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					                                    Welcome to the Native American Student Association’s
                             12th annual First Nations Food Taster
                                          Friday, November 9, 2012      5 - 7 p.m.
                                    D.J. Jacobetti Complex- Northern Michigan University

                                   Boozhoo! Welcome! Enjoy!
  The NMU Native American
                                                                              If you brought a dish bag, you
Student Association, with help
                                                                            are eligible to be entered in the
from the Center for Native
                                                                            door prize. Please clearly write
American Studies, is pleased to
                                                                            your name, address and phone
present another full menu for
                                                                            number on the back of your
the 12th annual First Nations
                                                                            ticket. Door prizes will be given
Food Taster. The menu features
                                                                            away throughout the evening.
a variety of dishes made with
                                                                            You NEED NOT be present to
ingredients like venison, bison,
                                                                            win. Adults 18 and over are eli-
fish, vegetables, maple syrup,
                                                                            gible to win (sorry kids!).
and wild rice. We are excited to
                                        NASA wants to recognize and           Chi miigwech (great thanks) to
include many recipes from the
                                      thank Chris Kibit! Chris puts in      many businesses for their
Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP)
                                      long hours that many do not see. generous contributions (listed
this year!
                                      The Hospitality Management       inside). Some prizes, valued
  Many individuals and many
                                      Program, is a huge asset (photo       over $25, will require the win-
businesses made this event
                                      above: Chris at work).                ners to provide their full name,
possible. We are thankful for the
                                        NASA could not, and would           address and social security
outpouring of support to help
                                      not, have a successful event          number. We apologize for any
NASA raise funds for annual pow
                                      without the assistance and            inconvenience and sincerely
wow. Nearly 60 volunteers have
                                      cooperation of the entire             hope that you enjoy your prize.
helped cook, clean, set up tables
                                      hospitality management area!             Thanks to all of you for being
and put up
                                                                            here. Enjoy yourselves and take
posters. Thank                         To those of you who brought a dish
                                               bag, thank you for
                                                                            home a little something from
you to all of
                                        helping us help the environment.    First Nations culture.
them for their
valuable time.
                                      What is a dish bag? It is a cloth
We hope that
                                      bag (washable) that stores
you enjoy the live entertainment
                                      reusable dishware. It is a means
this evening provided by Dr.
                                      to help our environment by not
Elda Tate, (photo above),
                                      creating more waste.
professor of music at NMU.
Cookies                                 Roasted Sweet Potatoes with
1/3 cup sunflower seed butter
2/3 cup maple syrup                     2 large sweet potatoes
1 1/2 cup cornmeal flour                3/4 cups corn chips, crushed
1/4 teaspoon salt                       1 tablespoon maple sugar
handful or 1/2 cup of chopped           2 to 3 tablespoons roasted pumpkin
pecans (optional)                       seed oil
                                        handful pecans
Mix all together and drop by            sunflower oil spray                     Fry Bread
spoonfuls onto greased baking           2 to 3 tablespoons maple syrup          (ten to twelve pieces)
sheet. Bake at 350 degrees for 15
                                        Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.           1 ¼ cup warm water
minutes or so. Cookies are done
                                        Wash, cut, and slice sweet              1 package of Red Star quick rise
when slightly firm in the center
                                        potatoes. Put in a large bowl and       yeast
and they are golden brown on
                                        pour pumpkin seed oil over the          2 tablespoons of brown sugar
                                        potatoes. Add crushed blue corn         (sprinkle in the water)
Wild Rice        (serves 20)            chips and maple sugar. Mix well,        (let sit for 15 minutes)
                                        making sure potatoes are covered
1 cup of wild rice                      in oil, crushed chips and spices. Oil   quarter size drop of vegetable oil
1 large can of chicken broth            a baking sheet with sunflower oil       ¼ cup of warm milk
1 1/2 cup of dried cranberries          and place potatoes in a single layer.   four cups of bread flour
2 stalks of celery sliced               Bake for 50 minutes.                    (add 1 cup at a time)
1 cup cashews (halves and pieces)
1 medium yellow onion diced             While potatoes are baking, put          Use a whisk for the first two cups,
2 tablespoons of butter                 pecans on baking sheet and pour         then add more flour and stir with a
                                        maple syrup over. Spoon the pecans      wooden spoon
Bring chicken broth to a hard boil.     around to ensure that they are
Once boiling drop in the wild rice      covered in syrup, then layer flat.      Once the dough ball is ready
(for vegetarians, use water). Let       Put in oven (still at 400) for 4        (should be a bit sticky and the size
the wild rice sit at a hard boil for    minutes, stir, and bake for another     of a large grapefruit)
thirty minutes, then put on low         4 minutes. Top baked potatoes with      cover in oil. Let rise for at least 90
                                        the sweet pecans.                       minutes.
until the rice breaks and liquid is
almost gone (rice breaking is vital).
                                                                                One the dough ball is ready, fill a
In a fry pan, sauté the other dry                                               fryer with oil (or butter-flavored
ingredients in the butter until the                                             Crisco). Take a fist full of dough
cashews are browned and onion is                                                and stretch it out, be sure to
soft (savor the smell!). Mix all                                                punch a hole in the middle.
ingredients together and serve!                                                 Carefully, drop in the oil and fry
                                                                                until golden brown on both sides.

                                                                                When you take it out, be sure to
    Please remember to
                                                                                set it on some paper towel and let
        always use                                                              it cool off. Eat with butter, sugar,
  Hand-harvested wild rice!                                                     honey or your favorite topping.

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Anishinaabe Language Fun at the Food Taster
November…bashkadin-giizis               Traditional food…ge-ge-tigona               Onion…zhigaagawanzh
First Nations Food Taster…              Anishinaabe miijim                          Fry Bread…zaasgokwaadek
       Nishinabe gwejpidang             Rabbit…waabooz                                       bakwezhigan
To Eat… wiisnin gegii                   Pumpkin…kosimaan                            Dessert…waashkabang
Eat Supper…naakshi-wiisini-win          Squash…squash                               Sugar…ziisbaakod

I am hungry…niin bakte                  Corn…mandamin                               Plate…des-nagan
                                        Beans…maskodiisiimin                        Fork…badaka’jiigan
I am full after eating…
                                        Buffalo…bgwaji-bzhiki                       Spoon…emkwaan
       Debisinii, or mooshkine
                                        Rice…manoomin                               Knife…mookman
Servers, volunteers, helpers…
                                        Venison…(deer meat)                         Cup…onaagaans
                                        waa waa shkesh wiiaas                       Table…adoopowin
Serve food to people/feast…
                                        Water…nibi, biish                           Chair…apabiwin
                                        Salt…zhiiwtaagan                            A pot…akik akik-oog…pots
They are cooking…
                                        Pepper…waasgang                             Frying pan… zaasgokwaan
       jiibaakwe-oog, or
                                        Fish…giigonh                                Butter…ozaaw-bmide

                              Decolonizing Diet Project
 Learn more about the Decolonizing Diet Project at one of these events
                       on the campus of NMU
                     Decolonizing Diet Project– Panel Presentation
      Wednesday, November 14 at 6:00 p.m. - Mead Auditorium - West Science Building
                                   Hosted by the NMU Center for Native American Studies
          Decolonizing Diet Project: the Female Perspective with April E. Lindala
      Wednesday, November 28 at 6:00 p.m. - Mead Auditorium - West Science Building
                An ethnographic study by April E. Lindala, director of the Center for Native American Studies

    For more information about the DDP, contact Dr. Martin Reinhardt at 906-227-1397
                           or email him at

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 Chi miigwech (great thanks) to our supporters!
           The First Nations Food Taster is a fundraising event presented by
           the NMU Native American Student Association with support from
                           the following NMU departments:
    Academic Affairs/Office of the Provost, Academic Information Services,
Center for Native American Studies, Charter Schools, College of Arts and Science
  College of Professional Studies, Health, Physical Education and Recreation,
   History Department, International Programs, Mathematics and Computer
  Sciences, Multicultural Education and Resource Center, School of Education
                             and School of Nursing

           Additional thanks to the following businesses and organizations
                     for their donations of food and door prizes:
Aubree’s, Bonanza, Border Grill, Burger King, Econo Food, Gordon Food Service,
Larry’s Family Foods in Gwinn, Mac’s Bar in Rapid River, Marquette Food Co-Op,
   Midtown Bakery and Café, Panara Imports, Pit Stop Quick Lube, Rodney’s
                            Pizzeria, and WKQS FM
                       Thank you to the many volunteers!

                                  Special thanks to :
 Chris Kibit and the Hospitality Management Program, Dr. Martin Reinhardt and
the Decolonizing Diet Project, the D.J. Jacobetti Complex staff, and Dr. Elda Tate.

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