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                                                                                                    Cruise Control

Cancelling the Cruise Control              Resuming the Set Speed                  Pressing the Cruise Control Master
You can cancel the cruise control in       When you push the CANCEL button,        Button turns the system off and
any of these ways:                         or tap the brake or clutch pedal, the   erases the previous cruising speed.
                                           system will remember the
  Tap the brake or clutch pedal.           previously-set cruising speed. To
                                           return to that speed, accelerate to
  Push the CANCEL button on the            above 25 mph (40 km/h) then press
  steering wheel.                          and release the RES/ACCEL button.

                                           The CRUISE CONTROL indicator
  Push the Cruise Control Master           comes on. The vehicle will accelerate
  Button.                                  to the same cruising speed as before.


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HomeLink Universal Transceiver

On EX-V6 model                            HomeLink stores the code in a            Important Safety Precautions
The HomeLink Universal                    permanent memory. There should           Always refer to the opening
Transceiver built into your vehicle       be no need to retrain HomeLink if        instructions and safety information
can be programmed to operate up to        your vehicle’s battery goes dead or is   that came with your garage door
three remote controlled devices           disconnected.                            opener or other equipment you
around your home, such as garage                                                   intend to operate with HomeLink. If
doors, lighting, or home security         If your garage door opener was           you do not have this information,
systems.                                  manufactured before April 1982, you      contact the manufacturer of the
                                          may not be able to program               equipment.
General Information                       HomeLink Universal Transceiver to
If you are training HomeLink to           operate it. They do not have a safety
operate a garage door or gate, you        feature that causes the motor to stop
should unplug the motor for that          and reverse if an obstacle is detected
device during training. Repeatedly        during closing, increasing the risk of
pressing the remote control button        injury.
could burn out the motor.

HomeLink is a registered
trademark of Johnson ControlsTM.


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                                                                               HomeLink Universal Transceiver

Training HomeLink                           If you are training the second or
Before you begin If you just                third buttons, go directly to Step 1.
received your vehicle and have not
trained any of the buttons in               1. Unplug the garage door opener
HomeLink before, you should erase              motor from the electrical outlet.
any previously learned codes before
                                            2. Hold the end of the garage door
training the first button. To do this,
                                               opener remote 2 to 5 inches from
press and hold the two outside

                                               HomeLink. Make sure you are not
buttons on the HomeLink
                                               blocking your view of the red
Transceiver for about 20 seconds, or
                                               indicator in HomeLink.
until the red light flashes. Release
the buttons, then go to step 1.             3. Press and hold the remote trans-
                                               mitter button and one of the
                                               HomeLink buttons at the same
                                                 If the red indicator in HomeLink
                                                 begins to flash slowly at first,
                                                 then rapidly, release both
                                                 buttons, and go to step 5.
                                                 If the red indicator in HomeLink
                                                 continues to flash slowly (does
                                                 not flash rapidly), it may be
                                                 because your remote transmitter
                                                 stops transmitting after a short
                                                 time. Go to step 4.                                 CONTINUED


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HomeLink Universal Transceiver

4. Press and hold the remote trans-         6. Push and hold the HomeLink            Training With a Rolling Code
   mitter button and one of the                button for a few seconds, then        System
   HomeLink buttons at the same                watch the red indicator on            For security purposes, newer garage
   time. While continuing to hold              HomeLink.                             door opening systems use a ‘‘rolling’’
   the HomeLink button, press and                If the indicator stays on or        or variable code. Information from
   release the remote transmitter                flashes slowly, repeat steps 2      the remote control and the garage
   button every 2 seconds.                       thru 5.                             door opener are needed before
     If the red indicator in                                                         HomeLink can operate the garage
                                                     If the indicator flashes        door opener.
     HomeLink begins to flash                        rapidly for 2 seconds, then
     slowly at first, then rapidily,                 stays on, you have a rolling
     release both buttons, and go to                                                 The ‘‘Training HomeLink’’
                                                     code system. Go to              procedure trains HomeLink to the
     step 5.                                         ‘‘Training With a Rolling       proper garage door opener code.
     If the red indicator in                         Code System’’ (see page 156).   The following procedure
     HomeLink continues to flash                                                     synchronizes HomeLink to the
     slowly (does not begin to flash        7. Repeat these steps to train the       garage door opener so it sends and
     rapidly), repeat steps 2 thru 4.          other two HomeLink buttons to         receives the correct codes.
                                               operate any other compatible
5. Plug in the garage door opener              remotely-controlled devices
   motor, then test the HomeLink               around your home (lighting,
   button by pushing it for about 1            automatic gate, security system,
   second.                                     etc.).
     If the button works,
     programming is complete.
     If the button does not
     work, go to step 6.


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                                                                            HomeLink Universal Transceiver

1. Make sure you have properly                               TRAINING BUTTON        4. Press and hold the button on
   completed the ‘‘Training                                                            HomeLink for 3 to 4 seconds.
   HomeLink’’ procedure.
                                                                                    5. Press and hold the HomeLink
2. Find the ‘‘Training’’ button on your                                                button again for 3 to 4 seconds.
   garage door opener unit. The                                                        This should turn off the training
   location will vary, depending on                                                    light on the garage door opener
   the manufacturer.                                                                   unit. (Some systems may require

                                                                                       you to press the button up to three

                                                                                    6. Press the HomeLink button again.
                                                                                       It should operate the garage door.
                                            3. Press the training button on the
                                               garage door opener unit until the
                                               indicator next to the button comes
                                               on, then release it. The indicator
                                               may blink, or come on and stay on.
                                               You then have approximately 30
                                               seconds to complete the following


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HomeLink Universal Transceiver

Erasing Codes                                    If a standard transmitter was      As required by the FCC:
To erase the codes stored in all three           previously programmed, the         This device complies with Part 15 of the
buttons, press and hold the two                  indicator will stay on for about   FCC rules. Operation is subject to the
outside buttons until the red light              25 seconds.                        following two conditions: (1) This device
begins to flash, then release the           2. Once the HomeLink indicator
                                                                                    may not cause harmful interference, and
buttons.                                       begins to flash slowly, continue     (2) this device must accept any
                                                                                    interference received, including
You should erase all three codes               to hold the HomeLink button,
                                                                                    interference that may cause undesired
before selling the vehicle.                    and follow steps 3 thru 6 under
                                               ‘‘Training HomeLink’’ (see
Retraining a Button                            page 155).
If you want to retrain a programmed                                                 Changes or modifications not expressly
button for a new device, you do                                                     approved by the party responsible for
                                            Customer Assistance
not have to erase all button memory.                                                compliance could void the user’s
                                            If you have problems with training
You can replace the existing memory                                                 authority to operate the equipment.
                                            the HomeLink Wireless Control
code for that button using this
                                            System, or would like information on    This device complies with Industry
                                            home products that can be operated      Canada Standard RSS-210.
1. Press and hold the HomeLink              by HomeLink, call (800) 355-3515.       Operation is subject to the following two
   button to be trained until the           On the Internet, go to www.             conditions: (1) this device may not cause
   HomeLink indicator begins to             homelink.com.                           interference, and (2) this device must
   flash slowly.                                                                    accept any interference that may cause
     If a rolling code transmitter          HomeLink is a registered                undesired operation of the device.
     was previously programmed,             trademark of Johnson Controls, Inc.
     the indicator will flash rapidly
     for 2 seconds, then stay on
     for about 23 seconds.


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