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					                                  A Subsidiary of the Rural Health Resource Center

                                              WebEXpert Call
               Recruitment and Retention of Medical Staff in Small Communities
Speaker: Tim Skinner, National Rural Recruitment and Retention Network (3RNet) and Steve Shotwell,
                                  Michigan Center for Rural Health
    February 27, 2008 2:00 – 3:30 pm central, 1:00 pm mountain, 12:00 pm pacific, 3:00 pm eastern

During these calls experts in the health care field will present on a variety of topics affecting rural hospitals.
Calls will be presented in a Web-based format. These calls are targeted to rural hospital administrators, boards,
physicians, nurses and staff.

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               Recruitment and Retention of Medical Staff in Small Communities
Shortage of physicians and other medical professionals are well documented. Successful recruitment and
retention in small towns requires a combination of community development and strategic planning before
beginning to recruit medical staff. This presentation will introduce the pieces essential to the process of
recruitment and retention or “Recruitention”. Between them, Steve and Tim have 40+ years of medical staff
development and recruitment and retention experience.


                               Tim became the Executive Director of the National Rural Recruitment and
                               Retention Network (3R Net) in June 2005. Prior to joining the 3R Net, he was
                               involved in medical staff development and physician recruitment and retention for
                               20 years. Before moving into physician recruitment, he was a school psychologist
                               and a counselor working with adolescents and families in rural Wisconsin,
                               Minnesota and Iowa. The experiences in education and health care were
                               invaluable in medical staff development and recruitment. He still remembers
                               what carrying a pager is all about.

                               His experience with rural recruitment and retention is in communities of 800 to
8,000 people in the tropical Tri-State area of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. Community involvement is
essential to successful recruitment and retention of medical staff in rural areas, and Tim’s experience echoes
that. Also, he worked with tertiary care facilities in a metro area of 120,000 so appreciates the relationship
between smaller health care facilities and larger facilities. He thinks many health care facilities drop the
retention part of recruitment and retention so practiced saying the word “recruitention” until he could actually
pronounce it. For more information about Mr. Skinner click here.

                               Steve joined the Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH) in November 2001 as
                               Manager of Recruitment and Retention Services. The goal is to provide a
                               comprehensive program dedicated to assisting Michigan’s rural communities
                               improve access to quality health care providers and services.

                               The program serves as a single point of contact for all rural facilities. A resource
                               for any question which may arise regarding recruitment, retention, medical staff
                               development plans, visa issues, current salary ranges, contracts, loan repayment
                               programs or research assistance. The program works closely with federal and state
                               governmental agencies and national and state professional networks in order to
                               provide the latest guidelines or trends in recruitment and retention. The objective
                               is not to define the needs of rural Michigan but to meet the needs identified by our
                               rural communities, facilities and providers. For more information about Mr.
                               Shotwell click here.

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