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Join a Day of Action - Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras


									Day of Action on September 22 ,


to Support TRW Workers
The economic crisis is global, the impunity of the multinational corporations is worldwide but the solidarity is more powerful because is international.
Gumercinda Del Angel a TRW workers

On September 22nd the labor board will hold the hearing of the evidence on TRW workers legal case. The Workers are calling CJM members and allies to join a day of action on September 22nd to support their struggle with the fallowing actions:

Here is what you can do:
o Calling and/or sending emails to TRW headquarters (a sample letter below) o Calling and/or sending faxes to the President of the Labor Board in Reynosa, Mexico (sample letter below) o Sending emails to President of the US and Mexico, demanding NAFTA renegotiation, Labor and Human Rights and Environmental Protection, Fair Trade, Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice (sample letter below) o To spread the word of TRW workers struggle o Letters in solidarity and financial support to TRW workers to:, o Please send copy of your letters to CJM at:,, *** Please see below the links of the videos and newspapers of TRW workers mobilizations in Reynosa (in Spanish,) and in Livonia, Michigan.




Any trade agreement should include, Labor and Human Rights and Environmental Protection with mechanism of enforcement, Fair Trade, Food Sovereignty and Environmental Justice Renegotiate NAFTA to level the playing field and give workers real protections from governments that allow wage and workplace safety exploitation of workers and destruction of the environment. Demand that TRW recognize workers’ rights: to safe jobs; to freedom of association; to collective bargaining; to severance payments and seniority as guaranteed by Mexican Labor Law.


Demand TRW reinstate workers who were fired unjustifiably and pay their severance and back pay in accordance with Mexican Law. full details at

Sample TRW headquarters message to send to: o John C. Plant, President and Chief Executive Officer TRW Automotive. Phone: 734.855.2600. Email: o Neil Marchuk Exec. VP for Human Resources. Phone: 734.855.3871 (office) 734.748.0676 (cell) 734.855.2473 (fax) Email:
o John Wilkerson, Senior Communication Manager. Phone: 734 855 3864. Email: To:;;; Subject: Urgent concern about TRW operations in Reynosa, Mexico John C. Plant, President and Chief Executive Officer TRW Dear Mr. Plant: I am writing to express my deep concern about TRW’s operations in Reynosa, Mexico. It is imperative that TRW recognize and negotiate with the TRW Workers Coalition. The “official” union does not adequately represent the workers and has repeatedly failed to stand up for their rights. TRW must respect workers’ rights to safe jobs, freedom of association and collective bargaining. It is urgent that TRW reinstate workers who were fired unjustifiably from their jobs at the TRW Del Norte Industrial Park plant and respect all severance and seniority payments as required by Mexican labor law. I call on you to guarantee respect for workers rights and to take immediate action to address these concerns about TRW operations at the Reynosa plant. Please keep me informed of the steps you are taking to address this extremely serious situation. Respectfully, ***

Sample letter to the President of Reynosa’s Labor Board
Hector Obregón Fuentes President of the Conciliation and Arbitration Board number 4, Reynosa, Mexico Phone/fax 01152 899 924 2306- ask for: “tono de fax” (fax tone) to send the letter Subject: Urgent concern about TRW operations in Reynosa, Mexico Dear Mr. Obregon,

We are aware that on September 22, it will be the hearing for the evidence of the TRW workers case. We also know that TRW automotive in Reynosa fired unjustified workers who formed a Workers Coalition to negotiate their salaries and the conditions for their relocation to an industrial park located at the others side of the City. It is concerning to learn also that TRW is blacklisting workers who formed the workers Coalition in order that this workers will not find a job anyplace. We are updated on the issue that TRW workers presented a complaint on the labor board because they were unjustified fired and because TRW is violating their right to Job, to freedom of association and to collective bargaining according with the Mexican Law. We also know that the TRW workers have been taking over the labor board facility several times in order that the hearing will be set on the timeline of the process, so the labor authorities do not prolong the case indefinitely. We will be watching you on the hearing of September 22 nd, and we urge you to resolve the case according with the Mexican law, in order that these workers will be reinstated or the severance payments including the back pay will be paid. Respectfully

**** Sample letter to the President and to the Secretary of Labor and Welfare in Mexico. Please send copy of your letters to CJM at:,, To:;

Subject: NAFTA fails to protect workers’ rights Felipe Calderón President of México CC: Javier Lozano
Secretary of Labor and Welfare

Dear Mr. Calderon We are writing you because TRW, a company located in Reynosa, Mexico transferred 600 workers to a whorehouse located in an industrial park at the other side of the city, where the salaries are below and the working conditions are lower than those than the workers agreed in the collective contract. Due the lack of representation by the CTM union, the workers formed a Workers Coalition according with the Mexican Constitution and Labor Law to negotiate their relocation. TRW fired unjustified all those workers who joined the Workers Coalition violating the right of freedom of association and to collective bargaining. In addition

TRW blacklisted the workers, violating the right to job, established in the Mexican constitution and Labor Law. TRW argues that they have all the support of the CTM union and the local, state and federal government to do that because of the economic crisis situation. This argument can be verify in the fallowing link where the Secretary of Labor and Economic Development is declaring that the TRW Workers’ Coalitions does not have any representation, which is violating their right to freedom of association. In addition the information that the secretary is declaring is not accurate, showing that he is not updated in the case, but what is obvious, is his interest in protecting TRW: acusaciones_de_extrabajadores_de_TRW_.html In the following link Derly Rivas, the Industrial Director of the Labor and Economic Development of Reynosa also defended TRW declaring that the black list does not exists. However he admitted that the corporations have to right to not hiring anyone who participate in any protest or been presented any complaint against any company on the labor department. With this declaration he is accepting that the black lists exist and that is a violation of the right to job established in the Mexican constitution and labor law. 3%A1_colocar_a_ex_trabajadores_de_TRW_en_Reynosa We are aware that TRW workers case is a local competition, but because TRW is a US multinational corporation, who like many others have been making billionaire profits under the protection of NAFTA trade agreement, treaties that have been promoted with no regulations or law enforcement at all. Therefore we urge you that TRW respect the workers right to job, the right to freedom of association and to collective bargaining established in the Mexican Constitution and Labor law. We are demanding also to renegotiate NAFTA, because NAFTA not just increased poverty and unemployment, but also dismantled agriculture, promoted speculation, and impunity of multinational corporations who also polluted the environment. This moment of economic, financial, housing, food and environmental crisis is an evidence of the social impacts and the failure of this free trade policies and agreements at global level. We believe that the human, labor rights and environmental protection should be included on the text of the agreements but with mechanism of enforcement included. We also believe that the issues of immigration and food sovereignty should be included also because this global crisis is an opening to develop new ways, for a trade with responsibility, equity and integrity Respectfully


Mexican Labor Law Title seventhLabor Collective Relationships

Chapter 1- Coalitions
Art 354- The labor law recognize the right of forming Coalitions among workers or management Art 355-Coalition is a temporal agreement among a group of workers or bosses to defend the interest that they have in common

Ley Federal del Trabajo
Titulo Séptimo- relaciones Colectivas de Trabajo-

Capitulo 1 Coaliciones
Art 354.- La ley reconoce la libertad de Coalición de Trabajadores y Patrones

Links and videos of TRW workers mobilization’s on September 16 and 17 in Reynosa, Mexico

SAMPLE MESSAGE to President Obama: Phone: 202-456-111, 202-456-1414, Fax 202 4562461 Please send copy of your letters to CJM at:,, To: Subject: NAFTA fails to protect workers’ rights President Barack Obama The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Dear Mr. President, The NAFTA trade agreement has failed to meet the expectations of economic growth and development. Instead, NAFTA has increased unemployment, economic instability and insecurity, poverty and environmental injustice in the three countries of North America.

Multinational corporations such as TRW, a US corporation based in Livonia, Michigan, have profited by exploiting cheap labor, thanks to free trade agreements. After many years of phenomenal earnings, corporations are now laying off workers. In the case of TRW in Mexico, they are laying off workers without the severance payments that the workers are owed by law. Trade agreements are about much more than trade. Trade agreements must have mechanisms to address and resolve the social consequences they create. Despite the economic crisis, now is the right time to renegotiate NAFTA and address the need for immigration reform, which is inextricably linked to NAFTA. The evidence of NAFTA's failure is everywhere - people are suffering the real consequences of unregulated and irresponsible free trade policies. I call on you to investigate and regulate multinational corporations such as TRW, which is violating workers' rights and operating with impunity in Mexico. I also urge you to uphold your commitment to address immigration reform and renegotiate the NAFTA trade agreement immediately. Respectfully,

Background: TRW Automotive is a multinational corporation based in Livonia, Michigan,
who produce seatbelts for auto industry from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia. The workers of TRW located in Del Norte Industrial Park of Reynosa, Mexico have been organizing since five months ago. The Coalition for Justice in the Maquiladoras has supporting workers efforts. Jaime Ernesto Lizcano a TRW worker traveled on Mexico Independences Day September 16th, to Livonia Michigan to meet with TRW executives, but instead of meeting him TRW management called the police to arrest Ernesto including CJM members and allies. Ernesto is traveling through the US and Canada to gain support for workers with more than 15 to 20 years seniority who are demanding justice. On March of this year TRW transferred 600 hundred workers to the warehouse of another TRW facility located at the other side of the city. In the new TRW plant, the collective contract has lower salaries and labor conditions that the workers had in the previous facility where they worked for 15 to 20 years. In addition the warehouse does not have enough space to relocate the assembly lines for the 600 workers. Also the workers have to travel two hours taking three different routes and investing forty percent of their salaries to arrive on time at the warehouse. The CTM union who hold the contract with TRW agreed this relocation without taking into account the contentions mentioned above and without knowing the workers.


Due the complicity of the CTM union and the company, the workers formed a workers Coalition, according with the Mexican Labor law, to negotiate the relocation. However TRW and the Secretary of Labor and Economic development of Reynosa did not recognize the Workers Coalition, fired unjustified the members of the Coalition and circulate a blacklist of the workers, violating their right to job, to freedom of association and to collective bargaining established in the Labor Law and in the Mexican Constitution. The TRW workers intercepted the Mexico Independence Day parade demanding Justice. (Please see the videos and newspapers of workers mobilizations) The people of the City Hall told workers that they will meet with them next day September 17 at 10 am to discuss their problem. But what was behind was that they kept workers on the meeting so the workers will intercept the governor who was visiting Reynosa next day. However the following day the politician told workers that take their petitions by writing next Tuesday on September 22 nd. That day is the hearing to present the evidence on the labor department. TRW workers are asking CJM members and allies to join a day of action on September 22 nd, calling or sending faxes to the Labor Board at 9:00 am. Calling or sending emails to Mexico and US President and to the secretary of Labor and welfare. Spreading the world about the TRW workers struggle, sending letters in solidarity to the workers, press conferences, statements supporting workers, protest, declarations on the independent media, and any other action to pressure TRW to reinstate workers or to pay them the severance payments with back pay and to respect workers right to job, to freedom of association and to collective bargaining


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