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Food and Wine Menu - The Blackhouse Grill


									           NIBBLES                                                        ST EA K                                                   S EAF OOD

    £3.00... rustic artisan bread (v)                                     premium 28 day aged beef fLame                     £10.50... cLassic mouLes frites
             With beef dripping or balsamic                               griLLed at 350 degrees to                                    With lemon mayonnaise
             and olive oil                                                ensure tenderness and fLavour                      £13.50... fish and chips
    £3.00... garLic rub bread (v)                                                                                                      With pickled onions, crushed
    £3.00... marinated oLives (v)                                                                                                      minted peas and fresh tartar
                                                                 £14.50... steak and chips
                                                                 £14.00... fLattened rump                                    £14.75... home smoked saLmon
                                                                           With portobello mushrooms and                               With shaved fennel and
                                                                           balsamic cippollini onions                                                  ´
                                                                                                                                       asparagus with bearnaise
                                                                 £17.00... posh surf and turf                                £15.75... hake coronation
  01/£2.00... rock oysters                                                 Sirloin steak, baby scallops,                               With Bombay potatoes
 06/£10.00... With oysters it is all about                                 prawns and crayfish                               £13.75... griLLed mackereL
              the water; from the Sound of                                                                                             With warm tomatoes, fresh
              Cumbrae on the west coast of                                                                                             herbs and rape seed oil
              Scotland. Served with chopped                               CUTS
              shallots in sherry vinegar with                                                                                £29.00... WhoLe dover soLe
              lemon and Tabasco on the side                                                                                            With parsley and lemon nut
                                                          £14.75/£19.75...rib eye (225g / 310g)                                        brown butter
     £4.50... chicken and sWeetcorn choWder
                                                                 £17.75... rump (310g)                                       £18.75... yeLLoW fin tuna Loin
                              a ´
     £5.75... chicken Liver pˆ te                                                                                                      Seared pink with soy and
              With Cumberland jelly and toast                    £19.75... sirLoin (280g)                                              ginger
     £6.00... doubLe baked cheese souffL e (v)                   £22.50... fiLLet (200g)                                     £35.00... griLLed Lobster
     £6.75... saLt and pepper chicken                            £29.00... tbone (450g)                                                With home cut chips, thermidor
              With sweet chilli ginger                                                                                                 sauce or garlic butter
                                                                 £55.00... Wagyu fiLLet
     £6.50... baby scaLLop, garLic and bacon
                                                                 £54.50... chateaubriand (for 2)                                    BES T OF T HE R ES T
     £6.00... crispy caLamari                                              Served with home cut chips,
              With lemon mayonnaise                                                          earnaise
                                                                           french beans and b´                               £10.00... steak sandWich
              scottish musseLs                                             sauce (Please allow 30 minutes)                             With onions, peppers, red wine
     £7.00... In white wine and cream sauce                                                                                            jus and home cut chips
     £7.00... In cider and chorizo                                                                                           £15.50... duck breast
                                                                          surf an turf
     £6.75... WiLd mushroom tart (v)                                      Your choice of cut with                                      With candied kumquat jus
              With leek and brie                                                                                             £14.25... char sui pork beLLy
                                                                          £6.00... skeWer of garLic praWns
     £6.25... duck egg                                                                                                                 With julienne of vegetables
              With asparagus soldiers and                                £17.50... haLf a Lobster                                      and oyster sauce
              Parma ham salt                                                       In garlic and parsley
                                                                                   butter                                    £13.75... corn–fed chicken breast
     £7.50... heritage tomatoes (v)                                                                                                    With mozzarella, tomato and
              On toast                                                                                                                 basil on a bed of chorizo and
     £5.75... fish cakes                                                  HAN D PR ESSED BUR GER S
              With sweet chilli
     £7.00... baked goat’s cheese (v)                                     cLassic burgers served With
              With cashew nut biscuits and                                                                                          FA J ITAS
                                                                          hand cut chips
              warm fig compote                                                                                               £14.00... fiLLet steak
     £7.00... duck spring roLLs                                  £13.00... 100% premium seasoned beef                        £12.75... chicken breast
              With a hoi sin
                                                                 £18.50... 100% Wagyu seasoned beef                          £10.75... roasted vegetabLes (v)
     £7.75... beef carpaccio
              With watercress and stilton                                                                                    £14.00... crispy saLt and pepper beef
                                                                          SA UCES, R UBS A N D EXT R A S
     £9.00... garLic king praWns
              In the shell with crusty bread                                                                                        V EGETA BLES A N D POTAT OES
                                                                  £1.00...bLackened spiced on a skiLLet
    £14.75... bLackhouse sharing pLate                            £ Wine and shaLLots
              With fish cakes, salt and                                                                                      £3.50... mixed herb and Leaf saLad
              pepper chicken skewer, calamari                     £ peppercorn                                                         `
                                                                                                                             £3.25... petits pois a La francaise
              and duck spring roll                                         ´
                                                                  £2.50...bearnaise                                          £3.25... french beans and shaLLots
                                                                  £2.50...tWo fried eggs                                     £4.75... asparagus With bearnaise
           SALADS                                                 £2.50...cheese and bacon                                   £3.25... fieLd mushrooms
   £10.75... sticky beef saLad                                                                                               £3.50... corn on the cob With chilli
   £10.75... chicken caesar saLad                                                                                            £3.25... hand cut chips
                                                                                                                             £3.25... champ potato
                                                                                                                             £2.50... baked potato
           DESSERT S

      £3.75... Lemon sorbet
£2.00/scoop... home made ice cream coupe Salted caramel, double chocolate, strawberries
               and cream, peanut butter, coconut
      £4.50... affogato Ristretto, vanilla ice cream and Amaretto
                 e         ´
      £5.75... cr` me bruL ee With cashew nut tuile and raspberry compote
      £6.00... sticky toffee With vanilla ice cream
      £5.75... chocoLate and bLack cherry torte With vanilla
      £5.95... red veLvet cake With kumquat clotted cream
      £6.00... Warm chocoLate fudge cake With vanilla ice cream
      £7.00... cheese & fruit board
           Discretionary 10% service charge will be charged. All prices include VAT at the current rate. (v) Suitable for
           vegetarians����not suitable for vegans. Cheese may not be made with vegetable rennet. Our dishes may contain nuts
           or nut traces. All weights stated are prior to cooking. Printed on 100% recycled paper.
                       PRE-D INNER COCKTAILS                                                     S PA R KLIN G
            £6.50... cLassic beLLini                                               125ml 750ml
                     Peach pure and Prosecco Bel Star DOC                          £6.75 £39.50.. chapeL doWn ’vintage reserve’ brut nv Kent, England
            £7.00... cosmopoLitan
                     Grey Goose, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime               £7.50 £42.50.. chapeL doWn engLish rose ’vintage reserve’
                                                                                                  BRUT NV Kent, England
            £7.00... moJito                                                        £9.25 £52.50.. gh mumm brut nv Reims, France
                     Bacardi Superior, mint, fresh lime juice,
                     sugar syrup, served tall with soda                                  £70.00.. veuve cLicQuot yeLLoW LabeL brut nv Reims, France
            £6.50... Long isLand iced tea                                                £75.00.. perrier-Jouet bLason rose brut nv Epernay, France
                     Russian Standard, Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi
                     Superior, Cointreau and sweetened lemon juice                       £85.00.. boLLinger speciaL cuvee brut nv Epernay, France
                     topped with Coca-Cola                                               £90.00.. Laurent-perrier rose brut nv Tours-sur-Marne, France
            £7.50... fruity rum punch
                     Appleton VX, Goslings Black Seal Rum, Cointreau,
                                                                                         £165.00. perrier-Jouet beLLe epoQue brut 2004 Epernay, France
                     grenadine, passion fruit syrup, vanilla syrup,                      £175.00. dom perignon brut 2002 Epernay, France
                     sweetened lemon juice and pineapple juice                           £180.00. krug grand cuvee brut nv Reims, France

                       Our wines are listed by wine style    and body (so
                       lighter wines shown first). Our ’by   the glass
                       wines’ are used within a maximum of   24 hours of
                       opening (so are always fresh!) and    are available
                       in 125ml measures.

                       WHIT E WIN ES                                                             R ED W IN ES
175ml 250ml 750ml                  Light & easy-drinking                     175ml 250ml 750ml                            Juicy & ripe
£4.00 £5.25 £15.00.. ponte emiLiano trebbiano/chardonnay                     £5.00 £7.00 £20.00.. La serre merLot Vin de Pays, France
                     Emilia-Romagna, Italy                                               £18.50.. bush teLegraph shiraZ/viognier Australia
£5.00 £7.00 £20.00.. operetto garganega/pinot grigio Veneto, Italy                       £17.75.. branch creek shiraZ/merLot Australia
£4.25 £5.50 £17.50.. Wandering bear chardonnay california, usa                           £19.00.. Legato nero d’avoLa Sicily, Italy
            £16.75.. acacia tree chenin bLanc/coLombard                      £5.75 £7.75 £22.50.. tarQuino shiraZ/maLbec Mendoza, Argentina
                     Western Cape, South Africa
            £24.50.. banfi Le rime chardonnay/pinot grigio                               £31.00.. chiroubLes Les farges domaine cheysson
                     Tuscany, Italy                                                               Beaujolais, France

                                         pure fLavours                                                             medium-bodied & rounded

£4.75 £6.75 £19.75.. maas vaLLey sauvignon bLanc                             £4.00 £5.25 £15.00.. iL banchetto rosso Emilia-Romagna,Italy
                     Western Cape, South Africa.                             £4.25 £5.50 £15.75.. aLto baJo cabernet sauvignon
            £24.00.. cuatro rayas verdeJo Rueda, Spain                                            Central Valley, Chile
            £25.50.. picpouL de pinet La cote fLamenc                                    £21.00.. terragens sangiovese riserva Emilia-Romagna, Italy
                     Languedoc-Roussillon, France                                        £24.00.. the spee’Wah cabernet/petit verdot
            £28.00.. dry creek vineyard chenin bLanc California, USA                              Murray Darling, Australia
            £28.00.. cLifford’s hiLL sauvignon bLanc                         £5.75 £8.25 £23.00.. de L’hospitaLet pinot noir Vin de Pays, France
                     tellenbosch, South Africa                                           £32.00.. madfish grandstand pinot noir WA, Australia
            £33.00.. a coroa godeLLo Galicia, Spain                                      £44.00.. te aWa cabernet/merLot Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
            £37.00.. hoWard park riesLing WA, Australia                                  £44.50.. morgon marceL Lapierre Beaujolais, France
            £38.00.. sancerre Les chaiLLoux domaine fouassier                            £50.00.. caLera pinot noir California, USA
                     Loire, France
                                                                                         £52.00.. best’s great Western young vine pinot meunier
                                                                                                  Victoria, Australia
                                       aromatic & tangy
                                                                                                                         pure fLavours
            £18.75..   viLLa dei fiori fiano Puglia, Italy
            £21.00..   purpLe heron chenin bLanc Paarl, South Africa                     £21.00.. soLarena tempraniLLo Carinena, Spain
            £23.50..   aLisios pinot grigio/riesLing Campanha, Brazil                    £25.00.. argento maLbec seLeccion Mendoza, Argentina
            £29.00..   the crooked mick spee’Wah viognier                                £29.50.. st haLLet garden of eden shiraZ Barossa, Australia
                       Murray Darling, Australia                                         £31.00.. catena cabernet franc Mendoza, Argentina
            £34.00..   soave cLassico suavia Veneto, Italy                               £31.50.. damana 5 tinto Ribera del Duero, Spain
            £30.00..   vaLdivieso reserva viognier Curico, Chile                         £36.00.. Left fieLd syrah Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
            £40.00..   battLe of bosWorth chardonnay                                     £39.00.. petaLuma the hundred Line cabernet
                       McLaren Vale, Australia                                                    Coonawarra, Australia
            £44.00..   de trafford chenin bLanc
                       Stellenbosch, South Africa                                                             more compLex & fuLL-fLavoured

                                     rich & fuLL-fLavoured                               £21.00.. kLeine rust fair trade pinotage/shiraZ
                                                                                                  Stellenbosch, South Africa
            £25.00.. chiLcas reserva chardonnay Maule Valley, Chile                      £26.00.. Largimas de garnacha Navarra, Spain
£7.00 £9.25 £27.00.. mamaku sauvignon bLanc Marlborough, New Zealand                     £27.00.. deLicato famiLy vineyards ZinfandeL California, USA
            £30.00.. vire cLesse ’Le mont chateLaine’ Jean riJckaert                     £37.00.. navaherreros garnacha de bernabeLeva
                     Burgundy, France                                                             Castilla y Leon, Spain
            £31.00.. tomas cusine auZeLLs Costers del Segre, Spain                       £37.50.. morgan cotes du croWs California, USA
            £33.00.. Wither hiLLs rarangi vineyard sauvignon bLanc                       £38.00.. acustic ceLLars ritme priorat Priorat, Spain
                     Marlborough, New Zealand
                                                                                         £48.00.. chateauneuf-du-pape chateau st Jean Rhone, France
                                       cLassic eLegance                                  £52.00.. gLenguin stonybroke shiraZ Hunter Valley, Australia

            £29.00.. Journeys end haystack chardonnay                                                                  cLassic eLegance
                     Stellenbosch, South Africa
                                                                                         £30.50.. rioJa crianZa dinastia vivanco Rioja, Spain
            £37.00.. saint veran domaine thomas Burgundy, France
                                                                                         £40.00.. chianti cLassico riserva vigneti di campomaggio
            £49.00.. chabLis 1er cru vaiLLoans domaine Jean defaix                                Tuscany, Italy
                     Burgundy, France
            £53.00.. pouiLLy fuisse La croix denogent                                    £42.00.. dsg phincas rioJa aLavesa Rioja, Spain
                     Burgundy, France                                                    £28.00.. rioJa reserva castiLLo cLaviJo Rioja, Spain
            £70.00.. chassagne-montrachet 1er cru machereLLes                            £47.00.. La bastide de dauZac margaux Bordeaux, France
                     domaine roux Burgundy, France                                       £42.50.. charLes smith boom boom shiraZ Washington, USA
            £75.00.. meursauLt cuvee charLes maxime Latour giraud                        £60.00.. d’arenberg dead arm shiraZ McLaren Vale, Australia
                     Burgundy, France
                                                                                         £55.00.. Larose de gruaud st-JuLien Bordeaux, France
                                                                                         £67.00.. paoLo conterno baroLo riva deL bric
                       ROSÉ W INES                                                                Piedmonte, Italy
175ml 250ml 750ml                                                                        £69.00.. bruneLLo di montaLcino casteLLo banfi
                                                                                                  Tuscany, Italy
£4.75 £5.75 £17.50.. petit papiLLon grenache rose
                     Languedoc-Roussillon, France                                        £73.00.. nuits st georges domaine Jean chauvenet
                                                                                                  Burgundy, France
            £24.00.. rioJa rosado dinastia vivanco Rioja, Spain
                                                                                         £74.00.. chamboLLe-musigny domaine roux Burgundy, France
£5.75 £7.50 £25.00.. chapeL doWn engLish rose Kent, England
                                 ´                                                       £75.00.. amarone ambrosan nicoLis Veneto, Italy
            £34.00.. sancerre rose andre neveu Loire, France
                                                                                                 Wines and vintages are subject to availabity, wherever
                                                                                                 possible we will recommend alternatives.

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