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									Steve Brock Green Cove Springs, FL 32043 Primary Phone: 904-806-5604

 Expert with integrating EDI technologies with multiple front end and backend systems, HIPAA X12 Transaction sets 837D, 837P, 837I, 835, 834, 820, 270, 271, 276, 277, 278, 810, and 824. Railroad 404, 417, 418, and 997. Telephone 850, 855, 860, 865, and 997 being the specialty focus. MVS, TSO, ISPF, File-Aid, NDM, Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) 6.7.1 Commerce Manager, Integrated Flow Designer, Map Designer, TPEC, Commerce Broker, Event Server in Unix-AIX , Perl Scripting, Unix-BASH Scripting, Unix-KSH Shell Scripting, NT and MVS environments. Consultant with over 15 years of experience analyzing complex information and knowledge management systems and group processes, and recommending total solutions. Information Architect with 10 + years of experience designing information systems Technologies Unix-AIX Shell Scripting, Perl Scripting, Awk & Sed, C, SQL, JCL, COBOL Copybooks, CL, RPGIII, HTML, XML, DHTML, Java Scripting, PSP, PGP, UML, Lotus Scripting, HIPAA X12, EDI X12, NSF V3.01, UB92, SFR, IRL, Java 1.2.1, Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) software suites Tools MS Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Project, TSI, TPEC, ECXpert, Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) 5.0 to 6.7 all platforms, DB2, MVS, TSO, ISPF, File-Aid, NDM, FTP, MQ Series, Web Server X-Windows Apache, Lotus Domino, Lotus EDI Forms, Lotus Admin, Lotus Mail, Lotus 123 Lotus Approach , Lotus Word Pro, Lotus Freelance Graphics, Visio, HIPAA Protocols, Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Software 6.5 / 6.7 Full Suite Package, Trading Partner setups, Project Management, Full Cycle Software Development/Test/Production, Unix-AIX, BASH/KSH Scripting, Perl Scripting, Unix-AIX file structure and data flow, Unix Operating system, Unix Programming Platforms Windows NT/2000/ME/XP, IBM RS6000 Unix-AIX, OS-390, Linux Client Server X12 Standards Versions 3040,3060,3070,3072,4010, 4010A1, 4060 Other EDI Transactions familiar with 850/855/ 860/865/309/310/312/322/323/404/417/418. Qualities : leadership abilities, dedicated, technically sound, friendly, sense of humor  Current Reads include “XML and Java developing Web Applications”, “Professional Perl Development ”, “Team Based Software Development Extreme Programming”, “George Carlin – Pork Chops”

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Professional Experience
5/2001 – Present TransferMations Inc., Saint Augustine, Fl ++++++++++++++++++ Projects with TransferMations Inc.: ++++++++++++++++++ ----------------------------------Mutual of Omaha – EDI Medicare/Medicaid Clearinghouse / Commercial HIPAA 05/2004 – Present  837 Professional and Institutional X12 transactions, creating and implementing Large File solutions utilizing Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Systems Architect, with Healthcare Integration Package, on the UNIX-AIX platform and MVS environments.  Utilizing TSO/ISPF environments setup JCL to run data out to MQ Series cluster Ques to be picked up by Unix Shell Scripts that passed them into Event Servers for transformation into DB2 and Oracle Databases, and passed the new reformatted data back out to Ques to the mainframe.  Intergraded Flow Designer, Architecture Design, Data flow, MSD, and MSL Deployment  Unix-AIX file directory structure and event server monitoring  Error reporting and compliance check for HIPAA standards


Monitoring MQ Series cluster ques and testing between platforms, using Websphere and MQ MON suite tools to track messages and data flow timings Webify Solutions Inc – Mysis Practice Management System 01/2004 – 04/2004  270/271 Eligibility and benefits submission from numerous Doctors offices around the greater Richmond, Va metro area to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia  Server side reporting of active in active status of patients in a real time environment.  Error Resolution of Claim submissions (837 Institutional 837 Professional)  Mysis updating from 271 responses at doctors offices. -----------------------------EOB Plus – HIPAA Project 11/2003 – 02/2004  HIPAA Transaction 835 X12 Developing to a Comma Delimited file for dissemination into an oracle database for Crystal Report generation and posting to secure server for client viewing.  Creation and business analysis of proprietary IRL for customer usage.  Business Crosswalk and EDI Analysis of all X12 to IRL data elements.  835 algorithms for claim balancing and checks from X12. -----------------------------ACS Clearinghouse - EDI HIPAA Project 5/2002 to 11/2003  HIPAA Programmer/Analyst Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Developer and X12 Architect.  Design, development/construction, programming, meeting, flow charts, unit testing, and implementation of translator software enhancing an existing clearinghouse system, Trading Partner connectivity testing all aspects full cycle development process.  EDI HIPAA Healthcare Clearinghouse Medicaid Claims Processing Translation Software Middleware, with Unix-AIX event server, onto OS/390 on TSO/ ISPF with MQ Series ques, Participate in requirements gathering, was creating maps and systems architecture for Clearinghouse, Enterprise level. X12 transactions: 837P, 837D, 837I, 835, 834, 820, 278, 277, 276, 275, 271, or 270, 997, NSF, UB92, and CMS File Formats.  In Multi-environment Intragration with Web Hosting, to Unix-AIX servers, to MVS TSO with COBOL and JCL utilizing Unix-AIX Shell Scripting, Perl, Cobol Copybooks, FTP, NDM, MQ Series and Linux Servers.  Unix-AIX environment utilizing shell scripting and grep commands to locate and assess data. Analysis the same using VI, and ftp data, test scripts, and maps from Windows desktop to Unix-AIX environment  System Architecture of Outbound Routing System and subsequent development, testing and production of it in Unix-AIX environment.  TSO MVS Developing Creating JOBLIB analyzing data with COBOL Copybooks in File Aid and data transfer
via MQ Series, utilizing Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Adapters from various Web, FTP, via ques into the CICS Regions (MMIS), and from MMIS via MQ Series ques back out to Unix-AIX and subsequent FTP or Web or wherever the trading partner agreement specifies.


User Acceptance Testing on all levels, complete software development cycle, from release to release and regression testing on Unix-AIX, OS/390 MVS TSO/ISPF, Windows NT Servers, and Linux Servers. ------------------------------First Coast Service Options (BCBS of Florida) HIPAA - Project 5/2001 to 5/2004  Applications Developer/Programmer/Analyst of Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS). Datasets used in FISS processing include 835, 837, 270/271, 276/277, and 820, 997, UB92, IRL  Utilized the Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Software to take inbound EDI HIPAA X12 to IRL and UB92, and IRL outbound data to EDI X12 HIPAA transactions to Trading partners within the Mainframe OS390 MVS environment, utilizing JCL TSO/ISPF, JCL, and TSI TPEC combined with COBOL Programming in a NDM Process. Data flowing from adjudication processes and back out through TPEC Mainframe interface for trading partners.  Participated in the FISS/Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) testing and maintained meetings and planning sessions.  Any and all maintenance/corrections/additions to the mapping both on the OS390 platform with TSI/TPEC and Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Mapping tools.


Debugging JCL, Analysis of data with File-Aid in TSO, Identifying and correcting problems with COBOL Copy book and X12/UB92 data standards.  Mapping complex algorithms for processes in the CICS/ISPF and DB2 application on the OS/390 Mainframe Operating system.  Assisting Service Center with Trading Partner set ups and user acceptance testing for EDI X12 transactions for 837 Part A and 837 Part B Claim processing.  Testing with adjudicated UB92 from MVS systems to 835 Remittance Advise, outbound to Trading Partners through the Service Centers in the TPEC with OS/390 MVS TSO environment. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 8/2000 - 5/2001 Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Software, Boca Raton, Fl Sr. Technical Consultant (Road Warrior)  Designed, implemented and installed Commerce Manager and Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Mapping applications in Unix-AIX and NT platforms for client data transformation and integration and EDI X12 transaction sets.  Participated in international projects utilizing EDIFACT/EDI X12 and other ANSI data sets on UnixAIX, Windows, OS/390 and Linux Platforms.  Mapping UB92, NSF, and HCFA File formats to X12 using the Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Developing Application, and applying them in the Commerce Manager Event server applications on Unix-AIX, NT and with the Mainframe equivalent TSI’s TPEC. Some of the more notable projects, OCE Printing,, Blue Cross Blue Shield. *********** 3/2000-8/2000 IBM Corp., Tampa, Fl. Consultant (Remote Developer/Home Office) – EDI X-Forms Developer  Lotus EDI X Forms Developer creating EDI X-forms in Lotus Domino utilizing Lotus Scripting and HTML in Lotus Notes Domino application to AIX.  Transferring the data from client to server in ADF format translated to EDI to MVS Environment and Unix-AIX environments.  Creating a database from the 810, 850 X12 transaction sets, from the Customers input via the Internet to records on a server database, validating and translate the server data, to EDI x12 v3072, v4010 format on Unix-AIX Platform via Windows NT and Domino V5 databases.  Ftp the data via Unix-AIX over to the mainframe mq series where it is picked up with JCL for processing into the end clients site through an IBM Variable Area Network on Corp-to-Corp level.  Unix-AIX Script, from Internet web servers to lotus servers and mainframe applications with Websphere and Digital Interchange programs by IBM.EDI Transaction set created from HTML GUI interfaces 810, 820, 850, and 855, 860, 997. *********** 3/1999 - 3/2000 Computer Management Consultants Inc., Jacksonville, Florida EDI Programmer/Developer/Analyst/Webmaster ++++++++++++++++++ Projects with CMC

Corporate Webmaster/ CMC 1/2000 to 3/2000 Webmaster  Extensive work with Corp. Web site maintaining and creating active server pages, and intranet web pages using HTML, XML and JavaScript.  Extensive use of HTML, XHTML for intranet use and work flow representation of

project management and tracking of projects within the organization
CSX Transportation/ Con-Rail Corp (Merger) 5/1999 to 1/2000 EDI Programmer/Developer/Analyst  Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Data Flow in Rail Transportation Company CSX, with SRF to EDI and EDI to SRF Developing structures within the EDIX 12 3072 404/417/418 transaction sets,
with maps created and modified in Windows NT and deployed to UNIX-AIX environment and executed with Shell Scripts that were created and modified.


Business Analysis and tracking of data into and out of system and accurately determine the trouble spots and system bottleneck. Design and flowchart same for client site meetings, and testing.  Utilizing Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) translator, to test, created data, and submit to CSX development region for full cycle end to end testing of the CSX Unix-AIX environment.  Trouble shooting and analysis of data flows from Unix-AIX environment and Mainframe environment allowing for comprehensive volume and stress testing of infrastructure and architect planning for rail transaction sets. *********** 8/97 to 5/99 Bell Atlantic, New York City, NY EDI Applications Developer/Business Analyst/Team Lead  Provide business analysis & support for EDI programs, customer implementations, conduct meetings and set team milestones, monitor Trading Partner migrations to LSR, Daily Production Reports and Rejected Data Analysis, Created EDI X12 850/860’s test case scenarios, and report to director on daily basis all team accomplishments.  Demonstrated abilities to provide problem analysis, trouble-shooting, and resolve technical issues within the multi platform environments with ECXpert application by Netscape on Unix-AIX and Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) TPEC on OS/390  NDM test data and process applications from Mainframe to Unix-AIX servers by developing and writing programs in C utilizing SED and AWK commands for EDI Data into and out of the systems, reporting testing results to all trading partners for End to End testing.  Analyzed EDI Data to find errors in X12 EDI transaction sets 850/855/860/865 during various phases of software development cycle in DEV/TEST/PRODUCTION.  Creation and Modification of Unix-AIX Scripts in Awk & Sed for testing and execution of Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Maps in Unix-AIX environment. *********** 8/1995 - 8/1997 IBM Corp. Cranford, NJ/ New York City, NY CSO NEA Program Coordinator  Tracked and assisted IBM Authorized dealers with EDI and Dealer Reporting utilizing MMS for Sales reps throughout the Northeast Area.  Implemented EDI data into Lotus Notes data bases for forecasting in sales region of customer purchases and inventory for IBM PC’s and various other equipment  Applying various software packages from Lotus Smart-suite and Lotus Notes environment, Combining Internet technology to track these assets in a database format.  Coordinated logistics of support equipment for the IBM Northeast Area from Delaware to Maine. Tracked over 10,500 pieces of computer equipment at over 100 various customer sites.  Providing weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to department heads on equipment activity in their geographical area. *********** EDUCATION Ascential DataStage ETL (Mercator) Software Certifications, Boca Raton, Fl 2000 Cittone Institute of Technology, Princeton, NJ 1993 Skagit Valley Community College, Oak Harbor, Wa. 1987 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, USS Enterprise 1985

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