Common Admission Test - An Overview

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					Common Admission Test – An Overview

MBA is one of the most opted courses in the country. But in order to take admission you need to appear
for CAT examination.

Common admission test (CAT) is one of the most popular exams among students who want to pursue a
management course and want to work with the corporate world. Indian Institute of Management (IIM)
is one of the best MBA colleges in the country. Appearing for CAT is the best way of taking admission
here. It all depends on the percentile that you score because in IIM only the cream takes admission. One
should really work hard to prepare for the examination. But one of the biggest problems for students is,
‘how to take prepare for the CAT examination?’ CAT syllabus is not hard, rather it only demands for
general knowledge and common sense along with graduation level education.

It is easy to pass the examination but with good percentile you can take admission in the top business
schools of the country. But getting good percentile is a tough task which makes the examination the
toughest entrance exam. From past many years more than 2 lakh young aspiring students appear for the
examination. Also, there are some who appear for the second or third time as well in order to get
admission in a good business management college. If we talk about IIM then, its selection process is
harder than the Ivy League Institute which makes common admission test the hardest around the

Common admission test is now shifted from the old paper-pencil to online exam. The online question
paper on internet includes 60 queries under three categories. One should prepare as per the CAT
syllabus which includes aptitude (mathematics), logical reasoning (decision making, critical reasoning),
verbal ability (grammar, reading comprehension and tenses) and data interpretation (data sufficiency).
Every section has 20 questions which require apt knowledge and understanding of the subject. During
the exam it is not just the knowledge that is checked, with your answers examiners also evaluate your
stress management, decision making, concentration level and thinking ability.

If you are also planning to appear for common admission test then it is suggested to take coaching
classes because tutors all well versed about CAT syllabus and you are prepared accordingly. There are
various institutes around the country that offer you specialized classes. They prepare you in a way that
you get apt knowledge of the examination and you prepare to get good percentile. The professors who
teach students have the insight of CAT thus, expertise that they share is very useful to score better. Also,
you study with similar minds who have a common goal that is to take admission in a good management

Description: MBA is one of the most opted courses in the country. But in order to take admission you need to appear for CAT examination.