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					FOI Requests for March 2006
Request No Request Details Partial/Full Release Full Full Full Exemption

PE301 PE302 LCG303

Request relating to on street parking charges in Lansdowne No of Parking Notices issued from 13/05/05 to the present outside Hill View Parade Details of any covenant/leasing agreement of land, applicable bye-laws & or restrictions in respect to the land at: Fitness First Stadium, Dean Court. How many of your Council's buildings are open to the public and how many of these are accessible to disabled people as defined by BV156 List of Senior Job Titles, current salary and if possible annual cost to the Council of pension provision. CEO to HOBU List of approved suppliers, contractors and consultants to Bournemouth Borough Council. Information about the current dredging exercise along Bournemouth Beach Information on the problem of skid resistance in view of technical and legal aspects Request for staffing levels required to facilitate supported housing accommodation schemes and how well this demand is being met by support providers. Financil details in committee report relating income from car parks and how this revenue is used for Highway maintenance List of the taxi/private hire companies with Bournemouth Council contracts Copy of the minutes of the meetings which took place between your authority and the Department of Education with regard to the employment at Porchester School, Bournemouth of xxxxxxxxxxx Request about the Working Together Scheme in local schools and how many are aware of the scheme Request copies of the correspondence between yourselves and the Department of Education since September 2005 in relation to request Ref LCG316 Details of the Social Services Delivery and Improvement Statement List of empty properties both residential and commercial within the borough Request about Land Charges North Bournemouth Schools Site - Accident Data

No No No




R307 COR310 PT311 PT312 ACS313

Full Full Full None On Hold

No No No Yes: S21

PE314 PP315 LCG316

Full Full None

No No

SC317 LCG318

Full None


ACS321 LCG323 LCG324 PT329

Full Withheld Full Full

No Yes: S31 No No

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2-Mar-2006 30-Mar-2006 2-Mar-2006 6-Apr-2006

3-Mar-2006 31-Mar-2006

10-Mar-2006 7-Apr-2006 10-Mar-2006 10-Apr-2006 13-Mar-2006 10-Apr-2006 13-Mar-2006 10-Apr-2006 2-Mar-2006 30-Mar-2006

14-Mar-2006 11-Apr-2006 15-Mar-2006 12-Apr-2006 16-Mar-2006 13-Apr-2006

17-Mar-2006 18-Apr-2006 20-Mar-2006 19-Apr-2006

24-Mar-2006 23-Mar-06 29-Mar-06 30-Mar-06

25-Apr-2006 22-Apr-06 28-Apr-06 2-May-06

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