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Android has been one of most popular mobile application development platforms, ever since its release. With regular updates, the OS has transformed into a feature-rich and efficient platform. It not only made the application development process easy, but also assisted in transforming imagination to reality. Read the article and know more about Android and its SDK.

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         Android SDK– Building New Horizon for
                Application Development

Android entered the mobile industry as a “Big Wave”, and spread all across the world, within no
time. This Linux based operating system (OS) was designed by Google, and was especially meant
for touchscreen Smartphone, PDAs and tablet PCs.

It completely revolutionized the smart phone app market, and the open-source nature of the OS
assisted the android application developer, to
build innovative, efficient, attractive and user-
friendly applications.

However, with regular updates and inclusion of
additional features and APIs in the Android OS,
the platform has now transformed into a more
user friendly framework and offers better user

Ever since its release in the year 2007, Android
received commendable praise by the users and
captured almost 45% of the smart phone

As per survey reports, there were more than
700k android apps by the end of October 2012, with over 25 billion downloads worldwide.

         Android SDK– Building New Horizon for Application Development           Aadam Gibson
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Back in mid 2010, Google's android made another giant leap forward with the launch of Android
SDK (software-development kit), which serves as a tool for developing android based mobile

                                         Updating the SDKs on regular basis, Google created new
                                         horizons for android game development and android web
                                         development. This is because the advance features of
                                         Android SDK makes it very convenient for the developer
                                         to write code as per the customized requirements of the

                                         Today a long list of small and large IT solution providers
                                         all set to take the advantage of this opportunity, created
                                         by android. That is why, the mobile app development
                                         companies are offering their services with a cost-
                                         effective price tag.

                                         This has further poured the fuel in the competition, and
                                         all the benefit goes over to the end-users and clients, as
                                         they get quality android web development solutions at
                                         competitive prices.

Android comprises of a vast collection of libraries, used to enhance the capabilities of an
application. It enables the Android Application developer to create innovative and interactive apps,
capable of utilizing the potential of the device.

In addition, the Android SDK offers complete freedom to the users to represent their imagination,
which results into creating of innovative apps.

Android offers several benefits to the developers. For instance:

    Based on Linux programming, it helps in developing stable solutions, free from crashing
     and virus threats.
    Easy and efficient development process.
    User-friendly APIs, and programming tools.
    Easy to collect information, compared to other platforms.
    WebKit engine integration for a rich browsing experience.
    Hassle free and swift switching between applications.
    Cost-effective development process, due to simple and easy to SDK.
    Supports all audio, video and image formats.
    Java programming language support, for Android applications are developed using JAVA
     programming language and can support all kinds of programming formats.

Android SDKs not only helps in developing the applications, but also assists in enhancing the
overall quality of the app along with user-experience.

This is normally done by personalizing the functionalities with customized android applications,
created by professional apps developers. Therefore, if you are looking to have a customized
android app for your personal or business purpose, it is highly advisable to search for companies,
with rich-domain expertise.

         Android SDK– Building New Horizon for Application Development              Aadam Gibson
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       Android SDK– Building New Horizon for Application Development   Aadam Gibson

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