SUNNY AGARWAL
                              Mobile: 8966818845, 8881793709 Tel. (Res.): 0581-2300196

    Middle level positions in Project Planning & Execution / Electrical Engineering with an organisation of repute


 MBA (Pursuing) & B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) with more than 5 years of experience in
  Project Planning, Coordination, Execution, Site Management and Electrical Engineering of Power Distribution
 Presently associated with Aster Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad as a Project Coordinator in a Feeder Separation Project.
 Holds the distinction of planning, executing and managing Electrification Projects of 33KV & 11KV Feeders,
  HT / LT Lines, Transformers, 33/11 KV Sub Stations including renovation and modernization of existing
  Feeders, Sub Stations, etc.
 Astute manager with a flair for adopting modern project execution methodologies & systems in compliance
  with quality standards.
 Expertise in swiftly ramping up projects with competent cross-functional skills and on time execution.
 Developed good networks with Vendors and Contractors that came in handy while negotiating for cost
  reduction and new rates.
 Strong relationship management, communication skills with the ability to network with Project Members,
  Consultants, Contractors with consummate ease.

                                               AREAS OF EXPERTISE

                                               Project Planning & Execution
    Conceptualising detailed project reports and project execution plans after thorough discussion with clients,
     selection of sites, project evaluation in terms of outlays and profits attached.
    Handling the entire project including client coordination, project work deals with client, vendor approval,
     material inspection, and material dispatch. Planning job site activities for erection, material coordinator,
     inspection and electrical equipments.
    Establishing time span of project execution as per client specifics.
    Listing the resource needs for projects, after considering the budgetary parameters set.
    Monitoring project status during the course of periodic project review meetings and site visits.

                                                   Site Management
    Supervising all site activities including providing technical inputs & coordination for all activities. Organising
     & managing all resources to achieve an efficient and effective completion of the contract.
    Coordinating with Main Contractors, monitor their performance in view of project schedule. Settling all techno
     commercial disputes / clarifications during execution of project.
    Ensuring quick resolution of outstanding issues to ensure smooth project hand-over to customers.
    Interacting with Site Purchasers and Suppliers for achieving cost effective purchase of equipment, accessories,
     material with timely delivery so as to minimise project cost.
    Implementing QC procedures and checks. Conducting Audits to ensure adherence to Quality and Safety
     norms across the entire course of project execution.

                                          Installation & Commissioning
    Performing erection, testing & commissioning of 33KV & 11KV Feeders, HT / LT Lines, Transformers, 33/11KV
     Sub Stations, Capacitor Banks, 33KV & 11 KV Additional Bays, etc.
    Performing renovation & modernization of existing Feeders, Sub Stations; including replacement activities.
    Evaluating Designs; coordinating with Consultants and Sub Contractors for changes in the same.
    Anchoring on-site electrical engineering and overseeing the performance of sub-contractors, ensuring
     compliance with predefined plans.

    Networking with Consultants, Contractors, Government Agencies, Statutory Bodies and Clients to ascertain
     technical specifications, construction related essentials, based on the prevalent rules.
    Maintaining good relations with Statutory Authorities for availing mandatory sanctions.
                                           ORGANISATIONAL DETAILS

Since Oct’11 at Aster Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. Currently posted at Guna, Madhya Pradesh as a Project Coordinator
                                   Feeder Separation Programme, Phase – II

     Currently executing & Coordinating the Feeder Separation Programme, Phase – II of District Guna (M.P.) at
      a cost of Rs. 85 Cr., for the Supply of materials, Survey, Consumer Indexing, Installation, testing and
      commissioning of 11 KV feeders additional 11 KV bays, Distribution Transformer S/S 11/0.433 KV, replacement
      of Bare Conductor of existing LT line by AB Cable, conversion of LT line to 11KV Line(HVDS), new LT 3phase
      4wire Line with AB cable, renovation of exiting service line & installation of energy meters for segregation of
      domestic & other categories consumer from agriculture consumers in rural areas.
     Managing a team of 43 engineers and project personnel.
     Conducting regular/weekly progress review meetings with seniors, Contractors for new plans / revised targets
      & for close follow up and resolving problems to achieve the objective/target.
     Focus is on effective project cost control through controlling labour costs, avoiding purchase of bulk material,
      implementing limited-materials system, using a lump-sum approach on reducing supplementary expenses,
      and enhancing project quality.
     Ensuring adherence to safety and quality policies of the company through audits, seminars and weekly tours.
     Have been using Bar Graphs and Pie Charts as aids in execution.

          Aug’10-Oct’11 at ICSA (India) Ltd., Balharshah, Maharashtra as Senior Engineer (Site Incharge)

     Incharge of the team that executed the Mahavitran Infrastructure Plan Project in Balharshah division.
     Interacted with Main Contractors to complete jobs on time with quality and safety with the help of regular
      progress review meetings and through resolving problems at site.
     Ensured on time achievement by dividing staff into various groups.

      Title: Mahavitran Infrastructure Plan Project of Chandrapur Circle under the Infra Plan Phase II for
      Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd at a cost of Rs. 140 Cr.
      Designation: Sr. Engineer (Site Incharge) for Balharshah division.
      Duration: Aug’10 – Oct’11                                            Team Size: 22

      Mahavitran Infrastructure Plan Project for the supply, test, transport, construction, erection, testing &
      commissioning of Sub-Transmission / Distribution Lines, New Sub-Stations, Power Transformers as well as
      augmentation of existing Sub-Station, Distribution Transformer of varying capacities, renovation &
      modernization works.

    Apr’09-Jul’10 at A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services Ltd., Madhubani, Bihar as Senior Engineer Project

     Key member of the team that executed the RGGVY, Rural Electrification Project.
     Resolved critical issues pertaining to Sub-Station land acquisition, hindrances created by local authorities and
      the public, etc.

      Title: Rural Electrification of Madhubani & Sitamarhi District under the 11 th Plan of RGGVY Scheme for
      National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Ltd. at a cost of Rs. 87 Cr.
      Designation: Sr. Engineer for Madhubani Project & Project Coordinator for Sitamarhi Project
      Duration: Apr’09 – Jul’10                                             Team Size: 49

      Participated in the survey, design and erection for electrification of 712 villages in Madhubani & Sitamarhi
      districts under the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojna scheme of the Govt. of India. This
      scheme provided free electricity connection to all rural households living below the poverty line without any
      discrimination in the hours of supply between rural and urban areas. The objective was to provide secure,
      reliable and quality service to electricity consumers.
      Oversaw Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Client Co-ordination, Vendor Coordination, Material
      Inspection and Dispatch. Effectively rendered technical support to field staff. Led a team of Site Engineers and
      Supervisors in ensuring quality as per specifications.
    Apr’07-Mar’09 at Utility Powertech Ltd. [joint venture of REL & NTPC] as Engineer (Electrical) at Sitapur

   Member of the team that executed the UPRE Project (RGGVY, Rural Electrification).
   Played a key role in ensuring smooth Materials Management & Reconciliation across the project.

    Title: Rural Electrification under RGGVY Scheme at Sitapur, U.P for Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. at
    a cost of Rs. 100 Cr.
    Designation: Engineer (Electrical)
    Duration: Apr’07 - Apr’09                                         Team Size: 16

    Reliance Energy Ltd. on behalf of Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. had undertaken survey, design and
    erection for electrification of 505 villages and 201 hamlets under the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyutikaran Yojna
    scheme of the Govt. of India. It provided free electricity connection to all rural households living below
    poverty line without any discrimination in the hours of supply between rural and urban areas. It involved the
    Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 11KV HVDS System & 33KV Feeders as well as the augmentation if the
    33KV Line and 33 KV Sub-Station.
    Managed the following:

    -   Material Management & Reconciliation
    -   Up gradation and Modernization of the Power Distribution System
    -   Erection, Testing & Commissioning of 11KV. HVDS. System and 33KV Feeders
    -   Augmentation of the 33KV Line

                                         ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS

 B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) from Skyline Institute of Engineering and Technology,
  GreaterNoida, affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow in 2007.
 12th from Jai Narayan Saraswati Vidhya Mandir, Bareilly in 2002.
 10th from Jai Narayan Saraswati Vidhya Mandir, Bareilly in 2000.

          IT Skills: C, C++, Core Java, Windows 98/XP/Vista/7, SCADA & PLC Programming, AutoCAD

                                             PERSONAL DOSSIER

Date of Birth:   16th April, 1985
Address:         F-48, Priyadarshni Nagar, Near Anandpur Ashram, Bareilly-243003, U.P.

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