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									    ADA Drop-Off/Pick-Up Area… Patrons with disabilities may be dropped
    off on the circle drive (southeast side of stadium) on Museum Campus Drive
    outside Gate 10. An ADA placard or ADA license plate must be visible to the
    police and parking attendants, and the person to whom the placard or license
    plate is registered must be an occupant of the vehicle in order to access the
    Gate 10 drop-off. The driver of the vehicle will then be directed back into the
    traffic queue to the nearest available cash parking, likely at the Southwest
    Parking Facilities at Michael Reese Hospital or the East Monroe St / Millennium
    Park Garages. At Soldier Field, Standard Parking will have a limited number
    of courtesy carts available for transport of the disabled patron to and from the
    Museum Campus parking lots and the shuttle turnaround at 18th Street. Only
    the disabled patron and one companion will be permitted on the carts.

    Alcohol Beverages/Drugs… Alcohol is strictly prohibited from being
    carried into Soldier Field, and the use of illegal drugs is prohibited within
    Soldier Field, the surrounding parkland and parking lots. Beer will be sold
    at designated concession stands within the stadium and will also be served
    by vendors in the seating bowl area. Alcohol policies are posted at every
    concession stand. Underage drinking will not be tolerated and offenders are
    subject to arrest. We ask that our patrons be respectful of the neighborhood
    surrounding Soldier Field. Drinking alcohol on the public way and
    surrounding parklands is a violation of the law.
    	 •	 Illinois	State	Law	requires	that	individuals	must	be	21	years	of	
6         age or older to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.
    	 •	 All	patrons	purchasing	alcoholic	beverages	are	subject	to	providing	
          proper identification, such as a valid state driver’s license, military
          identification card, state issued photo identification, or passport.
    	 •	 Concessions	clerks,	stadium	security,	and	Bears	representatives	
          reserve the right to check for proof of age.
    	 •	 There	is	a	maximum	of	two	(2)	alcoholic	beverages	per	purchase	at	all		
          concession stands serving alcohol and one (1) from in-seat vendors.
    	 •	 Alcohol	sales	begin	two	hours	before	kickoff	for	all	games.	
          Chicago Park District ordinances prevent alcohol from being served
          on Sundays before 10:00 a.m. Sales will be discontinued at the
          end of the third quarter or earlier at the discretion of Soldier Field and/or
          Chicago Bears management. No alcohol can leave the stadium.
    	 •	 No	alcohol	will	be	sold	to	intoxicated	guests.
    	 •	 The	Bears,	Sportservice	and	Miller	Brewing	Company	offer	a	
          Designated Driver program (see “Designated Driver”).

    America’s Veterans…	Built	in	honor	of	World	War	I	veterans,	the	
    designation “Soldier Field” will remain the only name for the stadium. A
    “Doughboy” foot soldier statue greets visitors inside Gate 0 at the stadium’s
    south end. A dramatic Veteran’s Memorial water wall and bronze sculpture
    are located adjacent to the Gate 47 entry to honor American veterans of all
    wars from every branch of service. Soldier Field’s historic colonnades (see
    “Colonnades”) are open year-round to the public, as they were originally
                                                                    2007 FAN GUIDE

                                        SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

Announcements & Paging…	Pre-recorded	messages	explaining	policies	
and procedures will be aired periodically throughout the outer rim of the
stadium and in the parking lots. Private announcements and/or pages will
not be made at the stadium by either the public address announcer or on the
videoboard,	except	in	the	case	of	a	medical	emergency.	Please	designate	a	
meeting location should your party become separated.

Assistive Animals… Seeing-eye dogs and other assistive animals
accompanying the disabled or visually impaired are permitted at Soldier
Field. Please contact our ADA Coordinator at (847) 615-BEAR if any
accommodations are required. All other animals are prohibited.

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)…
Five Chase ATMs are conveniently located in the
following areas throughout the stadium:
	 •	 South	Courtyard	–	behind	the	Doughboy	Statue
	 •	 Mezzanine	Concourse	-	southwest	end,	near	the	entry	off	of	the					
	 	 ADA	ramp	landing,	near	Section	128
	 •	 Cadillac	Club	300	Level	-	near	the	south	bank	of	elevators,	near	
	 	 Section	314
	 •	 Colonnade	Concourse	-	near	the	end	of	the	Miller	Lite	Party	Deck	
	 	 ramp	entry,	near	Section	350
	 •	 North	Garage	-	located	at	the	west	entry	point	lobby,	near	the	
      Bears Pro Shop                                                                   7
Additional	ATMs	are	located	throughout	the	stadium	and	next	to	Will	Call	
outside of Gate 10; the locations are indicated on the concourse maps on
pages	38	-	42.

Automobile Assistance…	Limited	automobile	service	will	be	available	
in	the	parking	lots	for	battery	jumps,	lock-outs,	and	lost	keys.		Locate	the	
nearest parking lot attendant, security official or call Standard Parking at the
Soldier	Field	Parking	Hotline	(312)	583-9153	for	assistance.

Bag Search/Scan… You and your belongings may be searched upon entry
into Soldier Field. By tendering your ticket and entering the stadium, you
consent to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have
against	the	NFL,	its	member	clubs,	their	affiliates	and	stadium	landlord,	their	
agents.		If	you	elect	not	to	consent	to	the	searches,	you	will	be	denied	entry	into	
the stadium. We encourage our fans to enter the stadium early to avoid delays.

Banners/Flags/Signs… are permitted provided the item is not commercial
or offensive. Banners must not include profane language, advertisements, or
political slogans and must not be placed over any official stadium signage.
Items	must	not	be	attached	to	a	pole	or	the	like	which	may	cause	harm	to	the	
guests	seated	around	you.	Items	must	not	be	used	as	projectiles.	Banners	or	
signs cannot obstruct the view of other guests. Stadium security reserves the
right to remove these items from your possession if deemed appropriate for
any and all reasons.
    Bears Den… is sponsored by Bears Hall of Fame
    Partner Comcast. You can relive decades of Bears
    memories and view historical memorabilia and the
    George Halas bas-relief sculpture by walking through the Comcast Bears
    Den.		It	is	located	inside	the	stadium	north	of	Gate	15	in	the	west	Grand	
    Concourse	and	easily	accessible	from	the	west	Mezzanine	Level.	

    Bears Care… Bears fans are welcome to make contributions to our
    charitable beneficiary, Bears Care, by contacting the Bears Care office at
    1000	Football	Drive,	Lake	Forest,	IL	60045	or	by	calling	(847)	739-5325.		
    Bears Care supports targeted programs in the areas of education,
    athletics, and medical research and health awareness programs focused
    on breast and ovarian cancer. For further information about Bears Care and
    upcoming events, please visit ChicagoBears.com/bearscare. Requests
    for additional information can be submitted via e-mail to

    Bears Direct… sign up for the Bears online
    newsletter at ChicagoBears.com to receive
    information on upcoming Bears events, special offers and promotions.

    Bas-Relief Sculpture… visit the tribute to George Halas and his
    contribution to professional football and the legacy of the Chicago Bears.
8   The bas-relief, located inside Gate 15 on the west Grand Concourse,
    recognizes some of the famous Bears players and accomplishments
    throughout the decades.

    Bike Parking and Racks… are located on the perimeter of the stadium
    near	Gates	9,	10	and	28.	The	Bears	and	Soldier	Field	management	are	not	
    responsible for lost or stolen property.

    Binoculars/Cameras/Video Equipment… Hand-held binoculars and small
    still-photo cameras with lenses less than 6” in length are permitted in Soldier
    Field. Video and movie cameras are NOT permitted in the stadium without
    the user holding proper media credentials. Photos cannot be used for any
    commercial purpose.

    Buses… for bus parking and drop-off/pick-up information, please see the
    Parking	Information	section	on	page	33.

    Cadillac Club/Executive Suites/Skyline Suite
    Entrance Gates… the Cadillac Club (“Club”) and
    Suites areas, located on the east side of the stadium, are restricted to Club
    and Suites patrons only. Parking for Club and Suites patrons is in the North
    Garage or the Waldron Deck. You can access the Club and Suites from the
    third level of the North Garage (take the elevators on the north end of the
    Club up to the Suites). The Suites may also be accessed via Gate 14 and the
    Club	via	the	stairs	inside	Gate	6	on	the	Grand	Concourse	Level.		
                                                                       2007 FAN GUIDE

                                           SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

Children… Parents are encouraged to pick up identification wristbands for
their children at any of the Fan Services booths and Concierge Desks in the
Cadillac Club.

Cellular Phones… Fans are permitted to use cellular phones as long as they
do not interfere with other fans in the seating area.

Code of Conduct…	Proper	behavior	is	expected	of	all	patrons	at	Chicago	
Bears games. Unruly or inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated and may be
grounds for ejection from the stadium and/or revocation of ticket privileges. Such
behavior	includes,	but	is	not	limited	to:		abuse	of	intoxicants,	profane,	disruptive	
or abusive language or gestures, offensive or disorderly conduct, the throwing
of	any	object,	excessive	standing	in	the	seating	area,	standing	or	sitting	in	the	
aisles, smoking anywhere in the stadium, bringing into the stadium any prohibited
items, possessing alcohol in the No Alcohol sections, entering or attempting to
enter the field level or playing field, wearing or displaying any apparel with profane
or abusive language, failure to follow the instructions of stadium security and/
or crowd management personnel, actions that may harm or endanger others,
and any other conduct that is beyond the bounds of reasonable behavior for
spectators attending a professional sporting event. Harassment of visiting team
fans will be considered unruly behavior and grounds for ejection. Patrons who
cannot conform their conduct to these rules are not welcome at Chicago Bears
games. Each patron should hold his or her ticket stub and be ready to display it
to stadium officials to verify their seat location. Patrons sitting in un-ticketed areas   9
are subject to ejection from the stadium. The season ticket holder is responsible
for the conduct of users of tickets issued to the season ticket holder.

Colonnades… The east and west colonnades are open to fans and other visitors
throughout the year on gamedays and non-event dates. On gamedays, the east
side colonnades are accessible to Cadillac Club and Suites patrons; the west side
is open to all ticket holders. A ticket is required for access on gamedays.

Comments/Concerns… Visit one of our eight Fan Services booths located
on the stadium concourses if you have comments, questions or concerns on
gameday. On non-game days, you may call the Chicago Bears Ticket Office
at (847) 615-BEAR with any ticket related issues and a customer service
representative will be happy to assist you. For any other issues, you may call
our	Fan	Services	team	at	(888)	79-BEARS,	Ext.	4	or	e-mail	your	thoughts	to	
fanservices@bears.nfl.net. To better serve you at future games, we encourage
you to complete a comment card, available at all Fan Services booths. On
gameday, you can call the Soldier Field Gameday Security Hotline at
(312)	235-7999	for	immediate	assistance.

Concessions…	Sportservice	is	the	exclusive	food	and	beverage	
concessionaire at Soldier Field. There are numerous permanent and portable
concession stands located throughout the stadium. Food and beverages will
also be sold in the seating bowl via vendors. Please note that locations of all
food and beverage stands are subject to change.

     Note:		In	addition	to	the	food	items	listed	below,	snacks,	draft	beer	(Miller	Lite	
     & Miller Genuine Draft), Coca-Cola soft drinks, 7-Eleven coffee, hot chocolate
     and water are available at most concession locations. Straws and lids for
     beverages are available upon request.

     First Down Franks Sections	108,	113,	123,	134,	142,	152,	231,	306,	312,	
     321,	323,	352,	*432,	*434,	*438,	*442,	and	*444:		Hot	Dog,	Polish	Sausage,	
     BBQ	Pulled	Pork	Sandwich,	Italian	Beef	Sandwich,	Nachos	(*No	Italian	Beef)

     Gridiron Grill Sections	126,	151,	242,	319,	349,	355,	431,	441:		Hamburger,	
     Cheeseburger, French Fries, Bratwurst, Hot Dog, Chicken Tenders

     Second City Pizza Sections	119,	132,	152,	205,	231,	316,	322,	351,	353,	
     *435,	*443:	Pizza,	Nachos	(*Italian	Beef	also	available)

     Southside Brats Sections	143,	340,	433,	439:	Italian	Sausage,	Bratwurst,	
     Polish Sausage, Hot Dog, Chicken Tenders

     Chicago Dogs Sections	122,	440:	Chicago	Style	Hot	Dogs

10       Concession Item                 Location Section

         Bratwurst	                      122,	126,	136,	143,	151,	242,	319,	340,	
     	   	 	                             349,	355,	431,	433,	439,	441

         Candy	                          108,	113,	119,	122,	123,	126,	132,	134,	142,	
     	   	 	                             143,	151,	152,	231,	242,	319,	321,	322,	323,	
     	   	 	                             340,	349,	351,	352,	353,	355,	431,	432,	433,	
     	   	 	                             434,	435,	438,	439,	441,	442,	443,	444

         Chicken Breast	                 126,	151,	242,	349,	355,	431,	441

         Chicken Tenders	                126,	143,	151,	242,	340,	349,	355,	431,	
     	   	 	                             433,	439,	441

         Cookies	                        108,	119,	126,	132,	134,	142,	143,	151,	152,	
     	   	 	                             231,	242,	319,	321,	322,	323,	340,	349,	351,	
     	   	 	                             352,	353,	355

         Corn Dog	                       126,	151,	242,	319,	349,	355,	431,	441

         French Fries	                   126,	143,	151,	242,	319,	340,	349,	355,	431,	
     	   	 	                             433,	439,	441

         Chili Cheese Fries	             126,	151,	242,	319,	340,	441,	431,	349,	
                                                            2007 FAN GUIDE

                                  SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

    Concession Item            Location Section

    Funnel Cake	               126

    Gyros	                     319

    Hamburger/Cheeseburger	    126,	151,	242,	340,	349,	355,	431,	441

    Hot Dogs	                  108,	113,	123,	126,	134,	142,	143,	151,	152,	
	   	 	                        231,	242,	321,	323,	340,	349,	352,	355,	431,	
	   	 	                        433,	434,	438,	439,	441,	442,	444

    Chicago Dogs	              122,	246,	319,	356,	440

    Smoky or Hot Link	         105,	122

    Chili Cheese Dogs		        108,	113,	123,	134,	142,	152,	231,	321,	323,	
	   	 	                        352,	432,	434,	438,	442,	444

    Ice Cream/Frozen Desserts	 126,	137

    Italian Beef	              108,	113,	123,	134,	142,	152,	231,	321,	323,	
	   	 	                        352,	356,	435,	440,	443
    Italian Sausage	           122,	143,	440,	433,	439

    Nachos	                    102,	108,	113,	119,	123,	132,	134,	137,	142,	
	   	 	                        152,	231,	242,	321,	323,	340,	351,	352,	353,	
	   	 	                        432,	434,	435,	438,	442,	443,	444

    Nacho Supreme	             102,	137	

    Peanuts                    Available at most concession stands

    Cajun Peanuts	             106,	113,	124,	140,	153,	242,	350,	436

    Philly Cheese Steak	       136,	246,	440

    Pizza / Cheesy Bread	      119,	132,	152,	231,	322,	351,	353,	435,	443	

    Potato Chips	              106,	108,	113,	123,	124,	134,	140,	142,	152,	
	   	 	                        153,	231,	242,	321,	323,	350,	352,	431,	432,	
	   	 	                        434,	436,	438,	440,	441,	442,	444

    Pretzel	                   106,	108,	113,	124,	126,	134,	140,	142,	143,	
	   	 	                        151,	152,	153,	231,	242,	319,	321,	323,	340,	
	   	 	                        349,	350,	352,	355,	431,	432,	433,	434,	436,	
	   	 	                        438,	439,	441,	442,	444
         Concession Item                 Location Section

         Popcorn	                        106,	108,	113,	123,	124,	126,	134,	140,	143,	
     	   	 	                             151,	152,	153,	231,	242,	319,	321,	323,	340,	
     	   	 	                             349,	350,	352,	355,	431,	432,	433,	434,	436,	
     	   	 	                             438,	439,	440,	441,	442,	444

         Polish Sausage	                 105,	108,	113,	123,	134,	142,	143,	152,	231,	
     	   	 	                             321,	323,	340	

         Pulled Pork	                    108,	113,	123,	134,	142,	152,	231,	321,	323,	
     	   	 	                             352,	432,	434,	438,	442,	444


             AMPS	Sections	114,	146,	353:	Grilled	Hot	Dogs,	Bratwurst,	
             Polish Sausage

             Sausage	Section	427:	Smokey	Links,	Hot	Links,	Polish	Sausage

             Miller-Lite Party Deck:	Hot	Dogs,	Italian	Beef,	Polish	Sausage,	
12           Bratwurst

             Nachos	Sections	103,	137:	Nachos,	Nachos	Supreme,	Corona	Beer

             Nuts on Clark	Sections	110,	128:	Assorted	Specialty	Popcorns	&	Nuts

             Philly Carts	Section	136,	242*,	440:	Philly	Cheese	Steaks,	
     	   	   Italian	Sausage	(*242:	Philly	Cheese	Steaks,	Chicago	Style	Hot	Dogs)

             Robinson’s Ribs Gate 0, Northwest Plaza: BBQ Ribs, Chicken,
             Rib Sandwiches, Polish Sausage

             Sandwich Cart	Section	352:	Italian	Beef,	Chicago	Dogs,	Hot	Pretzels

             Southeast Chicago	Sections	105,	324,	332:	Italian	Beef,	Grilled	
             Hot Dogs, Polish Sausage, Bratwurst


             Brews Brothers	Sections	106,	113,	124,	140,	153,	242,	319,	350,	436:
     	   	   Heineken,	Amstel	Light,	Old	Style,	Old	Style	Light,	Labatt	Blue,	Sam	
     	   	   Adams,	Budweiser,	Bud	Light,	Bud	Select,	Tecate,	Parrot	Bay,	
     	   	   Sharps	(NA),	Ice	House,	Pilsner	Urquell,	Mike’s	Hard	Lemonade,	
     	   	   Mike’s	Cranberry,	Honker’s	Ale,	Leiney	Honeyweis,	Leiney	Red,	
             Wine Coolers, Wine
                                                                  2007 FAN GUIDE

                                        SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

    BEER PORTABLES (Peanuts are available at all locations)

    Draft Beer	(20	ounces)

        Miller Lite	Gate	0,	Sections	101,	105,	114,	126,	130,	133,	145,	151,	
	   	   152,	228,	246,	318,	324,	340,	344,	351,	352,	356,	427,	440,	
	   	   447,	Miller	Lite	Party	Deck

        Guinness Section 155

        Old Style	Sections	136,	356

        Leinenkugel Sections 146, 155 and Northwest Plaza

    Canned Beer (16 ounces)

        Miller Lite/Miller Genuine Draft	Gate	0,	Sections	104,	107,	120,	
	   	   121,	125,	146,	148,	154,	155,	156,	324,	327,	334,	340,	342,	
	   	   349,	352,	354,	356,	431,	427,	433,	435,	438,	442,	Northwest	Plaza	

        Budweiser/Bud Light	Sections	140,	326,	332,	432,	Northwest	Plaza

        Guinness	Section	101,	319                                                    13

        Heineken/Amstel Light	Sections	114,	320,	333

        Old Style/Old Style Light Section 444

        Sparks Plus	Sections	324,	349

Concierge Desks… Our Premium Seat Concierge staff is available at desks
located	in	the	north	and	south	ends	of	the	Cadillac	Club	100	Level,	inside	
Gate 14, and inside the Skyline Suite.

Container Policy… The following containers are NOT permitted in the
stadium: bottles, cans, coolers, ice chests, backpacks, large purses or
handbags. The following containers ARE permitted in the stadium after
inspection: fanny packs, small purses or soft handbags.

No	container	may	exceed	the	8”	x	11”	x	12”	limit.	All	containers	are	subject	to	a	
visual search. Patrons have the option of returning unauthorized containers to
their vehicle or discarding them. Any additional clothing items should be placed
in	a	“clear”	plastic	bag	–	any	other	plastic	bags	will	be	refused	and	discarded	
at the gate. There is no storage for any bags at the stadium. You and your
belongings	will	be	searched	upon	entry	into	Soldier	Field.		If	you	elect	not	to	
consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the stadium. Elevated
security concerns could prompt more thorough search procedures.
     Credit Cards & MasterCard PayPass… For your
     convenience, all major credit cards and MasterCard
     PayPass are accepted at all permanent concession stands, bars and Bears
     Pro Shops. Major credit cards are also accepted at merchandise portables.
     Credit cards are not accepted for in-seat vendors, food and beer portables or
     Bears game tickets sold by the Chicago Bears Ticket Office.

     To	sign	up	for	your	Chicago	Bears	ExtraPoints	MasterCard,	visit	the	kiosk	
     inside	of	Gate	0	in	the	South	Courtyard	or	any	of	the	ExtraPoints	kiosks	in	
     and around the stadium.

     Designated Driver… “Start Your Game Right,
     Designate a Driver.” The Chicago Bears,
     Sportservice, and Miller Brewing Company
     encourage	fans	to	sign	up	to	be	Designated	Drivers.		If	you	are	21	years	
     of age or older, pledge not to drink alcohol beverages at a Bears game, and will
     provide responsible transportation for all members of your group, please stop
     by a Fan Services booth to receive a Designated Driver wrist band. Participants
     will be asked to sign a pledge card and show identification to verify their age
     and will receive a coupon for a complimentary soft drink and a drawing for a
     trip to the Super Bowl or Pro Bowl.

     Ejection… The Chicago Bears and Soldier Field management reserve the
14   right to eject any patron whose behavior is against policy, unruly, or illegal in
     nature. Game tickets will be forfeited without refund. Revocation of season
     tickets or arrest is possible.

     Elevators/Escalators… Guests entering the Cadillac Club or Suite areas
     may do so via the seven passenger elevators accessible from the Cadillac
     Club; four located at the north end of the Club and three at the south. Two
     elevators on the south end are also accessible from ground level inside Gate
     14. Eight escalators are also available in the Cadillac Club to provide access
     to	Club	200	Level	and	Club	300	Level.	The	seven	elevators	provide	access	to	
     the	133	Executive	Suites	and	the	Skyline	Suite.

     For patrons seated in the general seating areas, one elevator is located in the
     southeast corner of the South Courtyard inside Gate 6 providing service from
     the	Grand	Concourse	to	the	Mezzanine	Level.	A	second	elevator	is	located	in	
     the	southwest	corner	of	the	stadium	on	the	Mezzanine	Level	behind	Section	
     131	providing	access	from	the	Mezzanine	Level	to	the	Motorola	Media	
     Deck and US Cellular Grandstand. All elevators are ADA accessible. Due to
     limited availability, we ask that only those patrons with special needs use the

     Emergencies… Should you need immediate assistance, please notify the
     nearest security guard or usher, or visit a Fan Services booth. To contact
     someone at the stadium in case of an emergency on gameday, please call the
     Soldier	Field	management	office	at	(312)	235-7000.		
                                                                     2007 FAN GUIDE

                                          SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

Employee Entrance…	is	located	at	Gates	16,	22	and	28.		Only	authorized	
staff with proper identification will be allowed into the stadium at these

Evacuation… Should there be an immediate need to evacuate the
stadium,	fans	will	be	given	instructions	via	the	public	address	system.	It	is	
recommended	that	you	familiarize	yourself	with	the	two	exits	nearest	to	your	
seats. An evacuation plan video will be displayed on the videoboards pre-
game to educate fans.


        Sections 101 through 108 or 154 and 155…proceed up to the
        mezzanine concourse, turn right or left and continue toward the
	   	   northeast	corner	of	the	stadium	and	exit	through	the	East	Gates.	

	   	   In	Sections	110	through	153…proceed	up	to	the	Mezzanine	Concourse	
        and turn right or left to the nearest stairs or ramp, down to the Grand
	   	   Concourse	and	exit	out	the	nearest	gate.

	   	   Sections	228	through	246…proceed	up	to	the	Motorola	Media	Deck	                 15
	   	   Concourse,	turn	right	or	left	and	exit	down	the	ramp	or	stairs	in	the	
        southwest or west side of the stadium. Continue to the Grand
	   	   Concourse	and	exit	out	the	South	or	West	Gates.	

	   	   Sections	248	through	256	and	Sections	348	through	357…proceed	
	   	   either	up	or	down	your	aisle	to	the	North	Colonnade	Level	Concourse,	
	   	   turn	either	right	or	left	and	exit	out	the	nearest	gate.			

	   	   In	Sections	218	through	226	and	Sections	318	through	326…	proceed	
	   	   either	up	or	down	your	aisle	to	the	South	Colonnade	Level	Concourse,	
	   	   turn	either	right	or	left	to	the	nearest	ramp	or	stairs	and	down	to	exit	out	
        the nearest gate.

	   	   Sections	330	through	344	and	Sections	427	through	447…	proceed	
	   	   either	up	or	down	your	aisle	to	the	West	Colonnade	Level	Concourse,	
	   	   turn	either	right	or	left	to	the	nearest	ramp	or	stairs	and	down	to	exit	out	
	   	   the	North	Gates,	South	Gates	or	West	Colonnade	Exterior	Stairs.	

	   	   Sections	202	through	216…	proceed	up	to	the	Cadillac	Club	200	Level	
	   	   Concourse,	turn	right	or	left	and	exit	down	through	the	nearest	stairs	to	
        ground level, out through the East Gates.
     	   	    In	Sections	301	through	317…proceed	either	up	or	down	to	the	Cadillac	
     	   	    Club	300	Level	Concourse	and	continue	through	the	exit	doors	to	the	East	
     	   	    Colonnade	Concourse	and	exit	down	the	East	Colonnade	Exterior	Stairs.		
              Or, take the nearest interior stairs down to ground level, out through the
              East Gates.

     	   	    Exit	out	through	the	back	of	the	press	box	or	Suite,	turn	either	right	or	left	
              to the nearest stairs down to the East Colonnade Concourse and proceed
     	   	    to	the	East	Colonnade	Exterior	Stairs.		Continue	down	to	ground	level.	

     	   	    If	you	require	assistance,	please	see	the	nearest	usher.		Our	usher	staff	
     	   	    has	been	trained	to	assist	you	to	the	nearest	exit	or	Area	of	Refuge	
              during an evacuation. Once you have left the stadium, proceed as far
              away from the gates as possible.

     Facility Management… SMG provides complete facility management
     and maintenance for Soldier Field. SMG staff is available on gameday to
     address any facility related issue that may arise. Please contact any stadium
     employee	for	assistance	or	call	(312)	235-7000.			

16   Fan Clubs… While the Chicago Bears do not have an official fan club, you
     can communicate with other Bears fans in our “Bears Fans Across America”
     feature on the message boards accessible from ChicagoBears.com.

     Fan Services Booths… To assist with questions
     and listen to fans’ concerns, Fan Services Team
     Members will be stationed at eight Fan Services
     booths located throughout the stadium in the areas
     outlined below. The Fan Services staff, identified by
     wearing navy jackets or vests, will also be roving the concourses throughout
     the stadium to provide added customer service.

     Among the services provided are the Designated Driver program,
     identification wristbands for children, assistive listening devices and pagers,
     comment cards and Fan Guides. Fan Services booths are located:

     	   •	   South	Courtyard	inside	Gate	0	
     	   •	   Comcast	Bears	Den	inside	Gate	19
     	   •	   Staples	Mezzanine	Concourse	-	Section	119		
     	   •	   Staples	Mezzanine	Concourse	-	Section	134
     	   •	   South	End	Zone	(Colonnade	Level)	-	Section	320
     	   •	   West	Colonnades	–	south	end,	on	the	Promenade	Walkway
     	   •	   North	End	Zone	(Colonnade	Level)	-	Section	350
     	   •	   US	Cellular	Grandstand	Concourse	–	Section	444
     	   •	   Concierge	desks	in	Cadillac	Club
                                                               2007 FAN GUIDE

                                            SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z


    Bear down, Chicago Bears,
    make every play clear the way to victory;
    Bear down, Chicago Bears,
    put up a fight with a might so fearlessly.

    We’ll never forget the way you thrilled the nation
    with your T-formation.

    Bear down, Chicago Bears,
    and let them know why you’re wearing the crown.

	   You’re	the	pride	and	joy	of	Illinois,
    Chicago Bears, bear down.

    Composed by Al Hoffman

Firearms/Fireworks… are not permitted within Soldier Field, the
surrounding parkland or the parking lots.

First Aid/Medical Services… Soldier Field First Aid Stations are located in
the following areas:
	 •	 Gate	17	on	the	Grand	Concourse	(Main	First	Aid	Station)	in	the	            17
      Comcast Bears Den
	 •	 Colonnade	Concourse,	behind	Section	339
	 •	 Cadillac	Club	300	Level,	across	from	north	elevators,	behind	Section	304

Automated	External	Defibrillators	(AEDs)	are	located	throughout	the	stadium	
and	at	First	Aid	stations.		Medical	service	is	provided	by	M*A*S*E	in	the	
stadium and surrounding areas. The medical staff is identified by bright
green jackets. Ambulances are on site during all games.

Flex Scheduling… While all game times are subject to change, the home
games	on	November	25	vs.	Broncos,	December	2	vs.	Giants,	December	23	
vs.	Packers	and	December	30	vs.	Saints	may	be	affected	by	flex	scheduling;	
the date of the game will not be changed.

Food… for personal consumption is permitted in the stadium in clear plastic
bags only; all other food containers are prohibited.

Fundraisers… The Bears have a variety of community outreach programs
scheduled throughout the year, including charity drives. The annual Walter
and	Connie	Payton	Foundation	Toy	Drive	will	be	Sunday,	November	25	and	
the annual Chicago Bears/Jewel-Osco Coat Drive will be held on Sunday,
December	2.		Fans	are	encouraged	to	donate	at	Soldier	Field	on	those	days	
to support these worthy causes. When available, additional details will be
posted on our website, ChicagoBears.com/community.
     Gameday Grrreetings…Bears	Care	created	this	program	in	2006	to	offer	
     fans the unique opportunity to display greetings or announcements at halftime
     of	Bears	home	games,	on	the	LED	ribbon	panels	at	Soldier	Field.		Visit	
     ChicagoBears.com and click on the “Community” tab to learn more about
     “Gameday Grrreetings” and how you can participate. Space is limited.

     Gates… open two hours prior to kick-off. Every patron must pass through a
     security	checkpoint.		In	accordance	with	guidelines	imposed	by	the	NFL,	all	fans	
     and their personal items are subject to physical searches prior to entry into the
     stadium. We encourage our fans to enter the stadium early to avoid delays.

     Each patron should hold his or her ticket throughout the game and be ready to
     display it to a stadium official to verify seat location. No re-entries are permitted.
     All fans are encouraged to have photo identification available at all times.

     Gameday Gates (subject to change)…
     0	                      14	(Suites	&	Skyline	Suite	only)	           31	(Stairs)	40	
     3	                      15	                                         38	
     5                       17                                          40
     6	(Cadillac	Club	only)	 19	                                         45
     9	(Stairs)	             21	                                         47
     10	(Ticket	Office)	     23	                                         50	     	

18   Giveaways… A limited number of premium giveaways will be issued to fans
     entering the stadium for certain games. Possession of a game ticket does not
     guarantee receipt of a giveaway item.

     Grandstand…is sponsored by Bears Hall of
     Fame	Partner	US	Cellular.		In	addition	to	the	
     panoramic view, the US Cellular Grandstand is the largest seating area in
     Soldier	Field	and	includes	Sections	427	to	447.		It	has	13	concession	stands,	
     several food and beverage portables and is easily accessible from the west
     using	the	stairs	at	Gates	9	or	31,	or	from	the	north	through	Gate	45.

     Hall of Fame Partners… The Chicago Bears would
     like to thank our Hall of Fame Partners for their efforts
     toward	making	the	fan	experience	exciting	for	all:		

     Lost and Found… items will be taken to the Gate 1 Guest Services office
     between	the	gates	opening	and	thirty	(30)	minutes	after	the	conclusion	of	the	
                                                                  2007 FAN GUIDE

                                       SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

game. After that time, all lost items found will be taken to the Soldier Field
management office at Gate 14. The item will be held by stadium management
for	thirty	(30)	days	before	being	discarded.	To	claim	your	item,	please	call	
(312)	235-7000.		

Lost Children & Missing Persons… will be escorted to the Gate 1 Guest
Services office. A youth officer will be present to handle the report of a lost
child	and	assist	with	locating	their	parent	or	guardian.		Identification	wrist	
bands for children are available at all Fan Services booths.

Mascot… Staley, the Bears mascot, will be present at all Bears home games.
For information regarding public appearances by Staley, contact Staley’s Bear
Keeper	at	(312)	235-7116	or	visit	ChicagoBears.com	and	click	on	“Staley”	in	
the top menu bar.

MasterCard PayPass… For your convenience,
MasterCard PayPass is available at all concession
stands in the general stadium areas and Cadillac Club.
For more information, visit mastercard.com/paypass or stop by any of the
Chicago	Bears	ExtraPoints	MasterCard	kiosks	during	all	home	games	at	
Soldier Field.

Media Deck…is sponsored by Bears
Hall of Fame Partner Motorola. Patrons                                             19
seated	in	the	Motorola	Media	Deck	restricted	access	Sections	228-246	enjoy	
amenities	such	as	overhead	concourse	heaters,	close	proximity	to	coaches	
and media broadcast booths and some of the best sightlines in the stadium.

Medical Services… (See First Aid)

Merchandise & Novelties… The latest in Chicago Bears merchandise
is available for sale at two Bears Pro Shop retail locations and several
portable stands throughout the stadium. The Bears Pro Shops are
located at the north entrance of the stadium, inside the turnstiles, across
from the Veteran’s Memorial water wall and on the south end of Cadillac
Club	100	Level	(restricted	to	Club/Suite	patrons	only).		Gift	certificates	
are available. Bears merchandise is also available online at

    Bears Pro Shop Hours*	
    May - December:
	   (day	game)		8:00	a.m.	–	90	minutes	post-game
	   (night	game)		10:00	a.m.	–	90	minutes	post-game

	   Monday	–	Saturday	10:00	a.m.	–	5:00	p.m.
	   Sunday	10:00	a.m.	–	4:00	p.m.
     	   January	–	April:	
     	   Wednesday	–	Saturday	10:00	a.m.	–	5:00	p.m.
     	   Sunday	10:00	–	4:00	p.m.	(Closed	Monday	&	Tuesday)

     	   *Store	hours	are	subject	to	change.

         Free parking in North Garage for 45 minutes; validation and store
         purchase required.

     Merchandise Portables… are located in the South Courtyard, Northwest
     Plaza,	Cadillac	Club	100	&	200	Levels		(north	end),	west	colonnades	(south	
     end),	Sections	105,	112,	117,	128,	148,	154,	233,	319,	348,	352,	outside	of	
     Gate 0 and on McFetridge Drive, across from the Field Museum.

     Mezzanine/Ring of Honor… are sponsored by
     Bears Hall of Fame Partner Staples. The Chicago
     Bears Hall of Fame greats are honored with a graphic
     display that rings the entire Staples Mezzanine
     Concourse. The Bears have more members in the
     Hall	of	Fame	than	any	other	NFL	team.		The	Mezzanine	includes	Sections	101	
     to	155	and	offers	a	360	degree	view	of	the	field,	16	concession	stands,	several	
     food	portables	and	some	of	the	most	close-to-the-action	sightlines	in	the	NFL.		

20   Miller Lite Party Deck… Sponsored by Bears Hall of Fame
     Partner	Miller	Lite,	the	Party	Deck	comes	to	life	every	game	
     and	is	located	under	the	north	end	zone	videoboard.		It	is	
     THE fun place to be. Tickets are available only through
     Miller Brewing Company. Visit millerlitepartydeck.com for
     more information on how to obtain tickets.

     No Alcohol… seating is located in Sections 148 and 155 in the north
     endzone. The possession of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in these
     sections, and patrons who violate this policy will be ejected from the stadium.
     For more information, please contact the Bears Ticket Office during regular
     business hours at (847) 615-BEAR.

     Pat-Downs… You and your belongings may be searched upon entry into
     Soldier Field. By tendering your ticket and entering the stadium, you consent
     to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have against the
     NFL,	its	member	clubs,	their	affiliates	and	stadium	landlord,	their	agents.		If	you	
     elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the stadium.
     We encourage our fans to enter the stadium early to avoid delays.

     Premium Seating… Enjoy amenities such as outstanding sightlines of the
     field, wider, cushioned seats with cup holders, parking privileges, all-inclusive
     hospitality and access to the Cadillac Club. For more information on the
     Executive	Suites,	Skyline	Suite	or	Cadillac	Club	seating,	please	contact	the	
     Stadium	Sales	and	Services	department	at	(888)	79-BEARS	(23277)	or	
                                                                 2007 FAN GUIDE

                                       SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

Presenting Partner… Chase is proud to be the
bank	of	the	Bears	since	1934	and	pleased	to	partner	
once again with the Chicago Bears.

Press Box/Press Gate…	The	200-seat	Press	Box	is	located	on	Suite	
Level	A	in	the	southeast	corner	of	the	stadium.		Entrance	to	the	Press	Box	
is at Gate 14 and is only accessible to persons holding a working press
credential. Press Will Call is located outside Gate 10. Until gates open to the
general public, photographers may enter through Gate 14. After gates open,
admittance	is	granted	at	Gate	25	(northwest	side	of	stadium).

Programs… GameDay Magazine is available for sale at vendor stands
throughout the stadium and at the Bears Pro Shops; the cost is $5.00.
Portable stands are located outside at the Gate 0 underpass, immediately
inside Gate 0, at the landing at the south entrance to the Cadillac Club, near
the Water Wall (near McFetridge Drive), on the northwest ramp near Gate 45,
and on the series of ramps on the southwest side of the stadium.

Prohibited Items… For the comfort and safety of all patrons, the following
items are not permitted to be brought into the stadium:
	 •	 Alcoholic	beverages	
	 •	 Backpacks,	bags,	cases	and	purses	larger	than	8”x11”x12”
	 •	 Balloons	and	beach	balls	
	 •	 Cameras	with	lenses	longer	than	6”                                           21
	 •	 Cans,	bottles	or	other	beverage	containers
	 •	 Clothing	or	signage	with	offensive	or	vulgar	language
	 •	 Confetti
	 •	 Coolers
	 •	 Fireworks,	smoke	bombs
	 •	 Ice	chests
	 •	 Illegal	drugs	
	 •	 Laser	pens	and	pointers
	 •	 Noise-making	devices	(i.e.,	horns,	whistles,	etc.)	
	 •	 Poles	to	display	banners	or	flags
	 •	 Strollers
	 •	 Umbrellas
	 •	 Video	or	movie	cameras
	 •	 Weapons
	 •	 Any	other	items	deemed	to	be	dangerous	or	inappropriate		

	   Items	permitted,	but	subject	to	inspection:
	   •	 Diaper	bags
	   •	 Extra-clothing	bags	–	clear	plastic	only
	   •	 Fanny	packs
	   •	 Small	Camera/binocular	cases

Guests are encouraged to return unauthorized items to their vehicles. The
Bears and Soldier Field management cannot safeguard items which are not
permitted to be brought into the stadium.
     Promenade Walkway… is located on the upper south rim of the stadium,
     Colonnade	Level,	connecting	the	east	and	west	Colonnades.

     PSL Wall…	is	located	inside	Gate	15	on	the	west	Grand	Concourse	Level.		
     The	PSL	Wall	recognizes	the	original	Permanent	Seat	License	holders	from	
     the	2003	Inaugural	Season.

     Public Transportation… Fans are encouraged to use public transportation
     to get to Bears games. The Transportation Center, located northeast of the
     stadium (at the corner of McFetridge and Museum Campus Drive) is where the
     CTA, Metra shuttle, and PACE bus services will be available for fans’ drop-off
     and pick-up.

     For schedule and route information for the CTA, Metra Commuter Rail and
     Pace Suburban Bus lines, please contact the Regional Transit Authority at:
     836-7000	(any	Chicagoland	area	code)	or	rtachicago.com.

       Chicago Transit Authority
     	 Soldier	Field	can	be	reached	on	the	#12	Roosevelt,	#128	Soldier	Field	
     	 Express	and	#146	Inner	Drive/Michigan	Express	buses.		Additional	service	
       is available from the Roosevelt Station between State and Wabash on the
     	 Red,	Green	and	Orange	Lines.		From	there,	riders	can	transfer	to	#12	
     Roosevelt buses or walk east on Roosevelt through the
22     Museum Campus to Soldier Field.

     Radio/TV … Bears games are broadcast live on WBBM Newsradio 780;
     network television station broadcasts vary from game to game. Hand-held
     radios and televisions are permitted in the stadium; however, antennas may
     not obstruct the view of those seated around you. For the comfort of those
     seated around you, headphones are encouraged.

         Chicago Bears Broadcasting
         Fans can also get season-long, inside access to the Bears through the
         following weekly TV and radio shows:

                                        BEARS GAMEDAY LIVE
                                        Sundays at 10:30 a.m.
                                        Brought to you by

                                        BEARS GAMENIGHT LIVE
                                        Following Sports Sunday
                                        at approximately 10:45 p.m.
                                        Brought to you by
                                                                  2007 FAN GUIDE

                                        SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

                                    BEARS BLITZ
                                    Wednesdays & Thursdays
                                    Brought to you by
	   	   	          	    	           Chicago	International	Trucks

                                    BEARS PRESS CONFERENCE SHOW
                                    Monday Nights
                                    Check listings for airtimes

                                    BEARS INSIDER
                                    Mondays at 7:00 p.m.

                                    BEARS ALL ACCESS
                                    Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.

Recycling… A recycling program is implemented at Soldier Field by the
Chicago Park District.

Re-Entry Policy…	Fans	are	not	permitted	to	exit	and	re-enter	the	stadium.	           23
No re-entry passes will be issued.

Restrooms… All restrooms in the stadium are ADA accessible and are
equipped with baby changing stations. The stadium is also equipped with
Family	Restrooms	which	are	monitored	by	S3	ushers;	access	is	restricted	to	
families only. The locations of the Family Restrooms are:
	 •	 South	Courtyard:	Behind	the	Doughboy	statue	
	 •	 Staples	Mezzanine	Concourse:	Sections	121,	128,	146,	154
	 •	 Colonnade	Concourse:	Sections	320,	354	
	 •	 US	Cellular	Grandstand	Concourse:	Sections	435,	437,	439
	 •	 Cadillac	Club:	100	Level	(south	end),	Sections	202,	216	

See	concourse	maps	on	pages	38	–	42	for	locations	of	all	restrooms;	
locations are subject to change.

Security… Security personnel are located throughout the stadium wearing red
jackets. Monterrey Security provides security at all Bears games at Soldier Field.
Security-related questions may be asked at the Guest Services office located
inside Gate 1 or at any Fan Services booth. To request security assistance from
your	seat,	call	the	Soldier	Field	Gameday	Security	Hotline	at	(312)	235-7999.

Sitting/Standing… To ensure fan safety and enjoyment of all games, sitting or
standing in the aisles and portals, or in ramps and stairways, is not permitted.
Standing	behind	the	ADA	patrons	on	the	Mezzanine	Level	and	on	stadium	
     seats is also prohibited. We encourage fans to be courteous to those around
     you.		If	possible,	please	wait	until	the	conclusion	of	a	play	to	leave	from	or	
     return	to	your	seats.		Excessive	standing	in	the	seating	area	is	a	violation	of	the	
     fan code of conduct and could lead to ejection.

     Skyline Suite… Enjoy the unique, all-inclusive amenities and breathtaking
     views to the field and Chicago’s skyline from the Skyline Suite located in the
     southeast corner of the stadium. For more information, please contact the
     Stadium	Sales	and	Services	department	at	(888)	79-BEARS	(23277	Ext.	2)	or	

     Smoking Policy…	The	Smoke-Free	Illinois	Act	prohibits	smoking	in	Soldier	
     Field	for	Bears	games.		In	consideration	of	the	comfort	of	all	ticket	holders,	
     we ask for your cooperation. There are no designated smoking areas inside
     the stadium, and re-entry is prohibited. The smoking policy will be strictly
     enforced.		First-time	violators	of	the	smoking	policy	will	be	asked	to	exchange	
     their	ticket	for	a	“Smoking	Card”.		Any	patron	refusing	to	exchange	their	ticket	
     will	be	ejected	from	the	stadium.		If	a	patron	with	a	smoking	card	is	then	
     smoking in the stadium for a second time, he or she will be ejected. Repeated
     violations can result in the forfeiting of season ticket privileges.

     Solicitation/Sampling… No person shall solicit contributions or distribute
     literature on stadium property (inside or outside) or parking facilities without
24   obtaining written consent from the Chicago Park District, Soldier Field
     management and the Chicago Bears. Selling or sampling any goods or
     services on Park District property around Soldier Field or in the surrounding
     parking lots without a permit is strictly prohibited. This includes Bears game
     tickets at any price.

     Stadium Advisory… Check ChicagoBears.com for updated information on
     parking, transportation and stadium policies each week before coming to
     Bears’ home games.

     Stadium Tours… Soldier Field tours are conducted by Soldier Field
     management.		You	can	call	(312)	235-7000	or	visit	soldierfield.net	for	details.

     Suites…	Soldier	Field	has	133	Executive	Suites.		To	enter	the	Executive	
     Suites, use the elevators inside Gate 14 or the Cadillac Club. For more
     information, please contact the Stadium Sales and Services department at
     (888)	79-BEARS	(23277)	or	stadiumsales@bears.nfl.net.

     Tailgating… The Weber Ultimate Tailgate gives fans the opportunity to join the
     party	on	the	South	Lawn	of	Soldier	Field	before	several	home	games	this	season.	       	
     You can get a Bears alumni player autograph, play bean-bag toss, compete in
     football skills competitions, sign up to win great prizes or just enjoy the live music
     in the beer garden. Visit ChicagoBears.com for more information. See page
     37	under	“Parking”	for	general	information	on	tailgating	in	parking	lots	on	
                                                                      2007 FAN GUIDE

                                          SOLDIER FIELD FROM A-Z

Taxi Cabs… will be permitted to drop off patrons at the north end of
the	stadium	at	the	McFetridge	Drive	turnaround	at	Lake	Shore	Drive,	the	
southbound	LSD	exit	at	18th	St.,	the	northbound	LSD	entrance	ramp	at	18th	
Dr.	and	the	taxi	cab	staging	area	at	11th	St.	and	Michigan	Ave.		Taxi	cabs	can	
pick	up	patrons	after	the	game	at	the	taxi	cab	staging	area	at	11th	St.	and	
Michigan Ave., the East Monroe St. or Millennium Park Garages or 1 hour after
the game ends in the Museum Campus.

Taxi	cabs,	limousines	and	buses	will	not	be	allowed	to	enter	Soldier	Field	
Campus	starting	90	minutes	after	kick-off.		The	campus	will	re-open	one	
hour after the game is over. Violators are subject to ticketing, towing and
prosecution.		No	exceptions.	

	   For	taxi	cab	service	please	call:
    Flash Cab		(800)	TAXI-CAB	 	                   Yellow Cab		(312)	829-4222
    Checker Cab		(312)	243-2537		                  Wolley Cab		(312)	225-5411

Telephones… Pay telephones are located on the Grand Concourse just inside
Gate	0	and	across	from	Gate	3	(TTY);	on	the	Mezzanine	Level	behind	Sec	115	
(TTY);	on	the	Motorola	Media	Deck	behind	Sec	228	(TTY);	in	the	Cadillac	Club	
100	Level	on	the	north	end	near	the	restrooms,	and	the	south	end	near	the	
escalators	and	restrooms;	and	on	the	Colonnade	Concourse	behind	Sec	224.		

Tickets… For single-game ticket information, contact Ticketmaster at                      25
(312)	559-1212	or	ticketmaster.com.

Traffic…	Due	to	the	reconstruction	project	on	the	I-90/94	Dan	Ryan	
Expressway,	we	encourage	all	fans	driving	to	Soldier	Field	on	gameday	from	
any	community	in	greater	Chicagoland	to	leave	extra	traveling	time.		Visit	
avoidtheryan.com to sign up to receive free email alerts; visit dot.il.gov or
call	(877)	411-IDOT	for	updated	construction	project	information.		

Traffic flow on streets near Soldier Field is managed by the City of Chicago’s
Traffic Management Authority. Traffic patterns may change from game to game
to accommodate for traffic congestion and/or emergencies. For Soldier Field
area traffic reports, visit wbbm780.com/topic/traffic.php or tune your radio to
AM 1650.

Updated information is also available on the Stadium Advisory page on

Trespassing… Any patron entering the field level or attempting to enter the
field	level	will	be	arrested	and	prosecuted	to	the	fullest	extent	of	the	law.		This	
violation of stadium policy will also result in revocation of season ticket privileges.

Use of Likeness…	The	ticket	holder	grants	to	the	NFL,	the	Chicago	Bears	
and their designees the irrevocable permission to use his or her voice or
likeness	in	any	medium	now	or	hereafter	existing	in	connection	with	all	or	
     any part of the football game or related events, for any purpose whatsoever,
     including	the	commercial	purposes	of	the	NFL,	the	Chicago	Bears	and	their	
     sponsors, licensees, advertisers or broadcasters.

     Ushers…	To	make	your	gameday	experience	more	enjoyable,	Safety	Service	
     Systems	(S3)	ushers	are	positioned	throughout	the	general	stadium	areas	to	
     assist fans. Andy Frain Services ushers are positioned in the Cadillac Club.

     Videoboards…	There	are	two	23’	x	82’	videoboards	located	in	the	stadium.	
     LED	ribbon	panel	message	boards	are	also	present	to	provide	statistical	
     information,	messages,	and	other	fan	entertainment.		The	ends	of	the	LED	
     ribbon panels are designated for out of town game updates, fantasy stats
     and Bears game stats. “Game in Progress” information (score, down and
     distance) can be found in the middle of the ribbon panels and on the lower
     strip of the videoboards. During time outs and breaks in the action, the game
     in progress information will remain on the lower strip of the videoboards but
     not on the ribbon panels.

     Fans	can	send	personal	messages	on	the	LED	ribbon	panels	to	friends	or	
     loved ones during the games for a contribution to Bears Care. See page 18
     for information about “Gameday Grrreetings”.

     Visiting Team Fans… are our guests. Harassment of the visiting team or their
26   fans will be considered unruly behavior and grounds for ejection or arrest.

     Water Fountains… are located throughout the stadium on every level.
     Grand	Concourse	–	behind	the	Doughboy	statue	near	Gate	0;	Mezzanine	
     Concourse	-	Sections	106,	113,	120,	125,	130,	141,	148,	155;		Motorola	
     Media	Deck	–	Sections	228,	243;	Colonnade	Concourse	–	Sections	318,	325,	
     333,	344,	349,	355;	Grandstand	Concourse	–	Sections	430,	433,	438,	441,	
     444. When necessary, the water fountains will be shut off to prevent freezing.

     Web Sites… ChicagoBears.com is the No. 1 source for breaking news,
     behind-the-scenes	features	and	exclusive	audio	and	video	content.	The	
     comprehensive coverage on the team’s official web site offers fans worldwide
     an inside look at the Bears with the most accurate, up-to-date information
     available anywhere.

     You can also purchase Bears merchandise online and view the latest updates
     on fan policies and procedures at Soldier Field. For additional stadium and
     parking information, visit soldierfield.net and soldierfieldparking.com.

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