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					Frequently asked questions: The Sculptor’s Surprise

Written by Jane Thornton            Designed by Mark Walters
Original Direction: John Godber /   Re-mount Direction: Rhiannon Ellis
Produced by Theatre Royal Wakefield
Supported by The Hepworth Wakefield

What is ‘The Sculptor’s Surprise’?
The Sculptor’s Surprise is a live performance experience inspired by Barbara Hepworth.
It is aimed at Key Stage 2 Students (7-11year olds). The performance introduce children
to Barbara Hepworth: her love of Sculpture and her dedication to it, as well as asking
the audience to think about their own skills and talents and how they can pursue them.

When is it?
We will be touring schools in Spring 2013 for three weeks:
From Monday 11th March- Thursday 28th March 2013. Mondays to Fridays inclusive
(except Good Friday).

What did schools say about the show?
The show toured to ten schools in Yorkshire in Spring 2012. Here is some feedback:
“A really in-depth introduction to Hepworth. I was surprised but incredibly pleased with
the amount of teaching in the show and the children took this away with them.” Teacher

“The children were absolutely buzzing after the performance... I cannot praise the team
enough for their work.” Teacher, St Helen’s Catholic School

“The children’s engagement was fantastic and the enthusiasm was so infectious that it
made you want to go away and create” Teacher, Birkby Junior and Infants School

How do I book?
Please phone Judith Royston, our Box Office Manger on 01924 334117 to book.
Please have your preferred dates and whether you would like a morning or an afternoon
slot and the number of shows you require.

We will also ask you about whether you’re interested in the accompanying Drama
Workshop in your school or the Artist-Led Workshop at The Hepworth. (see more
details later).

We will then phone you back to confirm the booking and to get further details about
exact timings, space capacity, number of pupils etc. This will all then be confirmed in
January 2013 with a ‘Letter of Agreement’.
What age range is it suitable for?
The show is aimed at 7-11 year olds (Key Stage 2)

What does The Sculptor’s Surprise teach the audience?
The Performance will encourage students to:

      Think about how art (particularly sculpture) makes them think and feel
      Interact with Ruby as she gets ready to unveil her exciting new piece of art.
      Develop their understanding of the creative curriculum (art/ drama)
      Raise aspirations focussing on Hepworth as a role model from Wakefield

To piece is designed to introduce children to Barbara Hepworth the person – her
sculpture, her passion, what she achieved as an artist and through this inspire them to
find their own passion and use it. It will provoke interaction and stimulate thought on
visual art by Hepworth and other artists. It will also introduce them to live theatre.

How many children can watch each show?
Up to 120 students can watch the show.
Please note: the amount of children that can watch the show is dependent on the size of
the space at your school. We will also discuss staff to student ratio with you to make
sure there is enough supervision during the performance and workshop.

How long does the piece last?
The show lasts 45 minutes-1 hour
We would need to start between 9am-10am for a morning slot and start between 1pm-
2pm in the afternoon slot. Timings can be negotiated with different schools around
break-times etc.

Do you need the space before and after the show? If so, for how long?
We would need access to the space 40 minutes before the start time and 30 minutes
after the end time. Therefore if the show started at 10am and finished at 11.30am we
would need the space from 9.20am-12pm.

More about the accompanying Activity Pack:
There is an in-depth Activity Pack for the Sculptor’s Surprise which will provide Drama
and Visual Art resources and suggested activity that will support the themes and
learning in the show. Once you have booked the show we will email you the link to the
PDF and send a hard copy out to you with the Letter of Agreement.

More about the accompanying Drama Workshop:
Theatre Royal Wakefield offers a one hour long supporting drama workshop to take
place in the school which is led by experienced facilitators. This workshop will focus on
the key themes of the show and will use drama with some elements of visual arts to
explore the ideas in a practical way. The workshop is suitable for upto 30 students who
have seen the show. You may want to book more than one workshop.
Let us know that you would like to book this workshop and we will get in touch to
arrange the timings. We think it works best on the same day as the show or shortly

“Fantastic! So pro-active! The two people led the children so well! I was personally
really impressed with the way they allowed the children to express themselves in a
culture of ‘no fear’!” –Teacher feedback on the drama workshop

“The workshops were very successful and the children enjoyed them. They were
inspired by the work and the ideas that had come out of this. The children in class 6
specifically enjoyed the shoes activity. I changed the lesson plans for the afternoon in
order to continue this and extend their thinking! It was a very successful lead on from
the production- thank you. We are planning to make sculptures in order to create a
sculpture gallery and I am sure the children will draw on their experiences in order to
develop and improve their work” –Teacher feedback on the drama workshop

What will the school need to provide if we want the show to come to our school?
Not much!
We will need a large cleared space with enough room for the show and the audience.
The children will sit on the floor to watch the show. A hall or gym would be ideal.
We will need an ideal ‘playing space’ of 5 metres square plus room for your audience.
The Van is 5 metres long and we will need a space to park it (ideally close to the
performance space). We will not require a sound system or a stage.

If you are booking the accompanying Drama workshop then we would ideally hold this
in the same space as the performance.

An offer from The Hepworth Wakefield:
We would encourage you to visit The Hepworth to support the learning of the
performance, to find out more about arranging your visit have a look at their Website:

In addition for Schools who book the performance there is a special offer from The
Hepworth. They are offering a discount on a 2D-3D Clay Modelling Workshop.
This workshop will take place at The Hepworth itself and will last for 2 hours. It would be
suitable for upto 33 students.

This 2D to 3D workshop will focus on the sculptures and drawings of Barbara Hepworth
and Henry Moore, pupils explore their ‘pierced’ forms and learn about different materials
nad techniques. Mark-making activities in the galleries will inform pupils’ ideas for
making their own 3D artworks using clay modelling materials.
For information on pricings and if you have a question that was not answered
here please contact:

For booking/ pricing information please phone Judith Royston, our Box Office Manger
on 01924 334117 or email: judith.royston@theatreroyalwakefield.co.uk

For information about the content of the show or drama workshop please phone
Rhiannon Ellis, Learning and Participation Manager 01924 334114 or email

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