Immigration by wO7R9dcn


 Why is immigration a salient issue
           right now?
• Composition of Immigrant pop
• Number of immigrants is increasing
• Percent of popn. that is foreign born is
  declining (13 % in 1920 to 10 % in 2000)
  (see p. 214 for other figures)
  Does the U.S. Admit Too Many
• Anti-immigration arguments cite:
  – Environmental pressures of overpopulation
  – Excessive competition for jobs: Good jobs
    and/or low-wage jobs; Keeps wages low for
    American workers
  – Concerns about assimilating immigrants- Will
    new immigrants undermine “American values
    and culture?” ; Will we end up divided like
Should we admit more immigrants?
• Arguments in favor of greater immigration
  – Economic benefits
     • Skilled and/or unskilled workers permit economic
       development; enhance competitiveness
     • Immigrants more likely to start businesses
  – Cultural Benefits- Diversity
  – History of US as a nation of Immigrants
  – Immigrants are assimilating
  – Why would immigrants threaten our culture?
  History of Immigration Policy
• Decades of high immigration
• 1921 Quota Act, 1924 Johnson reed Act and
  other restrictions
• 1965 Civil Rights movement; Immigration and
  Nationality amendments remove racial quotas
  and increase number of immigrants permitted
• 1986 IRCA sanctions vs. illegal imm
• 1990 Immigration Act increases imm
• 1996 Illegal immigration and Immigrant
  Responsibility Act (border enforcement;

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