grade 12 landmark cases worksheet by n3f4GH


									          Landmark Charter Case Analysis
1) What area(s) of law are involved?

2) Who are the respondents in this case? What are they
   responding to?

3) Who are the appellants in this case? What are they

4) What are the key issues/facts of the case?

5) How can the media have an impact on court decisions?

6) What type of document is the Charter of Rights and

7) What sections of the Charter are being challenged?

8) Is there any other laws that are referred to throughout the

9) Where did the trial begin (level of court)? Was this case
   appealed? If so, to which courts was the case appealed?

10)   What distinguishes the powers of a court from the
  powers of a government? Should these powers overlap?

11)    How would you have decided your case? Why?

12)    Why is this case considered a landmark case?

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