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					                      Serving the Adult Volunteers of the Calumet Council, Boy Scouts of America

         August 2012

        What’s Inside
                                                  Council Fall
Scout Executive's
Corner                Page 2
                                                Popcorn Kickoff
Council News          Page 3
Council News          Page 4            You are invited to join us for the Fall Popcorn Sale Kickoff
Memorial/Tributes     Page 4            Dinner. Come hear about the changes in product, packag-
2013 Jamboree         Page 5            ing, prizes and much more. We would ask that at least two
2011– 2012 Training                     leaders from your unit attend!
Schedule              Page 6
On Line Training      Page 7
Training              Page 8            Registration begins at 6:00PM
NYLT                  Page 9            Dinner will be at 6:30PM
                                        Program presentation will start at 7:00PM

                                        Door prizes and giveaways galore throughout the evening!
District News
Thunderbird           Page 10
Prairie Dunes         Page 11
Nishnabec             Page 12
Crossroads            Page 13
Scout Reach           Page 14           ONE LOCATION AND DATE FOR THE
OA                    Page 15
OA                    Page 16           ENTIRE COUNCIL
OA                    Page 17           Tuesday, August 14, 2012
OA                    Page 18
E-mail Addresses      Page 19           Wilbur Wright Middle School
Scout Shop Hours      Page 19            8650 Columbia Ave., Munster, Indiana
                                         R.S.V.P. 219 836-1720 or 800 513-2343

  Calumet Scouter                                                                                  August 2012
                                            Scout Executive’s Corner
                                                      Decide to Achieve 2012 Journey to Excellence

                                          Introduced during 2011, Journey to Excellence (JTE) permanently re-
                                          places the Centennial Quality Unit award. Units, districts and councils
                                          may earn bronze, silver and gold status based upon their performance
                                          against a set of established goals.

                                          Last year, Calumet Council earned Silver Award status and our Key 3
                                          and Board of Directors have set sights on achieving at least the same
                                          level for 2012. To do so will require significant increases in participation
                                          and performance by our units since only
 Exploring Distinguished Advisor          20% of our units achieved JTE last year. To be successful, we need vir-
        Award Presented                   tually all Calumet Council units to participate in JTE for 2012.

                                          Why don’t more units participate in the JTE program? There are several
Commander Peter Grutzius, of Lans-        reasons, but chief among them are:
ing Police Department Post 950, was
presented with the Distinguished          1. Not understanding the JTE requirements,
Advisor Award at the National Ex-         2. Not meeting JTE requirements, and
                                          Not keeping adequate records of unit performance for JTE goals
ploring Conference held this past
July at Fort Collins, Colorado.           So why try to achieve JTE? Because JTE provides a framework for
For 23 years, Commander Grutzius          planning for your unit, Scouts and parents. It gives methods for evaluat-
has worked with the Lansing Ex-           ing your unit and assessing how you’re doing as compared to other
plorer Post. Since 1996 he has            units and the guidelines and standards established by National Office.
brought Post 950 to the National          It can provide an early warning of potential problems. Finally, it is a
Conference where they have com-           means of providing recognition for those units which achieve JTE
peted with the best Explorers in the      status.
nation and subsequently won
awards in many categories.                To get started on JTE you’ll need to set goals for attracting and retaining
They attribute their many successes       unit membership, selecting and training adult and youth members, con-
                                          ducting unit activities, providing advancement opportunities and following
to the structure, leadership and train-
                                          a unit budget. Some of these items require setting an objective early in
ing that Commander Grutzius has           the year while others can be completed on a shorter time frame.
instilled. This has led to their pro-
gram becoming the first Post in the       A good place to start is to review the scorecard and spreadsheets for
nation to receive basic and advanced      your unit type. They can be found at along with
national certification this past year.    background information, definitions, instructional videos and PowerPoint
For all the time and dedication given
to his Post, the National Committee       Your unit can score significant improvement by picking one or two areas
                                          for improvement and acting upon those items. In the end, your unit will
awarded him the Distinguished Ad-         benefit from a system that measures how well you deliver of a quality
visor Award.                              program to your members and families.

                                          In the fall we will be holding JTE workshops to familiarize everyone with
                                          the process. This fall’s recharter packets will include complete instruc-
                                          tions to make JTE participation easier.

                                          I look forward to working with you in making JTE successful for your unit.

    Calumet Scouter                                                                                        Page 2
                                                     Calumet Council
                                                     Program Summit

It has been a great year for the Scouts in the Calumet Council!
It’s time to start planning for the 2012-2013 Scouting season. Instead of each
District holding a program kickoff, we will hold one for the entire Council this
year. This will be a great opportunity to get all of the information you will need
to have a successful Scouting year.

The kickoff will be held on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at Wilbur Wright Mid-
dle School, 8650 Columbia Ave. Munster, IN. Registration will be at 6:30 p.m.,
and the kickoff will start at 7:00 p.m. Each Pack, Troop and Crew is encouraged
to have at least two people attend the meeting. To RSVP contact Kathy James at or 800.513.2343

Calumet Council
8751 Calumet Ave.
Munster, IN. 46321

     Calumet Scouter                                                         Page 3
                COUNCIL NEWS
 Council and Camp Wish List
 The following is list of supplies that
 several of our committees, staff, and
   Ranger have requested for 2012:

3 Ring Binders (new and used)
Reams of Paper (white and colored)
Note Pads
Hand Cart (with rubber tires)
Office Furniture
Wood Chipper
Wood Splitter
Chain Saws w/brakes x2
Replacement garden tool handles for
rakes, shovels, etc.
Zero turn lawn mower
Leaf Blowers Hand held or backpack
style x2
Roller to pull behind mower to flatten
Printer Cartridges New and Used (we
can turn in old ones to staples for re-
Cork Board 4ft.x 4ft. or bigger x4 (to
install in cabins for emergency papers
and misc.)
8.5 x 11 laminator (so we can laminate
emergency papers to put in camp sites
and others)

These are items we have budgeted and                             Honor/Tribute to a Friend
it would help us with our operating        Words too often inadequately express the sentiment we feel at the death of a friend or
budgets for camp and events. If you        the joy we feel when a friend is honored with special recognition.
have any of the items, please contact
myself at         No greater tribute can be paid than to encourage a boy to live the life of a Scout and thus
or call me at 219-836-1720. We will        perpetuate the high principles you admire in your friend. A contribution to Calumet
prepare a tax letter for the above dona-   Council Memorial/Tribute Fund is the perfect tribute.
tions.                                                                    Memorial/Tribute Fund

Yours in Scouting,                         In Memory: ___________________________________________________
Jim Lakeman                                Honored for: __________________________________________________
                                           Send Acknowledgment to: ________________________________________
                                           Address/City/State/Zip: __________________________________________

                                           Donor’s Name: _________________________________________________
                                           Donor’s Address/City/State/Zip: ___________________________________
                                           Donor’s Phone Number: (_______)_________________________________
                                           Make check(s) payable to Calumet Council, BSA. Mail to Memorial/Tribute
                                           Fund, 8751 Calumet Avenue, Munster, IN 46321-2593

     Calumet Scouter                                                                                                   Page 4
                                           JAMBOREE 2013

                                      Available Spots are limited and are quickly filling!
                    Registrations are accepted on a First-Come Basis. Sign up today to reserve your spot.
LOCATION THEME: The 2013 National Scout Jamboree will be held from July 15, through July 24, 2013 at The Summit
Bechtel Family National Scout Reservation in, West Virginia.

ACTIVITIES: Program feature will reflect the skills of Scouting, the nation’s heritage, physical fitness, conservation, and the
spirit of brotherhood. Daily activities will offer fun and challenge. Religious services will provide time for reflection. A cavalcade
of highlight events will further depict the rich heritage of Scouting. Scouts will practice and demonstrate skills such as archery,
orienteering, obstacle course, shotgun shooting, boating, canoeing and hunter safety, as well as take part in traditional
handicapped awareness trail, competitive events, merit badge midway, and arts and science fair. Participants also will meet
together in troop, intertroop, and subcamp campfires.

JAMBOREE CITY: Many of the normal services for a city of 40,000 will be available for the week ofthe jamobree. Amid the
thousands of tents that house participants there will be community services, such as a bus system, telephones, a hospital and first
aid stations, a postal service, food warehouses, daily newspaper and stores (trading posts) that will offer equipment, souvenirs,
sundries, snacks and photoservices.

FEE INCLUDES: The Jamboree fee covers transportation, tours, meals, lodging, patrol and troop equipment, as well as
insurance and most admission fees. Your fee also covers two training camps that you will attend before the Jamboree, and one day
trip to Chicago. Additional expenses will include your personal equipment, uniforms, and spending money for souvenirs, etc.

ORGANIZATION: The Calumet Council Contingent will consist of three troops and one Venture Crew. The Jamboree is open
to all who are qualified and approved on a first-come basis. After our troops have been filled, a wait-list of alternates will be
formed consisting of 36 Scouts and 4 adult leaders. Scouts will be assigned to a patrol once accepted into one of the troops.

PARTICIPANTS: The jamboree is being planned for about 40,000 participants - 35,000 Boy Scouts, and troop leaders in 800
troops plus some 5,000 staff members for support, program, and headquarters services, 4 regional camps and 19 subcamps.

Boy Scouts who participate in the 2013 Jamobree are selected by the more than 300 local councils. Each Scout must:
•   Have completed sixth grade or be at least 12 years of age and a First Class Scout by July 1, 2013, or have not reached his 18th
    birthday by July 15.
•   Participate in the prejamboree training experience (summer of 2013).
•   Have filed a Personal Health and Medical Record form, Class 3, No. NSJ-34112-01, before the prejamboree training.
•   Have been active in a troop for at least six months prior to July 1, 2013.
•   Be approved by his Scoutmaster or Varsity Scout Coach.
•   Be approved by the local council jamboree committee.

              For more information Contact: Ted Karns or Dominic Podsiadlik at: 800-513-2343

     Calumet Scouter                                                                                                    Page 5
                   Calumet Council 2011-2012 Training Schedule

          Date                         Course                 Hosting District             Position
September 29, 2012        SM/ASM & CSLT                     TBA                  Boy Scouts Leaders
                          Leader Specific
November 2-4, 2012        Introduction to Outdoor           Council Training     Boy Scouts Leaders
                          Leader Skills                     Committee
November 10, 2012         CSLT Leader Specific              Prairie Dunes        Cub Scout Leaders
November 10, 2012         SM/ASM Leader Specific            Crossroads           Boy Scouts Leaders

Please note: All dates are subject to chance. Pre-registration is highly recommenced to insure that a
course is filled and not cancelled.

 “Do you enjoy attending trainings? Do you like to speak in front of people? Have a lot of
 information you’d like to share? Maybe becoming a Council Trainer would be right for
 you!” Come join the Council Training Team. We are actively looking for new trainers. If
 you are interested, please contact e-mail Barb Amft at or
 call (219) 365-3147.

   Scouters, have you been on your page in a while? National has changed the
  Tour Planning Worksheets. As of May 10th, we no longer have to fill them out by hand and then fax
  them into the Council. Everything will be done on-line. All permits will be processed on-line, you will
  receive an instant authorization, and then Calumet Council will be notified of the permit submission.
  Tour Plan Training Video:

Calumet Scouter                                                                                  Page 6

                            Online Training!
                    Required training courses for all
      Cub Scout Leaders is now available online at:
                                                Courses include:

                        1. “Cub Scout Leader Position-Specific Training”

                        2. “Youth Protection,”

                        3. “This Is Scouting”

The courses have been updated to support the new Cub Scout Delivery Method rolled out earlier this year. Now, den
leaders and assistants, Cubmasters and assistants, pack trainers, and pack committee chairs and members can now
learn the how-to’s for successfully conducting and engaging den and pack program and can become confident in the
role each plays.

Online training is also available by clicking the link: When entering, click
on the E-Learning link under the Training header located on the left-side menu. Then click on the Cub Scouts tab and
voila!... all leader training is at your convenience. If you do not have a MyScouting account, there are simple instruc-
tions on the landing page that will help you create one.

In addition to the opportunity for online training, all four Cub Scout leader courses are supported by a printed syllabus,
some with a DVD, to assist council and district training teams in conducting instructor-led experiences. The catalog
                                                                    number for this resource is 34815.

                                                                   For questions or concerns regarding MyScouting
                                                                   accounts, send an email to the National Service Desk
                                                                   at: All issues will be
                                                                   addressed as soon as possible in order to get users
                                                                   online and fully trained!

     Calumet Scouter                                                                                          Page 7
              Adult leaders in units are considered trained, and eligible to wear the official
              Trained emblem, once they have completed Youth Protection Training and the
              training courses outlined below, or have completed Youth Protection Training
                       and a previous basic training course when it was current.
Youth Protection Training* is a joining requirement for all registered adults
                   and must be retaken every two years!
                                               CUB SCOUTING
                                           Leader-Specific (by position)
                                                BOY SCOUTING
                                             Leader-Specific (by position)**
                                          Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills***
                                          VENTURING & SEA SCOUTS
                                          Adults in Crews: Venturing Leader Specific
                                          Adults in Ships: Sea Scout Adult Leader Basic
                                              VARSITY SCOUTING
                                              Varsity Scout Leader-Specific
                                          Introduction to Outdoor Leader                         Need Help?
                                                        Skills***                   Contact the National Council – Boy Scouts of America
                                                                                    Program Impact – Volunteer Training Team

                                                                                    Mark Griffin 972-580-2211
                                                                                    Ron Timmons 972-580-2459
                                                                                    Peter Self 972-580-2417
                                                                                    Oscar Santoyo 972-580-2488
                                                                                    Judy Maldonado 972-580-2449
                                                                                       * E-Learning page at
   Need Help or Have a Question?                District Training Chairman
      Contact Calumet Council                      Crossroads, Bill Myers,           ** Troop Committee Challenge* is
       Council Training Team                          position
                                                                                         specifics for troop committee members
  Robert J. Welsh Scout Service Center             Prairie Dunes, Vacant            *** Not required for committee positions
         8751 Calumet Avenue                                                          + Chartered Organization Representatives
            Munster IN 46321                     Nishnabec, Tom Stahulak                take This Is Scouting*, and Chartered
            Ph: 219-836-1720
            Fx: 219-836-7973
                                                           Organization Representative Training

          Dominic Podsiadlik:                                                       3/15/2012
         Professional- Training                    Thunderbird, Vacant

   Calumet Scouter                                                                                                            Page 8
The Calumet Council National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) course was held this past June at Camp Betz.

The course was structured to better prepare older and experienced youth leaders in tackling the higher level roles
found in their Troops, Crews, Council, Lodge and community. It taught individual skills and focused on prepar-
ing the participants in applying these skills in team settings utilizing the most useful leadership tools available.
This annual week-long training at Camp Betz presented challenges to the participants and was taught with mem-
ory tips and immediate practical application.

    Calumet Scouter                                                                                      Page 9
                                                  Serving:     Dyer, Griffith, Highland, Lansing, Lynwood, Munster, St. John,
          THUNDERBIRD                             Schererville, Burnham, Calumet City, East Chicago, Hammond, Hegewisch, and

 District Chairman:                            Popcorn Sale approaching!!!!            Boy Scouts of America
                                                                                           Cub Scout Roundups
 Paul Liszewski
 District Commissioner:                     Our Popcorn sale is just around the
                                                                                      School will soon be starting and that
 Sandy Danner        219-365-6678           corner!
                                                                                      means Cub Scout Round-up time is
 District Executive:
 Dominic Podsiadlik 219 836-1720            Our Popcorn Kickoff is scheduled
 OA Chapter Advisor:                        for Tuesday, August 14th at 6 pm
                                                                                      It is important that each Cub Scout
 Mike Cipich         708-225-1923           at Wilbur Wright Middle School.
                                                                                      Pack plan for their Roundups to recruit
                                                                                      new boys into your Pack.
                                            Further details are online and in this
                                                                                      Posters, fliers and any help you may
                                            issue of the Scouter. Please do your
                                                                                      need to plan your Recruitment night
                                            best to RSVP by August 8th with at
-August                                                                               can be specially prepared at the Coun-
                                            least 2 representatives from your unit
-27th-District Com. Mtg. Unit Commis-                                                 cil office.
                                            that will attend.
sioner Meeting at 7 pm ,and District Com-
mittee Meeting at 7:30 pm at Administra-                                              We do need each unit to contact us
tive Conference Center at St. Margaret      It is also important that each unit let
                                                                                      with the proposed date and time so we
Mercy South Healthcare Center               us know who your Pack or Troop
                                                                                      can get the ball rolling. So please call
                                            Popcorn Kernal is.
                                                                                      the Council office with the details for
-29th- Council wide Program Kick-off-
7:00 pm at Wilbur Wright Middle School
                                                                                      your Pack Night.
                                            Increased sales begin with attending
                                            the Popcorn Kickoff and naming a
-September                                  unit Popcorn Kernal that stays on top
-6th- Roundtable OA Chapter mtg. at                                                      Bring a Friend to Scouting!
                                            of unit sales by planning and orga-
6:45 pm and Roundtable at 7:15 pm at
                                            nizing to help keep your unit on task.
First United Methodist of Lansing                                                     Remember to offer your scouts the
                                                                                      chance to bring a friend to one of your
-24th-District Com. Mtg. Unit Commis-       More information can be found in
                                                                                      unit events to experience the fun of
sioner Meeting at 7 pm ,and District Com-   this issue of the Scouter.
mittee Meeting at 7:30 pm at Administra-
tive Conference Center at St. Margaret
Mercy South Healthcare Center
                                                                                      Simply have them fill out basic paper-
                                                         Day Camp                     work (no fee) to allow guests to share
                                                                                      in one of your unit activities with their
                                            Day Camp was another fun event            scouting friends.
                                            this past July. Many of our cub
  Fall Council Program Kickoff
                                            scouts enjoyed one of the multiple        Your unit leadership can then follow
                                            Day Camps that were offered.              up to encourage your guests to join
With August already here and vaca-
tions coming to an end, we are all get-                                               their friends in Scouting.
                                            A big Thank-You goes out once
ting ready to jump start our programs
                                            again to Keith Halper, the Chairman
as we head into the new Scouting year.
                                            of our District Day Camp held at
                                            Pulaski Park. The entire park was                   Save the Date
As a fun way to focus ourselves in
                                            shaded (thanks to the forest of trees              Wood Badge 2013
kicking off the new year, in lieu of an
                                            at the Park), and the location benefit-
August Roundtable, we are holding a
                                            ted from a steady breeze coming off       Wood Badge is a two-weekend course
Council-wide Program Kickoff at
                                            nearby Lake Michigan.                     designed as advanced leadership train-
Wilbur Wright Middle School on
Wednesday, August 29th.                                                               ing for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity
                                            In addition, the scouts that attended     Scout and Venturing adult leaders at
                                            were able to take advantage of the        the unit, district and Council levels.
Please RSVP for the Council Kickoff
                                            swimming pool located at the Park.
by Monday, August 20th.
                                                                                      On September 1st, registration will
                                            Great job, Keith, in keeping every-       open for the 2013 sessions. Check out
                                            one comfortable during the hot sum-       our website for further details.
                                            mer days!!
   Calumet Scouter                                                                                                Page 10
                              Serving: Black Oak, Calumet Township, Cedar Lake, Crown Point, Gary,
            PRAIRIE DUNES     Hobart, Lake Dalecartia, Lake Station, Lake of the Four Seasons, Lowell, Mer-
                              rillville, New Chicago, Ogden Dunes, Portage, Shelby, Schneider, South Haven
                              (Valparaiso) and Winfield.

District Chairman:
Sean Gertsch

District Commissioner:
Kellauna Mack-Jackson

District Membership Chair
Christina Sanner

District Executive:
Isaiah Russell
219-836-1720 x-231

OA Advisor:
Miami Advisor, Keith Arnold
F.O.S. Chairman:
Sean Gertsch

    Calumet Scouter                                                                          Page 11
                                                Serving: Crestwood, Dixmoor, Dolton, Harvey, Markham, Midlothian, Oak Forest,
             NISHNABEC                          Orland Hills, Orland Park, Phoenix, Posen, Riverdale, South Holland, and Tinley

District Chairman:                                  Fall Recruitment
Jim Mo Potempa             708-597-1089                                                                 FOS                       We need to start thinking about
                                            fall roundup dates. So, when we           As of 7/12, we are at 85% of our over-
District Commissioner:                      have the kick-off on the 29th,            all goal, and 79% of our family goal.
Rich Beatty           708-687-2780                                                    Thank you to every unit that has par-
                                            please have your date set, or you                                                                   ticipated, and to everyone that had
                                            can get that to me before that.
                                                                                      donated to FOS.
Field Director:                             Thank you to packs 348 and 400
Tom Hoogland    800-513-2343x-230           for already getting their roundup                       dates in. On September 14th, we
                                                                                                  Fall Kick Off
                                            will be doing another district
OA Advisor:                                 wide recruitment night at Odys-
Michelle Swanson:                                                                     In the calendar, it shows our Dis-
                                            sey Fun World in Tinley. Odys-
                                                                                      trict kick off will be August 7th,
                                            sey will be giving all boys that
                                                                                      that will not be the case. We will
                                            show up with the flier, a discount
                                                                                      be doing a Council wide kick off,
                                            on a wrist band. Please let me
 District Calendar                                                                    on August 29th. More information
August                                      know if your unit is interested.
                                                                                      will be available soon. At this
14th- Popcorn Kick-off                      This is for ALL units, cub, boy,
                                                                                      event, you will be able to sign up
29- Council wide program kick-off           and venture crews.
30- District Committee 7:00 pm at Gaelic
                                                                                      for your roundup, if you haven’t
Park.                                                                                 done so, sign for your FOS date,
                                                                                      and there will be information about
September                                                Popcorn                      Camporee, Klondike's, and
4th- OA 7:00pm, Roundtable 7:30pm,                                                    Yukon's available as well.
Commissioner Meeting 8:15pm at St.
Damian in Oak Forest                         We need all units signed up by
4th- Show and Deliver Orders Due            the end of July. I have been in
15th- Show and Deliver Distribution         contact with a few of you about
27th- District Committee 7:00pm at Gaelic   your sale, and the committee and                       Sick Leave
Park.                                       myself will be staying in touch
                                                                                      I will be out of the office starting
                                            with you throughout the sale. If          July 18th, for about 5 weeks, due to
           Fall Camporee                    you need anything at all, please          back surgery. If there is anything
                                            don’t hesitate to contact me. If          you need, you can contact Ted Karns
The Fall camporee is scheduled for          your unit needs help with loca-           at the office, or contact Rich Beatty,
October 5th -7th at Rainbow Scout           tions for your Show and Sell lo-          at I will be
Reservation, in Morris Illinois.            cations, please let me know.              checking emails, and I will get back
This year theme will have every-            There are two things that are very        to you.
thing to do with Eggs. We passed            important to a successful sale; a
out information at the April and            strong kick off and to have your
May roundtable, we will have it at          program year planned out, so the
the kick-off on August 29th. If you         boys and parents know how much                         E-Mail List
need it sent to you, please let me          they need to sell, to have a fully
know. If you have any questions,            funded program year.                      If you are not receiving the e-mail
or you have a few adults that can                                                     blasts from the district, please submit
                                                                                      your e-mail address, and anyone else
help run some of the stations, con-
                                                                                      from your unit to either Bill Brady or
tact Scott Copeland, at                                                               myself at the roundtable.

    Calumet Scouter                                                                                              Page 12
                                                   Serving: Beecher, Chicago Heights, Country Club Hills, Crete, Ford Heights, Flossmoor, Glen-

              CROSSROADS                           wood, Hazel Crest, E Hazel Crest, Homewood, Matteson, Monee, Olympia Fields, Park Forest,
                                                   University Park, Richton Park, Sauk Village, S Chicago Heights, Steger and Thornton.

District Chairman:                                                                                 Popcorn Sale approaching!!!!
Wanda Comein         708-205-8428
District Commissioner:                                                                        Our Popcorn sale is just around the
Ray Tarnow           708-756-0145                                                             corner!
District Executive:
David Esposito       800-513-2343                                                             Our Popcorn Kickoff is scheduled
                     X-233                                                                    for Tuesday, August 14th at 6 pm at
OA Advisor:                                                                                   Wilbur Wright Middle School.
Gawi, Advisor Tim Vanek,
                                                                                              Further details are online and in this
                                                                                              issue of the Scouter. Please do your
District Calendar                                                                             best to RSVP by August 8th with at
                                                                                              least 2 representatives from your unit
-August                                                                                       that will attend.
-22nd-District Com. Mtg. District Com-
missioner Summit Prep meeting at 7pm at
                                                                                              It is also important that each unit let
the First Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Heights on Thomas St.
                                                                                              us know who your Pack or Troop Pop-
                                                                                              corn Kernel is.
-29th- Council wide Program Kick-off/                     Hello
Summit- 7:00 pm at Wilbur Wright Mid-               From your new DE                          Increased sales begin with attending
dle School                                                                                    the Popcorn Kickoff and naming a unit
                                            Dear Crossroads road District Mem-                Popcorn Kernel.
                                            bers, my name is David Esposito and I
-26th-District Com. Mtg. Unit Commis-                                                         Your Popcorn Kernel is instrumental
sioner Meeting at 7 pm ,and District Com-   am excited to be serving as your new
                                            District Executive. I am an Eagle                 to increasing sales by staying on top of
mittee Meeting at 7:30pm at the First
                                            Scout originally out of Three Fires               unit sales through effective planning
Presbyterian Church of Chicago heights
on Thomas St. Church of Chicago.            Council and hope to use my scouting               and organizing to help keep your unit
                                            back ground to help you in your mis-              on task.
**Next Round Table to occur during Oc-      sion. I look forward to meeting each
tober 3rd.                                  and every one of you in the coming                More information can be found in this
                                            days and I wish to stress that if there is        issue of the Scouter.
                                            anything I can do to help and Aide you
       Cub Scout Roundups                   in the Scouting mission please get in
                                            touch with me via a call to the office
                                            or contact me via email at
                                                                                                 Fall Council Program Kickoff
School will soon be starting and that
means Cub Scout Round-up time is  
                                                                                              With August already here and vaca-
here!!!                                                                                       tions coming to an end, we are all get-
                                                                                              ting ready to jump start our programs
---It is important that each Cub Scout                                                        as we head into the new Scouting year.
Pack plan for their Roundups to recruit
new boys into your Pack.                                                                      As a fun way to focus ourselves in
                                                                                              kicking off the new year, in lieu of an
Any Posters, fliers you need can be                                                           August Roundtable, we are holding a
prepared at the Council Office.                                                               Council-wide Program Kickoff at
                                                                                              Wilbur Wright Middle School on
We need each unit to contact us with                                                          Wednesday, August 29th.
the specific dates, times, and Loca-
tions to hold the Round up at.                                                                Please RSVP for the Council Kickoff
                                                                                              by Monday, August 20th.
So please call the Council office with
the details for your Pack Night.

    Calumet Scouter                                                                                                           Page 13
                                        Scout Reach
Director of Scout Reach
James Robinson
1 (708) 528-7182                                      Commissioners Needed                         Scout reach is in need of Commissioners
                                                      for Crossroads, Thunderbird and Prairie
                                                      Dunes. If interested please contact your
Scout Reach Commissioner                              district D.E., Mary Ellen Nichols or James
Mary Ellen Nichols                                    Robinson.
                                                      Scout Equipment
Field Director
                                                      Scout reach units are in need of tents, lan-
Tom Hoogland – 1-800-513-2343 x 230
                                                      terns, propane stoves and other camp
                                                      items. If you have camp gear that is not
                                                      being used please contact Tom or James.
Mary Ellen Nichols Commissioner Field
Director Tom Hoogland

Vacant Commissioner
District Executive Jamie Fiedler 800-

Vacant Commissioner
District Executive:
Dominic Podsiadlik 219 836-1720

Prairie Dunes
Vacant Commissioner
District Executive:
Isaiah Russell
219-836-1720 x-231

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                                MICHIGAMEA LODGE #110 – ORDER OF THE ARROW, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

                                                                            FALL FELLOWSHIP
                                                    SEPTEMBER         7, 8, & 9, 2012 AT CAMP FRANK S. BETZ

 The 2012 Fall Fellowship will be held on September 7th – 9th at Camp Frank S. Betz in Berrien Springs, Michigan. To complete your reservation,
 submit the attached registration forms and include proper payment to the Calumet Council, Robert J. Welsh Scout Service Center by Friday, August
 31st , 2012, to ensure that we plan for your attendance.

      $25.00 Fee for Lodge Members (including those that did their Ordeal in the Spring of 2011)
      $49.00 Fee for Ordeal Candidates
      $33.00 Fee for Brotherhood Candidates if you did your Ordeal in Spring of 2010 or prior
      Brotherhood Candidates are Free if you did your Ordeal Spring or Fall of 2011, or Fall of 2010.
      A $5.00 EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT is available if paid in full by the close of business on Friday August 31, 1st.
      SEPTEMBER 5TH . Don’t forget to allow time for the post office, if you mail it.

 Fees include all meals, cracker barrels, supplies, and building materials for projects. The Ordeal Candidates fee includes 2012 dues
 and the cost of the event they completed their Brotherhood, if done within the next 24 months. Ordeal Candidates also receive a
 Lodge Pocket Flap, Order of the Arrow Sash, Ordeal Certificate, and Handbook. The Brotherhood Candidates will receive their Lodge
 Brotherhood Pocket Flap, Sash, and Brotherhood Certificate. Youth Ordeal Candidates that have a financial need can contact Ted
 Karns at the Council Office for information on our need based Ordeal Scholarship.

 Suggested Equipment: Members, in the Scout fashion, will bring their own tents and personal gear, including full Class A Scout uni-
 form including shorts. The Ordeal Candidates will especially need a ground cloth, sleeping bag, rain gear, work gloves, and work
 clothes. Be prepared to help with one or more of the various work-projects that need to be completed. We are always in need of
 craftsmen and their tools. We suggest bringing work clothes, gloves, and tools. A list of projects to be worked on will be posted to the
 lodge web site about two weeks prior to the event.

 Personal Health and Medical History Forms: All participants must submit the enclosed Personal Health and Medical History Form. The form must be
 submitted at the time of registration. The form does not require a doctor’s examination Emergency Numbers: Camp Frank S. Betz, Pine Tree
 Cabin, 269/471-9429
                                 Robert J. Welsh Service Center 800/513-2343 or 219/836-1720

 Brotherhood Conversion: Complete   the following requirements and you may be eligible to seal your membership in the Order
 and enter the Circle of Brotherhood:
 • Complete 10 months of service as an Ordeal Member.
 • Be a registered and active member of a Scouting Program/Unit.
 • Be a registered and active member (dues paid) in the Michigamea Lodge #110, Order of the Arrow.
 • Memorize the signs of Arrow Membership: Obligation, Official Song, and Admonition.
 • Submit a letter stating the following: Explain what you think the Obligation means; Describe how you have been fulfill-
     ing this Obligation in your troop/team and in your daily life, and how you have used your understanding of the Ordeal to
     aid in this service; and describe your specific plans for giving service in the lodge program.
 Eligible Brotherhood Candidates can receive assistance and training at the “Brotherhood Workshop” scheduled for Satur-
 day Afternoon. Participants will review requirements during the workshop and be allotted time to edit and modify their
 Brotherhood letters.
 Policy for Activities – Adult Supervision: All youth members (under the age of 18) who are attending the Fellowship must
 be accompanied by a registered adult member of the Order of the Arrow, who is responsible for that youth during the entire
 event. The responsibility for assuring that an adult member accompanies youth members is vested in the unit leader, in which
 the youth is registered. Chapter Advisers are to be consulted when arrangements beyond the unit level are needed. If neces-
 sary, special arrangements can be coordinated through the Lodge Adviser or Professional Adviser.
In the consideration of the benefits to be derived by the participation in the Michigamea Lodge Fellowship program, I hereby release and hold harmless the
Michigamea Lodge Advisor, Associates Advisors, Chapter Advisors, the Calumet Council - Boy Scouts of America, their officers, employees, volunteers or
agents, and any medical treatment personnel selected, from any and all liability or damages including accidental injury or illness, which may result from the
participant’s voluntary attendance in this program. I consent to the use of my son’s image and likeness by photograph, recording, video, etc. in promotion
materials for Boy Scout of America and Calumet Council and may be posted on the Calumet Council and Michigamea Lodge web site.

     Calumet Scouter                                                                                                                        Page 15
                                                                     Office Attach Receipt

              FALL FELLOWSHIP
                SEPTEMBER 7, 8 & 9TH 2012 AT CAMP FRANK S. BETZ



                                                                               Please pay your 2012 Dues
CITY: _____________________ STATE:____ ZIP:_______                             prior to the event. Forms can
                                                                               be downloaded at
PHONE:__________________ UNIT:_______ DISTRICT: ________
EMAIL: ________________________________________
                                                                                       Submit one form per
                                                                                       person attending.
YOUTH OR ADULT         FOOD ALLERGIES:__________________________


ORDEAL:____________ BROTHERHOOD:____________ VIGIL:____________

REGISTRATION FEES:                                             MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO:
                                                               CALUMET COUNCIL-BOY SCOUTS OF AMER-
_____: LODGE MEMBER (BROTHERHOOD, VIGIL &                      ICA
        ORDEAL SPRING 2012)                        $25.00
                                                               SUBMIT REGISTRATRION AND PAYMENT TO:
                                                               CALUMET COUNCIL, BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA
_____: BROTHERHOOD CANDIDATE                                   ATTN: ORDER OF THE ARROW
        ORDEAL MEMBER SPRING 2010 OR PRIOR         $33.00      8751 CALUMET AVENUE
                                                               MUNSTER INDIANA 46321-2593
       SPRING & FALL 2011/ FALL 2010
       ORDEAL MEMBER AND NOT DONE                              219-836-1720
        BROTHERHOOD YET                        NO CHARGE       800-513-2343
                                                               FAX 219-836-7973
        (PAID ON/BEFORE FRIDAY, AUG 31ST)         ($5.00)
                                                                              Ordeal Candidates
                                                                         I will arrive at camp before
_____: LATE FEE (AFTER THURSDAY SEPT 6TH )         $5.00
                                                               ————8:00 PM or ———11:00 PM
              TOTAL FEE ENCLOSED        =$________

   Calumet Scouter                                                                                 Page 16
            ORDER OF THE ARROW
     Michigamea Lodge #110

            OA National
        OA Central Region
          OA Section C-7
       Lodge Leadership

Lodge Chief:

Lodge Vice Chief Committees -

Lodge Vice Chief of Chapters -

Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions -

Lodge Treasurer -
Lodge Secretary -


Crossroads, Gawi, Advisor Tim

Nishnabec, Advisor, Michelle

Prairie Dunes, Miami, Advisor
Keith Arnold 219-663-8283

Thunderbird, Crazy Horse, Advi-
sor, Mike Cipich 708-225-1923

  Calumet Scouter                  Page 17

Calumet Scouter            Page 18
           COUNCIL NEWS
     Council Office Contact
(219) 836-1720 * (800) 513-2343
       Fax (219) 836-7973
                                      Starting May 29th the           Scout Shop will begin
                                     their Summer Hours.
David Esposito        ext. 233                8:30 am—5:00 pm
Nishnabec                                   Closed Saturday
Tom Hoogland         ext. 230                    Closed Sunday

Prairie Dunes
Isaiah Russell          ext. 231          Holiday Schedule

Thunderbird                          The Council and Scout Shop
Dominic Podsiadlik    ext. 229       will be closed May 26th and      May 29th for Memorial Day.
Scout Executive
James Lakeman            ext 238
Assistant Scout Executive
Ted Karns                ext. 237
Scoutreach Director
                                                                      The Calumet Scouter is published 12 times a year
Tom Hoogland             ext. 230                  SCOUT SHOP                  by the Calumet Council, Boy Scouts of America
Office Manager                               HOURS                                   Council President:
Kathy James              ext. 235                                                     James Larson                                                          Council Commissioner:
Scout Shop Manager                   The Council Service Center                       Todd Dykton
Bob Gorczynski           ext. 221    hours are Monday – Friday from
                                     8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.                          Scout Executive:
bob.gorczynski@scouting .org                                                         James Lakeman
Robert Herman            ext. 225                                                   Newsletter Editors:
                                                                                       Ted Karns
Accounting                                                                            Bob Gorczynski
Lisa Cipich              ext. 239                                                   Calumet Council                                                          Boy Scouts of America
Scout Shop                ext. 222                                                   8751 Calumet Avenue
                                                                                 Munster, Indiana 46321-2593
                                                                       800-513-2343 (219) 836-1720 FAX (219) 836-7973

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