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Dropping solar power tariff rate is spurring the Indian photovoltaic generator market.

The report begins with an introduction into the energy scenario in India. Installed
capacity, demand supply gap of power prevailing in India and hence the need for
renewable sources of energy is showcased. It gives a clear overview of the components
of a solar PV plant and the production chain of PV technology. The market overview
section provides an insight into the photovoltaic market which includes the growth and
size of PV market in India. The breakup of types of PV modules that are used are also
shown. It concludes with a representation of a solar PV value chain.

An analysis of the drivers explains the factors for growth of the industry which includes
feasible geographical location of India, fall in prices of PV modules, depleting coal
reserves, energy deficiency condition in India, dropping solar power rates, increasing cost
of electricity from conventional sources, and time of commissioning of PV projects.
However few challenges plague the solar PV sector in India which includes competition
from Chinese firms, lack of consumer awareness and the capital intensive nature of solar
PV projects.

Key trends in this sector like production of portable solar PV generators, investments in
domestic solar PV power producing industry, rooftop power generation, and solar hybrid
generators are also highlighted. Upcoming applications of solar PV in the telecom towers
and rural ATM’s are also mentioned.

Table Of Content :

Slide 1: Executive Summary

Slide 2: India – Energy Scenario
Slide 3: India Energy Demand-Supply Forecasts
Slide 4: India - Renewable Energy Scenario
Slide 5: Components of a Solar PV Plant
Slide 6: Solar PV Production Chain

Market Overview
Slide 7: Overview – Solar PV Market (Installed Capacity Wise FY2011-FY2016e)
Slide 8: Solar PV Value Chain

Drivers & Challenges
Slide 9: Summary
Slide 10-14: Drivers
Slide 15-17: Challenges

Slide 18: Summary
Slide 19-22: Trends

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