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A Lesson about Going for your Dreams from the Blogging Badass Wife


A great lesson from my wife on going for your dreams.

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									A Lesson about Going for your Dreams from the Blogging
Badass Wife for- your- dreams/                     February 7, 2013

Going for your dreams reminder from the Badass wife

So I just wanted to take this time to brag on the wife.

No, I am not in the doghouse.

I didn’t forget her birthday or our anniversary.

And this is not an attempt at getting back into her good graces.

I just had to go on record and say….

My badass wif e is making t hings happen.

I am just proud of her, and wanted to use this space to honor her.

Sometimes Intentions make going for your dreams inevitable
The week before Thanksgiving of 2012, Christine was let go from her job.

And you can see in the video that it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

We had set an intention, to get her out, of that job anyway.
I wanted to retire her.

And guess what?

When you set an intention and put it out there into the world….

….it has a way of coming true.

And sure enough….

….we got the word just before Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving – You’re Fired!

You can see we approached it with a sense of humor.

And why not?

What can you do?

Was it a little scary?

Of course it was.

No one wants to be let go from their job, especially around the holidays.

And maybe I am to blame.

I was the one that voiced my intentions on a video.

And like I mentioned earlier, if you put it out there….

….the universe has a way of making it happen to where….

….going f or your dreams is the only option.

Picking up the pieces and going f or your dreams

For the past 3 years, Christine has been working at night on a project.

She would work her Job during the day and then at night work on her passion.

And at first, I was not sure about whether it would work.
But she kept at it.

And she was passionat e about it .

She lit up when she discovered something new….

…or came up with a new design.

It was awesome to witness.

And when you see someone, you love, going for their dream it changes you.

So when the news came down that she was no longer employed by corporate America.

Two things happened:

  1. She immediately felt relief
  2. She immediately went to work

And she made a decision and t ook massive act ion.

And going for your dreams has never looked so good on her.

And now her project is about to take off. (Take a look)

What did the Blogging Badass learn about going for your dreams
Watching my wife go after her passions inspired me to do the same.

Going for your dreams is what life is all about.

We are not meant to be drones.

It is a horrible existence.

Maybe you have been there.

Maybe you are there now?

Maybe you are looking for a way out.

I found my passion in this ‘simple solution’ to online marketing frustration.

It is not just about making money, although Empower Network, certainly will help you do that….

….it is about going f or your dreams.

It is about helping people achieve more than they thought they could.

It is about empowerment .
When you have a sense of purpose,

….and are willing to make a decision….

….a decision that forces you to take massive action….

….you are liberated.

And you are free to unlock the true person you are meant to be….

….and to unlock your inner badass and be going for your dreams.

We all deserve that.

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