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					What you are to do:
   Complete textbook section notes on your assigned topic.
   Create a newspaper about your assigned topic from the 1920’s.
          o Use your textbook notes, and the Internet for information.
          o Use the rubric and the guidelines below to help you.
   Complete Open-Note/Take-Home Test
How you are to do it:
   Gathering Information
         o Textbook Section – Use online textbook to fill in notes for your assigned section.
         o Internet Search - Research your subtopics using the Internet.
                  Helpful Internet Sites:
                      o In addition to these, you can use Google or Yahoo to search specific topics.

      Format:
          o Newspaper – The section (articles, editorials, political cartoon, and advertisement) should be set
             up like a newspaper. (**Microsoft Word & Publisher have templates for Newsletters**)
          o Organization / Continuity – The section should be put together in an organized manner with the
             same/similar format through out and be set up as follows:
                  Front Page – News Banner & 2 articles - Name of section of newspaper, date, etc.
                     appropriate for the times
                  Editorial Page – 2 Editorials & Political Cartoon
          o   *** Extra – Slang/Words from the Era – When possible, students should incorporate words that were used during
              the 1920s.

      Options: You have different options on what you can do to fulfill the requirements for your topic areas.
          o Each subtopic needs to have:
                  One news article or editorial
          o You need to have one political cartoon and one advertisement
                These can be for any of the subtopics
      Historical Information:
          o   All items should be historically accurate and include important historical information when appropriate.

      Timeframe:
          o Weds – Thurs (11th -12th) – Begin & complete notes on textbook section you were assigned.
                         th  th
          o Fri – Fri (13 -20 ) – Complete 6 required individual items (Article, Editorial, Pol. Cartoon, & Ad)
          o Mon – Weds (23rd-25th) – Read other groups’ sections, take notes, complete Open-Note Test

Grades & Due Dates:
    Newspaper Section = 100 point PROJECT grade AND 50 point TEST grade
         o DUE in Period Inbox on Fri. 11/20
    Notes from Textbook & Newspapers = 100 point HW/CW grade
         o Checked by Teacher by Weds. 11/25
    Open-Note Test = 50 point TEST grade
         o DUE Weds. 11/25
                                                Newspaper Planning Sheet
Topics: Write in what you are completing for each subtopic – Example written in the first topic
        Print out the rubric and write subtopics into spaces as you complete each of the required items.

                                                                #1 Economy
                 Subtopics                                 2 Articles & 2 Editorials             1 Political Cartoon & 1 Ad
                 Automobile                           Article                              Ad

           Consumer Revolution                        Editorial
              (Advertising, Credit)

                Stock Market                          Article                              Political Cartoon

         Cities, Suburbs, Country                     Editorial

                                                                # 2 Politics
                 Subtopics                                 2 Articles & 2 Editorials             1 Political Cartoon & 1 Ad
          Harding Administration

         Coolidge Administration

               Foreign Policy

              Election of 1928
      (*Not in textbook, use Internet*)

                                                #3 Social & Cultural Tensions
                 Subtopics                                 2 Articles & 2 Editorials             1 Political Cartoon & 1 Ad
      Traditionalism vs. Modernism
      Education, Religious Fundamentalism (Scopes)



     US Reactions, Crime, Gangsters

                                                          #4 Mass Culture
                 Subtopics                                 2 Articles & 2 Editorials             1 Political Cartoon & 1 Ad
                New Trends
     Leisure time, Movies, Radio, Phonograph

              Heroes & Sports

           Women’s New Roles

              Art & Literature

                                                      #5 African Americans
                 Subtopics                                 2 Articles & 2 Editorials             1 Political Cartoon & 1 Ad
           Black Consciousness”
               Garvey, Migration

                Music / Jazz

            Harlem Renaissance

           Extra – Fads of 1920s
      (*Not in textbook, use Internet*)

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