Extra credit Life Science Assignment by c14VAhN


									                               Life Science Extra Credit Assignment.

                                      Mrs. Solomon ~ 7th Grade
1. This is a research based Science assignment. You will choose from the following list of topics and
   present what you find in an essay, video, power-point, model or reproduction, or a Science “show
   and tell”. Other methods of presenting the information to the class will have to be pre-approved by
   your teacher.

2. Science topics:
                     Human Body                       Evolution
                     Body Organization                Natural Selection
                     Body Systems                     Fossils and Extinction
                     Infectious Agents                Photosynthesis
                     Homeostasis                      Cellular Respiration
                     Heredity and Reproduction        Carbon Cycle
                     Inheritance of Traits            Food Webs

3. These are all important topics that will be covered in 7th grade Science. It is not a list of every single
   Science topic that will be covered this year, but most of the topics that will be covered this year are on
   this list. With prior discussion and approval by your teacher, you may choose another, possibly more
   specific topic that interests you as long as it is related to one of the general topics on the list.

4. You will not be allowed to use wikipedia.com or ask.com for your research. However, many other
   search engines and sites can be used, including, but not limited to, bing, google, National Geographic,
   Brain-pop, Discovery, PBS (Public Broadcasting System), and many other sites, including ones that
   might be recommended by your teacher. This will be weighted heavily as an “Extra Credit” assignment.
   Completing it can significantly improve your grade for the second nine weeks.

5. In your written work or presentation, you will be required to fully define and/or explain important
   terms or ideas that are related to your topic. You will also have to list and fully discuss at least two
   important facts about your topic. Finally, you will be required to list or cite your sources (where you
   got your information). Your paper or presentation will need to be organized, clear, and easy to

               This extra credit assignment is due on or before Friday, January 11th.
                            NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

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