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The Amazon brand


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The Amazon brand

Electronic commerce has grown since its inception and the arena continues to attract many new
and established entrepreneurs, yielding tremendous dividends for the most industrious of them.
And in this regard Amazon Inc. stands high above many of its competitors grappling for a lion's

Established in 1994, the journey to prominence for the company kicked off in those early days
as an online bookstore and grew into offering other products such as DVD's, computer software,
video games, electronics, food, furniture, apparel, food and toys among other things, Amazon's
online service includes shipping to various parts of the globe. Its popularity spans beyond the
traditional markets of Europe and Americas, in 1997 it issued its initial public offering of stock as
AMZN on the Nasdaq, and growth was gradual in the 1990's at a time when other web
commerce ventures were experiencing high growth rates.

Recognition for Amazon's pioneer was never far away as Bezos was honored for his
exceptional contribution to online shopping. The firm operates websites on behalf of other
consumer goods enterprises such as BeBe stores, Benefit Cosmetics, Target, Timex
Corporation, Sears Canada, Marks and Spencer, Lacoste and Mothercare.

The platform provided by Amazon is a well designed multi-channel that enables customers to
interactively connect with the retail website, stand alone in store terminals including phone
based customer service agents. Its headquarters is located in Seattle's Beacon Hill and it has
several other offices in different locations, but the organization has already hinted on the
possible move of its HQ to a new location.

Software developers form part of the professionals employed by the online retail giant, and they
are stationed in many operational centers around the world including Beijing (China), Cape
Town (South Africa) and Hyderabad (India), they also run fulfillment centers in selected
locations, which are often found on airports.

Amazon serves third party sellers such as the Target Corporation with warehousing and order
fulfillment strategic services, and the Marketplace section was initiated to allow Amazon
customers to sell used DVD's, books, CD's etc. The online retail kings have their own private
label branding covering its diverse range of quality offerings such as carpets, jewelery among
others, while a query service under Amazon Fresh offers perishable and non-perishable goods.

In 2008 Amazon took a ground breaking turn by venturing into film production and has funded a
film called the The Stolen Child through a partnership agreement with Century Fox. Customer
reviews are another aspect that gives the firm's online retail store a real customer centric
appeal, but as can be expected Amazon found themselves with no choice but to moderate
some of the contributions due to the appearance of some undesirable content left by some
lunatics bent on unleashing their brand of cyber streets notoriety.

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