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                       Reverse Logistics Market in India 2012

Government concern for sustainability and manufacturers continuous endeavor to garner customer
satisfaction are the key drivers of reverse logistics. Significance of reverse logistics is perceived from
both economic as well as environmental perspective. To state it simply, reverse logistics stands for
any operation that involves the reuse of damaged or faulty products after its refurbishment.

The report begins with an introduction section that gives a total overview of the logistics sector and its
components. Thereafter, the section provides an elaborate understanding of reverse logistics as a
service that the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and cost effective flow
of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information, from the point of
consumption to the point of origin, for the purpose of recapturing value of proper disposal. It also
covers the difference between forward and reverse logistics for a clear understanding.

The introduction section is then followed by the market overview of reverse logistics market. The
section demonstrates the current market size along with forecasted market size and growth rate that
would be prevalent in the market till 2016. The section also deals with percent demand acquisition
from the four zones of India along with the highest reverse logistics demanding sectors.

Next, the report exhaustively elaborates the distribution channel that the players in the market follow.
The report then describes the essence of reverse logistics as a service. The possible reasons of goods
return and the outcome of such returned goods along with its capability to ensure systematic supply
chain management.

The report then elaborates the prevalent reverse logistics models such as non-governmental
organizations, corporate self ownership, joint venture operated and 3rd party service providers
involved in reverse logistics for their own or outsourced supply chain management.

The next section deals in providing an industry wise outlook of the sectors that have to depend on
reverse logistics service such as retail, consumer electronics, automobile and pharmaceutical sectors.

Table Of Content :

Slide 1: Executive Summary
Slide 2: Logistics Sector: Overview
Slide 3: Reverse Logistics
Slide 4-5: Comparative Study of Forward and Reverse Logistics

Market Overview
Slide 6: Reverse Logistics Market – Overview, Size and Growth (Value-wise 2011 to 2016e)
Slide 7: Reverse Logistics Demand by Zone and Industry - India

Distribution Channel
Slide 8: Distribution Channel of Reverse Logistics

Need for Reverse Logistics
Slide 9: Possible Reasons of Return and Outcome of Returned Goods
Slide 10-11: Cost Effectiveness and Significance of Reverse Logistics
Slide 12: Reverse Logistics – Needs and Associated Benefits

Reverse Logistics Models
Slide 13: Reverse Logistics Models - Summary
Slide 14-15: Reverse Logistics Models
Slide 16: Auxiliary Services Provided by Reverse Logistics

Industry-wise Outlook
Slide 17: Industry-wise Outlook – Summary
Slide 18-33: Sector-wise Market Overview and Significance of Logistics and Reverse Logistics to the

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 34: Summary
Slide 35-39: Drivers
Slide 40-43: Challenges

Key Issues
Slide 44: Key issues Faced by Reverse Logistics Market

Technology Adoption
Slide 45-46: Benefits of technology adoption
Slide 47-49: Most Useful Technologies
Slide 50: Software Providing Companies

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