Immigration by wO7R9dcn


              Great Lull
•   Seven Years’ War in Europe (1756)
•   American Revolution
•   French Revolution
•   Napoleonic Wars (1803-1815)
•   Great Britain prohibits slavery
        American Population
• Started to grow rapidly
  – Why?
     • cheap land
     • job opportunities
     • others were forced
  – From Where?
     • Immigrants from Western Europe
                The Irish
• The potato was the staple food source for
  the Irish
• A fungus destroyed the potato crop and
  caused the Potato Famine
• As new immigrants, they took some of the
  lowliest jobs available (construction or
  laying rail road tracks)
• Irish women usually worked as household
                    The Germans
• Harsh rulers and dictators
  on Germany
   – Large groups of people had
     taken part in revolutions
     which failed
   – Forced to flee to the United
• Many German immigrants
  moved west upon arrival
  to the United States
• Some 60,000 fled to
  America after the failed
  Revolutions of 1848.
        The American People
• Nativist:
   – Felt that the land of
     the United States was
     set aside for white,
     American born
   – Irish immigrants were
     mainly Catholics which
     did not sit well with the
            Know Nothings
• An organized group of
  nativists from the New
  York area
• When questions
  about the
  organization, they
  would only answer “I
  know nothing”
• Had someone run for
  president in 1856
     Declines in Immigration
• Reproduction within the United States
  – Percent of immigrants decreases
  – 6 out of 7 people
• Panic of 1837
  – Andrew Jackson’s attack on the 2nd National
  – Followed by a 5 year depression
• American Civil War
  – 1861-1865

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