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									Holden Clough
Community Primary School

Headteacher Recruitment Pack
       January 2013

                      St Albans Avenue
                           OL6 8XN

                      Tel: 0161 330 5248
          Email: mail@holdenclough.tameside.sch.uk
Headteacher Recruitment Pack


Chair’s Letter
Our Children Would Like…
Key School Data
Attainment Data
Job Advert
Job Description
Person Specification

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Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Chair’s Letter

Thank you for expressing an interest in Holden Clough Community Primary School.

We are a single form entry primary school in Ashton-under-Lyne which is around 8 miles from
the centre of Manchester and very close to the foothills of the Pennines. The School is set
within a large private housing estate and is the hub of a very strong and supportive local
community. Many of our children are the second generation of their families to attend the
School and this engenders both pride and a sense of belonging and ownership.

Ofsted have judged our School as a Good School. Academic attainment is fundamental to the
School’s success and our children’s wellbeing is a vital component of that success. The School
has a rounded and robust curriculum and our parents are keen to support their children’s
learning. We offer a broad range of extended schools activities, including after school and
lunchtime sports clubs several times a week as well as an annual residential visit for our older

The Governing Body at Holden Clough is an assembly of supportive and committed people who
are looking forward to working with the new head teacher.

We believe the School has an exciting opportunity for a head teacher with vision and drive, to
meet the challenges the school faces, to nurture the enthusiasm of all associated with the
School and to celebrate its strengths and take the school forward. As we are in the early stages
of a new build through the capital programme, the new Head Teacher will play a significant role
in the development of the new School and supporting its enlargement from a one-form to a
two-form entry.

You are welcome to make an informal visit to the school before or after application. Please
contact the school office to make an appointment for a mutually convenient time.

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Our Children would like the New Headteacher to be of either
gender and to have the following attributes…..

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Key School Data
Type of School                                 Primary
Age Range                                      3-11
Location                                       Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside
Type of Establishment                          Community School
Co-Ed or single sex                            Co-educational
Budget                                         Local Authority Delegated
                                               £900,000 Balanced
Number of children                             230 including 26 part-time Nursery
Average class size                             30
Overall Absence                                3.49%
Last Ofsted Inspection                         May 2010 – Good
School Awards                                  Full International Schools Award 2012-
                                               Green Flag Eco Award 2010
                                               E-Twinning Award 2011
                                               Active Mark 2012

Number of Teaching Staff                       10 FTE (including Head Teacher)
                                               9 Teaching Assistants
% Children with FSM                            12.3
% Children with SEN                            6.1
% Children with EAL                            34.7
% Children from Ethnic Minority                45.1

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Attainment Data 2012
                                    Personal Social and Emotional 24.1
                                    Communication Language and Literacy 29.1
Foundation Stage Profile            Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy 24.3
2012 Averages                       Knowledge, Understanding of the World 7.9
                                    Physical Development 7.9
                                    Creative Development 7.5
                                    Reading L2C+ 100%
                                              L2B+     97%
                                              L2A+     83%
                                              L3+      52%

                                    Writing L2C+ 100%
                                             L2B+  86%
Key Stage 1 Results
                                             L2A+  48%
                                             L3+   10%

                                    Maths     L2C+ 100%
                                              L2B+ 100%
                                              L2A+  66%
                                              L3+   45%

                                    Level 4+ English 93%
                                    Level 4+ Writing 89%
                                    Level 4+ Reading 96%
                                    Level 4+ Maths 93%
                                    Level 4+ English & Maths 89%

                                    Level 5+ English 61%
                                    Level 5+ Writing 46%
                                    Level 5+ Reading 71%
Key Stage 2 Results                 Level 5+ Maths 57%
                                    Level 5+ English & Maths 50%

                                    Value Added English 102.0
                                    Value Added Maths 101.1

                                    Expected Progress
                                    English 100%
                                    Maths 100%
                                    English & Maths 100%

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Holden Clough Community Primary School
Start Date:             September 2013
Apply by:               8th February 2013
Interview Dates:        28th February and 1st March 2013
Location:               Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside (Greater Manchester)
Pay Range:              L13-L19 £50359 - £58,362 (subject to review following
                        enlargement of school)
Due to the retirement of our well-respected Head Teacher, the Governors are seeking to appoint an
inspiring and highly motivated leader of this popular and successful community based school. You will
be expected to build on existing strengths and take our popular school from good to outstanding.

You will have:
    Headteacher, Deputy or Assistant Headteacher experience
    Excellent leadership and management skills
    High expectations and a determination to raise standards by inspiring and challenging; instilling
        in all children and staff the desire to reach their full potential and achieve the best that they
        possibly can
    A proven record of leading successful school improvement
    A strong commitment to preserving the respectful and caring ethos of the school
    The ability to further develop and enhance the high standards of teaching and learning
    The desire and motivation to lead the School in the Primary Capital Building Programme

We are a popular and progressive community primary school with an excellent local reputation and
can offer:
     A diverse and cohesive school community
     Enthusiastic and well-motivated children who are eager to learn, well-behaved and who are
        respectful of others
     A forward-thinking school which takes pride in its commitment to nurturing all aspects of a
        child’s development
     A talented, dedicated and hard-working staff team who are committed to enabling all children
        to reach their potential
     A proactive and supportive governing body who are open to exploring new initiatives
     The promise of excellent facilities through the Primary Capital Building Programme
     Excellent facilities for sport and outdoor learning

We encourage you to visit our School. To make an appointment please contact the School
Business Manager, Miss Fiona Cosgrove on 0161 330 5248. Application forms and packs may be
downloaded by clicking the link below, or requested from the School by telephoning 0161 330 5248.
Applications should be returned to the School by 4pm on the deadline date of 8th February.

This role requires an enhanced CRB Disclosure.

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Job Title                   HEADTEACHER
Grade                       L13 – L19
Responsible to              The Governing Body

Principal                   The Head Teacher will be responsible for the internal
Responsibilities            organisation, management and control of the school. This
                            includes the national extended schools agenda in
                            accordance with safeguarding legislation, the current
                            School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, the
                            policies of the Governing Body (including its annual
                            budget), applicable legislation and the policies of
                            Tameside MBC. The Head Teacher, working with the
                            governing body, senior leadership team and school staff
                            will develop a strategic view for the school in the context
                            of its wider community and will ensure accurate school
                            self-evaluation to inform school improvement planning.

This job description should be read in conjunction with the National Conditions of Employment
for Headteacher.

Specific Responsibilities

1.   Shaping the future
      Ensures the vision for the school is clearly articulated, shared, understood and acted
       upon effectively by all
      Works within the school community to translate the vision into agreed objectives and
       operational plans which will promote and sustain school improvement
      Demonstrates the vision and values in everyday work and practice
      Motivates and works with others to create a shared culture and positive climate
      Ensures creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate new technologies to achieve
      Ensures that strategic planning takes account of the diversity, values and experience of
       the school and community at large

2.   Leading Learning and Teaching
      Ensures a consistent and continuous school-wide focus on pupils’ achievements, using
        data and benchmarks to monitor progress in every child’s learning
      Ensures that learning is at the centre of strategic planning and resource management
      Establishes creative, responsive and effective approaches to learning and teaching
      Ensures a culture and ethos of challenge and support where all pupils can achieve
        success and become engaged in their own learning
      Demonstrates and articulates high expectations and sets stretching targets for the
        whole school community

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
      Implements strategies which secure high standards of behaviour and attendance
      Determines, organises and implements a diverse, flexible curriculum and implements an
       effective assessment framework
      Takes a strategic role in the development of new and emerging technologies to enhance
       and extend the learning experience of pupils
      Monitors, evaluates and reviews classroom practice and promotes improvement
      Challenges underperformance at all levels and ensures effective corrective action and
       follow up

3.   Developing self and working with others
      Treats people fairly, equitably and with dignity and respect to create and maintain a
       positive school culture
      Builds a collaborative learning culture within the school and actively engages other
       schools to build effective learning communities
      Develops and maintains effective strategies and procedures for staff induction,
       professional development and performance review
      Ensures effective planning, allocation, support and evaluation of work undertaken by
       teams and individuals, ensuring clear delegation of tasks and devolution of
      Acknowledges the responsibilities and celebrates the achievements of individuals and
      Develops and maintains a culture of high expectations for self and for others and takes
       appropriate action when performance is unsatisfactory
      Regularly reviews own practice, sets personal targets and takes responsibility for own
       personal development
      Manages own workload and that of others to allow an appropriate work/life balance

4.   Managing the Organisation
      Creates an organisational structure which reflects the school’s values, and enables the
       management systems, structures and processes to work effectively in line with legal
      Produces and implements clear, evidence-based improvement plans and policies for the
       development of the school and its facilities
      Ensures that, within an autonomous culture, policies and practices take account of
       national and local circumstances, policies and initiatives
      Manages the school’s financial and human resources effectively and efficiently to
       achieve the school’s educational goals and priorities
      Recruits, retains and deploys staff appropriately and manages their workload to achieve
       the vision and goals of the school
      Implements successful performance management processes with all staff
      Manages and organises the school environment efficiently and effectively to ensure that
       it meets the needs of the curriculum and health and safety regulations
      Ensures that the range, quality and use of all available resources is monitored,
       evaluated and reviewed to improve the quality of education for all pupils and provide
       value for money
      Uses and integrates a range of technologies effectively and efficiently to manage the

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
5.   Securing Accountability
      Fulfils commitments arising from contractual accountability to the governing body
      Develops a school ethos which enables everyone to work collaboratively, share
       knowledge and understanding, celebrate success and accept responsibility for outcomes
      Ensures individual staff accountabilities are clearly defined, understood and agreed and
       are subject to rigorous review and evaluation
      Works with the governing body (providing information, objective advice and support) to
       enable it to meet its responsibilities
      Develops and presents a coherent, understandable and accurate account of the school’s
       performance to a range of audiences including governors, parents and carers
      Reflects on personal contribution to school achievements and takes account of
       feedback from others

6.   Strengthening Community
      Builds a school culture and curriculum which takes account of the richness and diversity
        of the school’s communities
      Creates and promotes positive strategies for challenging racial and other prejudice and
        dealing with racial harassment
      Ensures learning experiences for pupils are linked into and integrated with the wider
      Ensures a range of community-based learning experiences
      Collaborates with other agencies in providing for the academic, spiritual, moral, social,
        emotional and cultural well-being of pupils and their families
      Creates and maintains an effective partnership with parents and carers to support and
        improve pupils’ achievement and personal development
      Seeks opportunities to invite carers, community figures, businesses or other
        organisations into the school to enhance and enrich the school and its value to the
        wider community
      Contributes to the development of the education system by, for example, sharing
        effective practice, working in partnership with other schools and promoting innovative
      Co-operates and works with relevant agencies to protect children.

7.   Safeguarding
      Responsible for promoting the welfare of all children and young people.
      Creates an organisational culture which is vigilant to, monitors and prioritises the
        safeguarding of children and young people above all considerations

Holden Clough Community Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the
welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this
commitment. The successful applicant will be subject to an enhanced CRB check

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
Post                      Headteacher Group 2
Number on Roll            230
Pay Range                 Individual Scale Range L13-L19

Responsible to            The Governing Body of Holden Clough Primary School and
                          the Local Authority

                     Criteria                       Essential         Desirable        How


  Qualified Teacher Status                                                            App
  NPQH Accreditation or serving Headteachers                                          App
    who are exempt
  Evidence of regular and appropriate
    professional development in teaching practice                                    App/Int
  Evidence of regular and appropriate
    professional development in school leadership
                                                                                     App/Int
    and management

  Successful strategic leadership and                                             App/Int/Ref
    management experience in a range of schools
    for primary age children
  Evidence of experience of supporting children
    and families where English is an additional                                    App/Int/Ref
  Experience of Inclusion and SEN provision in a
    primary school setting                                                         App/Int/Ref
Evidence of strategic leadership and impact
Shaping the Future
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-
  Think strategically, by building,                                               App/Int/Ref
    communicating and implementing a shared
    vision of excellence and equity for all
  Lead creative and innovative contributions to
    strategic plans that realize the vision and
    sustain measurable school improvement                                          App/Int/Ref

  Set and achieve ambitious challenging goals
   and targets
                                                                                   App/Int/Ref
Leading, Learning and Teaching
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
  Determine, organize and implement the
   curriculum and establish creative, responsive                                     App/Int
   and effective approaches to learning and
   teaching (including the appropriate use of new
   and emerging technologies)
  Access, analyse and interpret appropriate data
   to monitor pupils’ progress, set and achieve
   ambitious, challenging goals and targets and                                      App/Int
   identify areas for improvement with the focus
   on every pupil achieving their full potential
  Create flexible, comprehensive learning
   opportunities and strategies to meet the
   personal learning needs of every pupil and
                                                                                     App/Int
   create a culture of life learning for all pupils
Developing Self and Working with Others
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-
  Manage change, conflict and empower                                                 Int
    individuals and team
  Work collaboratively with others, within and
    beyond the school, to build an open, fair and                                      Int
    equitable learning culture
  Manage own workload and the work of
                                                                                       Int
    individuals and teams effectively, providing
    support when necessary and delegating where
  Review the performance of staff, challenge          
    and take action when performance is                                               App/Int
    unsatisfactory, ensuring Continuing
    Professional Development for all.
  Demonstrate emotional intelligence, impact
    and presence, commitment, integrity,               
    flexibility and enthusiasm                                                      App/Int/Ref
Managing the Organisation
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-
  Implement clear and appropriate evidence
    based improvement plans and policies and                                       App/Int/Ref
    monitor, evaluate and review their effects.
  Manage the efficient and effective day-to-day
    running of the school to ensure a safe, secure                                     Int
    and healthy environment
  Strategic financial planning, operation budget
    management and principles of best value                                           App/Int
Securing Accountability
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-
  Apply principles and practice of quality
    assurance systems, including self-review, self-                                  App/Int
    evaluation, performance management and
    stakeholder and community involvement
  Use a range of evidence, including
    performance data and external evaluations to
Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack
     improve aspects of school life, including                                      App/Int/Ref
     challenging poor performance
   Lead the team effectively and efficiently
     towards the academic, spiritual, moral, social,
     emotional and cultural development of all         
     pupils                                                                           Int/Ref
Strengthening Community
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-
   Work with all groups within the community to
     further improve outcomes for the school and                                       Int
     all its pupils
   Enhance the value of the school to the wider
     community (including parents and carers and                                       Int
     other schools) and involve that community in
     enriching the learning experiences of pupils
   Promote the school within the local
     community and beyond
                                                                                       Int
Safeguarding Children
Knowledge of or commitment and ability to:-
  Form and maintain appropriate relationships
    and personal boundaries with children and                                        Int/Ref
    young people
  Demonstrate emotional resilience in working
    with challenging behaviours; attitudes to use                                    Int/Ref
    of authority and maintaining discipline

Holden Clough Community Primary School
Head Teacher Recruitment Pack    Holden Clough Community Primary School Headteacher Recruitment Pack

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