Local Government Act 2000 - Forward Plan by n90vTz2


									           Forward Plan of Key Decisions as from 1 March, 2011

     Subject                               Date / period of    Ward(s)              Scrutiny committee, if
                                           decision                                 decision is called-in
1    Network railway protection works      February, 2010 to   Various              Sustainable
     acceptance of tender                  December, 2011                           Regeneration

2    Highway investment works funded       Various Dates       All wards            Sustainable
     via unsupported borrowing             2006 - 2015                              Regeneration
6    Property update                       April 2010 to       All wards            Sustainable
                                           March 2011                               Regeneration
9    Office moves and refurbishment        April 2010 -        All wards            Sustainable
     2010/11                               March 2011                               Regeneration
13   Approval of the Charlestown        December 2010          Irwell Riverside     Sustainable
     Riverside Development Rehousing    to March 2011                               Regeneration
     Strategy - CAT A
     declaration/suspension of RTBs and
14   Charlestown Riverside Compulsory      December 2010       Irwell Riverside     Sustainable
     Purchase Order 2010                   to March 2011                            Regeneration
15   GMPTE Cross City Works A580           April 2010 - July   Worsley / Swinton    Sustainable
     Quality Bus Corridor(Old Clough       2011                North / Swinton      Regeneration
     Lane -Trinity Way) – Acceptance of                        South /
     tender                                                    Claremont / Irwell
     (in conjunction with GMPTE)                               Riverside /
16   Proposed alterations to the Lower     December 2010       Kersal               Sustainable
     Kersal Bowling Green                  to March 2011                            Regeneration

17   Adoption of the Bridgewater Canal     December 2010       Barton,              Sustainable
     Corridor Masterplan.                  to March 2011       Boothstown and       Regeneration
                                                               Eccles, Winton
                                                               and Worsley.
20   MediaCityUK                           Nov 2010 -          All Wards            Sustainable
                                           September, 2011                          Regeneration
29   Re-procurement of the Re-thinking     November, 2010 -    All Wards            Sustainable
     Construction Partnering Programme     April, 2011                              Regeneration
30   The Street Lighting Capital           November 2010       All Wards            Sustainable
     Programme                             to May 2011                              Regeneration

32   Approval to enter into a Deed of      January 2011 –      Irwell Riverside     Sustainable
     Variation with the North West         March 2011.         and Ordsall.         Regeneration
     Development Agency in respect of
     the grant funding agreement for the
     Chapel Street highway
     improvements project.
33   Highway Maintenance and Network       November 2010       All Wards            Sustainable
     Recovery                              to July 2011                             Regeneration
34   Updates and amendments to the         March to April      All Wards            Sustainable
     Private Sector Housing Assistance     2011                                     Regeneration

     Subject                                Date / period of    Ward(s)            Scrutiny committee, if
                                            decision                               decision is called-in
37   Approval to commission an Eccles       June / July, 2011   Eccles, Weaste     Sustainable
     Town Centre Masterplan                                     and Seedley        Regeneration
38   A580 East Lancashire Road              December 2010       Boothstown and     Sustainable
     Resurfacing Scheme Walkden             to March 2011       Ellenbrook         Regeneration
     Road to Newearth Road East
     Bound and West Bound
39   Approval to consult on the Draft       December 2010       All Wards          Sustainable
     Housing Revenue Account Subsidy        to March 2012                          Regeneration
     and determinations.
40   Charlestown Riverside                  November 2010 -     Irwell Riverside   Sustainable Regen. /
     Regeneration - Gap Funding             March 2011                             Cabinet Decision
42   Contracts for implementation of        February - April    Cadishead and      Sustainable
     improvements to streetscene on         2011                Winton             Regeneration
     Liverpool Road in Patricroft and
44   A580 East Lancashire Road High         January to March    Swinton South      Sustainable
     Friction Surface Treatment             2011                                   Regeneration
45   Liverpool Road Corridor: Street        March 2011          Irlam and Barton   Sustainable
     Tree Planting in the vicinity of the                                          Regeneration
     City of Salford Community Stadium
46   The Crescent Traffic Calming,          February / March    Irwell Riverside   Sustainable
     Additional Work, Acceptance of a       2011                                   Regeneration
47   Irwell River Park (River Park          March / April 2011 Irwell Riverside    Sustainable
     Meadows): Anaconda and                                                        Regeneration
     Springfield Lane riverside –
     proposals for improvements to be
     implemented in 2011/12
48   The Greater Manchester Road            February / March    All Wards          Sustainable
     Activity Permit Scheme                 2011                                   Regeneration
52   Approval of spend for Walkden town     February / March,   All Wards          Sustainable
     centre streetscene improvements        2011                                   Regeneration
60   Proposal to increase the Council's     March 2011          All Wards          Sustainable
     on and off street parking charges.                                            Regeneration
62   Strategic Decisions relating to the    March 2011 to       Langworthy         Sustainable
     Creating a new Pendleton housing       May 2011                               Regeneration
     PFI project.
63   The programme of SNAPs for             March 2011          All Wards          Sustainable
     Salford in 2011/12                                                            Regeneration
64   Demolition of properties in Higher     March- April 2011   Broughton          Sustainable
     Broughton                                                                     Regeneration
68   The Highways Revenue Budget            April 2011 to       All Wards          Sustainable
     2011/2012                              March 2012                             Regeneration
     Community Committee Funding
69   The Highway Maintenance                April 2011 to       All Wards          Sustainable
     Revenue Budget 2011/2012               March 2012                             Regeneration
73   Ordsall Park                           March to April      Ordsall            Sustainable
                                            2011                                   Regeneration


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