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					   Basar SEN
   IT Development Manager – Central Europe, Tesco Stores CR A.S.

    Hometown: Izmir / Turkey (willing to relocate) | Based in Prague / Czech Republic
      Mobile1: +90 533 4960119 | Mobile2: +420 725 032 374 | Email:


   Leading delivery of innovative technology solutions to businesses with Leadership skills, Technical knowledge and Project
   management experience. So that my business may have stronger offer to customers


   Post-Graduate     : MIS, Management Information Systems, Master Ahmet Yesevi University (2011 Expected)
   University – 2    : Business Administration, Bachelor’s Degree Anadolu University (2008)
   University – 1    : Software Development , Dokuz Eylül University (2002)
   High School       : Science and Math, Izmir Karatas High School (1998)

                                                Academic Research Papers

           Electronic approval platform for Retail Industry (wip)
           E-Commerce; Design principles of e-commerce sites (2010)
           IT Systems; Factors affecting the IT Projects' success (2009)
           Business administration; Agile production, Re-manufacturing, Re-engineering, Concurrent engineering, Total Quality
            Management (2009)
           Software engineering; Re-usable software (2009)

                                                 Professional Experience

2010 November - Present
   IT Development Manager – Central Europe, Tesco Store CR A.S. - Head Office, Information Technology
   Lead and develop my team to identify and develop technology solutions to deliver significant business change within Region.

           Leading Regional system development teams
           IT project / portfolio / program management for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Turkey market’s
            centralized development projects.

2008 March - Present
   Deployment Manager, Tesco Kipa A.S. - Head Office, Information Technology
   Lead and develop my team to identify and define technology solutions to deliver significant business change

           Leading International Group systems country deployment and IT project management
           Leading International IT deployment project teams
           Managing team for small development project’s on new business requirements or tactical solutions
           Test and environment management
           Financial budget planning, control and reporting for IT capex investment for 3M GBP p.a.
           Having projects managed by off-shore IT teams in India and managing communication and issues between country
            businesses and off-shore IT teams in Hindustan and Uk center.
   Basar Sen resume cont.’d
           Projects in this role
                o    Group ordering and Space Range Display enhancement
                o    Payroll system and Time attendance for paying our people transition
                o    Oracle Financials implementation
                o    Group Checkout scheduler
                o    Extra format store opening and business process convergence
                o    Electronic financial approval platform
                o    3 Party warehouse Integration
                o    Dunnhumby (SAS) analytics integration
                o    IBM P-Series infrastructure improvement project
                o    System solution for sourcing from centralized softline and hardline TICB hub
                o    Local business requirement development for commercial systems.
                o    Coordination between Group IT, IOD and HSC stakeholders

2006 June – 2008 March
   Project Manager, Tesco Kipa A.S. - Head Office, Information Technology
   Managing IT Projects, coaching IT department members for Project management methodology

          Managing projects for business continuity office, IT Disaster recovery and new central data center
          Leading IT project stream for New Tesco Loyalty Club card implementation
          Feasibility for Promotion management platform
          Managing Bank EFT devices centralization project
          Managing network and phone system upgrade projects
          Leading IT infrastructure implementation / upgrade projects
          Managing Internal communication intranet platform project
          Managing small system development projects

2005 August – 2006 June
   Business Analsyt, Tesco Kipa A.S. - Head Office, Information Technology
   Supporting business systems, fixing defects, improving services through incident, change and problem management lifecycles

          Second level support given for Oracle Retail Applications (Rms, ReSA, ReIM, Interfaces through Integration Layer)
            Tesco Group MIS reporting and legacy systems finance and payroll systems
          Leading YEC Year End Conversion project for Tesco Turkey systems to Tesco 5-4-4 reporting calendar
          User acceptance tests of business systems before new project / initiative goes live
          Coordination between Group IT, IOD and HSC stakeholders

2002 April – 2005 August,
   Project Specialist, Kipa A.S. - Head Office, System and Control
   Implementation projects and supporting systems

          Project deliveries for Tesco Turkey TinaB systems implementation for Finance streams (ORMS SL, OReSA, OReIM,
            Integration w/ local legacy systems) supported
          Leading Logali retail system sales figure migration project to Tesco Group MIS system
          Conversion project team member for Tesco Turkey systems to YTL (New Turkish Lira, TRY)
          Coordination between Group IT, IOD and HSC stakeholders
          Business Intelligence and reporting tool, Business Objects, implementation and support

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   Basar Sen resume cont.’d
          Finance, Human resource and Payroll systems implementation and support
          Kipa card system support

2001 September - 2002 April
   Business Analyst , Kipa A.S. - Head Office, Marketing
   Marketing and Commercial Analysis

          Market and supplier performance analysis
          Customer segmentation analysis

                                               Trainings and Credentials

      Tesco Leadership Programme (TLP / SLP), 35 Hours, Hr, 2008, Izmir
      Tesco Leadership framework – Managing change, (Tesco Kipa Turkey Hr), 7 Hours, 2008, Izmir
      Tesco Leadership framework - Team building, (Tesco Uk Hr & Tesco Kipa Turkey Hr), 7 Hours, 2008, Izmir
      Tesco Leadership framework – Delegation, (Tesco Uk Hr & Tesco Kipa Turkey Hr), 7 Hours, 2008, Izmir
      Pmi methodology, Project management certification programme, IKG Istanbul Kurumsal Gelisim, Global REP, 60 Hours,
       Istanbul, 2007
      Pmi methodology, Managing IT Projects, IKG Istanbul Kurumsal Gelisim, Global REP, 18 Hours, Istanbul, 2006
      Tesco way leadership programme Tesco way managing projects, 7 Hours, Tesco Uk Hr, 2005, Izmir
      Tesco Leadership framework trainings, (Tesco Uk Hr & Tesco Kipa Turkey Hr), 2004-2006 Izmir
           o    Situational leadership, Core skills (Plan Do Review, Problem Solving Team Building, Rapid Action Team), Train
                the trainer, Ask more than tell, Personal development, Business change management
      Oracle Retail (Retek) RMS, ReIM, ReSA, Rms Finance and Stock ledger training, 30 Hours, Retek USA, April 2004
      Oracle forms developer, Oracle training partner, Izmir (18 Hours) – February 2006
      Business Objects; Designer and user training ( B&M ) , September 2001, İzmir

                                            Information Systems Knowledge

      Enterprise Resource Planing Tools (ERP) Knowledge

           o    Oracle Retail (Retek) Invoice Matching, Sales Audit, Finance, Stock Ledger, Warehouse management
           o    Tesco Group MIS (Management Information System), Group Ordering, Space Range Display
           o    Finance and Payroll systems

      Software Development Platforms Knowledge

           o    Database and network programming
           o    Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Pl/Sql

      Operating Systems Knowlededge

           o    Microsoft Windows Server / Client Platforms
           o    IBM AIX Unix Platform
           o    Linux Platforms (Ubuntu, Pardus)
           o    AS/400 environment

      Office and Analysis Programs Knowledge

           o    Ms Office, Advanced
           o    Ms Project, Visio, Advanced
           o    Business Objects (Supervisor, designer, user)
           o    Microsoft Share Point portal server

      Database Knowledge

           o    Microsoft Sql server and Oracle platforms

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Basar Sen resume cont.’d
        o   IBM DB2 database for reporting

   Hardware Knowledge

        o   Ibm X-series, Ibm P-series servers, Backup libraries

                                         Membership and Miscellaneous

   Membership :           Informatics Association of Turkey (IAT), Istanbul Branch, since 2003

   Sport & Hobby:         Wind surfing, Cycling, Hiking

   References:            Will be given up on request

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