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									                                 ESL-031 Syllabus
                                    Section: #5298
                              (Listening & Speaking)

Instructor:            Giovanna McDermott
Phone:                 602/764-8560 (leave a message)
Room:                  HU-103
Time:                  8:35 to 9:50 pm: Monday & Wednesday
                       *January 14 through May 7, 2008
Notebook with paper, pens/pencils and pockets to save your work.
                        An English dictionary will be very helpful.

                       (You must have a book for class)
A Conversation Book 2: English in Everyday Life, 3rd Edition,
by Carver & Fotinos (green colored cover).

          Attendance Policy: Attendance is mandatory. No exceptions)
1) 3 absence limit. Automatically dropped upon the 4th absence
2) Tardies: 3 tardies = 1 full absence.
     *You’re tardy if you enter the room after the instructor has begun class.
3) Absences: Ask about missed assignments after class or from a classmate.

                             Course Description
   Emphasis on listening and speaking skills related primarily to the academic
 environment. Asking questions, working in small groups and pairs, informal oral
         *Prerequisite: appropriate ESL placement score or ESL-020, 021 or 022.
                                   Group Work
   You will be working in pairs and small groups throughout the semester. Your
attendance and participation are necessary in order to receive points towards your
                      grade. No make-up for missed work.

                              Additional Tutoring
  You may request a tutor to assist you in your assignments from The Center for
   Learning (CL45). The Center has computers with various programs for ESL
          students. Visit The Center to schedule additional assistance.

                                  Attendance Policy
                       *Attendance is mandatory. No exceptions
1) Three (3) absence limit. (Automatically dropped upon the 4th absence).
2) Tardies: 3 tardies = 1 full absence.
    *You’re tardy if you enter class after the instructor has begun class.
      *You will be marked absent if you continue to leave class early.
              *Get any missed assignments after class or from a classmate.
Week 1                                Course Introduction, Class introduction & Circle
Week 2/Unit 1                         Greetings; About You; Making Complaints
Week 3                                Manners; Expressions/Sympathy; Idiomatic Expressions
Week 4                                Pair Work; Review and Quiz
Week 5/Unit 2                         Daily Life; Cultural Foods; Group Work
Week 6                                Personality Characteristics; Memories; Cultural Identity
Week 7                                Life story; presentation; Future/Dreams; Review/Quiz
Week 8/Unit 3                         Families; Love/Marriage; Babies; Drawings/Sharing
Week 9                                Adulthood; Parenting; School and Work; Pair Work
Week 10                               Divorce; Growing Old; Sharing Stories; Review/Quiz
Week 11/Unit 4                        Town; Prior Towns/Cites; Sharing Stories in Group
Week 12                               Services: mailing/telephone/utility/community
Week 13                               Shopping: clothes/returns & exchanges; Review/Quiz
Week 14/Unit 5                        Health; Remedies; Medical Care; Pharmacy
Week 15                               Household poisons; pair and group work; Quiz
Week 16                               *Review, Wrap-up & Final (Wednesday, May 7th)
                                      Grading Scale:
This is a letter grade course. You will receive an A, B, C, D, or F at the end of the semester. All tests/quizzes, group activities
and presentations will be assigned points.
*Final exam will be: Wednesday, May 7th.
.Conversation & vocabulary quizzes = 5 @ 20 pts each           100 pts
.Group activities = 5 @ 10 pts each                             50
.Final Presentation = 50 points possible                        50
 Total                                                         200 pts


                                                    *Notes of Importance:
1. Sign-in each night on sign-in sheet provided.
2. Disruptions: Will not be tolerated. Private conversations are held outside of class. You will be asked to
leave if disruptive.
3. Turn off cell phones and pagers once you enter class.
Take only necessary calls outside of classroom.
4. Syllabus changes: Instructor has the right to make changes to the syllabus if necessary. You will be
notified of any changes or adjustments.
5. Assignments: No late papers.
6. Instructor: Available after class for 10 minutes only.
7. Class Policy: Please respect viewpoints of classmates during class time. Remember: everyone is
entitled to their own opinions and allowed to express themselves in this class.
8. Grading: Do your own work. You’ll receive a grade of zero = 0, if copying classmates work during
9. Absence: Get work missed after class or from another classmate.
10. Children and/or other guests may not come into the classroom.
11. If you have a disability that may impact on your work in this class and
for which you may require accommodations, you need to notify
GCC Disability Services and Resources, TDS-100, 623-845-3080.
                           SYLLABUS ACKNOWLEDGMENT RECEIPT

Today‘s Date:____________________

Student Name:_____________________________________
                 (PLEASE PRINT YOUR FULL NAME)

Class Name:     Pronunciation Improvement for ESL Speakers
Course Prefix: ESL-031
Section Number: #5298
Instructor:     Giovanna McDermott
Semester:       Spring 2008

 The instructor has given me a copy of the course syllabus for this class. I have read the syllabus
   and understand the course content, grading & attendance policies, and the plagiarism policy.

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