2012 - Middle School U by liuhongmeiyes


									Candy Making • International Cooking • Quilting
• Ropes & Adventure Courses • Walking for Fun &
Fitness • Wizard Workshop 1 • Basketball • Bucket
Drumming • Counted Cross Stitch • Klutz Games •                                   Summer
Pottery Part 1 • Rocketry & Aviation 2 • Glass Mosaics
• Ice Cream Making & Creations • Net Sports • Taking
Stock • Wizard Workshop 2 • Babysitter Training • Board
& Card Games • Pasta Galore • Role Playing Basics • Table
Tennis • Appetizers & Snacks • Exploring Electricity • Gym
Games • Photography • Polymer Clay • Video Production
• Billiards • Creative Writing • Healthy Cooking & Eating •
Rock Climbing 1 • Running & Fitness • Tile Mosaics • Active
Team Games • Board & Card Games • Design • Machine
Sewing • Microwave Cooking •Baking • Bucket
Drumming • Golf • Mock Court • Scrapbooking
• Disc Golf & Ultimate • Jewelry Making • Rock
Climbing 2 • Soups & Sandwiches • Yarn Crafts •
Ropes & Adventure Courses • Walking for Fun &
Fitness • Wizard workshop 1 • Basketball • Bucket
Drumming • Counted Cross Stitch • Klutz Games •
Pottery Part 1 • Rocketry & Aviation 2 • Glass Mosaics
• Ice Cream Making & Creations • Net Sports • Taking
Stock • Wizard Workshop 2 • Babysitter Training •
Board & Card Games • Pasta Galore • Role Playing
Basics • Table Tennis • Appetizers & Snacks • Exploring
Electricity • Gym Games • Photography • Polymer Clay •
Video Production • Billiards • Creative Writing • Healthy
Cooking & Eating • Rock Climbing 1 • Running &
Fitness • Tile Mosaics • Active Team Games • Board
& Card Games • Design • Machine Sewing • Micr
Cooking •
Baking • Bucket Drumming • Golf • Mock Court
• Scrapbooking • Disc Golf & Ultimate • Jewelry
Making • Rock Climbing 2 • Soups & Sandwiches
• Yarn Crafts • Ropes & Adventure Courses •
Walking for Fun & Fitness • Wizard workshop 1 •
Basketball • Bucket Drumming • Counted Cross
Stitch • Klutz Games • Pottery, Part 1 • Rocketry
                                                              Week-long Enrichment Courses
& Aviation 2 • Glass Mosaics • Ice Cream Making                       for youth entering
& Creations • Net Sports • Taking Stock • Wizard
Workshop 2 • Babysitter Training • Board & Card
                                                                  sixth through ninth grade
Games • Pasta Galore • Role Playing Basics • Table
Tennis • Appetizers & Snacks • Exploring Electricity
• Gym Games • Table Tennis • Appetizers & Snacks
• Exploring Electricity • Gym Games • Photography •                    Located at
Polymer Clay • Video Production • Billiards • Creative
Writing • Healthy Cooking & Eating • Rock Climbing
                                                                   Jefferson Middle School
1 • Running & Fitness • Tile Mosaics • Active Team                   101 S. Gammon Rd.
Games • Board & Card Games • Design • Machine                         Madison, WI 53717
Sewing • Microwave Cooking • Baking • Bucket
Drumming • Golf • Mock Court • Scrapbooking
• Disc Golf & Ultimate • Jewelry Making •
Rock Climbing 2 • Soups & Sandwiches •
Yarn Crafts • Ropes & Adventure Courses •
Walking for Fun & Fitness • Wizard Workshop
  Summer Course Schedule
                              Morning Courses                               All Day Courses            Afternoon Courses
                               8:30–11:30 a.m.                              8:30 a.m.–4 p.m.                1–4 p.m.

                                  Inspired Art                                                         Active Team Games
                                Italian Cooking                                                         Cake Decorating I
   June 18–22                    Sports Shorts
                                                                        Hiking & Exploring
                                                                                                           Horse Camp
                                  UW Science                                                            Video Production

                              Babysitter Training                                                      Cake Decorating II
                               Entrée Cooking                                                             Clay Works
   June 25–29                 Hunter Education                         The Bus Stops Here             Disc Golf & Ultimate
                                Kayak Camp                                                             Hunter Education
                               Mixed Media Art                                                       Rock Climbing, Indoor I

                               Bread Making                                                             Art on the Town
     July 2–6
                               Gym Games                                                             Dice & Domino Games
   (no courses                Sketch Comedy
                                                                            Travel Wisconsin
                                                                                                     International Cooking
     July 4*)              Soap & Plaster Molding                                                            Tennis

                                   Baking I                                                             Hunter Education
                                   Fishing                                                              Kitchen Science
    July 9–13                   Glass Mosaics                           MSU Girls Forum                 Machine Sewing
                                  Glee Club                                                               Slow Foods
                               Hunter Education                                                           Table Tennis

                                 Basketball                                                                  Drawing
                              Beaded Jewelry                                                      Ice Cream Making & Creations
    July 16–20              Canoe & Kayak Camp                          Wilderness Skills                    Quilting
                               Pasta Galore                                                          Rock Climbing, Indoor II
                               Stained Glass                                                             Video Journalism

                             Babysitter Training                                                         Candy Making
                                   Fencing                                                             Discover Madison
    July 23–27               Hunter Education                               Mountain Biking             Hunter Education
                              Italian Cooking                                                             Net Sports
                        So You Want to Be a Writer…                                                    Rocketry & Aviation

                                   Baking II                                                            Cake Decorating I
                             Ball Games & Sports                                                  Exploring Role Playing Games
 July 30–Aug. 3              Digital Photography                            Adventure Week                     Golf
                                    Fencing                                                               Scrap Booking
                                  Horse Camp                                                             Theater Games

                                    Bowling                                                         Action Sports Skate Camp
                               French Cuisine                                                                Archery
   August 6–10                Hunter Education                                Archaeology             Card & Paper Crafting
                                 Irish Dance                                                             Hunter Education
                            Rock Climbing, Indoor I                                               Ice Cream Making & Creations

                                 Cyber Safety                                                                Archery
                                   Fencing                                                               Fabric Designs
  August 13–17                   Kayak Camp                                   Circus Arts          Introduction to Engineering
                               Learn to Crochet                                                     Role Playing Adventures
                               Photojournalism                                                           Songwriting 101

                              Animal Science                                                                Billiards
                                  Fencing                                                             Board & Card Games
  August 20–24                      Golf                             Biking Around Madison                  Fishing
                                 Paper Arts                                                             Hip Hop Dance
                           Rock Climbing, Indoor II                                                  Needle Crafts on the Go

*Courses scheduled for the week of the July 4th holiday run one-half hour
                                                                                               Course descriptions on pages 2-10.
 longer each day because there are no courses Monday, July 4th.
                                                                                       Middle School U Basics
Program Location: Middle School U is based at Jefferson Middle                     Participation in Middle School U and Special Needs: Each
School, 101 S. Gammon Road in Madison.                                             registration that indicates a student has special needs or health
                                                                                   concerns will be reviewed to determine necessary accommodations
Enrollment & Fees:        The number of participants in each course is             that will best meet the needs of the student. Our goal is to provide
based on the appropriate instructor-student ratio and is, therefore,               a safe and successful environment for every student. Middle School
limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Fees for each        U program management staff will work with parents to create an
course are listed next to the course descriptions. A $20 deposit per               accommodation plan that meets the needs of the student and the
course is due at the time of registration to be applied toward the                 program. This plan will be shared with staff and course providers
course fee. The remaining fee balance is due the Monday the course                 as necessary. We acknowledge that Middle School U may not meet the
starts.                                                                            individual needs of all students and families.

Hours:    Morning courses are held from 8:30–11:30 a.m. Afternoon                  Behavioral Expectations: If a student is experiencing difficulty
courses are held from 1–4 p.m. All day courses are held from                       due to an inappropriate behavior, the program staff will work
8:30 a.m.–4 p.m. (Courses scheduled for the week of the July 4th                   with the student and family to help the student improve his/her
holiday run one-half hour longer each day because there are no                     behavior. Middle School U reserves the right to remove or suspend
courses Wednesday, July 4th.) Students enrolled in a morning course                a student from the program if the student has needs that cannot be
can arrive as early as 7:30 a.m. Students enrolled in an afternoon                 accommodated within the normal staffing pattern or if the safety of the
course can remain as late as 5:45 p.m. Those participants staying for              student, staff or other students is jeopardized.
a full day should bring their own lunch and are provided a supervised
lunch hour.                                                                        Sunscreen/Insect Repellent:            Middle School U students are
                                                                                   responsible for applying their own sunscreen. Middle School U staff,
Course Locations:      The majority of Middle School U courses are                 instructors and contracted businesses are not responsible for these
taught at Jefferson Middle School. Some courses are taught off-site                applications, but can assist if a student requests assistance. Students
at area businesses. Each course’s location is listed with the course               may also request insect repellent which will be applied by staff, but
description.                                                                       students are responsible for making the request. The health history
                                                                                   form includes an authorization to apply sunscreen and/or insect
Off-Site Courses & Field Trips: Transportation from the Jefferson                  repellent. Rocky Mountain SPF 30 sunscreen and Cutter All Family
Middle School U site for field trips or to other course locations is               Pump Spray, 7% Deet will be available to Middle School U students.
provided by school bus, shuttle bus or van. Due to the number of                   If your child requires a different strength or brand of sunscreen or
courses and the number of students being transported, the bus or                   insect repellent you must complete an authorization to administer
van schedule may vary 10 to 15 minutes. It is imperative that students             medication form for the brand and strength of sunscreen and/or insect
taking off-site courses be on time for the start of their courses, 8:30 a.m.       repellent you provide.
or 1 p.m. Buses will not be held for late arrivals. Course transportation
schedules for the current week will be available at Jefferson for the              Acknowledgement of Risk Forms:            Courses that include the use
convenience of students and parents.                                               of contracted instruction from other organizations include the need
                                                                                   for a signed acknowledgement of risk form. The forms will be mailed
Snacks and Lunches:      Students who stay for the full day need to                with your welcome letter if you choose a course for which this is
bring their own lunch which does not require refrigeration or heating.             necessary.
Snack is provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon and milk provided
for lunch and snacks.                                                              Qualified and Experienced Staff:          Courses are led by instructors
                                                                                   and area businesses selected for their course-related skills and
Non-Course Time:        Middle School U staff members supervise free-              experience with and interest in working with middle school students.
choice, independent activities before and after course time and during             Middle School U is also staffed by two site directors and four youth
the lunch hour. There is no additional charge for this time. Also, new             leaders who assist instructors and supervise and support students
this year is the opportunity on some days for students to walk next                during non-course time.
door to the Memorial High School swimming pool over the lunch hour
for open swim under the supervision of MSCR lifeguards and a Middle                Keeping Parents Informed:          Once registered for Middle School U,
School U staff member. Parents must complete a swim permission                     parents will receive a welcome letter with important information
form, and students must be level 2 swimmers as indicated on the form               about Middle School U, including a student/parent handbook. During
to be able to swim at Memorial. Families will be billed $2 for each time           the summer, the sign-in area will have posters or notices providing
a student participants in open swim during non-course time.                        important information. Parents should feel free to contact our office or
                                                                                   any of the on-site directors with questions or concerns.
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Personal Property:             Middle
School U is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal
property, including clothing. Students are discouraged from bringing
personal items beyond what is needed for the day. Parents are
encouraged to label their child’s personal items.

Course Descriptions
Action Sports Skate Camp – NEW!                       Fee: $115          Animal Science - NEW!                               Fee: $90
If you like to skate and want to get better faster, this course is       Learn about caring for animals, animal rights, animal therapy,
for you. This skate boarding course offers a strong emphasis             wild animals, endangered animals and explore careers in
on building the basics, allowing for faster and safer learning.          Animal Science. Students will get an up-close look at nature’s
The individualized class structure allows skaters to work on             unique and beautiful creatures while visiting places like the
what they want with teachers who have over a decade of                   UW Arboretum, university science departments, area parks,
skating experience and an infinite willingness to share helpful          the Henry Vilas Zoo, the DNR fish hatchery and more.
tips and tricks. Students will also get a break from skating             Location: Daily field trips with transportation provided from
each day to enjoy some open gym time next to the skate park              Jefferson Middle School
at Madtown Twisters. Skaters are expected to bring their
own skate board, helmet, knee and elbow pads, and wrist
guards which all must be worn at all times when skating.                 Archeology                                          Fee: $200
Location: Madtown Twisters, 7035 Old Sauk Road with                      Few people know that Wisconsin had a walled town with
transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School                     earthen pyramids and temples around a central town square
Presented by: Madtown Action Sports                                      500 years before Christopher Columbus was born. Students
                                                                         can expect to learn about this and other interesting facts as
                                                                         well as possibly visiting an active archaeological excavation
Active Team Games                                   Fee: $80             (schedule and weather permitting). Through computer
Share the ball. Share the fun! Learn the essentials of team              simulations and hands-on activities, the class will open a
play and its importance to group games such as “Capture the              window on our state’s past while expanding critical thinking
Flag” and competitive sports like soccer. Students will play             and analysis tools. Visits to museums and prehistoric sites will
their own favorite games and some they haven’t tried before.             compliment instruction.
Participants should be prepared for a high level of physical             Location: Jefferson Middle School; transportation provided
activity indoors and out, and need to dress in a way that allows         for field trips
them to move—fast!                                                       Presented by: Joe Monarski
Location: Jefferson Middle School
Instructor: David Wilson
                                                                         Archery                                             Fee: $80
                                                                         This course is taught by trained archery instructors and is
Adventure Week                                      Fee: $300            designed to provide high performance archery instruction
Discover fun, challenge and thrills at Adventure Week!                   mixed with fun activities and challenges. The course is taught
Monday, participants will head to Devil’s Lake State Park                on site in the gym using the National Archery in the Schools
for some of the Midwest’s best rock climbing led by the                  Program, which is coordinated by the Wisconsin DNR. All
professional guides at Essential Skills Outdoor School.                  are welcome from beginners to experienced target archers.
Tuesday, the group will progress from team building                      The goal of the course is to provide a safe, fun and rewarding
to low-ropes-course challenges with the facilitators at                  experience for archers of any level.
UW-Madison’s Adventure Leadership Programs (ALPs).                       Location: Jefferson Middle School
Wednesday, participants need to bring their bikes for a                  Instructor: National Archery in the Schools Program
day of exploring Madison on the extensive system of bike                 Instructors
trails throughout the city. Thursday, the group will join up
with Essential Skills Outdoor School once again to take the
adventure underground at Popp’s Cave, spelunking within                  Art on the Town                                       Fee: $110
the nooks and crannies of this active cave through a series              All great artists find inspiration in the world around them. In
of connected rooms                                                       this course students will tour the city of Madison and create
seventy feet below                                                       artwork that was inspired by visited locations. Planned
the surface. Friday,                                                     sites may include Olbrich Botanical Gardens, prominent
the week of adventure                                                    architectural buildings, community gardens and other
ends at Kalahari Resort                                                  unique locations around town. Students will be provided a
in Wisconsin Dells for a                                                 sketchbook and materials to take with them to plan, design
day of waterpark thrills                                                 and express their artistic creativity into a final work of inspired
and spills. (Participants                                                art.
in this course must                                                      Location: Jefferson Middle School; transportation provided
be at swim level 2 as                                                    for field trips
indicated on the swim                                                    Instructor: Jessica Jones
permission form.)
Location: Daily field trips; transportation provided from
Jefferson Middle School
Presented by: Wander Wisconsin
                                                                         Babysitter Training                                 Fee: $135
                                                                         This course prepares youth for the many responsibilities
                                                                         associated with caring for infants and young children.
                                                                         Participants will learn to make good decisions regarding
                                                                         the health and safety of young children as well as basic care
                                                                         skills. The course will also include emergency first aid skills.
                                                                         Participants who complete the course satisfactorily and pass a
                                                                         written exam will be Red Cross certified.
                                                                         Location: Jefferson Middle School
                                                                         Presented by: The American Red Cross
Baking I                                           Fee: $95               Biking Around Madison                               Fee: $210
Students will learn how to prepare a variety of baked goods               Did you know that you live in one of the best cities for biking
from pies and cakes to cookies and bars. Students will                    in the country? This beginner/chill-rider biking course is
develop and practice basic baking skills such as kitchen safety,          designed to give students a chance to leisurely discover the
sanitation, and presentation while having fun in the kitchen!             many bike paths that run through Madison. Each day will be
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         spent exploring bike paths and some of the cool destinations
Instructor: Sarah Tarpey                                                  they take us to. Cruise around the capital building, enjoy some
                                                                          ice cream while taking a break at the Union, ride from park
                                                                          to park, and then take a laid-back ride around the lake and
Baking II                                          Fee: $100              stop for a swim. (Participants in this course must be at swim
Students will learn how to prepare a variety of baked goods               level 2 as indicated on the swim permission form.) These are
from tarts and torts to pastries and custards. Students will              just a few of the activities planned for the week. This course
develop and practice intermediate baking skills including                 will even show students where the secret bike elevator is.
kitchen safety, sanitation, presentation, and professionalism             All students will need a multi-gear bike in good working
while having fun in the kitchen! This course is recommended               condition, a bike lock and a bike helmet.
for students with a sincere interest in baking who have                   Location: Madison-area bike trails with transportation
completed the Baking I course or who have equivalent                      provided from Jefferson Middle School
experience.                                                               Instructor: Patrick Garvey
Location: Jefferson Middle School
Instructor: Sarah Tarpey
                                                                          Billards                                            Fee: $115
                                                                          Learn the thinking person’s pool game! From basic shot
Ball Games & Sports                                  Fee: $85             techniques to advanced strategies, students will learn to enjoy
This week will include a variety of games and sports played               a game that challenges their brain as well as their hand-eye
with different types of balls. Activities may include using               coordination. Experience the game using the best equipment
footballs, tennis balls, playground balls, basketballs, soccer            in Madison at The Brass Ring billiards hall and receive
balls and more. The week will focus on the students’ interests            instruction from the owner himself, who also happens to be a
and offer a chance to play both traditional and unique                    trained teacher.
games and sports. Individual and team games will be played                Location: The Brass Ring, 701 East Washington Ave., Suite 104,
throughout the week. Students should be prepared with                     with transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School
clothes and shoes appropriate for a high level of activity.               Presented by: The Brass Ring Billiards Hall and Owner, Larry
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         Walsh
Instructor: Greg Vohs
                                                                          Board & Card Games                                  Fee: $80
Basketball                                            Fee: $80            Get ready for some unplugged gaming fun! This course is
Get your game on, because court is in session! Students will              for students who like to challenge their brain with all kinds of
learn new skills and improve the ones they have - dribbling,              board and card games and who enjoy friendly competition.
passing, driving and shooting. Playing a variety of games and             Students will play old favorites like Monopoly or learn new and
practicing fast paced drills will build students’ individual player       unusual games. They
skills, teamwork skills and sportsmanship.                                will learn traditional
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         and not-so-traditional
Instructor: Greg Vohs                                                     card games while using
                                                                          strategy and their
                                                                          imaginations. Students
Beaded Jewelry                                    Fee: $95                can participate in a
                                                                          round-robin game
Learn a lifetime craft: beaded jewelry. Students will make                tournament or use the
popular and                                                               uninterrupted time
fashionable beaded                                                        to play longer more
jewelry with basic                                                        complex versions of games.
patterns or from                                                          Location: Jefferson Middle School
their own creative                                                        Instructor: Joe Monarski
designs. Students
can experiment
with jewelry-making
tools and unusual
                                                                          Bowling                                             Fee: $110
“found” objects                                                           Think anyone can bowl? You’re right! But students can take
to make their own                                                         their game to the next level by nailing the basics such as
special creations.                                                        using the right ball, solid footwork and a smooth release.
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         Students will learn from an avid recreational bowler willing to
Instructor: Shannon Jambard, owner of Meant to Bead in                    share the strategies and enjoyment of this popular Wisconsin
Sun Prairie                                                               activity. Students may even learn how to keep score the “old-
                                                                          fashioned” way, with a pencil and a score sheet.
                                                                          Location: Madison area bowling center; transportation
                                                                          provided from Jefferson Middle School
                                                                          Instructor: Blake Holman

Bread Making                                       Fee: $100           Canoe & Kayak Camp                                  Fee: $180
Discover the lost art and science of making homemade bread!            Learn new skills and knowledge for rewarding and safe
Students will make and bake quick breads from muffins and              paddling. This introductory course is for those who have
Amish family breads to focaccia and sourdough breads,                  never taken paddling lessons or for those who want to
among others. Students will practice basic baking skills such          develop greater paddling skills. Students will spend the
as measuring, kneading and proofing while trying different             week learning to canoe and kayak with Rutabaga Outdoor
types of grains, ingredients and spices. Put some heart and            Programs. Participants will spend two days learning to canoe,
soul into your food as you explore this culinary pastime!              two days learning to kayak and then take a local trip on
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                      Friday. The course is intended to develop a solid foundation
Instructor: Sarah Tarpey                                               of paddling ability to create passion and excitement on the
                                                                       water! (Participants in this course must be a swim level 3 as
                                                                       indicated on the swim permission form.)
Bus Stops Here, The                                 Fee: $200          Location: Rutabaga, 220 West Broadway, Monona;
The city bus is your ticket to a week of adventure and fun field       transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School
trips! Students will decide as a group where they want to              Presented by: Rutabaga Outdoor Programs
go and then figure out how to get there by learning how to
use the city bus system. The course fee includes a Madison
Metro city bus pass that students can use for the rest of the          Card & Paper Crafting                               Fee: $120
summer! (Participants in this course must be at swim level 2           Learn how to make your own greeting cards and paper crafted
as indicated on the swim permission form.)                             gifts. Students will be introduced to the various products and
Location: Various “field trip” locations accessible by city bus        embellishments available to create their own cards for many
from Jefferson Middle School                                           occasions. They will also have the opportunity to make some
Instructor: Patrick Garvey                                             3-D projects that will complement their cards. If time permits,
                                                                       there will be a brief overview of digital card making.
                                                                       Location: Jefferson Middle School
Cake Decorating I                                    Fee: $100         Instructor: Terry Schultz
Express your creativity in an edible art form. Learn to bake,
frost and decorate your own great cake. Make and take home
a completed cake and a kit containing professional decorating          Circus Arts                                           Fee: $300
supplies. The week will also include a birthday party where            Spend a week engaged in active, hands-on study of circus
you’ll eat cake, make ice cream in a plastic zipper bag and fold       arts! Students will discover the basics of stilt walking, juggling
a fancy napkin.                                                        and low-flying trapeze, and explore the world of physical
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                      comedy including pantomime, clowning, and mask movement
Instructor: Marilaine Blair-Patrick                                    forms, as well as dabbling in tight wire, acrobatics, and
                                                                       German Wheel. The course will close on Friday with a special
                                                                       performance for parents, families and friends.
Cake Decorating II                                 Fee: $110           Location: Wisconsin Youth & Family Center, 1201 McKenna
Learn the secrets of baking big cakes and constructing                 Blvd., Madison, with transportation provided from Jefferson
tiered cakes. Experiment with more frosting flowers and                Middle School
borders. Make delicious filled cupcakes to take home. Try              Presented by: Wild Rumpus Circus
new frosting recipes. Use molds to make beautiful chocolate
decorations. Help design, bake, build and decorate a wedding
cake. Students will receive new pastry tips to add to their            Clay Works                                          Fee: $100
home collections of decorating supplies. Prerequisite: Cake            Students will have the opportunity to create several containers
Decorating I taken this summer or previously.                          and small sculptural pieces using a variety of different clays.
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                      They will also learn how to create handmade clay from
Instructor: Marilaine Blair-Patrick                                    everyday materials.
                                                                       Introduction to hand
                                                                       building techniques and
Candy Making                                          Fee: $95         some wheel throwing
This candy course will include making molded candies and               using baked clays will
sculpted candies, such as lollipops. It will also include making       be offered. This course
cooked candies, such as fudge and homemade caramels.                   is designed to introduce
Students will learn                                                    many different types of
both microwave                                                         clay works while having
and stove-top                                                          fun being creative! This
preparation. Food                                                      course will also include
safety and correct                                                     a field trip to a local
handling of hot                                                        gallery or museum.
materials will be                                                      Location: Jefferson Middle School
stressed. The                                                          Instructor: Jessica Jones
course will also
include learning
different methods
of presentation of
the created candies.
Location: Jefferson Middle School

Cyber Safety                                        Fee: $80            Drawing – NEW!                                    Fee: $100
Students will become Cyber Detectives and solve a forensic              Always doodling? Want to learn more about how to draw
case along with Officers from the Madison Police Department.            something that interests you? This course will teach you how.
Participants will follow the clues as they learn about the good,        Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a wide
the bad, and the ugly associated with social network sites              range of drawing materials including India ink, pastels, pencils,
(Facebook, MySpace), cell phones (texting, sexting, cyber-              and markers. After trying different media, the students will
bullying), and internet access through websites, X Box, PS3 and         learn more about contour drawing so that their work can
Wii.                                                                    acquire additional shape and depth.
Location: Madison Police Department West District Computer              Location: Jefferson Middle School
Lab, 1710 McKenna Blvd. Madison; transportation provided                Instructor: Margaret Goodell
from Jefferson Middle School
Presented by: Madison Police Department
                                                                        Entrée Cooking                                     Fee: $110
                                                                        Students will cook complete entrées from seafood dishes to
Dice & Domino Games – NEW!                           Fee: $80           vegetarian dishes from scratch, within a specified budget.
Dice and domino games have been around since early                      Students will work with a variety of food products and
civilization. They are played in every culture by all ages. This        familiarize themselves with entrée dishes. The group will
course takes participants back to basics: no computers, no              enjoy the rest of the week cooking, sampling and sharing their
video games. It’s just you and your brain, your friends and             creations.
some simple game pieces. Return to a simpler time when your             Location: Jefferson Middle School
brain was the only computer you needed!                                 Instructor: Sarah Tarpey
Location: Jefferson Middle School

                                                                        Exploring Role Playing Games                       Fee: $90
Digital Photography                                     Fee: $100       For generations, people have enjoyed role playing games as
Digital cameras have revolutionized the art of picture taking!          a social pastime where player interaction and collaborative
If you don’t like it, just erase it! This introductory course in        imagination tell an exciting adventure story. In this course
digital photography will cover composition, angles, lighting            students will learn the history of the hobby as well as explore
and lens. Students will produce a display of their work by the          the basics of various different role playing game systems
end of the week. Students are requested to bring their own              including the D20 system. The course will also include the
camera, if at all possible.                                             basics of game world design and cover the use of miniatures
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                       in gaming. While tailored to the new enthusiast, experienced
Instructor: Rose Johnson-Brown                                          players will find this class of interest as well.
                                                                        Location: Jefferson Middle School
                                                                        Instructor: Joe Monarski
Disc Golf & Ultimate                                 Fee: $90
Take advantage of Madison’s Elver Park course and learn the
active, fast paced game of disc golf. Students will play the            Fabric Designs – NEW!                               Fee: $95
course, check out specialized discs and learn the tricks of the         Ever thought of designing your own T-shirt, tote, cross-body-
disc. Course time will also be spent on learning Ultimate Disc.         bag, apron or even a pillow case? Well now is the time! Be a
In Ultimate the idea is to pass the disc to teammates until the         designer and personalize your favorite old or new articles with
goal line is crossed. Students are encouraged to invite their           the help of one or more new skills like fabric painting, hand
friends to enroll in this course as well - the more people, the         sewing, batik painting and more. Visit a craft store and select
better the game.                                                        your own color, media, and materials.
Location: Jefferson Middle School with field trips to area disc         Location: Jefferson Middle School
golf courses.                                                           Instructor: Ms. Yashi Bhatt
Instructor: Casey Hopp

                                                                        Fencing                                         Fee: $100
Discover Madison                                    Fee: $130           As well as being a modern Olympic sport and a time honored
See Madison like a tourist. Each day students will visit a              symbol of nobility and refinement,
different Madison attraction. Destinations may include                  the sport of fencing represents
Olbrich Gardens (where you’ll see the Blooming Butterflies              one of the most exciting and
exhibit), the Wisconsin State Capitol (where you’ll have a              challenging of athletic events. This
great view of Madison from the observation deck), and the               brief introduction to the sport
Governor’s Mansion. Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Camp               will allow students to experience
Randall Stadium. See a mastodon skeleton and glow-in-the-               some of that excitement as well
dark rocks at the University of Wisconsin Geology Museum.               as the tradition and self-discipline
Take a walk down State Street to the Wisconsin Union, where             which marks fencing as a unique
you’ll enjoy Babcock ice cream on the terrace. Other museums            martial art. Use of all necessary
and attractions may be added depending on weather, tour                 equipment and protective clothing
availability and students’ interests.                                   is provided.
Location: Daily field trips to Madison destinations;                    Location: Jefferson Middle School
transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School                    Instructor: Joe Monarski
Instructor: Marilaine Blair-Patrick

Fishing                                                Fee: $100           Gym Games                                           Fee: $85
Is there a better way to spend a summer day than fishing?                  This course is for students whose favorite time of day is “gym
We don’t think so! This course will offer participants an                  time”! Students will have a chance to play all the gym games
opportunity to fish some of Madison’s great fishing hot spots.             they’ve always loved like “Steal the Bacon” or “Dr. Dodge”.
Students will spend time in beautiful natural areas learning to            They’ll learn new variations on some old games and learn
fish or honing their fishing skills. S tudents will also learn basic       some new games too.
boating and water safety skills, fishing techniques, equipment             Location: Jefferson Middle School
use, knot tying, fishing safety and fish identification. Come              Instructor: Greg Vohs
get “hooked” for a week of angling fun and adventure!
(Participants in this course must be at swim level 2 as
indicated on the swim permission form.)                                    Hiking & Exploring                                   Fee: $185
Location: Madison area; transportation provided from                       Students will explore some of the most beautiful parts of
Jefferson Middle School to local fishing hot spots                         Southern Wisconsin’s state parks. They will hike to a “hidden”
Presented by: Wander Wisconsin                                             cave in Governor Dodge State Park, climb to the top of the
                                                                           bluffs at Devil’s Lake State Park with spectacular views of the
                                                                           lake, and explore the many caves of Wyalusing State Park,
French Cuisine                                       Fee: $110             weather permitting. Good hiking shoes and daypack with
In this course students will explore the basics of French cuisine.         water and stamina for sustained hiking are necessary.
A meal often consists of three courses, hors d’œuvre or entrée             Location: Daily field trips with transportation provided from
(introductory course, sometimes soup), plat principal (main                Jefferson Middle School
course), fromage (cheese course) and/or dessert, sometimes                 Instructor: Casey Hopp
with a salad offered before the cheese or dessert.
Location: Jefferson Middle School
Instructor: Sarah Tarpey                                                   Hip Hop Dance – NEW!                                 Fee: $115
                                                                           This course teaches proper Hip Hop dance technique.
                                                                           Students work on snapping turns, straight lines, presentation,
Glass Mosaics                                       Fee: $130              facials, and levels. Students start with an easier routine and
Learn the basics of mosaics and transform glass scraps into                dance in groups while the instructor gives special critiques
beautiful art objects! Students will have the opportunity to               as if in an audition. Students
make several mosaic projects, such as a mirror, flowerpot,                 will dance to current popular
garden stone, picture frame, or votive candle holders.                     songs and feel like they are a
Students will have plenty of glass in every color of the rainbow           part of a music video shoot
available, and our instructors will teach students how to                  including lighting effects and a
use a mosaic nipper to cut and shape the pieces of glass for               fog machine! At the end of the
their projects. Once their pieces are cut, students will learn             course, the dancers will take turns
about different types of adhesives and grout. This is a fun                being in a mock music video!
opportunity to work in our studio and students will leave with             Location: Wisconsin Youth
a few art pieces that they will be proud to display or give as             & Family Center Gym, 1201
gifts.                                                                     McKenna Blvd., Madison; transportation provided from
Location: The Vinery, 4317 W. Beltline Hwy.; transportation                Jefferson Middle School
will be provided from Jefferson Middle School                              Instructor: Kevin Andrews
Presented by: The Vinery

                                                                           Horse Camp                                          Fee: $155
Glee Club                                            Fee: $80              Participants will learn the fundamentals of riding a horse,
Do you love watching the TV show Glee? If so, this is the                  including trotting, circling and posting. Students will
place for you! In this unique course, students will have the               experience the physical side of riding-- balance, hand
opportunity to learn effective singing techniques from an                  control, body position, foot position, stamina, strength -- and
experienced vocalist and musician. Song choices will be up to              the mental side which involves grace, poise, intellect, and
the group, who will then learn how to perform their favorite               “feel” that is necessary for exacting the maximum possible
pop songs. Time will be spent learning how to sing properly                performance from a horse. Everyone will get a chance to ride
to improve vocal skills and confidence. After perfecting a                 a horse during the week, but this is more than a riding course.
set of songs throughout the week, the group will be able to                Students will practice how to safely walk a horse, wash a horse,
record the tracks they’ve selected and create a CD. Open to                groom and tack and clean tack. They will learn the parts of
anyone who loves to sing!                                                  a horse, basic veterinary care, feeding information, hoof care
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                          and farrier work. Students will discover the history of the
Instructor: Liz Singer                                                     horse and of riding, and many other aspects of horsemanship,
                                                                           including how to safely have fun with your big, furry friends!
                                                                           Location: La Fleur Stables, 3440 Meadow Rd., Verona;
Golf                                                Fee: $150              transportation from Jefferson Middle School
Students will learn the basics and work on their golf skills. This         Presented by: Madison Riding Academy at La Fleur Stables
course will review the fundamentals of grip, club selection
and other basics of course play. Each day will include one
hour of instruction from the professionals at George Vitense
Golf Academy. Time on the practice range and the par-3
course will be based on the skill level of the group. Students
are requested to bring a beginning set of golf clubs, if at all
Location: Jefferson Middle School with field trips to area
driving ranges and golf courses
Instructor: George Vitense Golf Academy
Hunter Education (WI DNR)                            Fee: $85           Irish Dance – NEW!                                    Fee: $90
The hunter education course instills in students the necessary          Have you seen Riverdance and wanted your feet to move
knowledge and skills to be a responsible and safe hunter.               that fast? Now is your chance! Students will learn about the
Students learn how hunting accidents are caused and how                 basic techniques of Irish dancing and apply them to several
they can be prevented. Hunter responsibility and safety are             reel and jig steps. In addition, students will learn about
stressed throughout the course, which consists of lectures,             the performance skills, music, and history of Irish dancing.
demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises, and             Students will also have the chance to use their creativity to
individual study and activity assignments. Hunter education             choreograph their own unique steps. For the grand finale
graduates receive a certificate that is accepted in every state,        there will be a performance at the end of the week for parents
Canadian Province, and Mexico.                                          - bravo! Strap on your best tennis shoes or slide on some
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                       ballet slippers and get ready to dance!
Instructor: Dan Church, Wisconsin Department of Natural                 Location: Jefferson Middle School
Resources                                                               Instructor: Danna Schultz

Ice Cream Making & Creations                       Fee: $95             Italian Cooking                                     Fee: $110
Who screams for ice cream? We all do! Students will learn               Students will learn how to combine simple fresh ingredients
how to make homemade ice cream from scratch and other ice               to create delicious pizza and pasta dishes. Participants will
cream desserts. Perhaps they will be able to create their own           become familiar with Italian cuisine while preparing and
special flavor! An old-fashioned ice cream social will be held          sampling the foods they love. Students will be challenged
on the last course day.                                                 and can experience success and satisfaction with this popular
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                       cooking style.
Instructor: Sarah Tarpey or Naomi Kroencke                              Location: Jefferson Middle School
                                                                        Instructor: Sarah Tarpey or Naomi Kroencke

Inspired Art                                           Fee: $105
Have you ever wondered how famous artists through the                   Kayak Camp                                          Fee: $180
ages created such amazing works of art? In this course,                 If you love being on the water, join us for a week of kayak
students will be introduced to various artists from the                 camp with Rutabaga Outdoor Programs! Students will spend
Renaissance through Modern Art periods. Inspired by these               the entire week kayaking; working on paddling skills, deep
artists, students will become masters themselves and create             water rescue skills, games to help improve their paddling skills,
their own works of art. This course is designed to introduce            navigating with chart and compass, and float plans. Days one
many different artistic forms and then have some fun making             and two will cover the basics of kayaking, and days three, four
art! This course will include a field trip to a local gallery or        and five will be spent exploring the waterways near Rutabaga
museum.                                                                 while learning more advanced skills. (Participants in this
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                       course must be at swim level 3 as indicated on the swim
Instructor: Jessica Jones                                               permission form.)
                                                                        Location: Rutabaga, 220 West Broadway, Monona;
                                                                        transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School
International Cooking                                Fee: $110          Presented by: Rutabaga Outdoor Programs
Students should bring a willingness to try something new
and all of their taste buds. Students will focus on recipes from
other countries, as well as some vegetarian dishes. Students            Kitchen Science – NEW!                               Fee: $95
will learn how to adapt basic dishes to specific cultures by            Why do onions make you cry? How does yeast make bread
using different ingredients and spices.                                 rise? What makes popcorn pop, whipped cream frothy and
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                       angel food cake fluffy? Participants will learn the scientific
Instructor: Sarah Tarpey                                                answers to these and other questions, and conduct a variety
                                                                        of experiments with everyday materials found around
                                                                        the kitchen. Bring your scientific curiosity and “cook up”
Introduction to Engineering – NEW!                   Fee: $95           something interesting.
There will be no students in this class, only aspiring engineers.       Location: Jefferson Middle School
After a brief introduction to basic principles of engineering,
these engineers will quickly begin to experience the design
process. As teams of engineers, they will be given tasks for            Learn to Crochet – NEW!                                Fee: $90
which they must develop, construct, and test solutions. But             Learn how easy it is to crochet! Students will learn basic
they must keep in mind real life constraints, such as time and          crocheting techniques and design while making their own
money. Some of these tasks may include building towers,                 hats, scarves, mittens, socks, laces, flowers, hair bands or bags.
bridges, catapults, or other things. The only requirements for          A field trip to a fabric store will allow students to select their
this class are the abilities to think and communicate.                  own yarn or thread and needle for their projects.
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                       Location: Jefferson
Instructor: David Wilson                                                Middle School
                                                                        Instructor: Marilaine

Machine Sewing                                         Fee: $100       Needlecrafts on the Go – NEW!                      Fee: $100
Students will learn basic hand and machine sewing techniques           This survey course will introduce students to the basic skills
and will be able to choose from projects provided or one of            and techniques used in embroidery, needlepoint, plastic
their own. A field trip to a fabric store will allow students to       canvas and cross stitch. After completing a sample of each
select their own fabric and notions in order to create their           technique each participant will select a technique to complete
project.                                                               a more complicated project. Needlecrafts can be done
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                      anywhere so students will get out of the classroom and work
Instructor: Marilaine Blair-Patrick                                    on their projects at fun picturesque sites around Madison.
                                                                       Location: Jefferson Middle School

Mixed Media Art                                     Fee: $90
This course is designed to introduce students to a wide range          Net Sports                                           Fee: $90
of artistic mediums that are being used in contemporary art            This recreational course will offer a variety of sports in which
today. Students will have a chance to experiment with many             the use of a net is included. Participants will play volleyball,
different materials and study contemporary artists that use            tennis, badminton and table tennis. The instructor will
such materials in their famous works of art. This is a course          offer insight into the strategy of the games and beginning
designed to open up opportunities to experiment with artistic          skill instruction. The course emphasis is on variety and
creation and gain knowledge in new mediums ranging from                sportsmanship.
paints to textiles.                                                    Location: Jefferson Middle School
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                      Instructor: David Wilson
Instructor: Jessica Jones

                                                                       Paper Arts                                           Fee: $95
Mountain Biking                                      Fee: $190         This course will examine the endless possibilities of paper
Mountain biking is an exciting and challenging sport that              art. Some projects will include the delicate Japanese art of
will prove to be more extreme than your normal bike path.              origami, papier-mâché, and paper coiling. Students will also
This course will take students to several different off-road           learn how to create handmade paper from recycled materials.
trails in the Madison area, weather permitting. Students will          Functional pieces and oversized decorative works will be
learn the skills of off-road riding and basic maintenance and          created. This course will include at least one field trip to a local
repair of their bicycle. All students will need a multi-gear           gallery or museum.
mountain bike (no hybrid or 27-inch wheels) in good working            Location: Jefferson Middle School
condition, a bike lock, a bike helmet, and stamina for sustained
biking. (Students may take a break from biking to cool off
at the Blue Mound State Park swimming pool, therefore,                 Pasta Galore                                        Fee: $100
participants in this course must be at swim level 2 as                 Participants in this course will learn about and have an
indicated on the swim permission form.)                                opportunity to make different types of pasta as well as
Location: Area mountain bike trails; transportation provided           different pasta sauces. They will also have an opportunity to
from Jefferson Middle School                                           make their own pasta using a pasta machine and, of course,
Instructor: Patrick Garvey                                             taste-test their work.
                                                                       Location: Jefferson Middle School
MSU Girls Forum – NEW!                               Fee: $250
Enjoy a full week of mini-courses just for girls! The Green            Photojournalism                                      Fee: $115
Team: Make green products for home, body, pets, and our                Students will learn basic photography skills and how to use
earth. Take a field trip and learn about alternative sources of        their photos to express a point of view or tell a story. This
energy being used in our area plus create up-cycled art using          course will allow participants to combine their photos and
recycled and natural items. MEdia: Do you ever wonder why              writing skills to produce a finished product to share with
reality TV and advertising convince us all how to live and what        friends and family. Students are requested to bring their own
to buy? Look at these questions from your girl perspective             digital camera, if at all possible.
and put the ME in media with a media remake that reflects              Location: Jefferson Middle School
you! aMAZing Girls: Be amazing as you spend time focusing              Instructor: Rose Johnson-Brown
in on yourself with fun, healthy activities that teach you how
to approach your everyday challenges and trials. We’ll even
visit a life-sized labyrinth. Miss Moneybags: Learn, talk and
play while thinking about how to stand on your own, how to
                                                                       Quilting                                         Fee: $110
earn and save money, and even consider running your own                Students will learn to use a sewing machine to make a 36” x
business to make money. We’ll take a field trip to a local mall        44” Amish-inspired quilt and take home a completed quilt
to price out what you want now. Friday Field Trip: End the             to give as a gift or keep for
week with a fun all-day field trip, just us girls.                     themselves. It’s the perfect
Location: Jefferson Middle School with some planned field trips        size to cuddle up with
Instructor: Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland Council              while reading or watching
                                                                       TV. No sewing or quilting
                                                                       experience required. The
                                                                       week includes a shopping
                                                                       trip to a fabric store where
                                                                       students choose their own
                                                                       materials. Students are also
                                                                       welcome to bring material
                                                                       from home.
                                                                       Location: Jefferson Middle School
                                                                       Instructor: Marilaine Blair-Patrick
Rock-Climbing, Indoor I                                Fee: $160          Sketch Comedy                                       Fee: $95
Check out one of the hottest sports for kids…ROCK CLIMBING!               From vaudeville to SNL (Saturday Night Live), sketch comedy
This course will cover all the basic skills that are needed to            consists of a series of short comedy scenes or vignettes, called
climb safely indoors. Students will progress through the week             “sketches,” commonly between one and ten minutes long.
learning knots, belay skills, climbing technique, and proper              Learn and practice acting skills such as voice, stage presence
stretching for healthy, injury-free exercise. Of course, there will       and improvisation through this fun and unique performing
be plenty of challenging climbing as well. Upon completion of             art form. Sketches can be videotaped and watched back so
the course, students will become certified Boulders belayers.             students can receive immediate feedback and continue to
Location: Boulders Climbing Gym, 3964 Commercial Avenue;                  improve. Students will have the opportunity to perform one
transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School                      or more sketches at the end of the week.
Presented by: Boulders Climbing Gym                                       Location: Jefferson Middle School
                                                                          Instructor: Patrick Garvey

Rock-Climbing, Indoor II                            Fee: $165
This course has been designed for students who have already               Slow Foods                                             Fee: $100
completed the basic Indoor Rock Climbing course and would                 Students will learn how to maximize flavor and tenderness by
like to continue to learn climbing techniques. Participants               cooking food slow and low, meaning low temperatures for
will learn best by practicing and this course provides plenty             longer periods of time. Visits to nearby farms are planned to
of opportunity to try climbs of varying degrees of difficulty             learn how to use foods provided by local farmers. Participants
with the support of the Boulders staff. Previous rock climbing            will learn basic cutlery skills, kitchen safety, professionalism,
course is required.                                                       sanitation and presentation while having fun in the kitchen!
Location: Boulders Climbing Gym, 3964 Commercial Avenue;                  Location: Jefferson Middle School
transportation provided from Jefferson Middle School                      Instructor: Sarah Tarpey
Presented by: Boulders Climbing Gym
                                                                          Soap & Plaster Molding                            Fee: $90
Rocketry & Aviation                                  Fee: $100            Students will use molds to make scented and decorative soaps.
Whether you’re interested in aviation or just like to watch               They will also experiment making sachets and bath salts as
things go boom, this course is for                                        well as adding scents to soaps, shower gels, bubble baths, and
you. Students will learn how to build                                     shampoos. For a change of pace, students will also have time
and safely launch model rockets.                                          to create and paint plaster molded objects or stepping-stones.
Participants will build several                                           Students can personalize their work to turn them into gifts or
different rockets ranging in difficulty                                   to create keepsakes for themselves.
and look at how various designs                                           Location: Jefferson Middle School
affect the flight. Rockets will be
launched on Friday and observers
are welcome. Time will also be spent                                      Songwriting 101 – NEW!                              Fee: $95
on paper airplane design and flight.                                      If you love music and think you could write songs better than
No experience needed.                                                     the ones on the radio, this is where to start! Students will
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         move from basic to more challenging songwriting exercises,
Instructor: Joe Monarski                                                  learning song structure, writing lyrics, and exploring a variety
                                                                          of songwriting techniques along the way. Students must have
                                                                          an appreciation of music for this course, but do not need to
Role Playing Adventures                             Fee: $90              know how to play an instrument.
What makes “Role” playing different from “Roll” playing? If               Location: Jefferson Middle School
you have enjoyed playing D&D or other table top RPGs, this                Instructor: Amanda Pool
class will help you find new ways to plan adventures, play a
character and find creative new ways to play the game. You
will learn about new online resources (especially FREE ones!)             So You Want to Be a Writer…                         Fee: $95
and tried and true tricks of the trade from an instructor who             This course is for students who dream of becoming the next
first started gaming in 1978.                                             J.K. Rowling, Kevin Henkes or Steven King. Students will spend
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         a week with a published author learning how to become
Instructor: Joe Monarski                                                  authors themselves! Students will discuss how to get readers
                                                                          to keep turning the pages of their own story by creating well-
                                                                          developed characters who find themselves in the middle of a
Scrap Booking                                      Fee: $120              conflict. They will learn about point of view, narrative arc (plot)
Gather up your pictures and get ready to preserve your                    and how to let their creativity flow during “sloppy copies,” or
good times with family and friends with scrap booking.                    first drafts. Who will be the next famous author?
Students will learn how to use the latest and greatest in tools,          Location: Jefferson Middle School
techniques and color combinations while making several                    Instructor: Stephanie Golightly Lowden
themed layouts. In addition, each student will also create a fun
photo book to keep for him/herself to enjoy all year through or
to give as a gift to that special somebody.                               Sports Shorts – NEW!                                 Fee: $80
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                         Participants in this active survey course will get to try a variety
Instructor: Terry Schultz                                                 of indoor and outdoor sports and sports-related games. After
                                                                          sampling, the players will select the games and sports they
                                                                          want to learn even more about and continue playing. The
                                                                          course emphasis is on variety, recreation and sportsmanship.
                                                                          Location: Jefferson Middle School

Stained Glass                                        Fee: $140           UW Science                                          Fee: $95
Students will make a high-quality, one of a kind, stained glass          Calling all aspiring scientists! Spend a week on the UW
panel. Each student will choose their own pattern and glass              campus exploring several different science departments and
colors, and our instructors will guide them through the whole            venues. Possibilities include the Geology Museum, the Physics
process of making a stained glass panel. The steps include               Museum, the Biotechnology Department, the Arboretum, the
pattern work, glass cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, and           UW Space Place, the Space Science & Engineering Center, the
applying patina. Although it is a lot of work to complete their          Dairy Cattle Center and more! Join us for a week of discovery,
first panel, students love this class from day one, when they            hands-on exploration and world-class fun!
learn to cut glass!                                                      Location: Daily field trips to UW science venues; transportation
Location: The Vinery, 4317 W. Beltline Hwy.; transportation              provided from Jefferson Middle School
will be provided from Jefferson Middle School                            Presented by: University of Wisconsin Science Alliance & VIP
Presented by: The Vinery                                                 Office and led by David Wilson

Table Tennis                                          Fee: $85           Video Journalism – NEW!                              Fee: $120
Table Tennis is more than just a rec-room game. It is a fast-            Like any televised news organization students will decide what
paced game that requires lightning fast hand-eye coordination            stories to cover and conduct on-location interviews. Everyone
and strategies to confuse your opponent. It is the second                will get a chance to work with cameras, sound equipment, and
most played sport in the world. Students will learn to play              be in front of the camera as a reporter. The project will model
table tennis at a higher level with tactics, stroke techniques,          real-life live television production of the news, with all the
spins and serves. The better you get, the more fun the game              component pieces we’re familiar with: the news desk anchors,
is!                                                                      remote reporters conducting public in-the-street-interviews.
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                        All stories will be put together to create a news report that will
Instructor: David Wilson                                                 be broadcast live that Friday. Students will be given a DVD of
                                                                         that broadcast.
                                                                         Location: WYOU, 1202 Williamson St.; transportation provided
Tennis – NEW!                                      Fee: $90              from Jefferson Middle School
Participants will practice the                                           Presented by: WYOU and Patrick Garvey
variety of skills necessary to play
the lifetime recreational sport of
tennis. They will learn basic tennis                                     Video Production                                     Fee: $120
terminology and how to keep                                              Students will learn the art and science of producing a video.
score. Participants will learn and                                       The class will start with a small group Claymation project and
practice forehands, backhands,                                           end with the production of a short movie where students will
volleys, serves, baseline shots and                                      film, act, and briefly edit. Each student will be given a DVD of
net play. They will learn basic                                          their work after the class is completed. All classes will be held
game strategy for both singles and                                       in a real television studio at WYOU.
doubles tennis. Participants will                                        Location: WYOU, 1202 Williamson St.; transportation provided
be paired and grouped according                                          from Jefferson Middle School
to their experience with tennis. All                                     Presented by: WYOU and Patrick Garvey
levels are welcome.
Location: Jefferson Middle School
Instructor: Sarah Newmister                                              Wilderness Skills                                    Fee: $225
                                                                         Do you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness?
                                                                         Students will learn survival skills like how to make shelters,
Theater Games – NEW!                                Fee: $95             start fires, cook outdoors, identify wild edible foods, and
Do you have a dramatic flair or wish you had one? This course            orienteering with maps and compasses. They’ll leave with
will use theatre and improvisation games to find and expand              new thoughts and feelings about how to be prepared when
your theater skills. Students will work together to create               exploring the outdoors! Expect to head home muddy, tired,
performance pieces based on their experience throughout                  and grinning as we explore some wild places and begin
the week. Friends and family will be invited to share in the             remembering together how to be at home in them. Outdoor
performance at the end of the week.                                      experience not required. An open mind and willingness to try
Location: Jefferson Middle School                                        new things is required.
Instructor: Leigh Rodgers                                                Location: Aldo Leopold Nature Center, 300 Femrite Drive,
                                                                         Monona (Monday) & Aldo Leopold Nature Center’s Black Earth
                                                                         Campus, 10648 Sutcliffe Rd. (Tuesday – Friday); transportation
Travel Wisconsin – NEW!                              Fee: $240           provided from Jefferson Middle School
Summer fun in Wisconsin abounds in every direction! North                Presented by: Aldo Leopold Nature Center
– Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells; South –
Rotary Botanical Gardens and Lions Beach in Janesville; East –
Milwaukee Public Museum and IMAX Theater Featuring Earth,
Moon and Sun; West – Blue Mound State Park and Cave of the
Mounds. Spend your holiday week wandering Wisconsin with
Locations: Daily full-day field trips (Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri.)
Presented by: Wander Wisconsin

                                                             About the Course Instructors
Aldo Leopold Nature Center’s naturalists are all experienced and           The Brass Ring was designed to give the ultimate experience
well-trained experts in their field. They offer year-round, hands-         for the recreational pool player and the serious billiards player
on nature experiences that include hikes, experimentation and              alike. Everyone will enjoy the eight brand-new 9-foot Diamond
crafts. The Nature Center serves school                                    Professional pool tables with Tournament Edition lights, Simonis
groups, individuals, both adult and                                        860 cloth and Super Aramith billiard balls. The proprietor, Larry
student, scouting groups and camps.                                        Walsh, is also trained as a teacher and will be providing some of
They plan each summer program with                                         the instruction to our students.
the appropriate age group in mind.
                                                                           Dan Church, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
American Red Cross - Badger Chapter serves Adams, Columbia,                (DNR) is a certified Hunter Education instructor for the Wisconsin
Crawford, Dane, Grant, Iowa, Juneau,                                       DNR. He has been teaching Hunter Education for 24 years and is
Lafayette, Richland and Sauk counties.                                     also a Hunter Education instructor
American Red Cross instructors teaching                                    trainer. He was recognized as
Babysitter Training are certified through the                              instructor of the year in 2000. Dan
American Red Cross and are enthusiastic,                                   lives in Baraboo and is looking
experienced educators.                                                     forward to returning to Middle
                                                                           School U to work with the students
Kevin Andrews learned jazz and hip hop dance at a local studio             again this summer.
in Madison. He studied at UW Stevens Point and graduated from
Western Kentucky University. He has danced in movies and music             Patrick Garvey has many diverse talents and so has served
videos, and has developed the “Original Hip Hop Curriculum,                and led Wisconsin Youth Company programs and participants
Hip Hop Instruction!” Kevin currently travels around the country           in many different ways. He has led biking units and courses for
choreographing routines, teaching dance, judging competitions              many summers as our biking unit director and instructor. He has
and showing people how to use the curriculum effectively.                  been an AFTER SCHOOL summer day camp specialist. He has led
                                                                           Wander Wisconsin trips. He has education and experience related
Ms. Yashi Bhatt is a Wisconsin certified middle and high school            to theater and led our Video Production programs for many
teacher for sciences. Apart from doing day to day teaching, what           summers. During the school year Patrick is a substitute teacher
draws her to working with middle school age youth is the energy            for grades K-12.
and enthusiasm of the students. Ms. Bhatt is not a professional
artist but has taught art to herself by developing interest in it.         Girl Scouts of Wisconsin – Badgerland Council is solely focused
Seeing the final products of all the projects encourages her to            on building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make
continue to do more and she hopes students will feel the same              the world a better place. Through the focused, multi-faceted
way.                                                                       leadership program of the Girl Scouts today, girls build practical
                                                                           skills through fun activities and exciting adventures. The Girl
Marilaine Blair-Patrick has taught a variety of Middle School U            Scouts have 100 years of experience working with girls to build
courses since 2009. She works in the food service department of            their confidence and independence.
Edgewood High School and is certified by the state of Wisconsin            With the new contemporary program
in foodservice sanitation. She has completed Wilton cake                   curriculum, they are prepared to bring
decorating courses and makes party cakes and wedding cakes as              strong leadership opportunities to
gifts of love for family and friends. While her three children were        the girls in the Madison area and all of
growing up she worked and volunteered with middle school age               southwest and south central Wisconsin
students through Boy Scouts and at Blessed Sacrament School.               today.

Boulders Climbing Gym has over 8,000 square feet of sculptured             Margaret Goodell is excited to be returning to teach the drawing
climbing walls with some of the most varied and creative angles.           course at Middle School U. Margaret has a degree in fine arts
Programs focus on teaching belay techniques, safety practices              from MCAD and is a freelance Artist & Graphics Designer. She has
in climbing, climbing technique development, and possibly                  enjoyed working with the Wisconsin Youth Company for several
lead climbing. Instructors have a strong background in outdoor             years as the company’s Graphic Designer. Margaret is looking
climbing and have taught belay skills and climbing techniques              forward to creating works of art with her students this summer.
as part of Boulder’s weekly course
programs. All instructors have                                             Blake Holman is returning for his second summer as a Youth
American Red Cross First Aid                                               Leader at Middle School U. Blake served as a peer mentor and
certification and CPR training.                                            literacy advisor in high school and is enrolled in the Teacher
                                                                           Education program at the UW-Madison pursuing a secondary
                                                                           education degree. He has completed practicums in both middle
                                                                           school and high school classrooms. Blake is looking forward to
                                                                           another summer at Middle School U and the opportunity to teach
                                                                           some of this summer’s courses.

Casey Hopp is a UW-Madison graduate in elementary education                  Madison Riding Academy at La Fleur Stables is a full service
and has been employed by the Madison Metropolitan School                     five-star riding and training facility that specializes in American
District since 2004. He has been involved with the Middle School             Saddle-bred horses. They offer world-class horse training,
U program since 2003, including three years as an Assistant                  professional Saddle Seat riding
Director. Additionally, he enjoys athletics and the outdoors                 instruction, horse camps, and much
and has been a boys’ cross country and track coach at Madison                more. They pride themselves on
Memorial High School for the past seven years. He looks forward              providing their customers with
to another fun and educational summer.                                       enjoyable equestrian experiences
                                                                             from the first ride to competing at the
Shannon Jambard is the owner of Meant to Bead in Sun Prairie.                World Championship Horse Show.
She has experience working with youth in the Sun Prairie
recreation department’s youth programs. She is excited to share              Madtown Action Sports wants to help you push the limits
her beading talents and some of the supplies and resources from              of your sport. They teach vital safety techniques, and utilize
her store with students in her Beaded Jewelry course this summer.            innovation, progression, and a wealth of experience in their new
                                                                             state of the art facility. The extensive coaching background of the
Rose Johnson-Brown is a professional photographer and a                      instructors allows them to match the movement fundamentals of
freelance photojournalist who has been published in local                    any sport with the unique qualities of any individual to achieve
newspapers and magazines. She led the Photojournalism Club                   the best possible results. Madtown Twisters offers Gymnastics,
for the middle school youth BOOST program and has completed                  Cheerleading, and Skateboarding
photography coursework at UW-Memorial Union, MATC and                        classes for boys and girls, Birthday
the New York Institute of Photography. Rose says, “I look at                 Parties, Open Gyms and Daycamps.
photography as a way to build community.”                                    Their inviting and colorful facilities
                                                                             are a child’s dream come true!
Jessica Jones is a graduate of Edgewood College with a B.A. in Art
History and Art. In January 2011, she received her Art Education             Joe Monarski is a certified teacher in the Stoughton School
certification and continues her teaching work in the Madison area.           District and coach of the Stoughton Community Fencing Club.
Jessica has been teaching art with Middle School U since 2009.               In addition, he works as a tutor at Sylvan Learning in Madison.
Jessica is very excited to continue to teach and eager to make it a          Since the 1980s, Joe has spent his summers in youth programs
fun art-filled experience for all students.                                  including Middle School U, sharing his interests in topics like
                                                                             fencing, board and role-playing games, and archeology.
Naomi Kroencke is a graduate of the Madison College Culinary
Arts Program and is currently employed as a private chef in the              National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is designed to
Madison area. She loves to cook and share her love of food.                  teach the lifetime sport of target archery to kids from 4th grade
                                                                             through high school. Every student world wide uses the same
Stephanie Golightly Lowden has two published books: Emily’s                  equipment and is taught using the same curriculum. This program
Sadhappy Season published by the Centering Corporation, a grief              is taught by a selection of trained
resource publisher, and Time of the Eagle, a historical fiction novel        Basic Archery Instructors and is
published by Blue Horse Books. Time of the Eagle takes place 200             designed to improve a student’s
years ago among the Ojibwe Indians. “Eagle” was a finalist for               self-esteem, build self-confidence
the Book of the Year Award in the Juvenile Fiction category. This            and improve communication and
is a national contest for independent-press books sponsored by               participation skills.
Fore Word magazine. “Eagle” also won Honorable Mention in
the Arthur Tofte Juvenile Fiction category of the annual contest             Sarah Newmister has worked with youth as a coach, a tutor and
sponsored by the Council for Wisconsin Writers. Stephanie also               Middle School U youth leader and is working on her teaching
visits schools and shares her knowledge of writing with students.            certificate in middle and high school science. She is educated
She is also a docent at the Wisconsin Historical Museum and a                in the biological and zoological sciences and holds a masters
substitute teacher in the Madison School District.                           degree in entomology. Sarah is athletic and has trained for and
                                                                             participated in an Ironman Wisconsin competition.
Madison Police Department: Officer Chanda Dolsen is excited to
take part in educating the public on evolving technology and how             Amanda Pool earned a music minor in college and has
it affects our youth. Officer Kelly Beckett is interested in social          background in voice and guitar study. She is a board member of
networking sites, how they perpetuate risky behaviors, and how               Madison Songwriters Guild and has been writing and performing
community education might mitigate some of these potentially                 her own songs for several years. She is also a credentialed teacher
criminal and dangerous acts. Officer Julia Helbach worked in                 and taught songwriting to middle school students in 2009 in
the computer field and she has continued to stay in touch with               Oakland, California.
current trends. June Groehler is a Sergeant in the East District
for the Madison Police Department. She has a background in                   Leigh Rodgers is the site supervisor at the Randall Elementary
technology, training in data and email recovery, and also serves as          AFTER SCHOOL program. After receiving her education
computer Instructor for Wisconsin Area Technical Colleges.                   certification in drama she taught K-5 theater at a charter school in
                                                                             La Crosse. She has also directed several middle school and high
                                                                             school plays.

Rutabaga Outdoor Programs wants to get you excited about                    George Vitense Golf Academy offers high-quality year round
paddling. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a local pond or stream, or           golf instruction from six PGA professionals who offer a wide
in some tropical lagoon thousands of miles from Wisconsin.                  variety of lessons and league opportunities. The Vitense Golfland
Rutabaga’s instructors are here to open doors to new adventures             facility includes a Top 100 Rated Golf Range in America which is
and to enrich the value of your experiences. They hope to help              open all year, the first lighted golf
you create new possibilities for yourself and your exploration of           course in the state of Wisconsin and the
the world. They look forward                                                only lighted golf course in the area, the
to another season of teaching,                                              #1 rated miniature golf courses in Dane
learning and paddling together                                              County, and the new “putting edge”
as you discover the magic that                                              INDOOR Madison Landmark 18 hole
exists out on the water.                                                    miniature golf course.

Danna Schultz is a recent graduate of UW-Madison. She started               Greg Vohs is the site supervisor of the Thoreau Elementary
Irish dancing when she was eight years old after seeing a jig               AFTER SCHOOL program. He is joining Middle School U this
performed at her elementary school. She fell in love with the art           summer as one of the site directors and an instructor. Greg
form and the rest is history! She has competed at the regional,             earned a graduate degree in counseling and served as a guidance
national, and international levels as well as performed all around          counselor at a Milwaukee area high school. He has coached
the world including Belgium, Bulgaria, and Japan.                           multiple sports at the high school level.

Terry Schultz has been teaching extra-curricular K-5 Spanish for            Wander Wisconsin is a division of Wisconsin Youth Company.
the past 14 years, and has been with the AFTER SCHOOL World                 Wander Wisconsin has been leading unique adventures and
Language Program since 2002. She also volunteers as an English              camping experiences for youth since 1989. In addition to their
tutor for an adult language learner. She recently took her long-            popular open enrollment trips, they have
time love of making her own greeting cards and scrap booking                led trips for after school programs, youth
and became an in-home demonstrator.                                         groups, recreation departments, resident
                                                                            camps, day camps and other organizations
Liz Singer is an experienced vocalist and musician who competed             serving youth. American Camp Association
in the Whitewater Idol competition. This competition is a local             accreditation marks their commitment to
version of the popular American Idol TV show. Liz has worked                safety and quality.
with youth as an AFTER SCHOOL site supervisor and day camp
specialist. She is looking forward to having fun singing with her           Wild Rumpus Circus got off the ground in 2001 when
Glee students this summer!                                                  professional actor, clown, and juggler Jacob Mills and dancer,
                                                                            aerialist and stilt-walker Marcia Miquelon combined their talents
Sarah Tarpey has an Associate Degree in Culinary Arts and has               to found the Wild Rumpus Circus, offering summer day camps
taught culinary skills to middle school and high school students.           for kids in Mazomanie and Madison. Since then, they’ve taught
She has done cooking, baking and catering at French and Italian             hundreds of kids the joys of circus arts; boosting kids’ self-esteem
restaurants. Sarah was a site supervisor at AFTER SCHOOL and a              and giving them the tools for developing focus, concentration
site director at Middle School U. Sarah has recently earned her             and teamwork. In 2009, the Wild Rumpus World Circus began
teaching degree and plans on teaching culinary classes at the               touring internationally, and has delighted audiences in the
high school level.                                                          Middle East and Europe by speaking the universal language of
                                                                            laughter and offering a hands-on experience which engages the
University of Wisconsin Science Alliance helps science outreach             imagination.
programs at UW-Madison to synergize their work and to make
it easier for the public to find and use the people, facilities and         David Wilson is a UW-Madison graduate who majored in physics
other scientific resources on campus. UW Visitor and Information            and is pursuing a teaching certification. He has a passion for
Programs (VIP) serves as the central access point for visitors,             teaching math and science, but he likes to compliment this by
students, faculty and staff for answering questions, locating               finding time to enjoy all kinds of recreational sports and activities.
information and navigating UW-Madison and the surrounding                   He has been a volunteer tennis coach at a local high school and
community.                                                                  has developed a collection of active games and activities while
                                                                            spending the past three years working at a day camp, a residential
The Vinery is a teaching stained glass studio. They offer classes           camp, and an after school program.
in stained glass, glass mosaics, glass fusing, beadmaking,
flameworking and art silver clay. Over the last 25 years, The Vinery        WYOU has a fully functional studio and control room that
has taught thousands of students in all these areas. In each of             includes professional sound and video equipment. Every week,
these areas they have many                                                  in addition to audio and video mixing, multiple productions
samples to inspire and help                                                 utilize animation, chroma-keying, and soundtrack music. The
with design ideas. They                                           WYOU staff has been teaching
are committed to students                                                   youth about television for
learning and having fun!                                years, from grade schoolers to
                                                                 college grads.

  Additional instructor biographies will be posted on the Middle
          School U website as they become available.
               www.middleschoolu.org                                   13
                                                                                                              Candy Making • International
                                                                                                              Cooking • Quilting • Ropes &
                                                                                                              Adventure Courses • Walking for
How to Register                                                    Enrollment and Fees                        Fun & Fitness • Wizard workshop 1
                                                                   Middle School U fees are course specific and are indicated next to the
                                                                                                              • Basketball A Bucket Drumming •
                                                                   course descriptions in the course booklet and online. • $20 deposit
Please complete all forms entirely for each student or                                                        Counted Cross Stitch • Klutz Games
                                                                   per course is due at the time of registration with the registration forms.
registration may be delayed as we will need to contact you         This down payment is non-refundable and non-transferable and is
                                                                                                              Pottery. Part 1 • Rocketry & Aviation
to collect this required information.                              applied toward the course fee. Fees may be paid by cash, check, money
                                                                                                              2 • Glass to WISCONSIN YOUTH
                                                                   order, VISA or MasterCard. Make checks payable Mosaics • Ice Cream
                                                                   COMPANY.                                   Making & Creations • Net Sports •
 Part I - Registration Form. Please complete form entirely.                                                   Taking Stock • Wizard Workshop 2
 Note the Middle School U student arrival/departure                Enrollment Deadline
                                                                                                              • Babysitter Training • Board & Card
                                                                   You may register or add courses any time until the end of the business
 procedure: Due to the age of the participants served by
 Middle School U, students arrive at and depart from the
                                                                                                              Games • Pasta Galore • Role
                                                                   day on Friday (5:30 p.m.) a full week prior to the course being requested, Playing
                                                                   provided space is available.               Basics • Table Tennis • Appetizers
 program independently. A minimum of one, preferably local,
 emergency contact other than parents must be listed on the        Programs are Enrollment Dependent Snacks • Exploring Electricity
 registration form. Refer to the information in the course                                                    • Gym Games • Photography •
                                                                   In order to provide a quality experience for your child, we need to have
 booklet or online and indicate the course(s) for which you        sufficient enrollment to operate a course. If we are unable to offerProduction •
                                                                                                              Polymer Clay • Video
 are registering your child. It is recommended that you list a     a course you registered for we will contact you to discuss available
 second choice as many courses do fill.                            alternatives.                              Billiards • Creative Writing • Healthy
                                                                                                              Cooking & Eating • Rock Climbing 1
 Part II - Health History and Emergency Care Plan. Student’s       Send completed registration forms and required weekly down • Tile Mosaics •
                                                                                                              • Running & Fitness
 health history and emergency care plans must be periodically      payments to:
 reviewed and updated by parents or guardians. Families            Wisconsin Youth Company                    Active Team Games • Board & Card
 enrolling students in courses for the first time must complete    1201 McKenna Boulevard                     Games • Design • Machine Sewing
 this form entirely prior to participation in any course. Families Madison, WI 53719                          Microwave Cooking •
 with health and emergency information on file with the WYC
                                                                   Confirmation Process                       Baking • Bucket Drumming • Golf
 administrative office need only provide updated information                                                    Mock Court Scrapbooking •
                                                                   A form confirming the receipt of your•child’s registration•and enrollment
 on the pre-printed form provided to them. Parents of                                                          business days Ultimate • Jewerly
                                                                   status will be mailed to you within 10Disc Golf &of receiving your
 students currently enrolled in any other WYC programs may         registration forms. Welcome packets including a student/parent
 request a pre-printed health history and emergency care plan      handbook, payment instructions andMaking • Rock Climbing 2 • Soups
                                                                                                              any necessary activity waivers will
 form from the administrative office.                              be mailed by June 4 or within 10 business days of receipt • Yarn Crafts • Ropes
                                                                                                              & Sandwiches of completed
                                                                   registration forms.                        & Adventure Courses • Walking for
 Part III – Enrollment Information Security Form. This form
 must be completed in order to protect the privacy of your         Cancellation/Change Policy                 Fun & Fitness • Wizard workshop 1
 account. Your account access password will be required                                                       • Basketball • Bucket
                                                                   A written advance notice from the account holder (please include Drumming •
 for all account inquiries and requests to change account          password) must be received by the WYC administrative office to cancel or Games
                                                                                                              Counted Cross Stitch • Klutz
 information.                                                      change a course. This written notice must be received no later than the
                                                                                                              Pottery. Part 1 • Rocketry
                                                                   end of the business day Friday (5:30 p.m.) a full week prior to the course& Aviation
 Part IV – Swim Permission. Check the appropriate swimming                                                    2 • Glass Mosaics • Ice Cream
                                                                   being cancelled or changed. Failure to submit written cancellation on
 level for your child. Required swim levels are noted in                                                      Making owed for that week.
                                                                   time will result in the liability of all fees paid and& Creations • Net Sports •
 the course descriptions that include swimming or boating
                                                                   Financial Assistance                       Taking Stock • Wizard Workshop 2
 activities. If the courses you are registering for do not include
 swimming or boating and if your child does not plan to swim                                                  • Babysitter Training • Board & Card
                                                                   Limited scholarship funds may be available on a first-come, first-served
                                                                   basis. In order to provide an enriching experience for as many eligible
                                                                                                              Games • Pasta Galore • Role Playing
 at the Memorial High School swimming pool over the lunch
                                                                   students as possible, available scholarships are limited to one course for
 hour, please select the “No Swimming” option on the form.         each eligible student for the summer.Basics • Table Tennis • please
                                                                                                               For scholarship information, Appetizers
 Part V – Middle School U 2012 Agreement. Read thoroughly          contact the administrative office.         & Snacks • Exploring Electricity
 and sign this agreement.                                                                                     • Gym Games • Photography •
                                                                   Contact Information:
                                                                   608-276-9782 or 800-238-1174
                                                                                                              Polymer Clay • Video Production •
 2012 Summer Program Credit Card Authorization. This
 form may be used to provide one-time and/or recurring             Fax: 608-276-4050                          Billiards • Creative Writing • Healthy
 payment by credit card. Please only submit this form with         info@wisconsinyouthcompany.org Cooking & Eating • Rock Climbing 1
 your registration forms if you would like to make payment(s)                                                 • Running & Fitness • Tile Mosaics •
 by credit card.                                                                                              Active Team Games • Board & Card
                                                                                                              Games • Design • Machine Sewing
                                                                                                              Microwave Cooking •
                                                                                                              Baking • Bucket Drumming • Golf
                                                                                                              • Mock Court • Scrapbooking •
Enrichment Courses                                                                                            Disc Golf & Ultimate • Jewerly
designed to meet the interests and needs of the middle school student.                                        Making • Rock Climbing 2 • Soups
                                                                                                              & Sandwiches • Yarn Crafts • Ropes
Middle School U              is a program of Wisconsin Youth Company.                                         & Adventure Courses • Walking for
                                                                                                              Fun & Fitness • Wizard Workshop 1

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