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Course Section Syllabus & Assessment of Student Learning
COURSE IDENTIFIER: COURSE TITLE: INSTRUCTOR NAME: OFFICE LOCATION: NAME OF TEXTBOOK: CREDITS: CLASS HOURS PER WEEK: TEACHING FORMAT: LOCATION: PGM 131 Golf Car Fleet Management Mike Rostollan Technology 1208 Yamaha/EZ Go/Club Car Operations Manual 3 2 Lecture/Lab Main Office Phone: E-mail Address: 529-5678 QUARTER: Winter

STUDENT LEARNING ASSESSMENT STRATEGY: The intermittent quiz, written tests and/or projects, comprehensive final exam, classroom behavior, Assessment Devices: student participation, attendance. Assessment Policy: Grading Policy: OTHER SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS & INFORMATION: Daily observations and regularly scheduled tests A=93+%/B=85-92%/C=75-84%/D=60-74%/F=59% None

DETAILED OUTLINE OF THE COURSE Week 1: The Importance of the Golf Car Fleet Golf Car Economics Part 1 1. Key Criteria in Golf Car Selection a. Facility Image b. Original Cost c. Performance d. Quality/Durability e. Stability/Reputation f. New Technologies g. Maintenance h. Gas or Electric Week 2: Golf Car Economics Part 2 1. Key Criteria in Golf Car Selection a. Rideablility b. Handling Qualities c. Uniformity d. Service Parts/Inventory e. Special Services f. Training g. Trade-in Value

Week 2: Golf Car Economics Part 2 (cont.) 2. Size and Composition of Fleet a. Common Rules b. New or Used c. Gas or Electric d. Other Considerations 3. Performance Testing 4. Manufacture/Dealer Testing 5. Financial Projections a. Revenue b. Expenses c. Price Negotiations

Week 3: Buying or Leasing a Golf Car Fleet 1. Arguments For and Against Leasing 2. Lease Plan Examples a. Full Maintenance/Fixed Monthly Lease b. Escalating and Skip-Payment Leases c. Lease-Purchase Plan d. Member-Shared Depreciation Plan Week 4: Buying or Leasing a Golf Car Fleet (cont.) 1. Arguments For and Against Purchasing 2. Ownership Examples a. Golf Professional as Concessionaire i. Minimum Fee ii. Percentage iii. Lump Sum b. Member/Privately Owned Golf Cars Week 5: Buying or Leasing a Golf Car Fleet (cont.) c. Staffing and Training i. Fleet Manager ii. Maintenance Supervisor iii. Mechanic iv. Car Attendants Week 6: Short and Long Term Maintenance 1. General Golf Car Repair a. Tools and Equipment i. Basic ii. Optional iii. Advanced b. Troubleshooting i. Basic ii. Advanced 2. Maintenance Schedules a. Daily b. Weekly c. Monthly d. Periodically e. Annually 3. Record Keeping 4. Fleet Rotation

Week 7: Storage and Organization 1. Location 2. Types of Storage Facilities 3. Service Areas/Parts Storage 4. Staging and Storing the Golf Car Fleet a. Opening and Closing Procedures 5. Sample Floor Plans and Layout Designs 6. Ventilation and Lighting 7. Theft and Vandalism Protection 8. Wash Racks Week 8: Golf Car Traffic and Rules Enforcement 1. The Golf Course and Golf Car Paths a. Safety Survey i. Inspect Course and Facilities ii. Identify Hazards iii. Repair Problem Areas 2. Safety and Liability Issues a. Driver Qualifications b. Course Rules c. Car Courtesy d. Accident Prevention 3. Reporting Accidents 4. Course Marshals and Enforcing the Rules Week 9: Rental Policies and Procedures 1. Rental Agreements a. Sample Forms b. Insurance 2. Operating Policies a. Mandatory Rentals/Compulsory Riding b. Pros and Cons 3. Collateral 4. Golfer Surveys Week10: Golf Cars as Revenue Centers 1. Protecting Your Investment 2. Marketing the Fleet a. Product b. Promotion c. Price d. Place 3. Rental Rates a. Price Surveys b. Market Forces 4. Trail Fees 5. Golf Car Storage Fees 6. Service Agreements 7. Golf Car Sales

A student with a documented disability may request accommodations by contacting Claudia Angus, Coordinator of Disability Support Services, at 527-4262 or by email at The student is responsible to self-identify and provide documentation of the disability that is reviewed before reasonable accommodations are assigned.