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02.09.11 - Dundee Partnership by liuhongmeiyes


									                                    MINUTE OF DECENTRALISATION BRIEFING


David Dorward,                  Chief Executive (Chair)
Peter Allan,                    Community Planning Manager
John Hosie,                     Community Regeneration and Health Manager (Minute)
Susie Mertez,                   Assistant Divisional Commander, Central Division, Tayside Police
Roger Mennie,                   Chair, Strathmartine Local Community Planning Partnership
Rob Pedersen,                   Chair, Lochee Local Community Planning Partnership
Neil Gellatly,                  Chair, West End Local Community Planning Partnership
Ged Bell,                       Chair, Maryfield Local Community Planning Partnership
Lynne Cameron                   Acting Chair, North East Local Community Planning Partnership
Neil Gunn,                      Chair, East End Local Community Planning Partnership
Vanessa Kelly,                  Communities Officer, Strathmartine
Angie Hastie,                   Communities Officer, Lochee
Natalie Mackland,               Communities Officer, West End
Elaine Pratt,                   Communities Officer, Coldside
Stuart Fairweather,             Communities Officer, Maryfield
Mike Welsh,                     Communities Officer, North East
Olive Smiles,                   Communities Officer, East End
Carole Jenkins,                 Communities Officer, The Ferry
Lucy Rennie,                    Strategy and Performance Manager, Dundee CHP
Carrie Marr,                    Director of Organisational Effectiveness, NHS Tayside (for Item 1)
Ken Laing,                      Director of Environment Department (for Items 1 and 2)
Gary Robertson,                 Head of Environmental Management (for Items 1 and 2)


Fergus Wilson,                  Chair Coldside Local Community Planning Partnership
Elaine Zwirlein,                Chair, The Ferry Local Community Planning Partnership
Stewart Murdoch,                Director of Leisure and Communities


            Carrie Marr was welcomed to the Decentralisation Briefing and advised that
            Trustees of NHS Tayside Endowment Funds had formally agreed to
            release £1.7 million be allocated across Tayside to support existing work,
            develop innovative approaches and build Social Capital. It is anticipated
            that Innovation Fund will go live in October this year.

            Carrie requested assistance from Dundee City Council to develop the
            criteria and to provide assistance with process of assessing applications,
            particularly with regard to how bids align with Local Community Planning
            process and priorities. It was noted that there is no distinct allocations for
            Dundee, Angus or Perth and Kinross Councils within this process.

            There was a general consensus that a significant targeted strategic bid
            could be developed possibly linking priorities emerging from Local
            Community Plan consultations the Anti-Poverty Strategy consultation and
            the main priorities highlighted in the Health Equity Delivery Plan. It was
            acknowledged that Local Community Planning Partnerships could play a
            key role in determining local priorities and how best to respond to them.

            David Dorward suggested that there could possibly be a Launch of the
            Innovation Fund either centrally or held in each of the eight Decentralised

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 1

            Carrie Marr agreed to invite key Dundee City Council staff to meet with her     Carrie Marr
            to progress all of the issues which were raised.


            Ken Laing and Gary Robertson updated on the most recent developments
            within the Environment Department. All Managers and Assistant Managers
            have been appointed and each of the four Assistant Managers have been
            allocated to sit on two Local Community Planning Partnerships. Local
            Community Planning Partnership Chairs and Communities Officers have
            been advised of who their links are to be. It was acknowledged that there
            is a pressing need to make connections and develop understanding of the
            systems in place within the new Environment Department and their
            corresponding links with Local Community Planning processes. It was
            agreed that a Briefing/Workshop would be held for key Environment
            Department staff, Local Community Planning Partnership Chairs and
            Communities Officers. It has been agreed that this will take place on
            18th October 2011. This will provide the opportunity to consider the most
            pressing issues and seek to find quick wins within the new arrangements.

            It was acknowledged that Dundee City Council has a huge landbank and            John Hosie/
            that there is a real need to seek alternative uses of some of them. It was      Gary Robertson/
            also acknowledged that there are significant issues relating to land
            ownership. Some of the other key issues which were outlined included
            Asset Management, Fuel Poverty, Food Poverty, the demand for allotments
            and the desire of local communities to have safe and good quality Green
            and Open Spaces. It was agreed that John Hosie and Gary Robertson
            would liaise to develop the programme for the Briefing/Workshop on
            18th October. It was also agreed that Assistant Managers would collate          Assistant
            feedback from the Environment Department to contribute to the quarterly         Managers,
            E-Mail Briefings and also that consideration should be given to utilising the   Environment
            Community Payback Scheme to assist with some of the priorities identified       Department
            in relation to Green and Open Spaces.

            Ken Laing agreed to forward the presentation to John Hosie for inclusion        Ken Laing
            with the minutes of the Decentralisation Briefing.


            Two points of accuracy were noted from the minute of the Decentralisation
            Briefing held on 20th May 2011. They are as follows:

3.1         Item 4.4, third paragraph, should read "Tarzans Island".

3.2         Item 4.5, second paragraph, should read "it was noted that grants are
            available through the Council to upgrade common closes".

3.3         Item 5.1 should read, "given the large number of licensed Landlords, Roger
            Mennie agreed to liaise with Gavin Robertson and Carole Jenkins to
            discuss the best way forward".

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 2

4.1         Community Resilience

            Each of the Local Community Planning Partnerships discussed Community
            Resilience in relation to severe weather at the August cycle of meetings. It
            was agreed that Local Community Planning Partnership Chairs/
            Communities Officers should feed responses back to John Hosie for
            collation.    Following this John will circulate this information to                    John Hosie
            Fergus Wilson specifically and to members of the Decentralisation Briefing

4.2         Working with the Media

            John Hosie advised that a Working with the Media Workshop had been
            organised for representatives of Regeneration Forums. This is due to take
            place on 20th September. The offer had previously been extended to Local
            Community Planning Partnership Chairs, however the general feeling was
            that this was not a priority at this moment in time.

5.          DECENTRALISATION                 BRIEFING         GROUP      PLANNING     EVENT     -
            16TH JUNE 2011

5.1         Update on Capital Planning Process - David Dorward

            David Dorward advised that City Development Department were currently
            working through the draft Asset Management Plan for the whole of the
            Dundee City Council's Estate. It is expected that this process will be
            finished by October and that a workshop will be held with the Council's
            Senior Management Team to share findings. David added that the process
            so far had not reached the point of identifying priorities and that the Asset
            Management Plan for 2012-2015 would not be in the public domain until
            early 2012. David suggested that a special meeting of the Decentralisation              David Dorward/
            Group be organised to share the findings of the Asset Management                        John Hosie
            exercise in advance of the Decentralisation Briefing due to be held on 2nd
            December 2011.

5.2         Summary of Points                 Arising     from      Presentations/Discussions   -
            16th June 2011

            Presentations and a note of discussion points and potential action points
            had been collated and circulated to the Decentralisation Briefing Group. It
            was accepted that many of the points made related to linking Local
            Community Planning priorities, the Fairness and Inclusion consultation, the
            Health Equity Delivery Plan and Employability Initiative. Peter Allan
            advised that the revised Anti-Poverty Strategy, now to be entitled Fairness
            and Inclusion Strategy is to be launched at the Dundee Partnership Forum
            due to be held on 22nd September at Menzieshill Community Centre.
            Peter also sought advice on how best to consult communities about the
            development of the Fairness and Inclusion Strategy and it was agreed that               LCPP Chairs/
            ideas should be submitted to John Hosie for collation.                                  COs/John Hosie

            Neil Gunn suggested that lessons learned over the last ten years in relation
            to Anti-Poverty Strategy should be taken account of. This was agreed.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 3
            David Dorward described the aims of the Lochee Pathfinder which is
            targeting 0-5 years of age. It is expected that multi-agency resources will
            be pooled to maximise service delivery in the new Pathfinder and that there
            was potential to roll this out to other areas.

            David added that John Swinney, MSP, would be announcing a new stream
            of the Change Fund aimed at younger children and that this will be a bigger
            fund than the £70 million which was allocated to older people. The
            announcement from the Scottish Government with regard to the new
            stream of the Change Fund is expected on 21st September.


6.1         Lochee - Rob Pederson/Angie Hastie

            Rob advised that the last meeting of the Lochee Local Community Planning
            Partnership had received a presentation from Jacqui Barrie, Team Leader,
            Criminal Justice Services. The presentation focused on Community
            Payback Scheme and was well received with discussions focusing on the
            potential to improving the quality of Green and Open Spaces. In addition
            there is good news in relation to drugs misuse with an increase in referrals
            to the services based at Constitution House. These include Police referrals
            and connections being made with subsequent home visits.

            Following consultations to create the new Local Community Plans. It is
            expected that Working Groups will be developed focusing on the themes of
            Community Safety, Housing, Open Spaces and Drugs Misuse.

            It has also been positively received by local people and traders that 18 out
            of 23 units have had facade enhancements and also that a further £2.5K is
            being sought to progress plans to secure the movable planters in the High
            Street. It was also noted that there have been views expressed from the
            local community as part of Local Plan consultations to have the Stack
            Leisure Park redeveloped.

            Angie Hastie advised that the findings from the Local Plan consultations
            reflected a higher level of feedback, particular in relation to drugs misuse,
            Housing and related anti-social behaviour issues. Matters relating to the
            housing allocation policy in the Lochee Ward was also cited as being an

6.2         Maryfield - Ged Bell/Stuart Fairweather

            The last meeting of the Maryfield Partnership had a presentation on the
            Community Payback Scheme and discussed Community Resilience in
            relation to severe weather. Good progress is being made with the creation
            of the new Local Plan and City Developments are progressing matters
            relating to the Road Crossing at Pitkerro Road and access to Baxter Park
            at Park Avenue.

            Feedback from local community in relation to Stobswellbeing has been very
            positive. The Equally Well Test Site is now its final eight months of Scottish
            Government funding and it is intended to roll out lessons learned from the
            Test Site to other Wards. Some concerns were raised about the
            sustainability of the Vice Vera Project which currently has funding until
            March 2012. Susie Mertez advised that the Police were holding a meeting          Susie Mertez
            in the near future focusing on prostitution and an invitation was extended to
            Stuart Fairweather to attend. Susie to forward details to Stuart.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 4
            It was noted that recent Public Meetings held by Stobswell Forum had been
            well attended and that the Bottle Marking Scheme which is being piloted in
            Stobswell is to be rolled out.

6.3         Coldside - Elaine Pratt

            The last Coldside Partnership meeting was well attended and good
            progress is being made with the creation of the new Local Plan. Issues
            emerging from the community consultations confirm that the Festivals and
            Events have been well received by local people and that also, similar to
            Lochee, there is a high level of feedback from local people in terms of
            harrowing stories about the impact of drugs misuse.

            The multis in Alexander Street were knocked down successfully and
            feedback from local people was that the Facebook page which Tayside
            Police had created was very helpful. Consideration to be given to how
            Facebook could be used in relation to Community Resilience. Elaine
            advised that there has been a spate of break-ins to allotments on the Law.
            Also that it maybe worth considering building clauses into demolition
            contracts to make provision for recycling the fencing around building sites.

6.4         North East - Lynne Cameron/Mike Welsh

            The North East Partnership agreed at its August meeting to create an
            Output/Outcomes paper as a working draft for the new Local Community
            Plan. This paper will include all issues that residents wish to see improved
            in the area and link to the creation of thematic Working Groups which have
            been established. The Partnership also received feedback on recent
            walkabouts led by the Whitfield Development Group. Some of the issues
            raised include concerns expressed by Whitfield Community Centre that the
            new Life Services Complex will not have adequate provision for a full range
            of activities. "The Crescent" has been muted as a possible name for the
            new Centre.

            The Life Services Complex as it is currently known will have a new
            Community Board and Mike is liaising with both the Whitfield Development
            Group and the Local Management Group at Whitfield Community Centre to
            involve them in this process. Mike Welsh added that there have been a
            few issues raised since the new connecting road to the Life Services
            Complex and Primary School has been opened. It would appear that the
            work to date is not complete and that this is creating a hazard when
            residents are trying to cross the road.

            Concerns have been raised about there being insufficient funds to
            complete Phase 1 of the Open Space Strategy for the Mill O' Mains
            Regeneration Programme. Phase 1 includes the development of the
            existing park as the only facility with play equipment in the area. The North
            East Regeneration Forum has provisionally allocated £20,000 and the
            Mill O' Mains Tenants and Residents Association (MOMTRA) are seeking
            to apply for various grants and awards. Mike enquired if Dundee City
            Council would be in a position to make any contribution to these costs.
            David Dorward asked Mike to e-mail him more details of the proposal and         Mike Welsh
            its shortfall.

            Mike also confirmed that Tarzans Island is owned by the Queens Lords
            Treasurer and that it would be relatively straightforward to purchase the
            land named as Tarzans Island, however there would be issues relating to
            maintenance costs. It was suggested that there could be some form of
            connection with Middleton Woods as part of an Urban Woodlands Initiative.
            Mike to liaise with relevant staff in Environment Department to explore         Mike Welsh

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 5
6.5         East End - Neil Gunn/Olive Smiles

            The last meeting of the East End Partnership was held in Craigie High
            School. The meeting included a presentation from Nigel McDowell, City
            Developments on Green Space Audits and a presentation from young
            people. Discussion also focused on the use of Facebook to enhance
            Community Resilience. Community consultations have been concluded
            and work is about to commence on the first draft of the new Plan. Olive
            Smiles advised that some of the key findings of community consultations
            related to use of Green and Open Spaces and in particular the vacant ex
            Primary School site next to Douglas Community Centre. There is a real
            interest from the community in developing this piece of land and
            consideration is being given to seek funding to do a Feasibility Study.

            It was noted that discussions regarding use of PPP Schools outwith School
            hours had been concluded satisfactorily. The rehearsals and performance
            for this year's Christmas Panto are at a hugely reduced cost and are aimed
            at covering Resource Assistant time. David Dorward requested that the            David Dorward/
            guidance which Merrill Smith is developing on in relation to use of              Merrill Smith
            Community Facilities should be consistent in the approach adopted by all
            PPP Schools.

            Olive also advised that the Money Advice Support Team based at
            Brooksbank are now also doing Outreach Work in Douglas and that the
            general feeling from the community that the now disused Health Clinic
            adjacent to the Community Centre would be better knocked down and
            recreated as another space/facility. It was noted that the Douglas Festival
            was again highly successful and attracted around 700 people from a wide
            range of age groups.

6.6         Strathmartine - Roger Mennie/Vanessa Kelly

            At the last meeting of the Strathmartine Partnership, Vanessa Kelly
            presented the initial data emerging from Community Plan consultations and
            some of the emerging actions which relate to each of the six Dundee
            Partnership Themes. The first draft of the Plan has been completed,
            however there is still a need to liaise further with the Youth Team to ensure
            that matters relating to young people are accurately reflected.

            Roger Mennie reported that the CCTV camera in Beauly Avenue had now
            been replaced and that it has now been confirmed that the playing fields at
            St Paul's can be let for use by the local community. There has been a
            significant change at St Boswells Terrace where there had been previous
            concerns about drug dealing/misuse. There are however concerns about
            continuation funding for Ardler Village Trust and timescales are diminishing
            to achieve the levels required. The Group had a recent application for
            £8,000 knocked back and need this sum to receive a further £4K as part of
            an agreement with the NHS. If the total of £12K is found it will still leave a
            shortfall of £9K.

            Local people have requested that consideration be given to locating a
            pedestrian crossing between the Community Centre and the Shops in
            Ardler. Vanessa to liaise with Neil Gellatly regarding this proposal. The        Vanessa/
            closure of Ardler GP Practice was discussed and Lucy Rennie advised that         Neil Gellatly
            the NHS was in the process of meeting with a range of local people. Also
            that the NHS Tayside is committed to ensuring that Health Services are
            delivered through the Ardler GP Practice, however not necessarily through
            a General Practitioner.

C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 6
            There was also a helpful discussion focusing on Community Resilience and
            a Community Networking System. This includes identifying key local
            people as connectors and ensuring that all relevant information is
            contained in each of the Newsletters which are circulated within the
            Strathmartine Ward.

6.7         The Ferry - Carole Jenkins

            The last Ferry Partnership meeting was held in Barnhill Community Centre.
            The meeting was well attended and the Partnership received a
            presentation about the Lottery funded project called ADAPT (Avoid Debt
            Act Positively Today). This was helpful in providing the Partnership with an
            insight into how changes to the Welfare Benefits System are starting to
            have an impact. Partnership members also agreed to complete a template
            focusing on how each Agency/Department can help establish Community
            Resilience "Support Networks". Carole Jenkins had suggested that fridge
            magnets similar to the ones that the Community Safety Partnership had
            funded could be helpful provided to local residents with key contact

            There continue to be concerns about Road Safety and Traffic Management
            around the Grove following the move of Eastern Primary. Another key
            issue is the Level Crossing on Gray Street which is managed by Network
            Rail. There have been a number of incidents involving cars speeding
            through the barriers as they are closing Network Rail appear to be
            considering closing the Crossing to all traffic other than buses. Should this
            happen this would prove to be extremely unhelpful for traders in the upper
            part of Gray Street and also to cars and taxis. David Dorward requested
            that Carole Jenkins send him update reports both for the issues arising         Carole Jenkins
            from Eastern Primary's move and also the level crossing.

6.8         West End - Neil Gellatly/Natalie Mackland

            At the last meeting of the West End Partnership, 13 Local Community
            Planning Partnership representatives attended along with approximately 35
            members of the public. The public attendance was as a direct result of the
            removal of the 4S School bus service to St John's High School and this
            dominated the early part of the meeting with members of the public
            expressing real concern about this loss. The Local Community Planning
            Partnership agreed to report the strength of feeling to the Director of
            Education. It was also recognised the impact that such high attendance
            from members of the public can have on a Local Community Planning
            Partnership meeting and it was suggested that this type of issue may be
            better dealt with by this School Council(s) as a single issue.

            Neil Gellatly advised that he had followed up the action relating to Listed
            Buildings in the Roseangle area which continue to look extremely
            unattractive, however advice from City Developments confirms that they
            are technically safe. This remains a local concern.

            The Partnership also received an informative presentation on the Dundee
            Air Quality Campaign. Dundee City Council approved an Air Quality Action
            Plan for the city in January 2011 and the Scottish Government has made
            funding available to encourage early intervention. Priority areas in Dundee
            focus on Lochee Road/Coupar Angus Road corridor between Lochee High
            Street and West Marketgait with particular focus on Polepark/Dudhope and
            Ancrum Road/Loons Road junctions.

            It was noted that the Riverside Nature Park opened and was a great
            success with 60 members of the public in attendance. It is planned to hold      Natalie
            a stakeholder meeting in October with the potential to form a new "Friends      Mackland
            Of" group.
C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\98eea12f-d18c-4b99-9f9b-fee84b735a50.doc 7
7.          AOCB

            Involving Young People In Local Community Planning Processes/

            Neil Gunn advised that John Hosie and Kenny Lindsay, Manager, Children        John Hosie/
            and Young People, are in the process of drafting a Committee Report           Kenny Lindsay
            which focuses on developing a strategic approach to involving young
            people in Local Community Planning processes and decision-making. This
            is due to go to go Committee in November and it was agreed that members
            of the Decentralisation Briefing Group would be consulted on the report.


            2 December 2011 from 9.00 am to 11.00 am in Committee Room 2, 14 City


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