                                PMP (Project Management
452   29   6' 0    US Citizen   Professional)

453   31   5' 10   US Citizen      M.B.A. (Financial & Management)

                                 Business Management and Marketing
455   29   5' 9    US Citizen         from North Central College

                                Ms in computer and electrical
460   31   5' 11   US Citizen   engineering from University of Illinois

                                MD/PhD Student, PhD in Neurobiology
                                and Anatomy,
                                B.S.H. Bachelor of Science, Honors,
                                B.S. Biology, Bioethics, USA PA
                                University 2002-2005
                                Minors in: Philosophy, Cognitive Science
                                Medical Ethics Researcher, Islamic
                                Bioethics; Fulbright Scholar 2005-2006
461   26   5' 10   US Citizen   Al-Ain

                                Applied for Residency, Doctor of
                                Medicine InshA Allah (MD – May 2011)
                                University in USA Bachelors in Business
462   25   5' 6    US Citizen   Administration (BBA - 2007)

                                BA (Math), Ivy League school. PhD,
463   30   5' 10   US Citizen   Stanford
465   25   6' 0    US Citizen

                                MS in Computer Science.
466   27   5' 10      H1        BTech in Computer Science

                                1.BSN (Bachelor Science in Nursing) from
                                University of Texas, Arlington, US-2010
                                2. Registered Nursing Certificate License from
                                State of Texas - 2008
                                3. ADN (Associate Degree Nursing) from Elcentro
                                college Dallas ,US-2008
                                4. Computer Info Systems courses from The
                                University of South Alabama-2002
                                5. Hafiz-e-Quran from Jeddah, a moderate Muslim
                                not keeping beard presently.
                                6. Work Experience. About one year in Baylor
                                Medical Centre, Irving , US
                                7. After Bachelor degree, started working as RN in
                                cardiology department of Charlton Methodist
                                Hospital Dallas city TX and then switched to
468   30   5' 10   OPT Visa     Presbyterian Hospital, Plano.

                                B. Tech JNTU, MS KFUPM, MS
476   48   5' 10   US Citizen   Cleveland State University

                                BE Electronics and Communication
                                (Osmania University Hyderabad India)
                                Masters in Electrical Engineering from
477   32   5' 7       H1        Dickinson University, Teaneck NJ

479   34   5' 9       H1         B.Com from Osmania University, India

480   25   5' 6    US Citizen           BS in Civil Engineering, UIC

                                Currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in
                                Foreign Policy at Georgetown University,
                                Washington DC, Bachelor of Science in
                                   Intelligence from National Defense
481   27   5' 11   US Citizen          University, Washington DC
                                   Pursuing Medical Residency,
                                   Completed M.D. from St. Matthew’s
                                   University and Completed B.S. in
482   30   5' 11    US Citizen     Biochemistry from Temple University

                                   Bachelor in Commerce, HND (Software
483   28   6' 0    Pakistani Ctz   Engineering)

                                   ENGINEER( COMPUTER ENGINEER
                                   FROM NED UNIVERSITY FOUR
                                   YEARS + TELECOM ENGINEERING
                                   FROM QUEEN MARRY UNIVERSITY
                                   LONDON( 2 YEARS) FIRST CLASS
                                   FIRST POSITION HOLDER FROM
484   28   5' 8     British Ctz    LONDON UNIVERSITY MASHALLAH)

                                   (Currently) Heart & Lung Transplant
                                   Duke University Medical Center
                                   Durham, North Carolina

                                   Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship
                                   Allegheny General Hospital
                                   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

                                   General Surgery Residency
                                   Northside Medical Center
                                   Youngstown, Ohio

                                   Ross University School of Medicine
                                   Dominca, Caribbean

                                   University of Illinois
485   33   6' 2     US Citizen     Chicago, Illinois

                                   Residency at Loyola, Northwestern
                                   University – Undergraduate
                                   Des Moines University – Graduate
486   26   5' 11    US Citizen     School

                                   Bayyinah Dream, 10 Month Arabic
                                   Course - 2011
                                   SAP Finance Course - 2005
                                   Bachelor of Commerce - Hyderabad,
                                   India – 2004
488   27   6' 1     US Citizen     Currently pursuing My masters
                                     Vidyaniketan Kamareddy (SSC)
489   28   5' 8                       College of Dupage (G.E.D)

                                       MBA in Finance from University of
                                    Windsor Canada,       Honors Degree in
                                    Business Administration from University
                                       of Windsor,                 High
                                     School from Port Credit High School,
492   28   5' 10   Canadian Citizen          Mississauga, Ontario

                                     Currently, Preparing for USMLE STEP-1,
                                     M.B.B.S (Batch-2005-2011), Graduation-
                                     Shadan Institute of Medical Science
                                     Intermediate –Little Flower Junior
493   25   5' 7     Indian Citizen   College

                                     Graduated with M.P.H / M.B.A May 2010
                                     Master's in Public Health/ Master's in
                                     Business Administration from
                                     Benedictine University and Bachelor's in
                                     Psychology from University of Illinois at
495   27   5' 9       US Citizen     Chicago

                                     MBA (specializing in Global Business &
                                     Finance) (2010)
                                     -MS in Accounting and Finance (2008) –
                                     CPA in 2010
496   30   5' 11      US Citizen     -BS in Computer Science

                                     MBA Queens University (Kingston,
498   31   5' 8     Canadian Ctz     Ontario Canada)

500   29   5' 11      US Citizen     Lawyer, licensed to practice in WI

                                     3 years of diploma in Computer Science
                                     (Computer Programmer Analyst) from
                                     Humber College
                                     BCom in Information Technology
601   27   5' 8     Canadian Ctz     Management from Ryerson University

                                     PhD. in EECS Dept, KU, U.S.A.
                                     M.S. in EECS Dept, KU, U.S.A.
602   28   6' 1          F1          B.E. in ECE, M.J.C.E.T., India
                                   BS from Northern Illinois University in
603   25   5' 9    US Citizen                   Business

                                  BSc. In Chemistry (First Class), Aligarh
                                  Muslim University, India, MSc. In Organic
                                  Chemistry (First Class), Aligarh Muslim
                                  University, India,          GATE (General
                                  Aptitude Test in Engineering)99.24
                                  percentile, All India Rank: 24
                                  CSIR-JRF: NET(JRF) Among top 20% JRF
                                  qualified candidates.
                                  Ph. D. In Organic Chemistry
                                  Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
                                  Postdoctoral fellow:
                                  2009-present, University of Minnesota
604   30   5' 9        H1         Duluth, USA

                                    Residency in Radiology from NY, MD
606   30   5' 9    US Citizen          from Chicago Medical School

                                    M.B.A Hamdard University Karachi –
608   32   5' 6   Pakistani Ctz                Pakistan

                                  Masters in Information Technology and
                                  Management (ITM) from Illinois Institute
                                  of Technology (IIT) – Graduated
                                  December 2010. Chicago, Illinois

                                  Bachelors in Business Administration
                                  from Elmhurst College – graduated May
609   27   5' 8    US Citizen     2007. Elmhurst, Illinois
                                Bachelor of Science - University of
                                Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) –
                                Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine,
                                Fort Worth Texas
                                Resident in Internal Medicine,
                                University Of Illinois, Chicago
                                Fellow in Hematology – Oncology,
                                National Institutes of Health, Bethesda,
610   32   5' 10   US Citizen   Maryland

611   26   5' 7       H1                    Pursuin MBA, BS

612   26   5' 10   US Citizen               MBA, MD 4th year

                                Undergraduate: University of Florida
                                (Gainesville, FL)

                                Medical School: University of Alabama
                                at Birmingham School of Medicine
                                (Birmingham, AL)


                                1- Internal Medicine Residency Program
                                (June 2011 – June 2012, Birmingham,

                                2- Ophthalmology Residency Program
613   26   5' 2    US Citizen   (July 2012 – June 2015, Augusta, GA)

                                Juris Doctor, Michigan State University
                                College of Law

                                Bachelor's in Political Science,
614   29   6' 0    US Citizen   University of Illinois at Chicago
                                Masters of Science in Management
                                Information Systems (May 2011)
                                University of Illinois Chicago

                                Bachelors of Science in Information and
                                Decision Science (May 2008)
616   26   5' 3    US Citizen   University of Illinois Chicago

                                B.Sc in Justice (Northeastern University
                                of Chicago, Illinois)

                                Associates Degree in Accounting from
                                William Rainey Harper College, Palatine,
617   32   5' 10   US Citizen   IL

                                 Bachelors of Business Administration -
618   25   6' 0    US Citizen                 UIC Chicago

                                   : B.S. Computer of Science and
                                 Business Administration from Houston
619   35   6' 0    US Citizen              Baptist University

                                Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering
                                from SHADAN ENGINEERING
                                COLLEGE (JNTU) Hyderabad on May
                                 Master’s in Industrial engineering from
622   27   5' 6       F1        NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY

                                Doctor of Pharmacy(Pharm. D) in 2003-
                                2008 session from university of the
                                punjab, lahore. and than i worked as
                                community pharmacist in lahore. in
                                september 2011 I came to USA for
                                getting registered here and I passed the
                                initial exam for the registration as
626   27   5' 10      F1        pharmacist.

                                 BS in Businees and Management from
627   28   5' 11   US Citizen              DePaul University
                                    1st yr MD school in Georgia Masters
                                   in Public Health,    . Studied Arabic full
                                    time at the Bayyinah Dream Program in
                                       Dallas, TX with Nouman Ali Khan
                                   BS in Biology from University of Alabama
628   23   5' 10      US Citizen             at Birmingham in 2009

                                      Hafiz-ul-Quran, Bachelor of Business
629   28    5' 8      US Citizen             Administration/Finance

630   25   5' 10      US Citizen                B.S in Finance

                                       Ph.D. from MIT. BS and MS from
631   46    5' 6      US Citizen               Purdue University

                                  Bachelor of Business Administration
632   24   5' 11    US Green Card (Finance) from Devry University

                                   Pursuing Bachelors in Computer
                                   Azad College, JNTU
633   25   5' 11       B1 Visa     Hyderabad, India.

                                   Completed two years of Bachelors and
                                   then decided to become an Aalim,
                                   currently studying in South Africa,
                                   Johannesburg. Now in 5th year of Aalim
                                   course to complete before Ramadan.
634   25    5' 9      US Citizen   Wants to complete Mufti course

                                   Bachelors in Economics from UC Davis
                                   with a minor in Communications . Field
635   25   5' 8.5     US Citizen   finance in preparation for CPA and MBA

637   29   5' 10         H1              B.E, M.S ( Computer Science)
638   27   5' 5     US Citizen      MSc History with minor in chemistry

                                       3-Years Diploma in Robotics
                                   Engineering. BS degree in Mechanical
639   29   5' 6    Canadian Ctz                 Engineering

640   23   5' 10    US Citizen          BS Accounting and Finance

                                   Master's in Telecommunication from
                                  Roosevelt University Chicago. Bachelors
                                   of Engineering in Electrical from NED
641   28   5' 11      H1B                   University Khi Pak.

                                   Graduating from medical school from
                                   Boston 2012 and starting residency in
643   25   5' 11    US Citizen                   Boston
                                 B.E (Deccan College of Engineering &
                                Technology, Hyderabad – India) Came
                                to USA in Jan' 2002 MS (U of Memphis
644   34   5' 10     H1B                      – TN, USA

                                B.S. Computer Science, 2009
                                University of Illinois at Urbana-
645   26   5' 11   US Citizen   Champaign

                                Currently enrolled in the medical program to
                                   be a doctor (inshallah) at Midwestern
                                University in Downers Grove, IL. Bachelors
                                  of Science in Psychology with minors in
                                  Biology and Organizational Psychology
                                 (Honors). Illinois Institute of Technology.
                                     Master of Science in Biology with
                                  Concentrations in Cellular & Molecular
                                    Biology (Honors). Illinois Institute of
646   29   5' 11   US Citizen                   Technology.
                                         Masters in Electrical/Computer
                                        Engineering from Kansas - Dec'07
                                          Bachelors in Electronics and
                   H1B/ Green Card      Communications Engineering from
647   27   5' 7      in Process                 Hyderabad, India

                                     Finished in Information Systems at
                                     University of Alabama at Birmingham in
                                      May 2012. Willing to pursue Masters
649   25   5' 6         H1B                       soon inshallah

                                         graduated from George Mason
                                     University with a degree in Information
650   26   6' 0       US Citizen            Security and Networking.

                                     Master of Science (M.S) - U.S.A
                     US H1B /        Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) – India
651   28   5' 11    Canadian PR      . E.C.E

                                     BS in Behavioral Science & Health,
                                     Double Majored into Sociology
                                     Criminology Certificate, Business Minor,
                                     Chemistry Minor
                                     University of Utah 02’

                                     Associates of Science General Studies
652   33   5' 10      US Citizen     Salt Lake Community College 98’

                                        Education Masters - Engineering/
653   27   6' 1         H1B                       Technology
                                            Bs. (Health Sciences)
                                      Benedictine university (Chicago)
                                   MD in process 4th Year Medical Student
                   Dual Ctz - US &       Rosalind Franklin University
656   25   6' 6       Canada              (Chicago Medical School)

                                   Northwestern University, Juris Doctor
                                   (Law) & MBA (Entrepreneurship &
                                   Stanford University, Master of Science
                                   in Mechanical Engineering
                                   University of Texas, Bachelor of Science
                                   in Mechanical Engineering (High
657   31   5' 6      US Citizen    Honors)

                                   MBA (2nd year)in Health Management
                                     System,partner in well established
                                   health care bussiness.Partner/manager
658   26   5' 9      US Citizen       of medical center and pharmacy

                                         B. S. in Finance and Business
                                    Administration University of Southern
                                    California Marshall School of Business
                                      (ranks in US top3) Specializing in
                                    Marketing and Entrepreneurship Los
660   27   5' 11     US Citizen                Angeles, California
                                         Masters Degree in Management
                                     Information System (MIS) from Texas
                                    A&M University, Dallas, USA. B.E (ECE)
                     US GC in          from Deccan Engineering College -
661   27   5' 11     Process             Osmania University, Hyderabad.

                                    PhD program in Bioethics, Comparative
                                    Religion and Philosophy at University of
662   32   5' 10    US Citizen      Exeter, England (Near London).

                   Indian Ctz/ US
663   33   6' 1       Visit Visa    B.COM India MBA (Marketing) India

                                    Bachelor's in Information Systems from
664   32   6' 0     US Citizen                DePaul University.
                                    B.S in Materiallurgical Engineering with
665   26   5' 6      US Citizen                     Honors.

666   26   5' 10     US Citizen                    Pharm.D.

                                      MBA in Finance & Makerting from
                                    Depaul Universty by Dec 2011, BS from
667   25   5' 11     US Citizen                      UIC

                                     Master's in Computer Sciences from
668   25   5' 10      F1/OPT                   NEIU,Chicago,IL

                   Canadian Ctz &   B.Sc.,M.D. Currently finishing third year
669   31   6' 0       US GC         of residency in anaesthesiology in USA.
                                Masters in finance (from University of
670   40   5' 8   US Citizen                   karachi)

671   23   5' 9   US Citizen         BS in Accounting & Finance

                               Electrical Engineering from University of
                               Illinois, Champagne, Illinois

                               Masters in Business Administration,
                               Kellogg School of Management,
                               Northwestern University, Evanston
672   29   6' 4   US Citizen   Illinois

                                   Master of Science, University of
                                  Houston, Houston TX Bachelor of
                                   Technology, Bharat Institute of
                                    Engineering and Technology,
673   25   5' 6     H1B                   Hyderabad, India

                                 Resident Physician in Radiology, MD
674   28   6' 0   US Citizen       from reputed Illinois Med School
                                       Bachelors (Univ. of Toronto - 2006),
                                      Doctor of Medicine (2010. Currently in
                                         3rd of 4th year of residency in
                                      Anesthesiology, will finish residency in
676   28   5' 11     US Citizen                       2014

                                         Associates degree, working on
677   28   5' 8      US Citizen        bachelors, certified MRI technician

                                          Law Student at a prestigious
                                      University,will get the degree in May
678   24   5' 8      US Citizen                        2013.

                                      BBA from PRINCETON UNIVERSITY
679   27   6' 0    Pakistan Citizen         from dubai in Marketing

                                                  Bachelors of
680   45   5' 11     US Citizen               University,Chicago
681   27   5' 10   US Green Card         B.S. Electronics Engineering

                                      MBA-Healthcare Managment BS-
682   28   5' 10     US Citizen             Nutrition/Biology

                                   Currently in 2nd year Residency from
683   28   5' 9    Canadian Ctz    Albert Einstein hospital, Philadelphia

                                   M.B.A. - MASTER’S COMPUTER
                                   INFORMATION SYSTEM/FINANCE,
                                   SAINT PETER’S UNIVERSITY (2002)
                                   B.S. - HEALTH CARE
                                   ADMINISTRATION, SAINT PETER’S
684   40   5' 10     US Citizen    COLLEGE (1997)

                                   Education: PharmD (Doctor of
685   28   5' 6      US Citizen    -University of MaryLand, 2013

                                         BS from University of Illinois
                                      (Urbana/Champaign) in Computer
686   28   6' 0      US Citizen                 Engineering

                                   Master Degree in Computer Science
                                   from DePaul University in 2012. B.S in
                                   Computer Science from University of
687   30   5' 7      US Citizen    Illinois Chicago in 2006. Hafiz-e-Quran.
                                  Currently pursuing MS in Business
                                     Administration and computer
                                   programing, Bachelors Degree in
                                  Business and Marketing from North
688   32   6' 0    Canadian          Wood University of Michigan.

                                B.Tech from VS college of Engineering ,
                                Kakataya University. MS in Industrial &
                                 Manufacturing Systems, University of
689   34   6' 0     US GC                  Texas, Arlington.

690   27   5' 10   US Citizen   MD, 2nd yr Residency

                                MECHANICAL ENGINEERING (BE)
                                OSMANIA UNIVERSITY (Hyderabad,

                                INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (MS) 1996
                                WESTERN MICHIGAN UNVERSITY
691   45   5' 10   US Citizen   (Kalamazoo, MI)

692   26   5' 5    US Citizen         MS in Public Administration

                                BSc. Business Management course ASE
693   33   6' 1    US Citizen                Cerification
                                 Masters in Business Administration with
                                  Finance Concentration from Kellstadt
                                   Graduate School of Business-2007
                                Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
694   33   5' 10   US Citizen        from DePaul University– 2001

                                 Bachelors of Arts in Economics from
                                University of California, Riverside Master
                                of Business Administration University of
695   29   6' 0    US Citizen                   La Verne

                                Pharmacy Student (Xavier University of
696   23   5' 10   US Citizen   Receiving Pharm.D in May 2015
 Pursuing Profession          Criteria of the spouse

                              Age - 26 - 33yrs,
                              Pharmacist, CPA, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer,
                              Someone who is well educated, moderately
                              religious, prays and fasts. Family oriented and
 Working in NYSE in Chicago   well grounded, outgoing and loves to travel.

                               The young lady should have the following

                               · Muslim (Sunni is preferred)
                               · Sharp features (important)
                               · Slim and trim figure (important)
                               · Between 28 to 32 years (Max)
                               · Between 5’-2” to 5-4”
                               · Must have a profession
                               · Ability to practice her profession in the United
                               · Sunny disposition (important)
                               · Sense of humor

                               Age - 22 - 26, Hijaabi, Atleast BS, preferably
                                   from Hyderabad, India, good family
Application Developer                           background

                              Age-22yrs - 26yrs, Ht-above 5'4, educated,
Quality Assurance Engineer - decent hyderabadi family, good looking, open
    Rogers Corporation       to hijaab

                               age below 26yr, good looking, religious from
                                 good hyderabadi family and prefer early

                              Age-23yrs - 27yrs, Ht- 5'4, atleast BS, decent
  Working in Computers in     family background, good looking, open to
         chicago              hijaab

                               Age -23-25 yrs, Ht - 5.4-5.7 '' , Will prefer Dr or
                                    medical student, or any, She must be
                              simple,honest,open minded,flexible,easily adapts
                              to change,has compatible goals,lov & appreciate
   Lead software designer                       him as he is
                                Practicing Muslimah, open to hijab, at least a
                                degree, age between 22-26, good looking
   Consultant with KPMG         with good family background

                                  Age - 20 - 24yrs, Ht - 5’ 4” to 5’ 6, Who is
                                   religiously inclined and would accept a
                                 partner in life either with Hijab or without
                                 Hijab, who is also fair looking, would like to
           Doctor                        get married in a year or two

Business Details: Exporting
I.T. hardware to Saudi Arabia
 & operating multi-channel e-
 commerce auto accessories       We are looking for a decent, educated girl
business fro Bradley Group of     from a respectable family, with good
         Companies                         religious background

                                 Age - 21 - 27yrs, ht - 5’4 n above, Hijaab / No-
Senior Programmer Analyst        US Citizen or Green Card holder or Visa Holder
        Orlando, FL              Beautiful and Educated (Both deen and duniya)

                                Nice decent, religious, educated, Moderate,
    Manager in Chicago            outgoing, understanding, caring, loving,
       Petromarts                               family values

                                  Looking for a happy, slim muslim girl with
 Finance Mgr - over 10 yrs      family values, easy to get along with, and who
 with the same employer                           enjoys life

                                Age - 23 - 27yrs, Ht -5' 6 n above, Preferably
                                MD or in Residency, good family background,
           Doctor                     good sense of humor, No Hijaab
                                  A beautiful muslim girl aged between 23-28 yrs
                                  old. Height between 5-5’6. Should be educated
   Currently, working at
                                (preferably a bachelor’s). She should be religious,
American Airlines as a System   caring, affectionate, compromising, and fun loving.
   Analyst in Dallas, TX                 Height and Weight proportionate.

                                     Age 20-25yrs. height 5.3 and above.
                                 respectable family background, easy-going,
                                  fun-loving, positive-thinking, good morals,
                                 caring, and patient. At least BS. hijab status
                                does not matter. Prefer US or Canada raised.
        MD Physician                          Indian or Pakistani.

                                   Age - 25-29, Ht - atleast 5'4, Looking for
    Managing Consultant,        practicing Muslima, self-motivated, energetic,
  Investment Management,        family oriented, modest, and simple. Last but
     Financial Services,         not least is to live life with passion, Open to
   Navigant Consulting Inc                             Hijaab

     Working as System
   Configuration Analyst at
      Hewitt Associates
Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA                     Suitable Match

                                 Age - 26-29yrs, Ht - 5'1 - 5'4, Good family,
            MD                  educated and good looking girl, a non Hijaabi

                                Age 22 to 26, Height 5 to 5’8, Looking for
                                someone who is currently in or pursuing higher
                                education; goal &Career orientated balanced with
                                valuing family life. Also ,looking for someone
  Business and Industrial       who).Is educated in Islam & observes religious
Resources, Staff Accountant     practices (i.e prayers/fasting).

                                We are looking for a muhajjaba between the
        Engineering                       ages of 19-22 and slim
Working for Hallmark Global looking for a girl who is religious, respect
  Technologies in U.S.A     family and height around 5'4" to 5'6"

Tier 2 Tech. Support ( AT& T) girl should be Deeni but good hyderabadi
      Richardson. Texas       family

Accountant at Deutsche Bank
        (Irvine, CA)                              Suitable Match

                                Looking for Family oriented beautiful girl with
 Working for Capital One for      good family background, Non Hijaabi,US
         past 2yrs              Citizen, atleast BS, prefer Indian Hyderabadi

                                Age 21-24yrs, appropriate Height, Religious,
                                   Good Family background, atleast BS,
   Working for Verizon in        prefferable Hyderabadi, good looking, US
      Virginia, USA                               Citizen

                               Age - 24-28, Highly qualified girls from good
                               universities - Doctors, Engineers,
Working as Electrical Engineer Lawyers,MBA's , PhD's, who wears hijab,
 at Intel, Portland, Oregon are religious but also outgoing.

                               Age : 23-29, Hieght : 5 to 5'5, Education : Atleast
                               minimum bachelors degree (work experience is better),
                               Body Type : Slim to atheletic preferred. Average only if
                               hieght body ratio is good
                               Background : From india or pakistan . prefer someone
                               who came migrated to US after spending early years in
                               India, pakistan, Middle-east or came here for further
   Managerial position in      education. If born and raised here she should have good
                               family cultural and basic islamic values. Ideally looking
Information Technology at a    for perfect blend of east and west
   well known firm in NYC      Hijab : No

                              1. Hijabi and Deendar
                              2. Good family
                              3.Well educated ( professional of any kind,
                              MBA or at least masters)
                              4. age between 24-27
Attorney-At-Law at Locke Lord We are very fexible in our criteria. I know you
 Bissell & Liddell in Chicago can not get everything in one person.
                            Age - 21-25yrs, Ht - 5.4 to 5. 6 in height,
                            Professionally educated, or a
                            student,preferably doctor, with both deen and
Project Lead, Areva Nuclear duniya, US or Canadian Citizen, Good family
           Power            background. Open to Hijaab

                              Educated muslim family to begin a wonderful
                             - Educated and practicing muslima who is
                             moderate in her views and maintains a good
                             balance of deen and dunya.
                             - Someone who is a US citizen, and between
                             the ages of 20-30, Non-Hijaabi
      Business Owner

                                Age - 25-32yrs, Ht - 5'2-5'7, Inclined toward
                              Hijaab, Sunni moderate practicing Muslim, Urdu
                                     speaking, At least a BS or MS, or
                             graduatedegreee and is family oriented, Slim, Fair,
                             Good Looking, A US Citizen / Permanent resident,
        Physician              Never married, Non-smoker, and, Non drinker

                                Age - 20 - 25yrs, Ht - 5'2-5'7, Inclined toward
                              Hijaab, Sunni moderate practicing Muslim, Urdu
                                     speaking, At least a BS or MS, or
                             graduatedegreee and is family oriented, Slim, Fair,
                             Good Looking, A US Citizen / Permanent resident,
        Physician              Never married, Non-smoker, and, Non drinker

                             Age -18-22yrs, Ht - 5'5 n above, wears hijaab,
                               practicing muslimah, good looking, urdu
                               speaking, family oriented, loving, caring,
                                    pursuing her bachelors degree.

                                                 Age: 24
                                           Height: 5' 4" - 5' 6"
                                      Education: Atleast College
                                             Ethnicity: open
                                         Nationality: Pakistani
                                      Religious Values: Moderate
                             Family Requirements: Looking for a girl, who
Oracle Developer at Allant   is understandable, supportive and can adjust
  Group, Naperville, IL                  in joint family culture.

  Information Technology

  Qinetiq – North America
                              Looking for a girl between 23-28 yrs, 5’0 –
                              5’6. Religious and hijabi girl of Indian origin
                                   Looking for someone very western(ambitious,
                                    stylish, fit, smart and outgoing) but with good
                                 family values. Sunni Muslim. Not too skinny. Skin
                                  tone does not matter. Natural Beauty is a must.
                                  Family please agree for couple to talk and meet
                                       several times before the final decision.

                                  Age - between 22 and 27 years old from a
                                 respected family, college educated, fair, tall,
                                Urdu speaking, practicing Muslim, US raised,
                                willing to relocate, outgoing, able to manage a
                                     home, never married, must have family
           Lawyer                                oriented values

Business Analyst at Accenture                      Suitable Match

                           Age: upto 28 years Education: Min. bachelor
                           degree and willing to make good life for each
 J.P. MORGAN CHASE BANK other in any circumstance.
  Branch Manager/ Business Preferences: Sunni Muslim. Good family
          Banker           background. Be attractive to our son.

                                Age: 22-26
                                Height: 5,4 and above
                                Education: Bachelor degree minimum.
                                Profession: Does not matter.
                                Nature: Friendly, lively, easy to mingle with family.
                                Looks: Nice looking, know how to groom herself. well
                                presented, medium to fair complexion (not too dark),not
                                more than 130lb and not less than 120lb in weight,
    System Administrator        straight hair (shoulder length should be ok)

                             Looking for someone who is family oriented
                            and educated between the ages of 28-33 and
VP of Sales at Imagetec LTD                 Non-hijabi

                                  looking for a graduate and islaamic values

                                 looking for someone who is outgoing,
                                educated but also family oriented. We are
        Entreprenuer            looking for a girl living in the Chicago area.
                                   Height: 5'5 and up
                                   Hijab Preference: With or without is okay, as
                                   long as she is religious
                                   Age Range: 21-26, educated and family

                                   Looking for a hyderabadi religious girl, a hijabi
                                   would be better but we are ok with non - hijabi
                                   as well , height should be 5'3 and above, age
                                   less than 23 yrs but not older than that,
    IBM System Engineer            slim and fair, sharp features, educated family
     Los Angeles, California,      with good morals and teaching about deen
            USA                    and duniya.
                                   these are our expectations but not limitations

 Research and development
    Engineer in a "Leading         •Age 23 to 28.
                                   •Height 5' 2'' and above.
   scientific simulation and
                                   •Born and brought up in the USA.
    visualization software         •Well educated family background, preferably from
   consulting company" in          Bangladesh. Pakistani or Indian family background
Albany, NY Joined in August,       is also ok.
2012 just after finishing Ph.D     •Graduate level, Ph.D , Doctor,Masters, Engineer
with a 6 figure starting salary.   •Good looking, non-hijaabi practicing Muslim

                                   looking for my son (Mohammed Ismail) we
                                   want a deeni girl, good character, khush
                                   akhlakh and naik(very importantly) US citizen
                                   girl around 21-25 years, education from a
     Software Engineer             decent family.

                                        looking for a kind-hearted, sincere,
                                        slim/athletic, easy-going and gentle
                                      personality, fair complexion, near 5'5" in
                                      height, between the ages of 20 and 23.
Working for Venture Capital         Preferably has a bachelor’s degree or in her
      Firm Part-time                     final year from a good University.
                               Sunni Muslim; non-hijabi; 23-29 years; 5'3" to
                               5'8"; Fair; 3rd or 4th year Medical Student
           Doctor              ONLY in a US Medical School.

   Medical Doctor in Child
 Psychiatry, New Britain, CT                   Suitable Match

 Restaurant Management -
   running operations in
 Chicagoland Jimmy John's      Looking nice and good looking muslim girls,
   Gourmet Sandwiches          no hijabi

 Restaurant Management -
   running operations in
 Chicagoland Jimmy John's      Looking nice and good looking muslim girls,
   Gourmet Sandwiches          no hijabi

                               19-22 year old, studying in college, is heavily
                               involved in the Muslim community (mosque or
                               college MSA)

     Federal Express      A nice humble sweet girl that has at least a
  Customer Service/Manger Bachelors of Arts or Science and under the
      General Work        age of 35

                             looking for a decent good looking educated
he has his own shops of cell religious hijab pasand and a citizen coz he
 phone asseceries in a mall                  has no status
                                 Looking for American born & raised non-
   Senior Management           hijabi preferably Hyderabadi girl. She should
      Consultant at                be from nice family, good looking and
          Huron                              college graduate.

                                 Looking for someone who has a BS and
                                 homely, non-professional, with deen and
  Business / Printing, V.P                       duniya

                              We are looking for an educated, religious,
                              family oriented girl with solid cultural values
                              for our son. Riaz is caring, attractive, and
 Claim Associate Service      very intelligent. Our family is Urdu speaking
Adjuster / Allstate Insurance from Hyderabad, India and well settled here in
          Company             the United States

Works for Telezygology as      looking for a highly educated girl, who was
design engineer in Chicago    born and raised here. He is 31 so we can look
          Illinois            for girls from 26 to 30 years old.

                                looking for a Sunni, religious, preferably (Hijabi)
                               Muhaajabat beautiful girl, preferably a Saudi and
                              Emirates Residence, US Citizen, Canadian Citizen
                                  and preferably from an Urdu speaking Indian
                               family for our son seeking a compatible wife with
                                  strong, sincere Islamic character, solid family
                              values, interest in Islamic studies and in Arabic, or
                                 at least the desire and commitment to learn to

                                 looking for a Sunni, religious, preferably
                               Muhaajabat (Hijabi) beautiful girl, preferably
                               an Indian, Saudi or Emirates resident, US or
                              Canadian Citizen and preferably from an Urdu
                              speaking Indian family, Sunni Muslim girl who
                                   is fun loving, friendly, family oriented,
                              adventurous, well educated, and has Islam in
                                                   her heart

                              Age: 22-28
                              Height: 5'1
                              Education: at least bachelor's
                              Ethnicity: South Asian
                              Nationality: US/PR
                              Religious Values: Moderate, practicing
                              Family Requirements: Well-educated,
         Professor            moderate, practicing Sunni
DEALER IN CRYSTAL LAKE,              Looking for doctor or any other medical
          ILL                              related field, Non - Hijaabi

 Oracle DBA@Wells Fargo,
    San Francisco, CA                              Suitable Match

                                  Age - 24-30yrs, Educated, good family, open
             Nurse                      to Hijaab, Prefer pakistani-lahore

   Software Staff Engineer,       Hyderabadi background, age 38-44, at least
          Hamilton                height 5’ 3”, caring, modest, religious.

                              looking for a Urdu speaking girl (Moderately
Sr. Consultant, SAP Business Religious, Educated, Age less than 27, Good
     Objects working for     looking with Traditional/Moderate family
    Pfizer in New York City  values)

            Working                                Suitable Match

Department of Defense (Civil)         Age - 20-22yrs, Educated, Moderately
US Army Corp of Engineers -           religious, Family oriented, NO Hijaab,
       Chicago, IL                              Preferably in Illinois

                                                     Age: 22-26
                                                     Height: 5'5
 Department of Defense, Fort                  preferably Hyderabadi
      Meade, Maryland           looking for an educated, religious, family oriented
Job Title: Senior Analyst and girl with solid cultural values. Girl MUST be U.S.
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff                 citizen. No Hijaab
                                Age 21-30years
                                Profession: Pharmacy, Lawyer, Doctor,
                                Dentist, Engineer, Computer IT etc.
                                Personal nature: Looking for someone with
                                family values, honest, caring, and practicing
            MD                  Muslim with moderate views on life.

                                She should be well educated & sophisticated
Business of Computer & IT       should have cool temperament & religious.

                                 EDUCATED,US CITIZEN AND BEAUTIFUL
                                    GIRL BELONG TO A NOBLE AND
                                          RELIGIUOS FAMILY

Will start working at Indiana
  University Health as an
      Thoracic Heart &           Age - 26-29yrs, Ht - 5' 6 and above, fair and
LungTransplant Surgeon in        slim, No Hijaab, Preferably from hyderabadi
         JULY 2012               background, chicago based, well educated

                                We are looking for Doctor, Pharmacy or
            MD                  Masters

                                Looking for someone who’s number one
                                priority in life is her deen. She also desires to
  Business Analyst - SAP        learn more about Islam and put it into
Finance, Gramercy, Dallas,      practice. Good family values, a kind heart,
           TX                   and hijab are also very important.
Machine Operator, Omron Inc
         Chicago                               Suitable Match

                                Looking for a well educated, good looking
Currently working at Marsh &    sunni Muslim girl who comes from a well
 McLennan Company in the        cultured hyderabadi family, between the ages
 area of Risk Management,       of 21-26; preferably, US Citizens, US Green
      Ontario Canada            Card Holders

                             looking for a beautiful,good looking,fair,decent
                             girl with good family background.
                             Profession:pre-med student,doctor,dentist,
   Presently working as-     pharmacist,engineer, BS.
DMO(Duty medical officer) at Age:between 20 to 25
Global hospital, Hyderabad. Height:5'2-5'5

                                  My partner would have to be religious, of
                                 loving nature, homely, intelligent, kind, and
    Currently, working at       friendly, someone who is down to earth and
  PARAXEL Int'l, Life Study     easy going like myself, Looking for someone
         Manager                            from Hyderabadi origin

 Works as a consultant for
Management Consulting firm                     Suitable Match

   Currently employed with         Looking for educated, independent, good
     federal government         looking girl with family values and Non-Hijaabi

           Lawyer                              Suitable Match

Information Technology (Web
 and Software Development),       My preferences are someone who is good
working in Post Media (parent      looking, close to her religion and culture
  company of National Post        (Hijab preferred) and understands family
         Newspaper)                                  values

                                Age-20 to24 years
                                Ht-5-4 to5-8
                                Qualification-Masters or Graduate
                                Fair and Good looking, open to hijaab
                                  Looking for practicing Muslim, ht be more
 Currently working as a IT       than 5'3, family-oriented, sincere, along with
Consultant/Project Manager        knowing her cultural and religious identity.
with a company near Detroit            who is simple and caring as well

                                An educated girl with Islamic values and
                                should be helpful in Dawah and Tabligh.
                                age less than 30 years wear hijab family

                                  looking for Family oriented with religious
                                values girl, between the ages of 23 - 26yrs,
                                Hijaabi, Professional, slim and good looking,
                                     urdu speaking Indian or Pakistani

                                Looking for someone from 25 – 32 years old,
                                5’.2” – 5’.4”, no hijaab, slim. Educated in any
                                medical field / health care field, professional
                                and family oriented with respect for both
                                cultural and religious values.
                                U.S. citizen, unmarried / divorced and no kids.
                                Simple, honest, easily adapts to changes, has
                                compatible goals.
                                Concerned about deen and duniya
Working in textile firm as an   moderately. Preferably Hyderabadi (nearing
 officer in administration      cities) / Karachi

                               Age: 22-25
                               Height: 5’0” or above
                               Profession: open, but no doctors or lawyers
                               Other: Slim, average or athletic build.
                               Minimum of a college degree. Somebody
                               from an Indian or Pakistani background and
                               nobody from a Bangladeshi, Memon or
Applications Developer (IT) at Gujarati background. Looking for somebody
 a Fortune 500 company in who is moderate in their day-to-day life.
          Chicago, Il.         Family orientated and fair complexion.
                                   Age: 25-31
                                   Ht: 5’3’’ – 5’8’’
                                   Profession: Graduate degree
                                   Personal Preferences:
                                   US Raised
                                   Practicing muslim
                                   Family Oriented
                                   Good mix of deen and duniya
                                   Sense of humor and socially compatible.
           Physician               Hijaabi

Working as business associate
         in Troy, MI                                  Suitable

                                                      Age: 26
                                                    Height: 5'4"
                                                  Education: MD
                                                   Ethnicity: Any
                                                  Nationality: US
                                   Religious Values: Good Religious and Family
                                   Family Requirements: Good educated family
              MD                                 with good values.

                                   Some of the basic qualities I am looking for in
                                   a girl is someone who is religious, prays,
                                   wears hijab and dresses modestly, and is a
                                   modest person in general. Other qualities I
                                   value are someone who is honest, kind-
                                   hearted, and responsible/dependable. I
                                   would like someone around my height (5'2")
                                   or shorter. I would prefer someone from
                                   Pakistani descent but am open to any
        Opthalmologist             nationality.

     Currently working for
Domestic Violence Prosecutor         Educated, fair and slim, religious, open to
at the State's Attorney's Office    hijaab, ONLY pakistani, Age 23 -27Yrs, 5'4
          in Peoria, IL                              and above
                                 Age: 21-25
                                 Ht: 5'0-5'4
 Website Security Specialist     Profession: Bachelors in any field and looking
 University Health System        to work as a professional in their respective
  Consortium, Chicago, IL
         IT Manager              Personal Preferences: Adventurous, Health
   Bellwood Public Library,      Conscious, Open Minded, Religious, Laid
        Bellwood, IL             back, Easy Going, Fun, prefer hijaabi

    Mortgage Underwriter
     (Currently working
 at Takeda Pharmaceutical
 Company in security Dept).                     Suitable Match

 Vice President, South West       Age - 20 - 24yrs, Ht 5'4 n above, educated,
    Medical Solutions LLC           Hijaabi, family oriented and attractive

                             Age- 27 to 30 years,from a respectable
                             family,height 5'-3" and
                             above,fair,slim,religious,well educated,a
                             doctor or a lawyer, pharmacist. Preferably
                             from Houston, Dallas, Austin, prefers Non-
SAP Consultant at ExxonMobil Hijaabi

 Industrial Engineer, Holland,
              MI                       Looking for US Citizen sitable girl

          Pharm D                               Suitable Match

                                   Age - 25-27yrs, 5'3 and above, Educated,
                                  good looking, slim, career oriented, open to
   Accountant at Nalco Co.               Hijaab, Indian/Pakistani origin
                               Age - 20-22yrs, ht 5'3 n above, educated,
             MD               Hijaabi, family oriented, focus towards Deen.

   Sales Manager at Exotic     Family oriented, Simple, Hijaabi, Educated,
          Motors                         Indian/Pakistani origin,

                              Age: 20-24
                              Height: 5'2-5'7
                              Education: B.S/B.A or higher
                              Ethnicity: Indian/Pakistani
                              Nationality: Indian/Pakistani
                              Religious Values: Practicing
Senior Financial Analyst      Family Requirements: Good Values

                              Islamically motivated, physically fit and active.
  Responsible position at a    Educated with degree. Have an appreciation
 major engineering company        for both Indo/Pak and Western cultures

  Family Business (Barkaat
   Foods &

                              sunni hannafi Age below 24,
                              Ht - 5' 4,Qualification B.S,
                              US Citizen, Hyderabadi family is preferrable

                               Age 20-22, above 5'4, open to education,
                                Knows Quran, Raised with good Muslim
                              values, homely, nikabh or hijab , fair, tall and
                              good looking, strong understanding of Islam
                               and appreciation of Islamic Values, enjoys

                              Age 20-22, above 5'4, open to education,Fair,
                              tall and beautiful, Someone who appreciates
                                  Islamic values, 5 times namazee, Hijab

  Member of Technical Staff    H1 / Citizen / any status - Any graduate min
  Riverbed Technology, San    from a good family. Parents will come to USA
         Jose , CA                             for marriage.
                               # Age: 23-25
                               # Height: 5'3" to 5'5"
                               # Education: Professional degree, MSc or
                               # Ethnicity: Do not matter
                               # Nationality: US citizen with Pakistani or Indian
                               # Religious Values: Religious but moderate, open
                               # Family Requirements: We are looking for a
  Will soon join a federal     middle class family that shares our values.
     governament job           Religiouse but moderate and simple.

                               # Age: 21-26
                               # Height: 5'-2" to 5'-4"
                               # Education: Bachelor's Degree
                               # Ethnicity: Hanafi, Sunni- Prerfered Family
                               from Hyrabad, Indiain
                               # Nationality: US Citizen
                               # Religious Values: Moderate
      Project Analyst          # Family Requirements: Sunni Hanafi

                               # Age: 21
                               # Height: 5.4
                               # Education: BS
                               # Ethnicity: does not matter
                               # Nationality: american
                               # Religious Values: moderate
    Humna Resources            # Family Requirements: honest,

                               # Age: 20-25 yrs
                               # Height: 5'0 & Above
                               # Education: Preferrably Madical education, Business
                               Degree, Engineering, Psychology, Lawyer, Doctor etc
                               # Ethnicity: Pakistani
                               # Nationality: US Citizen
                               # Religious Values: Moderate/Liberal
                               # Family Requirements: well educated family, girl must
Currently, working at Abbott   be moderately religious, family oriented, well groomed,
 Labs in corporate HR as       fun loving & out going. Looking for only Pakistani
 Senior Analyst Systems        Ethnicity.

                               # Age: 22-25
                               # Height: 5-3 and above
                               # Education: doctor,medical student preferable othe
                               professions welcome
                               # Ethnicity: pakistan preferably but india will work
                               # Nationality: US citizen,born and raised here
                               # Religious Values: moderately religious
                               # Family Requirements: family oriented,educated
          Doctor               family,caring and loving family. NO HIJAAB
                           # Age: 27
                           # Height: 5.3
                           # Education: Any graduate, working/Non-
                           # Ethnicity: Hanafi Sunni
                           # Nationality: USA Citizen of Indian
                           # Religious Values: Religious Hijabi,
 Working for Indiana State practicing
Department Project, Oracle # Family Requirements: From a good
    DBA, Indianapolis      Religious indian family

                           Lookin for someone Who is family oriented, preferably
                           familiar with the Indian culture.
                           Who suits our family thoughts and lifestyle.
                           Who is moderately religious and Sunni.
                           Born or raised and educated in the US.
                           Cheerful, fun, simple natured, and adventurous.
 Software Engineer (Web
                           Healthy, moderately strong, and active.
 Development). Currently   Simple in style and fashion, fair complexion.
       working in TX       Ages: Between 22-24
      for over 1 year      Height: 5’ 4” – 5’ 6”

                           # Age: 21-28
                           # Height: Any
                           # Education: College and/or above
                           # Ethnicity: No preference
                           # Nationality: No preference
                           # Religious Values: The best women is one whose
                           character mimics the character of great women
                           mentioned in the quraan and hadeeth (Khadija, Maryam,
                           Aisha, etc) and therefore I hope that my spouse would try
                           her best to emulate the same qualities as those women.
                           Some qualities that would complement me include: a
                           caring and loving sister who values the deen and will
                           strive to help me (and herself) get closer to Allah. I also
                           prefer that the sister be patient, supportive, and nurturing
                           towards her husband. I would also want the sister to be a
                           strong woman who understands that maintaining a
                           peaceful household and raising the next generation of
                           Muslims are her most important priorities. Also, before
                           you ask, I have no problem with the sister if she pursues
                           a career, so long that it does not interfere with her
                           spousal obligations. Furthermore, it would be preferable
                           that the sister observes proper hijaab and is serious
                           about following Islam in every facet of her life
                           # Family Requirements: Alhamdulillah, I keep a full beard
                           and come from a family who values religion first and
                           foremost before anything else. Therefore, I would want
                           my spouse to be understanding of these facts. Secondly,
           MD              family is of extreme importance to me, and I would want
                                 # Age: 23-28
                                 # Height: 5'0 - 5'5"
                                 # Education: At least undergraduate
                                 # Ethnicity: Indian/Pakistani
                                 # Nationality: US Citizen/Green card/H1 visa
                                 # Religious Values: Moderate
                                 # Family Requirements: Looking for someone who has
                                 lived in the US for at least a few years. Someone who is
  Computer Engineer for a        sensitive, kind, warm and honest. Loves to travel, see
 software company in silicon     new places, is positive, optimistic and grateful. Educated,
         valley, CA              wants to have a balance between family life and career.

                           # Age: 22
                           # Height: 5"4'
                           # Education: Bachelors
                           # Ethnicity: Hyderabadi Indian
                           # Nationality: Doesn't matter
                           # Religious Values: Liberal
                           # Family Requirements: Seeking a pious
                           Muslimah prefarebly who does Hijab with
                           Hyderbadi background. Someone who is
                           educated, family oriented, with cultural values, and
System and Process Analyst understand deen and duniya.

  currently working for USA
Today in their IT department.
   He is working as a tier 4
Active Directory Administrator                      Suitable Match

     Software Engineer                              Suitable Match

 Currently working as Festival
    Event Coordinator for
    WorldStrides Heritage
  Performance in SLC, UT.
    Passionately pursuing
       h sales in USA.

                                 Age 20 to 25
                                 HT 5'4 - 5'8
                                 looking for a fair complexion girl who has a
                                 good education and belongs to a good family.
    Working as Software          I do prefer a girl who wear hijab and practice
       Professional              Islam very well
            MD               Religious, Hijaabi, family oriented, educated

                             Age: 24 to 30 yrs / Height: 5 ft. to 5 ft. 6 inches / Never
                             Married Before / Bachelors degree (or more)
                             • Resides in the U.S.: preferably someone in the Chicago
                             area (where I live) or in Texas (where I grew up)
                             • Muslim (“Progressive” & “Western”): I am NOT into the
                             Sunni/Shia/Sufi divisions and am open-minded.
                             My religious expectation is someone moderate or
                             moderate-to-liberal (definitely NOT conservative).
                             • Chemistry: This includes common values, engaging
                             conversation, high morals, and physical attraction.
                             • It matters NOT what is her or her family’s country of
                             origin, native language, social status, sect of Islam.
JD-MBA Candidate at
                             • Someone who is passionate about her profession yet
Northwestern University,     also seeks balance in career and eventual family.
Co-Founder & COO of NuMat    • I am looking for someone who values: ambition, culture,
                             family, fitness, honesty, intellectual curiosity,
Technologies, Inc.           kindness, morality, open-mindedness, and spirituality. I
(     am attracted by a beautiful smile and great laugh!

                             Age - 24-25yrs, Ht - 5'3, Looking for a spouse
Working bussines partner of           in health care field,prefrebly
Health care bussiness.Detail physician.Belongs to a very well educated and
can be provided on request    respectable family in chicago, NON Hijaabi

                             Age: 21-25
                             Height: >5" 4"
                             Education: B.S
                             Ethnicity: Indian background
                             Nationality: N/A
                             Religious Values: Islamic
                             Family Requirements: Looking for a
                             educated, pretty girl from Sunni Indian
                             background who values family and religion
    Business Executive       and can be part of our loving family.
                            Age: 21-25 Years
                            Height: 5'2" & above
                            Education: We are preferring @least to be
                            Ethnicity: Indian
                            Nationality: US Citizen/mmigrant
                            Religious Values: Islamic, God fearing
                            Family Requirements: We are looking for a
  Database Admin / Data     well-brought-up, educated girl from a decent
Analyst, AT& T, New Jersey, & good family, with good religious background
           USA.             and preferably who does Hijaab

                               Age: 26-30
                               Height: 5’4” or above
                               Profession: open, but no doctors or lawyers
                               Other: Slim, average or athletic build.
                               Minimum of a college degree. Somebody
                               from an Indian or Pakistani background and
                               nobody from a Bangladeshi, Memon or
                               Gujarati background. Looking for somebody
                               who is moderate in their day-to-day life.
                               Family orientated and fair complexion.

                               Age: 28-32
                               Height: 5'5 - 5-8
                               Education: Atleast High School,
                               Ethnicity: Sunni Muslim, Hyderabadi preferred
                               Nationality: US citizen or Green Card
                               Religious Values: Liberal
                               Family Requirements: Decent and educated family
          Business             with good Islamic faith.

                          Age: 22-30
                          Height: 5'2"-5'9"
                          Education: At least a Bachelor's degree.
                          Nationality: Preferably Hyderabadi (Indian) for
                          cultural similarities, but open to good girl from
                          good family.
                          Religious Values: Sunni
                          Family Requirements: Searching for traditional,
                          cultured, moderately religious girl from good family
Working as Sr. e-Commerce background. Looking for family oriented girl who
    Analyst for leading   values marriage, relationships, and has a pleasant
 multinational company.   disposition about herself.
                         Age: 18-23
                         Height: 5' - 5'.4
                         Education: Must have an undergrad degree.
                         Ethnicity: Asian
                         Nationality: Indian
                         Religious Values: Sunni
                         Family Requirements: Seeking a girl who is
 Manufacturing Engineer, religious and educated. Must also have
GENERAL MOTORS Parma, understanding of Indian (Deccan,Hyderabad)
         Ohio            culture and traditions.

                           Age: 23
                           Height: 5'5"
                           Education: Professional
                           Ethnicity: Indian-Pakistani
                           Nationality: US
                           Religious Values: Moderate
                           Family Requirements: Seeking a religious girl,
        Pharmacist         who wears hijab and who is family oriented

                              Looking for a Sunni Muslim who is family
  Business Analyst, CDW       oriented, god conscious, of loving nature,
       Corporation          intelligent, friendly and kind. Open to Hijaab

                           Age: 21
                           Height: 5'4
                           Education: IT/Doctor etc
                           Ethnicity: Asian
                           Nationality: Indian
                           Religious Values: Islamic Background, Hijaabi
                           Family Requirements: My partner should be
                           able to respect everyone and understand
                           family values. A perfect Homemaker is what i
      Self Employed        am looking for.

                           Age: 25-28 years
                           Height: 5' 5 to 5' 7
                           Education: Well educated professional in
                           medicine, law, pharmacy or similar
                           Ethnicity: Sunni Muslim
                           Nationality: Canadian/USA
                           Religious Values: Moderate, NO Hijaab
                           Family Requirements: Well educted family
                           settled in USA or Canada. Good natured and
        Physician          pleasant in manners.
                                  Age: 35
                                  Height: 5'2"
                                  Education: above high school
                                  Ethnicity: Pakistani (urdu speaking)
                                  Nationality: Doesn't matter
                                  Religious Values: moderately religious
                                  Family Requirements: family who knows deen
        Self Employed             and duniya, education which is very important.

                                  Age: 22
                                  Height: 5.4
                                  Education: BS
                                  Ethnicity: any
                                  Nationality: US
                                  Religious Values: sunni
                                  Family Requirements: good looking with
      Human Resources             understanding of deen and values

                                    Age 24-28yrs, 5'4 and above, Non Hijaabi,
Currently working for Hill-Rom,      educated, good family background, with
medical equipment company.                   understanding of deen

                                  Age: 22-25
                                  Height: 5-5'5''
                                  Education: Some Degree/diploma
                                  Ethnicity: India
                                  Nationality: United States/Canada/India
                                  Religious Values: Moderate
                                  Family Requirements: Looking for a simple, good
   Working as a Software          looking, Urdu Speaking, family oriented, Sunni
 Engineer for Optum Health        Practicing Muslim Bride who is moderate in her
  (United Health Group) in        views and maintains a good balance of deen and
   Denver Colorado USA            duniya. Inclined towards Hijab

                                  Age: 20-26
                                  Height: 5ft 3in to 5ft 9in
                                  Education: College Grad
                                  Ethnicity: Open
                                  Nationality: US/Canada
                                  Religious Values: Religious based on Quran
                                  and Hadith
                                  Family Requirements: Religious and humble
          Physician               family
                             Age: 22-25
                             Height: Atleast 5'3"
                             Education: Prefer professional (doctor,
                             dentist, pharmacist, lawyer, finance)
                             Ethnicity: Pakistani
                             Nationality: Either U.S. Citizen or Cdn (from
                             Toronto/ GTA only)
                             Religious Values: Moderate Sunni
                             Family Requirements: We are looking for a
                             good-natured, good looking, professional girl
                             with excellent values who will compliment my
       Anesthesiology        son.

                             Age: 24
                             Height: 5'3
                             Education: Medical background
                             Ethnicity: Hyderabadi
                             Nationality: USA
                             Religious Values: practicing
                             Family Requirements: Hyderabadi family
      MRI Technician         living in the U.S.

                               looking for is Sunni Muslim girl , 21 to 22
                              yrs,born and raised here in US,from a family
                               of educated parents,slim,5ft 2inch to 5 ft 5
                              inch,happy and easy going personality,must
                                be studying in college or finished BS and
    Will start job in 2013              pursuing further studies.

                           Age: 22 -27yrs
                           Height: over 5' 3
                           Education: BACHELOR
                           Ethnicity: DOESN'T MATTER
Sales Consultant in HEFELE Nationality: US CITIZEN
    A MULTI NATIONAL       Religious Values: MUSLIM
 COMPANY with branches Family Requirements: MODERATE MUSLIM
   through out the world   FAMILY LIKE US

                              Age: 35
                              Height: 5'3"
                              Education: any
                              Ethnicity: any
Business man,Retail Furniture Nationality: any
  stores and As seen on tv    Religious Values: moderate
           stores             Family Requirements: suitable match
                               Age: 19 to 25
                               Height: 5'2 to more
                               Education: B.S.
                               Ethnicity: South Asian
                               Nationality: US Citizen
                               Religious Values: Moderate Muslim
          Engineer             Family Requirements: Sunni

                               Age: 23-26
                               Height: N/A
                               Education: N/A
                               Ethnicity: N/A
                               Nationality: N/A
                               Religious Values: Sunni Muslim
                               Family Requirements: 1) Have Taqwa 2) Urdu
     Research Manager          Speaking 3) Modest (Haya)

                                                 Age: 23 - 27
                                              Height: 5.4 to 5.6
                                             Education: Doctor
                                        Ethnicity: Indian or Pakistani
                                         Nationality: USA/Canadian
                                        Religious Values: Moderate
                                 Family Requirements: Should be a regular
          Physician                       namazi, open to Hijaab

                                Looking for someone pretty between the age
                                of 30-38yrs. Doctor, pharmacist, CPA or any
Currently working at SAINT         computer professioanl. Ht- 5'3 - 5'6, No
   JOHNS HOSPITAL                      Hijaab, No special Preference.

                                      Looking in medical professionals

 Project Lead - Embedded
    Software Engineer -
Continental Tires Automotive
 Programming for computer
  chips in cars and recently We are looking for a hijabi/ (jelbabi) girl raised
  promoted to Team Lead.     in the US with good akhlaq and family values .

  Software Architect, Cook        Looking for 24-29yrs, Hijaabi, good family
       County Office                             background
                              Age: 24-28
                              Height: 5'3-5'9
                              Education: B.S. and Above
                              Ethnicity: Indian-Hydrabadi
                              Nationality: U.S
                              Religious Values: Sunni Muslim
                              Family Requirements: Looking for Family
                              oriented girl around 25 years or so,with an
Business Analyst U.S Virginia Indian background (preferably Hyderabadi)

  Currently working as an
Engineering Mgr for a MNC in Looking for professional, religious and family
 UAE, a US Based company             oriented girl, open to Hijaab

             MD                                   Suitable

                               I am looking someone in age
                               range(34-38) W/O kids. Looking for someone
Data Quality Analyst at Apollo with similar personality and who want to settle
 Global (Phoenix University) in Chicago land area.

                             Age: 20-26
                             Height: 5'5"
                             Education: doctor,engineer,pharmasist, or
                             equvilent higher degree
                             Ethnicity: hyderabadi
                             Nationality: indian, pakistani
        IT specialist        Religious Values: muslim, sunni
(Engineer)supporting Dept of Family Requirements: nice loving simple
 Defence at Washington DC family

                               Age: 20-30
                               Height: over5'4
                               Education: N/A
                               Ethnicity: Pakistani
                               Nationality: N/A
  Self Employed/Shop/Gas       Religious Values: Moderate
          Station              Family Requirements: N/A
                           Age: up to 25
                           Height: Doesn't matter
                           Education: University graduate preferred but not required
                           Ethnicity: Able to speak Urdu; No illegal residents
                           Nationality: Pakistani or Indian
                           Religious Values: God fearing, practicing muslimah of
                           the Hanafi Madhab with a sound foundation and
                           understanding of deen; Practices Parda in appearance
                           and social interactions (Hijab at the bare minimum);
                           Family oriented and traditional individual; Similar level of
                           religious understanding and practice and willing to grow
                           with spouse; Someone who is happy with being a
                           homemaker and does not consider it a sacrifice. I am not
                           interested in career oriented individuals; Humble, Patient,
                           and Respectful individual who is understanding and non-
                           argumentative; has never been married before.
                           Family Requirements: Sunni Muslim, religious and
IT Project Management      educated family

                           Age: 24+
                           Height: 5'3 +
                           Education: Bachelors
                           Ethnicity: Pakistani/Indian
                           Nationality: Open
                           Religious Values: Sunni Muslim
Senior Financial Analyst   Family Requirements: Family oriented

                           We are looking for a religious, mature, and
                           attractive girl for
      Pharmacist           our son inshallah; age 18-22.

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