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by Tristan Hart


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       There are so many factors that determine if we are going to be successful when we are
picking up girls. You know how it is, it depends on the night, the mood, the setting…. You
have to make sure your hair is good, your clothes are perfect, and your teeth are white.

       Everything has to line up perfectly and THEN you can successfully pick up a girl. It
really doesn’t have anything to do with you, it has to do with all the factors combining
perfectly. WRONG! This way of thinking is what is commonly known as “making excuses”.

         Who Else Wants To Attract HOT Women
               ONLY With Confidence?

       I believe you have heard the term. Picking up a girl, meeting new women, and
expanding your social life has nothing to do with anything but YOU. And the one key thing
that matters most about you is SELF-CONFIDENCE. The lack of this confidence can be
devastating to your private life. So let’s discuss the importance and necessity of having bullet
proof confidence.

       I always considered myself a ladies’ man. I never had a problem meeting girls and
making dates. I was pretty comfortable with the fact that I was who I was, take it or leave it.
Then I noticed a gradual change in my social life. Let me explain so that you may never go
through what I went through.

                            A few years back, my dating life was in a bad spot. I mean I was in
                          a real rut. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t pick up a girl. I was
                          doing the same things I always did, saying the same things I always
                          said, and acting the same way I always acted. But the women were
                          quite sparse, to say the least. One day I was complaining to my
                          buddy about my dating drought, and I told him I couldn’t figure out
                          how I went from irresistible to despicable to the ladies. Although he
didn’t know it, what he told me was the key to my future success.

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       He looked at me squarely in the face and honestly told me that I looked pitiful. He said
that I had lost my self-confidence and looked a little desperate. That hit me like a ton of bricks.
Me? Desperate?

       Then I started thinking about my life. I had been laid off, and that had been stressing
me out. I was spending more time on the couch playing those stupid video games and did put
on a few pounds. I guess I had put my appearance on the back burner since I didn’t have to
dress to impress for work everyday.

       Stubble on my face, a little flab in the middle, a tighter budget,
and HOLY COW my friend was right. I guess I wasn’t exactly
confident in myself anymore. When I thought about it, I mean really
sat down and started thinking, I realized the more I got rejected, the
more insecure I felt. The more insecure I felt, the less self-
confidence I had. I came to the point where I expected women to
turn me down, so that’s exactly what they did.

       My friend’s words of wisdom stuck with me for awhile. I didn’t want to look desperate or
pathetic. Who does? I wanted my old self back. I remembered being the guy walking into
bars, being the first one in the door, high-fiving the guys at the pool table, winking at the cuties
in the corner, and plopping down at a table full of women to entertain them with my charming

       Then I turned into the guy that went to clubs with friends but sort of hid between or
behind them when we would walk in so the attention would not be on me. During this downhill
transformation, I started to realize that I didn’t make eye contact with anyone, didn’t smile,
and I think I had my shoulders slumped and head looking down. Wow, I wouldn’t want to date
that guy either. What kind of girl wants to date a loser who can’t even look around the bar
and feel comfortable?

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       I decided I didn’t just want my old self back, I NEEDED him back. Now I’m not gonna
lie, it took me a little time to get my self-confidence back. But when I did, my whole life
changed. My dating life picked up, my sex life spiced up, and I met a special girl that loved
me for who I was- a confident, secure guy.

       Now if you are that guy that needs a little confidence boost, you are probably thinking
my story sounds all good, but it’s not like you can wake up one day full of confidence. And
you’re right. There is a bit of work involved. But the work is easy; it really is just being able to
like yourself for who you are and flaunting it out there for the girls to see. Of course I don’t
expect you to know how to do this on your own; that’s why I’m here. I am going to guide you
and help you make the process as short and as easy as possible so that you can get started
on ramping up your personal life.

                        Tired Of Being Rejected
                        By Every Girl You Know?
                            The first thing you have to realize is that there is no such thing as
                        fake confidence. You can’t feel crappy about yourself and pretend you
                        don’t. It just doesn’t work that way. Women can see a fake guy as
                        quickly as she can spot a fake purse. So in order for this to work, you
                        have to change yourself internally. External attempts will fail miserably.

                            Let’s use this for an example. It is very popular for guys to hide
                        behind common techniques they see on TV and in movies. They use
pick up lines to try to masque their insecurities. A confident guy does not have to resort to
cheap tactics like this. Pick up lines are fake self-confidence and women know it. This is why
using pick up lines NEVER work.

       They are generic, common, everyday things that have been said time and time again.
They are not special or unique to any particular situation and women want to be unique. They
want to be different than other women. They want to stand out.

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       So if you try the one-size-fits-all approach with pick up lines, you are doomed from the
start. If you are not sincere or genuine in what you have to say, a woman will tell you to say
nothing at all. They know from experience that a confident man can start a real conversation
without having to hide behind dating gimmicks. There are not things you can “do” to pretend
you are confident. You just have to “feel” it.

       So where do you start? Waking up in the morning and liking what you see is the
absolute key to dating success. If you love what you see, so will everyone else. And if by a
slim chance someone doesn’t, it won’t matter to you because you KNOW you are awesome.

       If you can’t look in the mirror and like the whole
package, then start slow. Start by finding something great
about yourself and go from there. Do you have long lashes
that women love? How about dimples that women always
comment on? Do you have great eyes that women fall for?
Big biceps? Nice teeth? Great smile?

       I bet when you start really looking at yourself you will
find a whole lot to like. Change your mind set. Start
analyzing and thinking how GOOD everything looks, rather
than what’s wrong with your appearance. Once you find that one great thing you love about
your appearance, other attributes will be quick to follow.

       Now that you know you’re pretty hot and can compete physically with any guy in the
room, next you have to find something about your personality to flaunt. Everything about
you is great. Just because when you were growing up someone made fun of your loud
laugh, doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing. If your loud laugh is unique to you, show it off and be
proud of it. Did the mean kids pick on you for being super hyper in school? Use it to your
advantage and shake your butt off on that dance floor.

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                     The Ugly Truth Why YOU
                    Don't Have Self-Confidence!
                                    My point is that there is no negative part of your personality
                                  that you need to hide. We all have insecurities, but the trick to
                                  boosting self -esteem is embracing those insecurities and
                                  turning them into great things about yourself. Self-confidence is
                                  being able to say OK and accepting all parts of you. Your
                                  height, your weight, your hair, your personality, your nose,
                                  ears, and whatever else people picked on when you were little.
                                  Once you are able to say to yourself that even those parts of
                                  you are awesome, you will feel awesome, and show awesome.

       OK so now YOU look super hot, you act like a stud, and now you just need to adjust to
the new you. Does it make you feel good to get a haircut? Get one. Need new clothes to
match the new you? Buy them. Whatever you need to do to make yourself look and feel as
great as you can, do it. Do you know what you have now? You no longer have what we use
to call “excuses”. You now have Bullet-Proof Self-Confidence. If you truly internally changed
in the ways we previously discussed, no one in the world can bring you down. All that’s left to
do is go out and get your girl.

                     Need More Self Confidence?

       I should probably warn you about the changes that you will experience socially. When
you walk into that club you are going to want to lead the pack because you will want the girls
to see you first. So you will probably kind of burst into the doors first. Your head will be held
high, your shoulders will be back, and you will probably walk with an unintentional bit of swag.

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       This just comes with feeling great. You feel care free and confident, so you look it as
well. You will want to look around and find the hottest girl in the bar. You will be shocked to
find that you aren’t really nervous to talk to her. Rejection doesn’t really play a role anymore.
Why wouldn’t she want you? And if she doesn’t, there is something wrong with her, not YOU.

       Some guys are so happy with their new found selves that they can’t stop smiling. And
that smile is a genuine, sincere, confident smile, that every girl will pick up on. Nothing is
forced or fake. It’s just you being comfortable and secure with yourself. You will find that you
won’t have to do much work; girls will approach you. Enjoy and love every minute of it.

       The one thing you do need to be careful about is becoming TOO confident. I know it
seems strange for me to tell you to build yourself up just to tell you to hold back. However, if
you go overboard you will come across as cocky- like a guy that thinks he is better than
everyone else. You don’t want that. You want to exude that you love yourself, but not that you
love yourself more than you like everybody else.

                                   It is ok to love every aspect about the new you. You should
                                 feel comfortable with everything about yourself. You
                                 absolutely have to feel secure in order to get the women you
                                 want. But if you take it too far, start judging other people, or
                                 start believing you are better than your environment, then you
                                 have reached an unhealthy place and no one will want to be
                                 near you. Guys and girls alike will hate hanging out with you
                                 because they will be tired of hearing how great you are.
                                 Women don’t want to have to compete with your ego for

       They want to be just as important to you as you are to yourself. With cockiness comes
selfishness and that’s the wrong road to go down when you are trying to pick up women. So
just remember that you are important, but other people are too. And just because you are
confident doesn’t mean you turn into a jerk. You are still polite, you still have manners right?
You know how to act with women.…

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       But that’s a whole other topic. Once you find your woman you need to know what to do,
how to act, and how to keep her. But we can discuss that later…

       I have gone over a lot of information here and it’s a lot to soak in. But it is really worth
the effort if you want to change your social life, ramp up your dating life, and spice up your
sex life. The key tips to remember are that without self-confidence you have nothing.

The Secret To Have Bullet-Proof Self-Confidence
   Is Simply Be Proud Of Your Uniqueness!
       You have to love who you are so you can show yourself off to every girl out there.
Embrace flaws, be proud of your uniqueness, and show every woman out there that you
are secure with yourself. Once you send out that vibe, every woman will pick up on it and
you will be enjoying a new (and very busy) social life in no time.

       Although finding self-confidence is crucial in dating,
there are so many more aspects when it comes to finding
women and making dating easier and, most of all, making it
work for you. We work so hard to make everything just right,
just to watch it fail. Then we can’t figure out where we went
wrong and we do the same thing over and over again.Finding
a girl, keeping her happy, what does she like, what does she
mean when she says and does things… the list is forever long
of things that us guys just don’t get. Until now.

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