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					            Toghcheantar Dhún Seachnaill - Dunshaughlin Area
                    Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

                Dunshaughlin Area Meeting 16th April 2007
                     Ashbourne Civic Offices 9.30am

Councillor Oliver Brooks, Chairman presided.

Members Present
Councillor Joseph Bonner
Councillor Brian Fitzgerald
Councillor Nick Killian
Councillor Noel Leonard
Councillor Charles Bobbett

Officials in Attendance
Brendan McGrath, Director of Services Housing & Environment
Alan Rogers, A/Area Manager
Joe McGarvey, Area Engineer
Larry McEntee, Administrative Officer
Bernadine Carry, Environmental Awareness Officer
Siobhan Mooney, A/Staff Officer

Joe Bonner requested the suspension of Standing Orders as he raised concerns regarding the alleged
anti-social behaviour at Dunshaughlin Civic Offices and to the method that is to be used to combat this
problem. Cllr. Bonner requested that a method, other than the Low Frequency Noise Emittor, be used
as he compared the device to an anti-rodent device and that this shouldn’t be used on children. Alan
Rogers, A/Area Manager acknowledged Cllr. Bonners concerns and explained that the device, which
complied with all HSE and WHO noise guidance, would operate on a timer and would not be turned on
during business hours.

1.0      Confirmation of Minutes

         Confirmation of Minutes of Monthly Meeting held on Monday 12th March 2007 Proposed by
         Councillor Noel Leonard, seconded by Councillor Charles Bobbett.

2.0      Expressions of Congratulations and Sympathy

         Congratulations were expressed to John Carr on winning the Champion Hurdle.

2.0      Matters arising from the minutes.

         No matters arising

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            Toghcheantar Dhún Seachnaill - Dunshaughlin Area
                    Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

4.0      Correspondence.

         4.1       Traffic Safety at St. Andrews National School, Curragha

         Outlined in the letter were suggestions from the Board of Management of St. Andrews
         National School on ways to improve traffic safety at the junction of the school. Councillor
         Nick Killian confirmed that traffic lights were proposed before with the support of the
         members and suggested footpaths on either side of road whilst narrowing the road to slow
         oncoming traffic. Councillor Bonner also suggested ramps be placed. Joe McGarvey, Area
         Engineer, acknowledged their concerns but explained that no funding was available since the
         adoption of the Road Works Programme. Cllr. Killian suggested that Joe meet with the Parish
         Priest, Fr. Gaffney to discuss future developments.

         4.2       Letter from St. Martins Juvenile GAA Club

         Alan Rogers, A/Area Manager, addressed the items raised in the correspondence from St.
         Martins Juvenile GAA Club to the Members whose letter asked that Meath County Council
         look favourably upon the club for future community-zoned land and also if there was
         provision for grant aid. Alan Rogers to reply and attach an application for Community Grant
         Scheme and forward letter to Forward Planning.

5.0      Report from Protocol Committee

                  Planning Applications
                   No planning representations were made due to that fact that no planner was in
                   attendance at the meeting. Members requested that the Director of Service of
                   Planning & Development along with Bernard Greene, A/Senior Planner attend next
                   months meeting to explain why no planner would attend further area meetings as per
                   the letter circulated by Alan Rogers, A/Area Manager from Bernard Greene,
                   A/Senior Planner.

                  Waste Permits
                   The Area Members expressed concerns regarding proposals contained with planning
                   and waste permit applications for Borrow Pits at Drumree, Dunshaughlin in the name
                   of Ferrovial Agroman as follows:-

                        o    The scale of the combined operation. Members claimed this would involve
                             the removal of approx. 370,000 Tonnes of Material.
                        o    The impact this would have on the Landscape particularly the removal of
                             Kings Ridge Hill
                        o    The fact that each application was for a site under 5 Hectares & therefore no
                             EIS submitted
                        o    Heritage Implications

                   As a result of their deliberations the Members requested 2 actions : -

                   o    A Full Report (to Area or Full Council) from Planning & Environment Prior to
                        any decision being issued.
                   o    That MCC facilitate a Meeting with Drumee Residents.

It was also stated by the Members that neither they nor the residents of Drumree were opposed in any
way to the M3 project.

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           Meath County Council, Dunshaughlin Civic Offices, Drumree Road, Dunshaughlin, County Meath
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            Toghcheantar Dhún Seachnaill - Dunshaughlin Area
                    Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

6.0      To consider proposed Disposal of land

         6.1       To consider the Disposal of freehold interest on land at Bracetown, Clonee

                   Larry McEntee, Administrative Officer, distributed a report and map to the Members
                   outlining the proposal to dispose of the freehold interest in property (5.290 hectares)
                   at Bracetown, Clonee. Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd. hold a 999 year lease from 1/11/72
                   on this land which lease was made between Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd & Laurence
                   Joseph Ward. Meath County Council subsequently purchased the property and
                   freehold interest in the property from Mr. Ward. Denis Coakley & Co. Ltd. now wish
                   to purchase the Freehold Interest in the property from Meath County Council. The
                   proposal is to dispose of this freehold interest by way of a nominal fee of €60 with no
                   costs incurred by Meath County Council. Members expressed concerns regarding the
                   amount of consideration and asked that legal advice be sought regarding this and to
                   review the disposal of land at the next area meeting along with this information.

7.0      Other Statutory Business
         7.1 Housing, Social, Commercial and Cultural

                   7.1.1. To receive an update of Ratoath Riverwalk

                   Joe McGarvey distributed a report to the members outlining the progress of the
                   Ratoath Riverwalk todate stating that a hard standing footpath and low level lighting
                   at the Fairyhouse road end have been completed. The remaining area along the
                   riverbank is overgrown and subject to anti-social behaviour. The project has
                   progressed since the information of a local community group, local representatives,
                   plus the Gardai, OPW, Heritage Officer and forestry services. The Members thanked
                   Joe for his update.

                   7.1.2. To receive an update on Outdoor Exercise Equipment for Dunshaughlin

                   Alan Rogers, Area Administrator distributed a report to the Area Members outlining
                   that the outdoor equipment would cater for anyone over the age of 13 and that Meath
                   County Council will be the first Local Authority in Ireland to provide this facility.
                   The proposed playground / exercise area comprises of 9 pieces of equipment and the
                   design provides for 3 semi circular areas in a Woodland Setting set around existing
                   footpaths within Dunshaughlin Park. Alan Rogers recommended that funding be
                   approved by the members of € 45,000 (which is 50% of the total cost) under the 2007
                   Amenity Grants Scheme. The members thanked Alan for the presentation but had
                   concerns regarding anti-social behaviour and if c.c.t.v. could be provided for. Alan
                   explained that this would be difficult with budget constraints but would be
                   investigated. The funding of € 45,000 was proposed by Councillor Nick Killian and
                   seconded by Joe Bonner.

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           Meath County Council, Dunshaughlin Civic Offices, Drumree Road, Dunshaughlin, County Meath
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            Toghcheantar Dhún Seachnaill - Dunshaughlin Area
                    Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

                   7.1.3 To receive an update on Ratoath Playground

                   Alan Rogers, Area Administrator circulated a report to the Area Members updating
                   the members that a site was being provided by McGarrell Reilly, free of charge, of
                   approx. 0.5 acres as part of the open space of the Steeplechase Housing Development
                   to provide a playground for Ratoath. Submissions on the design have been submitted
                   by McGarrell Reilly’s Architect and Meath County Council propose to assess these
                   with a view to making 2 recommendations for the Members consideration. Once
                   approval stages and consultation stages have been complete, the project will go
                   through the Statutory Planning (Part Viii) process.

         7.2 Environment

                   To receive an update in relation to proposed Civic Amenity Site for
                   Dunshaughlin Electoral Area

                   Brendan McGrath, Director of Services Housing and Environment, outlined to the
                   Members that it was envisaged that 4 Civic Amenity Sites would be provided in the
                   County of Meath 3 of which have been provided for and a the forth currently under
                   consideration. Brendan explained that the two electoral areas without a Civic
                   Amenity Site were Slane and Dunshaughlin and that it was envisaged that
                   Dunshaughlin Electoral Area would be the next area to be considered for the Civic
                   Amenity Site as East Meath have access to a site provided by Drogheda Town
                   Council. Members thanked Brendan and agreed that the location of the site should be
                   in Ashbourne/Ratoath Area.

         8.0       Notice of Motion

                   Submitted by Councillor Noel Leonard :-

                   “That Dunshaughlin Area Committee consider twinning the town of Ashbourne with
                   the Municipality of Sandarsin in Southern Bulgaria”

                   It was agreed that further information was required in relation to the twinning of
                   Ashbourne which will be considered in the future at area level before going to Full

         9.0       A.O.B.

         Councillor Charles Bobbett also expressed his concerns for a replacement for Peter Taffe.
         Cllr. Bobbett raised concerns regarding the road at Kilbrew Crisp Factory, which needs to be
         rebuilt, potholes to be repaired on a section of road between the Wotton & the N2 and part of
         Fleenstown Road which collapsed due to a Fox Covert. Joe McGarvey to investigate.

         Councillor Joe Bonner raised issues regarding the upgrading of main street and public
         lighting in Ashbourne, improving the lights at the Tesco Junction, plot sizes and disposal of
         wreaths at Ashbourne Graveyard, litter problems in the area resulting from the retirement of
         Peter Taffe and to his replacement, and public lighting at Hunters Lane. Area to investigate.

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           Meath County Council, Dunshaughlin Civic Offices, Drumree Road, Dunshaughlin, County Meath
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            Toghcheantar Dhún Seachnaill - Dunshaughlin Area
                    Miontuairiscí / Meeting Minutes

         Cllr. Bonner also raised further concerns in relation to hoarding that was crossing the road on
         Ashbourne Main Street. Area to examine to ensure the safety of pedestrians. Cllr. Bonner also
         requested shrubbery for the park. Joe McGarvey to seek quotations for landscaping works
         from Amenity Levies Scheme. It was agreed by Cllr. Charles Bobbett and seconded by Cllr.
         Bonner that €10,000 be made available in the intrim.

         Councillor Nick Killian raised issues in relation to the Housing Department of Ashbourne
         Area Office and to the loss of the Housing Officer for the Ashbourne and Ratoath Area, Ann
         Monaghan, and if a replacement Housing Officer is to be provided? Cllr. Killian also
         expressed his concerns for the replacement of Mr. Peter Taffe, outdoor staff. Cllr. Killian also
         queried the starting date of the new roundabout junction on the Ratoath Inner Relief Road as
         advertisements for this had been made but no works commenced to date. Alan Rogers, A/Area
         Manager to investigate progress.

         Councillor Noel Leonard asked for a full time outdoor staff member for Dunboyne for street
         cleaning, requested a report on the progress of the Dunboyne Railing in Dunboyne Park and
         requested the removal of stone that is creating a hazard at Normansgrove. Councillor Loenard
         raised the issue regarding commonage land at the Moore of Meath which somebody has been
         trying to take control of. Cllr. Leonard stated that this land should remain grazing land which
         is not in anyone’s ownership. The area to investigate.

         This concluded the Dunshaughlin Electoral Area meeting of the 16th April 2007. The next
         meeting is to be held on 21st May 2007 at 9.00 am in the Dunshaughlin Civic Offices.

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           Meath County Council, Dunshaughlin Civic Offices, Drumree Road, Dunshaughlin, County Meath
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