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Addendum No 2 RFQ Broker Svcs by liuhongmeiyes


									Edwin M. Lee, Mayor                                                                                     John Updike
Naomi M. Kelly, City Administrator                                                            Director of Real Estate

                                            January 23, 2013

                                     Qualifications Addendum No. 2

                               Request For Qualifications No. 12-2
                      For Provision of Real Estate Advisory Services [Broker]

                       Due Date: Wednesday, February 13, 2013, at 3:00 P.M.

To: All Respondents

Please note the following changes to the subject Request For Qualifications before submitting your
qualifications. A signed and dated copy of this Addendum No. 2 is required with your qualifications

       Section I – Background and Description [On page 1, second paragraph, delete the last three (3)
        sentences and add the following sentences.]

   I.   BACKGROUND AND DESCRIPTION [Add after deletion.]

       The City reserves the right, at its sole discretion, depending on the individual project and
   service needed, select the Contractor(s) using the following method: (1) issue an informal request
   for letter proposals or request for quote(s) to the pre-qualified consultant pool and select the
   Contractor(s) based on an assessment of the proposals or quote(s) submitted by the pool. Or,
   projects may be issued by means of rotation. Selections from the pool will be made in a fair and
   nondiscriminatory manner (as indicated in the RFQ).

       Section VIII – Human Rights Commission requirements. [Replace this entire section with the
        following new section.]

VIII. Local Business Enterprise Goals and Outreach

The requirements of the Local Business Enterprise and Non-Discrimination in Contracting Ordinance
set forth in Chapter 14B of the San Francisco Administrative Code as it now exists or as it may be
amended in the future (collectively the “LBE Ordinance”) shall apply to this RFQ.

        1.     LBE Subconsultant Participation Goals

  Office of the Director of Real Estate • 25 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 400 • San Francisco, CA 94102
                                  (415) 554-9850 • FAX: (415) 552-9216
The LBE subconsulting goal for this project is 10% of the total value of the professional services to be
procured. The LBE subcontracting goal can only be met with HRC certified Small or Micro-LBEs.
Pursuant to Sec. 14B.9 of the Administrative Code, proposers are hereby advised that the
subconsulting goal is based on data indicating availability of 4% Minority Business Enterprises
(“MBE”), 3% Woman Business Enterprises (“WBE”) and 3% Other Business Enterprises (“OBE”) to
perform subconsulting work on this project. Proposers are further advised that they may not
discriminate in the selection of subconsultants on the basis of race, gender, or other basis prohibited by
law, and that they shall undertake all required good faith outreach steps in such a manner as to ensure
that neither MBEs nor OBEs are unfairly or arbitrarily excluded from the required outreach.

Each firm responding to this solicitation shall demonstrate in its response that it has used good-faith
outreach to select LBE subcontractors as set forth in S.F. Administrative Code 14B.8 and 14B.9, and
shall identify the particular LBE subcontractors solicited and selected to be used in performing the
contract. For each LBE identified as a subcontractor, the response must specify the value of the
participation as a percentage of the total value of the goods and/or services to be procured, the type of
work to be performed, and such information as may reasonably be required to determine the
responsiveness of the proposal. LBEs identified as subcontractors must be certified with the San
Francisco Human Rights Commission at the time the proposal is submitted, and must be contacted by
the proposer (prime contractor) prior to listing them as subcontractors in the proposal. Any proposal
that does not meet the requirements of this paragraph will be non-responsive.

In addition to demonstrating that it will achieve the level of subconsulting participation required by the
contract, a proposer shall also undertake and document in its submittal the good faith efforts required
by Chapter 14B.8 (D)&(E) and HRC Attachment 2, Requirements for Architecture, Engineering and
Professional Services Contracts. However, pursuant to 14B.8 (B), if a proposer submits a proposal
demonstrating LBE participation that exceeds by 35% of the established LBE subcontracting
participation goal for the project, the proposer will not be required to conduct good faith efforts or to
file evidence of good faith efforts as required in Sections 14B.8 (D) & (E). A certified Small and/or
Micro LBE prime proposer may count its participation towards meeting the good faith outreach
exception set forth in 14B.8(B).

Proposals which fail to comply with the material requirements of S.F. Administrative Code 14B.8 and
14B.9, HRC Attachment 2 and this RFP will be deemed non-responsive and will be rejected. During
the term of the contract, any failure to comply with the level of LBE subcontractor participation
specified in the contract shall be deemed a material breach of contract. Subconsulting goals can only
be met with HRC-certified LBEs located in San Francisco.

        2.      Certified LBE Bid Discount /Rating Bonus

                a)      Micro LBE and Small LBE Rating Bonus

The City strongly encourages proposals from qualified, certified Micro and Small LBEs. Pursuant to Chapter
14B, a rating bonus will be in effect for the award of this project for any proposers who are certified by HRC as
a Micro or Small LBE, or joint ventures where the joint venture partners are in the same discipline and have the
specific levels of participation as identified below. For joints ventures, the certified Micro and /or Small LBE
must be an active partner in the joint venture and perform work, manage the job and take financial risks in
proportion to the required level of participation stated in the proposal, and must be responsible for a clearly
defined portion of the work to be performed and share in the ownership, control, management responsibilities,
risks, and profits of the joint venture. The portion of the certified Micro and/or Small LBE joint venture’s work
shall be set forth in detail separately from the work to be performed by the non-LBE joint venture partner. The
certified Micro and/or Small LBE joint venture’s portion of the contract must be assigned a commercially useful
function. Certification applications may be obtained by calling HRC at (415) 581-2310.

The rating bonus applies at each phase of the selection process. The application of the rating bonus is as
                         i)      10% to a certified Micro or Small LBE; or a joint venture between or among
certified Micro or Small LBEs;
                      ii)      5% to a joint venture with certified Micro and/or Small LBE
participation, whose participation is equal to or exceeds 35%, but is under 40% or
                      iii)     7.5% to a joint venture with certified Micro and/or Small LBE
participation, whose participation equals or exceeds 40%; or
                      iv)      10% to a certified non-profit entity.

The rating bonus will be applied by adding 5%, 7.5%, or 10% (as applicable) to the score of each firm
eligible for a bonus for the purposes of determining the highest ranked firm.

                b)      Small Business Administration (SBA) LBE Rating Bonus

Pursuant to Chapter 14B.7(E), a 2% rating bonus will be in effect for proposers who are certified by
HRC as a SBA LBE; however, the 2% rating bonus shall not be applied at any stage if it would
adversely affect a Micro or Small LBE proposer or a J/V with LBE participation.

        3.      HRC Forms to be Submitted with Proposal

                a)      All proposals submitted must include the following HRC Forms contained in the
HRC Attachment 2: i) Form 2A, HRC Contract Participation Form, ii) Form 2B - HRC “Good Faith
Outreach” Requirements Form, iii) HRC Non-Discrimination Affidavit, iv) HRC Joint Venture Form
(if applicable), and v) HRC Employment Form. If these forms are not returned with the proposal, the
proposal may be determined to be non-responsive and may be rejected.

               b)       Please submit only one (1) copy of the above forms with your proposal. The
forms should be placed in a separate, sealed envelope labeled CMD Forms. Real Estate staff will
deliver them to the attention of the San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division.

        4.      Contract Monitoring Division Contact:

                Linda Chin
                Phone: (650) 821-7796

        5.      HRC Forms to be Submitted with Statement of Qualifications:

            a)          All RFQs submitted must include the following HRC Forms contained in the
HRC Attachment 2:
                        i)      Form 2A, HRC Contract Participation Form
                        ii)     Form 2B – HRC “Good Faith Outreach” Requirements Form
                        iii)    HRC Form 3 – Non-Discrimination Affidavit
                        iv)     HRC Form 4 – Joint Venture Form (if applicable), and
                        v)      HRC Form 5 – Employment Form.
      If these forms are not returned with the RFQ, the RFQ may be determined to be non-responsive
and may be rejected.

              b)     Please submit only one (1) copy of the above forms with your RFQ.

      Appendix A – Standard Forms:
       [Delete Page 2 and replace with pages 2 and 3 attached]
Page 2.

           Form Name and Internet             Form                                                    For more
Item             Location                    Number              Description                         information
          Request for Taxpayer               W-9       The City needs the contractor’s          Controller’s Office
 1.       Identification Number and                    taxpayer ID number on this               Vendor File Support
          Certification                                form. If a contractor has already        City Hall, Room 484
                                                       done business with the City, this        San Francisco, CA
              form is not necessary because            94102
          e=4762                                       the City already has the number.
                                                                                                (415) 554-6702

          pdf/fw9.pdf (Form W-9)

          pdf/iw9.pdf (instructions for W-

             Business Tax Declaration          P-25       All contractors must sign this         Controller’s Office
 2.                                                      form to determine if they must         Vendor File Support
               register with the Tax Collector,        City Hall, Room 484
                       e=4762                               even if not located in San           San Francisco, CA
                                                         Francisco. All businesses that                94102
                                                        qualify as “conducting business
                                                        in San Francisco” must register             (415) 554-6702
                                                             with the Tax Collector.
          S.F. Administrative Code           HRC-      Contractors tell the City if their       Contract Monitoring
 3.       Chapters 12B & 12C                 12B-101   personnel policies meet the              Division (formerly
          Declaration:                                 City’s requirements for                  Human Rights
          Nondiscrimination in Contracts               nondiscrimination against                Commission)
          and Benefits                                 protected classes of people, and         30 Van Ness,
                                                       in the provision of benefits             Suite 200
              between employees with                   San Francisco,
          e=5356                                       spouses and employees with               CA 94102
                                                       domestic partners. Form
                                                       submission is not complete if it         (415) 581-2310
                                                       does not include the additional
                                                       documentation asked for on the
                                                       form. Other forms may be
                                                       required, depending on the
                                                       contractor’s answers on this
                                                       form. (Note: Contract-by-
                                                       Contract Compliance status
                                                       vendors must fill out an
                                                       additional form for each

Page 3.

Item       Former Name and Internet           Form                                                For more
                    Location                 Number                  Description                information
          HRC Local Business Enterprise     HRC           Local businesses complete this    Contract Monitoring
          (LBE) Certification Application   Certificati   form to be certified by CMD as    Division (formerly
                                            on            LBEs. Certified LBEs receive a    Human Rights
 4.                                         Applicatio    bid bonus pursuant to Chapter     Commission)
   n             14B when bidding on City          30 Van Ness,
          e=5364                                          contracts. To receive the bid     Suite 200
                                                          bonus, you must be certified by   San Francisco,
                                                          HRC by the proposal due date.     CA 94102

                                                                                            (415) 581-2310

Where the forms are on the Internet
Office of Contract Administration

OCA Homepage:           
Contract Monitoring Division (formerly Human Rights Commission)

CMD Homepage:           
   Appendix B – Human Rights Commission Forms
    [Delete entire HRC Attachment 2 dated 01/2007 and go to the Human Rights Commission web
    site: and print and replace HRC Attachment 2 for
    Professional Services Contracts dated 3/25/11]

   Appendix D – List of LBE Certified Firms
    [Add Appendix D – List of LBE Certified Firms to the Table of Contents and the RFQ

    AE3 Partners Inc.
    400 Montgomery Street, Suite 805
    S.F., CA 94104
    Phone: 415-233-9991
    Fax: 415-651-8911
    Contact: Mr. Rick Dumas

    Azari Group Real Estate, Inc., dba Azari Property Management
    595 Market Street, #1375
    S.F., CA 94105
    Phone: 415-772-1977
    Fax: 415-520-6823
    Contact: Ms. Manzar Azari

    Barnes & Company
    1950 Gough Street, Suite 305
    S.F., CA 94109
    Phone: 415-730-2593
    Fax: 415-202-2432
    Contact: Ms. Kimberly Barnes

    CH Elliott & Associates
    214 Grant Avenue, Suite 400
    S.F., CA 94108
    Phone: 415-217-7001
    Fax: 415-217-7002
    Contact: Mr. Colin Elliott

    Diane Smith, dba AAA Bayview Real Estate & Community Services
    6283 3rd Street
    S.F., CA 94124
    Phone: 415-342-5970
    Contact: Ms. Diane Smith
       Haight Street Mortgage Co. Inc., dba HSM
       600 Haight Street
       S.F., CA 94117
       Phone: 415-431-7655
       Fax: 415-431-2606
       Contact: Ms. Tracy Dearman

       John C. Paxton
       155 Montgomery Street, Suite 610
       S.F., CA 94104
       Phone: 415-421-3700
       Fax: 415-421-3706
       Contact: Mr. John Paxton

       MJF & Associates Consulting, MJF Real Estate Services
       1317C Evans Avenue
       S.F., CA 94124
       Phone: 415-377-4105
       Fax: 415-647-7188
       Contact: Mr. Micah Fobbs

       Real Systems
       772 2nd Avenue
       S.F., CA 94118
       Phone: 415-751-5669
       Contact: Ms. Nancy Gille

       Sedway Consulting Inc.
       Business Address: 44 Montgomery Street, Suite 3705, S.F., CA 94104
       Mailing Address: 765 Market Street, Unit 26G, S.F., CA 94103
       Phone: 415-399-1119
       Contact: Ms. Lynn Sedway

If you have already submitted your Request For Qualifications, you are required to submit your
amendment(s) before the due date in order to comply with the change(s) indicated above. You must
submit your amendment(s) together with this Change Notice signed and dated in a separate sealed
envelope stating the RFQ proposal number and due date.

Any amendments received after the due date will not be considered.
All other terms and conditions remain the same.

Acknowledgement of receipt: _________________________________     _____________
                            Signature                             Date

                             Print Name and Company Name


                                                     Mike Ward
                                                     Purchasing Supervisor

Attachment A: Contract Monitoring Division Handout

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