Injury Prevention and Physical Therapy

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  Injury Prevention and Physical

Physical therapy is a noninvasive technique
that aims to rectify disability or impairment in
the body. It includes injury prevention
programs that are meant to keep people
healthy and active.

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a valuable
healthcare service that
relieves      pain      and
improves function. The
treatment     focuses     on
improving the functional
ability and mobility of the
affected     body      part.
Physical therapy services
are       provided        by
professionally     qualified
physical    therapists     in
reputable pain management centers. They use
the latest treatment modalities to assess and
diagnose the problem. Then a personalized
treatment schedule is recommended on the        1-718-769-2521        1-718-769-2521

basis of the diagnostic test results and severity
of the injury.

Physical therapy services are available in most
hospitals and pain management. For desirable
results, it is sensible to choose specialized
facilities that provide result-oriented physical
therapy and rehabilitation services.

Physical   Therapy             for               Injury

Physical therapy programs include injury
prevention exercises that are meant to keep
people healthy and active. These programs
help to keep the muscles strong, and thus
avoid muscle strain, injury and pain. Injury
prevention programs are also meant to
educate workers regarding the ways in which
they can reduce possible injuries and resulting
trauma during their work associated activities.
The programs help to avoid back injuries from
lifting heavy objects, carpal tunnel injuries
from computer keyboarding, and other work-
related injuries.        1-718-769-2521        1-718-769-2521

Top quality pain management centers also
offer fall risk assessment and conditioning
program for the older generation. This program
helps to identify if you are at risk to fall. In
case the cause is physical, such as poor
strength and balance, the physical therapist
will plan a customized exercise program.
Usually, the exercises recommended include
strength and balance exercises that will
enhance mobility and independence.

Understand    the   Various                      Injury
Prevention Programs

In almost all physical therapy offices, programs
are provided by professionals about the ways
to keep the body fit and fine. The treatment
also incorporates the daily physical activities,
so that patients can experience a real life
situation. Different types of physical therapy
techniques such as massage, transcutaneous
electrical nerve stimulation, ice/heat packs,
ultrasound and traction are integrated into the
treatment protocol. Moreover, strengthening        1-718-769-2521        1-718-769-2521

exercises and pain management procedures
are recommended to improve mobility and
flexibility of the body. These physical therapy
treatments help to minimize bodily pain,
discomfort and muscle spasm.

Well-planned Injury Prevention Programs
in Physical Therapy

Commonly occurring injuries such as back
pain, shoulder pain, knee pain and carpal
tunnel injuries can be prevented if certain
precautions are taken. It is important to
maintain      the     right    posture     while
sitting/standing. Also, you need to reduce body
weight, use proper lifting techniques and
perform suitable exercises to experience
positive outcomes.
Planning of injury prevention programs include
certain steps such as:

  • Individual health conditions and risk
    factors are determined during the initial
    examination.        1-718-769-2521        1-718-769-2521

  • Reason for injury are identified by
    conducting     comprehensive  tests  and
  • Appropriate      conditioning  programs,
    physical therapy exercises and awareness
    programs are provided
  • Regular evaluation is done to assess the
    treatment progress. To enhance final
    results, the treatment procedures are
    modified if required.

Injury prevention gives great importance for
cardiovascular fitness, muscle strengthening,
musculoskeletal       mobility  and   personal
independence. Physical therapy services adopt
injury     prevention   programs   to  prevent
particular injuries while engaged in active

Choose a physical therapy center that has
established    a    reputation    for   providing
personalized care and support. In such
healthcare facilities, you can enjoy the service
of qualified physical therapists, technicians and
other ancillary staffs. Moreover, they provide        1-718-769-2521    1-718-769-2521

necessary guidelines on injury prevention and
physical therapy that will help you continue a
healthy way of life.

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Description: Physical therapy is a noninvasive technique that aims to rectify disability or impairment in the body. It includes injury prevention programs that are meant to keep people healthy and active.