Working on Group Projects

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					Working on Group Projects
It is by now common knowledge that technology is changing the face of the modern business world. But
business in this sense does not only refer to corporations, business here is used to denote all forms of
industry that compile the current global economy and job market.

Returning to School
The entire work force is being adapted to the use of ever improving and developing technologies that
are fundamentally changing how tasks are performed and industries are run. Because of this, there has
been a gradual trend occurring in the United States of adults who are returning to school to receive their
education in information systems and technology.

                                       For many adults who are returning to school for their degrees in
                                       technology in the Provo area, one of the main challenges they
                                       face will be working with other students on group projects.
                                       Degrees in technology in Provo, or in any location, do not come
                                       without learning the skills involved in group projects.

                                        Group projects are a fundamental part of most education
                                        processes and this includes educational methods at the collegiate
level. The reason for this is that group projects prepare students for the work force, where most
projects undertaken by a company are performed in groups.

But another reason that group projects are often used while educating college students is because
projects, designed to examine the knowledge gleaned from the course, can be done on a larger scale
with the aid from a group than they can be done by an individual. This ability to accomplish larger tasks
with the help from a group allows for a more comprehensive test of each students skill of the material.

Yet group work can be one of the challenges faced by returning students in Provo. One may consider
the following tips when pondering how to better work with their groups during school projects.

Keys to Group Work
The first key to working with a group is to have quality communication. One should understand that
every person in the group will have a differing personality, but personalities do not have to affect the
level of communication that takes place between group members.

Often one student will take charge and divvy out assignments. This is
not a bad thing but should be watched closely to ensure that the
work is divided according to ability (note here that this may not mean
equally) and that each assignment is communicated clearly to each
member of the group.

Having a fair leader of the group will help the group run smoothly.
However, if there are multiple personality types within the group who all wish to be leaders, perhaps
the project itself can be divided into sections with each student vying for leadership being put in charge
over one section or segment of the project.

A group should not be afraid to ask for help where need and often outside aid will be required to
successfully complete a group project. With these few tips on how to work with a group that include
communication, leadership, and dividing tasks by ability, a returning technology student in Provo can
find the success they desire in their renewed academic life.

Description: Group work is a very important skill to have not only in school but also in life. It's a hard thing to get the hang of so here are some tips.